A Guy Gets Tired of the Games Ch. 03

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I awoke about six a.m. to Tina trying to sneak out of bed and head to the bathroom. She was trying not to wake me. I listened to the toilet flush and then drawers open and close as she looked for a toothbrush. When I heard the water running in the sink and her brushing away, I snuck in behind her, pressed my piss hard between her legs and began to suck kisses from her neck and back. For leverage my hands went around her and cupped her breasts.

“You even get close to my nipples and I’ll pull your dick off. Do you have any idea how much they hurt today?”

“Turn around and let me kiss them to make them all better.”

She didn’t turn around but her hand reached down between her legs and worked my rock hard shaft between her swollen pussy’s lips and rubbed my cock’s head tightly against her clit. In between brushes and spits, she said, “Please don’t move, I like you right where you are.”

I pulled back just a little and pushed half way into her. “You smell like a well fucked woman.”

“It will all wash off later. Fuck me some more right now.”

She braced herself against the vanity, her mouth was foamy and the cheeks of her ass jiggled when I slapped into them. She experimented with angles and found one she liked, on her elbows and trusting back into me. Tina liked watching our reflection. Her breasts bounced and she cupped them. Her eyes closed, her breathing quickened and she spread wider so I would go deeper. I wet the thumb of my right hand in our combined juices and then pressed it against the beautiful pucker. It had been winking at me. She pushed back harder and was pulling and squeezing her nipples.

This was for me. I needed to take her, control her and pump my sperm into her. Long hard, noisy thrusts jarred her into the mirror. Her asshole clamped on my thumb and she began to climb toward a morning release.

“Wait on me Tina. Cum with me.”

“I don’t think I can wait.”

I slapped her ass hard, her eyes sprung open. I slapped her ass again and pushed my thumb as deep as it would go stretching her, adding a little pain. I never stopped thrusting. Her eyes just closed slowly again. Her cunt clamped down and she moaned.

“Don’t cum yet.”

I slapped her ass again, pinched her and thrust even harder. She wanted to please me. Sweat popped out of the pores on her forehead, she was whimpering and her arms shook, searching for control. I counted a dozen more thrusts and then loudly ordered, “Now, Tina. Cum for me now.”

Her body growled, trembled and sucked. She drove her cunt back into me and screamed “Yes!” She wet down her legs and mine onto the small gray rug. She was barely over the top when I told her, “Turn around, sit on the vanity.”

She spun almost taking my dick with her, sat on the sink and spread wide for me, putting one leg on the top of the sink and the other on the toilet. I was back in her thrusting. “Rub your clit, make her cum again.”

“She is so sensitive. I don’t know, if I can.”

I closed the fingers of my right hand on her left nipple and squeezed lightly. “You will cum for me again.”

Her dreamy answer echoed off the hard walls, “Yes, I will cum for you.”

When Tina got close, I was losing control. “Watch me, cum inside you.”

She tried. I saw her eyes first on my face, then watch our bodies thrust together, then move back to my face again. I do not know what she did then because I lost it and began pumping into her welcoming body. I leaned forward for support. She bit my shoulder but I did not care. She was biting and moaning into base of my neck when we both collapsed into each other.

I kissed and tasted her salty skin until my cock shrunk and slipped out spilling our combined offerings onto the granite counter top.

We were sweaty and dirty. A shower was the only good choice. The water was cool against our hot skin as we kissed and fondled each other, to show our morning appreciation. I knelt in front of her and pressed my face just below her belly button.

Tina quickly announced, “I forgot to pee before I got into the shower.”

I lifted one of her legs to rest on the side of the shower and said, “Go ahead, pee for me.”

“Pee on you?”

I reached up and squeezed her clit lightly in mock threat.

Tina’s eyes sparkled in naughty, forbidden delight. A tentative hot squirt splattered onto my chest and ran down trickling off my cock and balls. She liked what she had done. Her hot piss gushed onto my neck, providing a wonderful contrast to the cooler shower water. I slipped a finger into her and thrust gently while she worked to drain her bladder. I leaned forward and sucked at her outer lips and licked up to her clit. I could taste my cum, her cum, fresh and old mixed with a watered down urine. She pulled me back up and kissed me, sharing.

