A Hot Summer’s Night

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It was a hot and sticky evening; they walked out onto the deck and sipped their wine as they watched the sun set, their hands gently resting on each others. They talked about their day as they took in the beauty of the sunset, just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

She leaned over and kissed her husband gently on the cheek then brushed her lips across to his mouth. They kissed softly for a moment as his hand left hers and ran up her leg. Her leg felt sticky from the heat and their faces were hot and red; they embraced as the kiss lingered.

She stood up and held his hands; “How about a swim to cool down?” she said. He smiled at her, “Sure why not, I’ll go inside and get changed.” Her hands moved to his chest as he stood up; “There is no one around why don’t we go in naked?” she said as she started to pull off her top and undo her bra.

He stood and watched as his wife’s breasts fell loose from the confines of her bra, he loved her tits; they were so full and round with big nipples capping them. She turned around so that she was facing away from him and pulled her skirt down over her hips. Her ass was pointing at him as she bent over to remove her skirt. He reached out and touched her; he could not help it.

She spun around and swiftly tossed her clothes on the bench and gave him a wonderful big smile. He pulled off his shirt as she walked to the edge of the pool and dove in. He tugged at his shorts frantically trying to get them off so he could follow his wife.

The cool water washed over her body as she entered the water; she instantly felt better than she had all day. The cool water was a relief from the heat and her nipples hardened as she swam around and enjoyed the coolness on her skin.

She looked over at her husband now completely naked walking to the edge of the pool; she admired his strong chest and arms and noticed his cock hardening. He looked so handsome as he dove into the pool and swam straight over to her. His head popped up next to her body and they began to kiss passionately, her arms wrapped around his neck as there wet bodies moulded together in the cooling water. There tongues entwined as his hands worked down to her ass, grabbing her full ass cheeks and squeezing them gently. She moaned in his ear from his touch as she started to kiss his neck; her legs lifted and wrapped them selves around his waist his hard cock pressing up between them.

They kissed for the longest time their hands running over each other and her legs wrapped tightly around his waist trapping his cock between them. She pulled away and let her legs drop down and swam teasingly down to the shallow end; he swam after her and grabbed her playfully.

“Sit on the steps” she whispered at him. He did as he was bahis firmaları asked and sat on the steps his body now half under the water the other half out in the sticky night air. She stood in front of him and kissed him while gently rubbing his cock; he leaned back a little to allow her to rub all she wanted.

She stopped, then dropped her head under the water and took his cock in between her lips and began to suck. He moaned loudly from the sensation of her mouth and the cool water both swirling on his throbbing cock. She raised her head for a breath and then dropped it down again taking his cock further into her mouth this time. One hand grabbed the base of his shaft as her lips worked up and down fast. Her tongue swirled as she bobbed her head up and down.

She needed more air so she lifted her head and gave her husband a big smile, then she dropped down on to his hard cock and once again began to suck. She was getting faster and faster and her hands were also playing with his balls. The sensation was getting to be too much and he knew he was about to cum; bubbles released from her nose and they tickled his cock and balls as they surfaced. This sensation felt wonderful; without thinking he put his hands on her head and began to work his cock in and out of her hot mouth. She felt his hands pushing her down and she smiled to herself knowing that he was close to cumming as she sucked his cock with more speed and determination. Her hand gently tickled his balls.

She needed a breath but could not raise her head because of his hands. She sucked harder and faster wanting him to cum so she could breathe; his hands pumped her head up and down as more and more bubbles left her nose and tickled him. She was desperate for him to cum now so he would release her head; she sucked harder and faster while her other hand manipulated his balls. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth then a blast of hot cum entered her mouth she started to swallow; it was harder to do when you desperately want to breathe. She gulped down his cum as fast as she could as he slowly stopped pumping her head; he let go of her and she quickly lifted her head and took a deep breath.

“OH, BABY, I’m so sorry,” he yelled as he watched his wife gasping for a breath. “I didn’t realise what I was doing. It was so good I could only think about cumming. I didn’t think about you needing to breathe,” his words were panicked.

She took a couple of deep breaths and laughed. “That is ok, baby, if I really was in trouble I would’ve pinched you or something. Don’t worry about it, honey, I’m fine.”

He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a big kiss and held her tight still thinking about the horrible thing he had just done. It felt so good but he could’ve hurt his wife; kaçak iddaa but for some reason she didn’t seem to mind. He started to relax and held his wife close.

