A Good Week Ch. 2

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“Hi Jason.”

He had just arrived at Faye’s house. Faye was the fiancée of his best friend, Michael. Jason was in the area and wanted to surprise them. Michael occasionally worked from home and was hoping to catch both of them. As fate would have it, only Faye was there. The gorgeous black-haired beauty, barely out of her teens, was wearing nothing more than tight black track pants and a sports bra. It looked like she was off to gym.

“Hi Faye! How are you?” Faye opened the door to let him in. The two hugged. Jason looked around.

“Is Michael here as well?”

Faye shook her head. “Oh well, I was hoping to catch the two of you. What are you doing for lunch?”

Faye shrugged. “Nothing really.”

Jason had always admired Faye. She was always high strung. Not so much as tense but she had an abundance of sexual energy. She just exuded it and he couldn’t get enough of her attentions. Whenever he wore his tight muscle t-shirts and she was around, she would be the first to run her fingers over his chest and arms. He adored the attention. Not that his girlfriend didn’t notice, but she always did seem to take him for granted, at least lately with a lot of their domestics.

Just the other day, Jason had the most unbelievable sex of his life fucking the object of his teenage lust – his next door neighbour, Julie. That was heavenly. What was more surprising was the lack of guilt he felt in committing such a shocking thing. Indeed, if anything, that encounter merely served to make him bolder than usual.

Faye was an attractive girl. Tall, long legs, cutely heart shaped ass. Whilst her breasts and figure weren’t as curvaceous as Julie’s, Faye was not unattractive by any stretch of the imagination. Indeed, Faye had done some modeling and dancing so she was certainly a looker. But whatever she lacked in appearance, she more than made up in sexual exuberance.

“Were you about to go off to gym?” he asked.

She gave him a smirk “Gee, what gave that away Jason?” She always loved having a verbal tug of war with him.

“Where are you training?” She mentioned the local gymnasium.

“Well I was planning on training today. I got my gear in the car, I could go down there and train with you.”

Any excuse to watch you sweat, he smiled to himself. She shrugged. “Sure.”

The two traveled to the gym. Jason made sure he gave it his best effort. He did each set with perfect form and made sure he did large numbers. By the end his chest was fried. All the while he noticed in the mirrors around him that Faye watched him as he exercised and he noticed that she caught him looking over at her from time to time. How could you not notice such a sexy woman bent over with weights, wearing only a skimpy black g-string beneath those track pants was beyond him.

By the end, the two were exhausted. They grabbed a few sports drinks and headed back to Faye’s place.

Faye walked towards the bathroom. “Look, I’m just gonna grab a shower. Help yourself to anything in the fridge.”

Jason was halfway through making a chicken sandwich when he heard the shower running. Taking a bite of his sandwich, he took it down to the nearby couch. Visualising his friend naked in the shower running soap over her body was too casino oyna much. He put the sandwich down and reached into his pants.

Pulling his already stiff, seven inch cock free from his underwear, he proceeded to stroke the shaft. He pictured bending Faye over the bathroom bench and fucking her from behind. He sighed as he proceeded to jerk off furiously.

He beat himself off for awhile. Although, he lost track of time. Reaching for the nearby tissues, he grabbed them, stuffed them over his stiff prick as he spurted cum right into them. Lost in the moment he didn’t even notice the shower getting turned off, or her leaving the bathroom. Nor did he hear the noise he was making that caused her to look in on the lounge room.

“Jason what are you doing?!?”

Jason was at a loss. There was one his best friends standing over him, scantily clad in a towel, still dripping whilst he still has his erect penis in his hands and soggy tissues in the other. He was at a loss for words.

“If you’re going to masturbate, at least wait until I’m in the room.”

His mind exploded. What the hell?!

She dropped the towel. All he could think of was… wow! She was even better looking than he ever imagined. Water glistened and ran down that perfect body, those firm breasts, long supple legs, that dark brown pussy with the nice bikini line.

Dropping on all fours she pulled his hands, the tissues and his pants down. She then slid his socks and shoes off. Only now was he able to find the words. “But… what about Mike…??” his mind danced to visions of his girlfriend. “What about Kelly?”

Faye just smiled. “Well I won’t tell if you won’t.” Jason had no idea what to say. “I’ve only been with one man – Michael. And if I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him, I want to know what it is I’m giving up.” Considering he was thinking the same thing about his girlfriend, despite all their domestics, if he was going to be faithful to her once they were married, he wanted to satisfy his primal urges right now. The conclusion was never in doubt.

With that she took him right into her mouth and began to suck on his still stiff cock. She placed her hands on his thighs as her head did the work, bobbing up and down frantically like a yo-yo. The two maintained eye contact the whole time as he fucked her mouth. She could taste his precum and judging from her smile, she liked it. His eyes rolled back as he basked in the moment. His best friends fiancée was giving him a head-job. This week was getting better and better.

