A Hotel sucking adventure

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A Hotel sucking adventureThis is a recap of some fun that I had a couple years ago. Its all true. Enjoy..I finally had an opportunity to fulfill one of my oral fantasies recently. I was traveling out of town on business, and tend to only indulge in my cock sucking and feeding adventures on such trips which allow me to be totally discreet, and anonymous.Host at my hotel, that sort of thing. No chance of being busted by the wife or customers or friends when I’m on the road. I’m pretty new to sucking cock, having discovered my liking for this calling late in life at mid age, and just last year finally admitted to myself my cravings to suck dick.I have this one regular married feeder that I had been blowing for a year or a little longer, and I told him that I wanted to get a few more guys involved. I told him of my desire to be on my knees, with several cocks in my face. Our typical routine is us meeting at my hotel, us perving pics and videos of our hot wives on the laptop, me eventually sucking him off. This time I wanted more guys and we both started hunting and we eneded up with three more similiar guys; married or with GF, mid aged, nice cocks, not getting BJs at home..The date was set up, the time of 9:30pm was set. I had a long bodrum escort day at the corporate office, a long dinner meeting and needed to relax.. I had a couple of drinks, perved some online porn, and I was really in a good mood. The three new guys showed up at my hotel room all within 15 minutes of each other, however my regular friend did not show. He texted and it turns out a co worker called in sick and he had to cover for him.. I’d be on my own with the new guys.Fortunately one of them brought his laptop as well that had his hot wife’s photos and he shared those too. Pics of his wife fucking a buddy of theirs some years ago. So we had two laptops of pics and vids running on the coffee table with me sitting on the ground perving his wife, the other guys all sitting on the sofa and beginning to get naked.Mel was the one that had brought his wife pics and was the contact from my regular no show buddy. He was more of a eater but liked to be blown too. Aaron was an older guy, divorced, with a GF, but she never sucks him. He looked like Mark Twain the author, but had a great cock. The last guy John was tall, plain and simple, very quite, but had the largest and very thick cock of all of them. HE had to sneak out escort bodrum from the wife, and couldn’t be there long and promptly whipped his thick 8″ cock out for Mel and Mel began to suck him. I was glad he made up some excuse to visit. I therefore worked on Aaron, and here we were, in my hotel, two very nicely hung guys standing with two hungry feeders kneeling, with the two computers playing slideshows of the wives – it was hot.After a few, John indicated that he needed to cum, but I cut in and told them that “this was my party, and I wanted to take all three loads.” So Mel agreed and they all three stood before me. I indicated that I wanted to get a few photos, and gave one of them my camera. I got some great shots from their point of view, me looking up, with three hot cocks in my face, me taking turns sucking.That didn’t last long, as the oldest guy Aaron stood before me as I worked on his cock.. the other two guys jerking and watching. I sucked and savored and deep throated his nice 7″ meat. then when he warned of his desire to cum I held the tip of his cock just in front of my open mouth, my tounge out, and he came squirting into my mouth and tongue. He was a happy camper and so was I as I swallowed him down.The bodrum escort bayan next guy and the largest cock at a thick 8″, John said that he was next, took his place in front my kneeling position, and I showed them all what a cum slut that I wanted to be. He held my head with one hand, his big huge thick cock with his other jerking his shaft, while I too sucked and licked and jerked him too, and told him to cum on my face – which he gladly did. Another happy guy. He had to head out and got dressed and headed back home to the Mrs.My final friend was left (the one that brought his laptop) was ready for his turn and took his standing position. He had a slightly skinner cock than the other guys, still 7″ long, and perfect for deep throat penetration. I took him to the root balls deep several times, and told him to warn me when he would cum. It wasn’t long, and he told me “here it comes” and on that notice I took a deep breath of air, and swallowed his long skinny cock all the way down deep into my throat.. then held it still.. and could feel the wonderful pulsing and warmth of his cock pumping and cumming directly down my throat.That was a great night… three hot cocks, all perving hot pics of my hot wife, sucked off all three of them within minutes of each other, and got a great mouth full, a facial, and a deep throat load. It was hot.I cant wait until my next trip back to this town.. I’m going to track some of them down again. Take my time, and work on them slowly.

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