“I need to pee too.”

Tina knelt, held her breast out and said, “Do it here first.” She too liked the canlı bahis hot versus cooler water.

“Stop. Now, pee here.”

She sat down in the bottom of the shower and spread her pussy wide and forcing her clit to stand proud. My aim was near perfect but a little adjustment had the hot stream hitting directly on her clit and splattering on her belly and thighs. I trailed the acrid stream upward to hit her rigid nipples and then run down her body into the drain.

Tina’s eyes closed and the fingers of her right hand flew across her clit. In seconds she was cuming hard with my piss still thumping into her chest.

I knelt down and took her in my arms and held her until she returned to me. When her eyes opened they were sparkling and puzzled.

“Don’t think, don’t judge, just enjoy.”

We washed each other. Every inch of each other. Inside and out. Enjoying the slippery, soapy feel. We stepped out of the shower and dried each other. We snuggled back in the bed for half an hour and then decided breakfast was in order. Before we left the bedroom, Tina, said, “Carl, on this trip, I want to do everything with you that I have never done. I want you to cum in my mouth and I want to taste you and swallow you. I want you to fuck my ass.”

“Where I lead you will follow? You will not judge?”

“Will it be like this morning?”

“Yes, because of your willingness, your trust, your beauty and your mind.”

“Will it hurt?”

“Sometimes, but that is to make the pleasure even greater.”

I doubted that she understood how complicated what I had said was, but she would learn. Her body had so much to show her. She had so much pleasure to discover.

—————- A week later we flew from Portland to Los Angeles, took the courtesy bus to the HAL terminal and were settled in the cabin by three p.m. Tina was like an excited young school girl, wishing the shops were already open, wondering if she would get seasick, wanting to take every tour and be everywhere at once. The more excited she got the more I wanted to kiss her and be a part of her excitement. That evening we ate at the abbreviated buffet, took a late tour of the ship and went to a “Welcome” cocktail party for frequent cruisers. Late, in the cabin, she tried to watch the welcoming video on the ship’s channel describing the events for the next day but she fell asleep in my arms. She hardly stirred until it was time for breakfast.

I did a few things with Tina that first day at sea but I knew the ship and needed to catch up on some writing. She beamed when I presented her with a ship’s credit card, told her when and where to meet me and sent her on her way. She was an expert on the ship when we met in the cabin to bathe and dress for the second dinner seating. After dinner we went to one of the many cozy late bars to dance, talk and play. After about an hour we were both settling down to be ourselves.

“So did you have a fun first day?”

“God, yes, it was a blast. I’m looking forward to every stop. Are we going to take any of the tours?”

“Pick out whatever you want to do. I want to visit the Bacardi factory this trip, dive at least once on the Caribbean side and do one island tour. I know the Mexican side quite well. You choose and we’ll try to do all you want.”

We danced and drank. She was starting to get a little buzz. She nuzzled her face into my neck and sucked leaving wet spots. She teased me even more by pressing her hot soft belly into my ever more interested cock. We returned to our small table, to sit and rest for a couple of dances.

“These people would be very turned on if they knew how hot my beautiful, sexy female dance partner is. I bet the men have been watching you rub your body on me and wondering if they can get their cocks up tonight. I bet their wives are wishing they could climax and squirt like you can.”

“They don’t even know we are here.”

“Yes, they do and I can prove it to you.”


“Are you game or chicken tonight?”

“With a big cocked man to protect me and all the booze you have poured down me, I’m game and horny.”

“OK, then, reach under your dress, remove your panties and hand them to me.”

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely. You said you would do what I asked and you wanted to experience new things.”

Tina was very self-conscious and tried to hide what she was doing. I moved a couple of chairs away so she would be visible to the entire bar. There were about ten couples, the piano player, two waitresses, a bartender and two women sitting together. She just looked at me.

“Just as I thought. In public you are a chicken.”

Tina’s eyes locked on mine. Her jaw set. She stood reached under her dress, slipped her panties down, stepped out of them, handed them to me under the table and sat back down. It only took seconds but a few people saw and were now watching her and passing the word around. bahis siteleri Tina’s face and neck flushed red. She held her knees tightly together and leaned toward me for protection. Spiders are poor protection for flies.

