A Little More Extra Credit

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It has been several weeks since Jasmine had come to me for extra credit and every time I see her in class I have to work hard to suppress my cock from getting hard. I have thought about her ass and that shove pussy of hers ever since that day. Even when I had sex with my wife, my mind was on Jasmine and not my wife.

I begin class letting them know that I was going to want another report and have it by the middle of the following week. The class groans and soon after I begin receives looks from Jasmine. The looks continue throughout class and when it finally ends, she comes up to my desk after the rest of the class has left.

“Mr. Thomas?”

I look up into her green eyes and smile at her. ‘Yes Jasmine,” I say trying hard to keep the anticipation from my voice.

“I am thinking of doing a paper like my last; give it another short at something harder,” she says.

I gulp hard and a part of me quickly fills with dread. I am honestly expecting her to say something different. “That is fine,” I say keeping my voice steady. “Just work on the parts I marked where you have trouble at.”

She smiles and says, “Thank you Mr. Thomas.” She turns around without another word and heads toward the door.

I want to jump up and beg her to stop, but I restrain myself. What am I thinking? I am married with a couple kids of my own and here I am lusting over a young college woman. I shake my head and drop it down to look at the papers on my desk.

Then suddenly Jasmine spins around and says, “Can I get some extra credit to help with the paper beforehand?”

My head shoots up and I have to work hard to suppress the smile that wants to form on my face. “I think we can work on that,” I say, grinning on the inside.

“Oh good,” she says smiling. “Can you come over tonight? My parents won’t be home until Monday.”

I remained silent for several long moments thinking about what she just said. I’d have to come up with an excuse for my wife.

“Mr. Thomas?” she asks from the doorway bringing me out of my thoughts. “Is that a yes?”

“Yes,” I say nodding. “I can be there.”

I finished up the remainder of my classes, called my wife and gave her an excuse and jumped into my car. As I start the engine, my heart stammers in anticipation. I begin to wonder just what Jasmine has planned.

I pull into the empty drive of her house and head for the door. Jasmine opens it before I even have the chance to knock and throws her arms around my neck. “Mr. Thomas!” she shouts. “I’ve bahis firmaları been waiting for you.”

I smile at her and say, “Same here.”

She lets go, dropping back to her feet and frowns, looking down a bit. “I’m sorry it’s been so long. I’ve wanted that juicy cock of yours but I’ve been afraid to say anything.”

I put my hand under her chin and lift her head. “You just let me know when and where and I’ll be there.”

“Awesome,” she says smiling. “Come in.”

I follow her in, riding on her ass the entire way. She leads me into the living room and spins around to ask, “Would you like some iced tea?”

“Love some,” I reply.

I take a seat on the couch and a moment later she comes in with two full glasses of ice cold tea. We silently drink the glass down and I place my empty glass next to hers before sliding closer to her. I place my arm around her shoulders and lightly kiss her lips before locking onto her accepting mouth. I embrace her harder as our kiss turns into a deep passionate kiss.

I lick her lips before slipping my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues dance around each other. My hand slides down her back and I pull her toward me as I fall back into the couch. I pull her on top of me and my hands caress her ass as we kiss.

Jasmine eventually breaks our kiss and she gets up and stands. She smiles and says, “I’ll be right back.”

She leaves the room and a few minutes later she returns wearing a robe. I am already lying there naked and waiting for her. She comes over to stand in front of me and slowly peels off her robe. She exposes just the upper parts of her breasts, teasing me. Then she moves closer to me until her breasts are right in my face. She pulls down her robe a little more, exposing her breasts fully to me.

I smile and my eyes dart down to her crotch. I really wanted to see that beautiful thing again. She opens her robe the rest of the way and lets it fall to the floor, standing fully naked in front of me.

She stands there moving her fingers around her areolas with little circles, slowly moving toward her nipples. Her nipples grow hard even before her fingers touch them. When her fingers do touch them, she pushes at them before running circles around the end of them.

Jasmine grabs my hands and places them on her breasts and I repeat the movements as her hand slips down to her pussy. She starts to rub on her clit and I can see her pussy open and close as. My hands instinctively take her nipples between my finger and thumb kaçak iddaa and I gently pinch them.