He asked her to float in the water so he could return the favour. She lay back and let her body float up, her arms out wide and she felt so peaceful. He moved between her legs and squatted down so his mouth was level with her pussy. He stuck out his tongue and tasted his wife; it was an odd mixture of chlorine and her juices. He lapped his tongue at her to get used to the taste, swirling it up and down her slit. She lay there peacefully enjoying the sensation of floating and her husband’s tongue.

He slid a finger into her wet pussy and was surprised at how slick she was; maybe she did enjoy giving that underwater head job more than he thought. His tongue found her clit and slowly began to flick it; water was splashing up and hitting his face as he worked on her wet pussy. He liked having the water on his face while he pleasured his wife; it was cooling and erotic.

He slid his finger out of her slick pussy and then moved his hands lower to her tight rosebud, as he sucked and licked on her tiny clit. She was trying to buck her hips as he fingered her. She felt him press his thumb gently into her tight ass and she gasped loudly as the sensations ran up and down her body.

He licked and sucked with fury now as his cock started to grow hard again; he liked licking his wife in the cool water. His thumb pumped in and out of her tight ass as he could hear her moans and groans getting louder.

He concentrated on her clit with his mouth sucking and blowing, as his wife’s body started to shudder and shake and he heard her cry, “Oh my God! I’m cumming!” He didn’t stop his efforts he just slowed them a little so his wife could recover.

She pulled away from him quickly and stood up and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. “Oh, baby, that was so good,” she whispered; he smiled at her as she found his cock hard and ready again.

They kissed as she touched his hard cock under the water and he fondled her tits pinching those big nipples. They moved over to the step and he sat down, she sat on his lap and they kissed more slowly and passionately.

She said, “I have an idea,” as she pulled him up so he was standing. She dragged him closer to the middle of the pool so that the water was just covering his cock when he was standing. She turned around and bent over and told him, “Fuck me from behind!”

He grabbed her hips and said maybe we should go to the edge so you can hold onto something. “No,” she moaned, “here is perfect.”

She bent her body over so that her head was in the water and her ass was pointing up at her husband; he grabbed his kaçak bahis hard cock and began sliding it deeply into her wet pussy. She arched her back and her head came out of the water she gasped as he slid his hard cock deep into her. “That’s it, baby,” she yelled as she dropped her head down into the water again. He looked at her a little confused but began to pump his hard cock in and out of her pussy holding on to her hips with his hands.

The sensation of her head in the water and having to hold her breath was wonderful and when she had to breathe she arched her back and took a deep breath which also felt fabulous. The sensation of the cool water washing over her body as she held her breath for as long as she could was making her body tingle all over. His hard cock slammed in and out of her made her pussy wetter and wetter; she began to pinch on her nipples as she arched for another breath, then put her face back into the water.

He watched his wife with interest as she had her face in the water then would arch up and moan and scream the drop it back into the water again. Seeing his wife playing this little game with herself was making him want her more, it was so hot to watch her do this over and over. He pumped harder and harder thrusting deep into her each time; he could hear her moaning and screaming under the water and she was beginning to twist and turn her hips a little and squirm around.

He knew he was getting close to cumming and thought she was too. When she arched her back again he yelled at her that he was close to cumming; she screamed back, “Good, so am I,” and then drove her head back under the water. He slammed into her as hard as he could; he could see bubbles rising up from his wife’s face as she held her head under for ages.

All of a sudden, he saw his wife struggle and twist under the water and her pussy clenched tight around his cock; he immediately began to fill her pussy with cum as she still had her head under the water. She was cumming under the water without being able to breathe; he pumped slowly in and out as he finished emptying his load. His wife’s back arched and her head lifted out of the water, she took a deep breath as she was screaming, “Ohhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssss!” Her breathing was ragged and short as she kept her back arched and breathed in as much air as she could.

He pulled his cock out of her and held her to him; she was still breathing heavily as she leaned against him for support.

He kissed her gently and said, “I love you, baby, that was so hot!”

She kissed him back. “That was so wonderful being under the water; it made for an amazingly intense orgasm,” she gasped.

He smiled at her and said, “Well it made it better for me too watching you play that game; maybe we should spend some more time in the pool this summer.” They moved back to the steps and sat down as they kissed gently holding hands, thinking about how they were so glad they had gotten a pool last summer.

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