I stood, held my hand out to her and said, “Please dance with me.”

She looked relieved, took my hand and stood to go with me. I pulled out her black silk panties, shook them to catch everyone’s attention, brought them to my nose, inhaled for all to see and then dropped them in the middle of our table. They stood tall in a peak with the legs wide. No one could mistake what they were.

While we danced, Tina folded tightly into my arms and her body was hotter and more pliable than before. Every eye watched her. I dipped her to the side so her legs had to open and press her crotch to my hip. She was watching her audience now and exaggerated her movements.

“Are you going to give everyone a show?”

“If they like it fine. I’m going to give you the biggest hardon you have ever had and let you walk around with it tenting your slacks.”

“I’ll walk around pointing it at you.”

She smiled broadly, “You are impossible. Don’t you get embarrassed?”

“Not when I am as horny as I am for you.”

We danced and pressed our bodies against each other. I rubbed her ass and cupped her breast, almost discretely. Tina let her hand trail down my chest and linger over my cock then took my hand and used it to turn herself gracefully.

She did what she said. I was hard, uncomfortable and showing. After three dances we returned to our table. The couple at the table two spaces from ours were my age; they watched us intently but were sitting far away from each other. They were lean and fit but had been married too long to easily remember passion. As we went by the fellow spoke, “She is very pretty, take care of her tonight.”

I replied loud enough for his wife to hear, “I will. You will hear her scream throughout the ship. Your lady is hot and desirable too. I bet she is wet. Does she have the guts to put her panties on the table?”

His wife glared at me. This was not proper Sunday School deportment. “How about it pretty lady? Too proper? Too old? Forgot how to turn on your man?”

“Your lady might be good but I can turn my guy inside and out.”

“All talk. Prove it.”

She stood, reached under her dress, pulled down and stepped out of her panties. I reached out and she handed them to me, proving me wrong. I in turn handed them to Tina, “Check them. Is she as hot and wet as she says or is she all talk?”

Again my lady surprised me, She took the panties, felt them, touched them to her nose and lips and said rather loudly, “Her husband will be late for breakfast tomorrow.” Laughter rippled around the room and the woman’s husband thrust out his chest noticeably. I took the woman’s panties from Tina, held them above their table and dropped them. I addressed the man of the table, “You wife has paid the dance floor admission, please dance with your lady and I’ll dance with mine.”

One couple left, offended. By the end of the second dance there were four pair of panties proudly displayed on the tops of the small tables. Tina beamed, danced more freely and had me so hard pressing into me with her soft belly, that I was struggling not to cum in my pants. As one dance ended, our female victim tapped Tina on the back, “Do you allow him to dance with other women?”

“Turn him on, but send him back to me. I’ll need him later tonight.”

As I started to dance properly with my new partner, she wrapped my arms around her waist and hers around me. She pulled me close and tipped her hips against me in time with the old Nat King Cole make-out song from the sixties. “Damn, I feel what your red head wants tonight.”

“Thank you kind lady. Do not fret. Your guy is dancing with her now. He’ll be cutting diamonds with his dick by the time the song ends.”

She gasped at my improper language. Half way through the song she lead for a few steps turning us to hide that her arm slipped from my waist and her hand grabbed my cock, squeezing it in time with the songs slow beat.

“Sexy lady, you are cheating. I can’t hide what I want to do with you.”

“What would you do?”

I thrust my cock into her hand, held her tight and whispered to her, “I would reach under your dress and bring my fingers up to the lips of your pussy. I would open her with my thumb and middle finger and push my index finger into you. I would put my thumb on your clit. Then we would dance and spin and dip. We would go song after song until your body opened and begged for another finger. Your juices would run down your thighs and into the crack of your lovely ass.”

She whimpered against my neck. I tilted my head more so that the hot, wet breath from my quiet whispers would tease and tickle into her ear. “I would thrust into you until you came. Your knees bahis şirketleri would be weak and I would be holding half your weight on my fingers curled in your cunt.”