She then slips a finger from her clit to in between her pussy lips. I can see the wetness glisten as her juices slowly seep onto her finger. I stop pinching her nipples and move back to wrap my hands over her breasts, squeezing them gently. I lean in and slip my tongue out and begin running circles back around those hardened buttons drawing out a moan from Jasmine. Her nipples grow harder and I can’t help buck to suck her breast into my mouth. Her hands slip from her pussy to the back of my head fast.

“Play with my pussy,” she coos.

I do as she commands, rubbing my hand through her slit before bringing up a finger to her clit. I start rubbing circles teasing her clit. Jasmine moans softly and I feel her pussy start to drip then her juices begin to flow freely. I let go of her breast and slide down between her legs taking her swollen clit between my lips, sucking on it. Soon I am dragging my tongue across her clit, moving slowly back and forth.

“Ohh, Mr. Thomas,” she moans. “Your tongue feels so fucking awesome.”

Her hands warp around my head once more and she pulls my face into her pussy as she bucks her hips toward my face. I slide my tongue down between her pussy lips, parting them with my tongue and eliciting another moan from the young woman. I lick wildly at her pussy and Jasmine bucks even harder.

Then her orgasm comes over her fast and hard. Her pussy convulses as a squirt of pussy juices flies out. I dig my tongue deeper at her pussy as her juices splash into my face. I keep licking at her wet pussy until she pushes me away from the over sensitivity.

“Mr. Thomas!” she exclaims. “You are amazing!”

I smile a knowing smile at her and she leans down to kiss me. She runs her tongue over my lips and around my face, tasting her own juices. I reach behind her head and pull her closer to kiss her more deeply than before. My tongue dances wildly in her mouth and I pull her down onto the couch, settling between her parted legs. I grab my cock and slide it into her soaking wet pussy.

Jasmine moans loudly as I slam my cock deep into her. I drive my cock in and out of her pussy fast and hard. I shove my cock deep as my body goes stiff. I feel my cock swell then throb as I shoot round after round of cum deeply into her pussy, filling it up.

When my cock finally settles I instantly feel bad, not because I came so fast, but because I did so in her without thinking. Quickly kaçak bahis I apologize. “I didn’t mean to cum in you Jasmine.”

She simply smiles at me and says, “Don’t worry about it Mr. Thomas.”

“But what if you get pregnant?”

She holds her smile as she says, “Than I guess you’ll be a daddy. Now are you going to fuck me or what Mr. Thomas?”

She begins thrusting against me and quickly my cock springs back to life. I start rocking her back and forth slipping deeper with each thrust, feeling my cum coat my cock as it slides in and out of her tight pussy.

“Oh yes!” she moans.

She pushes against me even harder as I thrust into her. I pump my hips faster, driving my cock harder into the back of her pussy.

“Ahhh, your fucking cock is so fucking deep!” she screams.

I just continue to pump her harder and faster as another orgasm hits her.

“Fuck, fuck!” she screams before kissing me hard.

Her pussy sucks at my cock as it explodes with her juices. I pull out letting her juices splash my cock and balls. She kisses me madly for a few more seconds as her orgasm subsides. Then she slides out from beneath me and turns over to lean onto the arm of the couch and starts grinding her ass against my cock.

She grins at me and says, “Fuck my ass.”

I grab my cock and place it against her asshole and push forward. She moans as my cock enters her ass and she starts to pump her ass on my cock before I can even push it further in.

“I said fuck my ass Mr. Thomas,” she cries as she moves back further onto me.

My hands go to her hips as I start to take my cock in and out of her ass. I fuck her slow and gentle as she shoves her ass against me harder.

“Fuck my ass hard Mr. Thomas!” she yells.

So I start to pound my cock hard into her ass. She lowers her head to her arms as I bury my cock fully into her ass. I can feel her ass tighten around my cock squeezing it as I plowed her in and out. My balls slap into her pussy and she continues to rock back against me, meeting my deep strokes. I know from my first experience that she liked it in the ass, but I am surprised at this level. I reach down to her clit, digging my finger into it.

“Ahhh, you’re going to make me cum again!” she screams.

As her orgasm hits I grab her hips as drive my cock deep into her ass and groan loudly. My cock throbs just before I pump her ass full of cum. My cock finally slips from her ass and she spins around to face me. She kisses me deeply and passionately.

When she breaks the kiss she says, “You’re going to have to find a reason to come over again and again.”

I look her in the eyes and smile. “I do believe you are going to need a tutor.”

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