I turned her so I could roll a nipple between my thumb and fingers. “I would announce that you feel faint and usher your to the table and pull you down onto my lap. While everyone watched me dab at your brow with a cool cloth, I would tell you, “Take out my cock and slip it into your cunt.” We would sit for a while, rocking, waiting for you to struggle to cum quietly and then cover for me when my body throbbed and my cock pumped deep into your womb.”

My dance partner’s body trembled. Her breath was ragged. Her body needed support. She slobbered on my neck. I helped her back to sit at the table with her husband. He had returned one song ago but was blushing when I returned his wife.

“Alice, are you all right.”

I answered for her, “She felt faint. We spun too much dancing. I thought I was going to have to sit down and hold her until her dizziness passed. She is feeling better now.”

Alice’s eyes opened and she looked far away but she smiled knowingly at my reference to her sitting in my lap.”

I went back to Tina, “Shall we call it a night and head back to the cabin?”

“Yes, I’ve had enough dancing for one evening.”

Several pairs of eyes were following our every move. I picked up Tina’s panties and stuffed them into my suit jacket’s pocket and pulled them out just a little to show like a handkerchief. I gathered up our stuff, put my arm around Tina and announced to the room, “Good night Ladies and Gentlemen, now I must try to live up to all my teasing. I hope I am alive to see you all at breakfast.”

The room burst into laughter, Tina pulled me along for a moment with my crotch and we headed toward our cabin two floors above.

As we started walking through the ship, I asked her, “Were you mean to the nice man.”

“That ‘nice man’ had a hard on and kept pushing it into my thigh.”

“He must be a wonderful judge of beautiful women.”

“What happened to his wife?”

“I told her a story and it was too naughty for her. She was pretending to be offended.”

“She certainly did not look offended.”

While we waited for the elevator, I asked her, “Did you enjoy being naughty for the people tonight?”

“I’m too hot to talk. Just fuck me now. Fuck me in the elevator.”

When we got inside, I hit the “Stop” button after the door closed. Tina lifted her skirt and spread her legs lewdly. Her pussy was open, red, wet and swollen. I took out my cock, she grabbed it, pulled it between her pussy’s lips and we thrust in perfect time. I was buried in her cunt. The elevator was lined in mirrors; she glanced from one to the other while I thrust into her pressing her naked ass into the cold glass. I am taller than Tina. My cock raked hard against her clit on every in an out stroke. She grabbed for the support bars, arched out to take me deeper and demand that I drive her back into the mirror over and over again.

“Carl, I’m going to cum.”

“When you do smile at the corner above the buttons. There is a camera there.”

“Oh, My God. Oh, My God. You didn’t tell me. You ass. Fuck me. Fuck me. I’m cuming.”

She came long and hard. Her legs quit supporting her and she began to slide down the mirrored walls. I had not cum. My rigid cock sprung free, slinging her wetness. My slacks, the mirrors and the carpet would have to be cleaned. True to form, Tina had wet them. I propped her against the wall, knelt and licked her pussy a couple of times before I stuffed my dick back into my slacks and dis-engaged the “Stop” button. Tina could barely walk, so I carried her the last twenty feet to our cabin’s door.

For the next twenty minutes, we were like two teenagers in the back of a chevy at the drive in. She tore at my clothes and I tore at hers. I took her hard and fast and that is exactly how she wanted it. I tried to drive my dick through her body and she kept ordering me to do her harder. When I arched and started pumping my sperm into her, her body sucked and she screamed in her own climax. The alcohol we had consumed caught up with us when she was half on top of me with my cock still draining into a puddle at the mouth of her cervix. The next thing I remember was waking up in the morning, with our skin stuck together and my morning wood inside my lovely.

She smiled at me, “Good morning.”

“I’m falling in love with you. But if you don’t get off me now I’m going to fill your pussy up. I really have to go.”

Tina’s shocked look was a puzzle. Was it because I said I was falling in love with her or was it because I said I was about to pee inside of her? It was too deep a question for her to consider this early or for me to explain. We bathed separately, straightened up our mess, headed out for breakfast and to face a bright new naughty day.

I saw our Pilipino porter on the way out, “Please leave us an extra set of sheets. They keep getting wet.”

“I understand Mr. Payton. Maybe some extra towels too?”

Tina hit me in the arm and the porter snickered.

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