She sucked harder and harder, squeezing his dick and jerking it back and forth. God, she was a good cock sucker. Michael had trained her well. Jason was feeling even more adventurous when he decided to call her names.

“That’s it my little bitch. Suck me good.”

She just smiled at the insult. She liked it! He never really fucked a girl that appreciated a little dirty talk once in awhile. She gladly licked and sucked his cock as he moaned, relaxed on the couch. It wasn’t long of Faye’s godly cock-sucking that he knew he would shoot his load in her mouth. He went to push her away but she pushed him back. She wanted this. Bobbing up and down even more faster and more furiously, he shot his load slot oyna inside her mouth. She almost gagged reflexively as the volume was far more than she was anticipating. His cum pelted against the back of her throat and she took his cock in all the way. His pubic hairs tickling her nose. After he stopped rained cum, she withdrew and licked his dick dry.

He smiled as he rose to his feet, towering over her naked form. He took off his top so she could admire his chest, still pumped from his workout. She had always admired his body. He grabbed her and swept her off her feet. He kissed her passionately for the first time, as a lover and not a friend. Their kiss was hot and frantic. They had obviously wanted each other for awhile and now was their chance to express it.

Making their way to the kitchen table, he placed her down on the edge. They both swept away the contents of the table to accommodate them both. He flipped her over so she was on all fours. Taking a hold of those perfect cheeks, he spread them and began to lick her. She groaned loudly as his tongue made first contact with her clitoris. He licked the full length of her crack; her clitoris, her wet pussy and even her ass. He began to suck on her pussy as he squeezed her ass as hard as he could.

She groaned even louder. God, he had a rough idea she was loud. But Jason had no idea she was a screamer. She screamed loudly as his fingers probed her ass. Sliding it in gently he began to finger fuck her ass as he tongued her increasing wet pussy.

“Ohhh!!!! Aaaahhhh!!! Ohh god Jason ohhhhh!!”

He could feel her shapely ass being shoved back into his face and her hips bucking. She was screaming now.

“Jason! Jason! Fuck me now! Fuck me up the ass!!”

Needing no further encouragement, Jason slid his fingers inside Faye’s dripping wet pussy. Coating his shaft in her own juices he poised his cock over her tight asshole. Pushing against the entrance gently, he felt her shudder slightly. Then she pushed back against him and it punched it’s way straight into her ass. She sighed loudly, in pain and pleasure:


Grabbing her small hips, his feet also on the table, he leaned over and began to buck widly. Faye moaned loudly as the two bucked two and from like wild horses. Faye fingered herself as Jason hammered away at her sensitive ass.

They fucked like they were possessed. They screamed and moaned for what seemed like hours. Faye turned to Jason. “I want you to cum inside me Jason!! Cum now!!!” As Jason built up speed to match her cries, he noticed her bucking became more frantic. Grabbing her by the hair, Jason shot his load. Faye took in a sharp intake of air, and screamed loudly as they came together. His cum filling up her orifice. He could feel her asshole clenching, as if wringing every ounce of cum out his is raging prick. He could feel her whole body tense up beneath him. The two were lost in heaven.

Faye leaped off table and turned to face him.

“I hope you’re not exhausted yet. But I am not done with you by a damn sight.” she grinned wickedly. Jason had no idea how many times he could go but he knew three would be pushing it. He had never fucked anyone so viciously before and had them ask him for more! Oh canlı casino siteleri he would savor this…

“So when his Michael coming back?” he asked. She smiled and shrugged “He mentioned he had a meeting today. He’ll be back late.”

Jason smiled in approval, feeling his prick stiffen rather rapidly in anticipation of a full day of fucking.

Faye went to the bathroom to clean herself off. Not even gone for two minutes, Jason realised he was ready for more. Following her into the bathroom, he noticed her bent over. He rushed her from behind. She was caught off guard. She laughed and tilted her head to meet his. The two kissed madly. She lifted one leg, raising her ass in temptation. Grabbing her hip with one arm and his cock in the other, he guided his prick into her eagerly waiting pussy. She leaned back into him, moaning loudly.

He slid his hands along those legs and squeezed her shapely ass and bouncing breasts. He ran his hands down her stomach, her belly ring and down her to her pussy and clitoris. He held her still as he rubbed it gently, taking his time to fuck her slowly and methodically. Faye could not believe how incredible it felt. She could feel his large cock right inside her, pounding away.

Having came three times before now, it took awhile before Jason felt the desire to cum again. By that stage he lost track of how many times Faye must have came – at least two, maybe three times. Each time followed by an ear splitting shriek or shout. And each shout, moan and cry increased his desire to empty every last drop of his cum in every hole this woman had to offer. Faye was sweating like a mad dog now, her lust had completely taken over and she was just grunting like an animal now.

Jason called her every name under the sun that he could think off:

“You are a great fuck my little fucking slut…. my little fucking whore…. I love that ass, you ass is hot” He followed this up to repeated smacks to her asscheeks. She merely grunted and pushed back harder. Jason couldn’t believe how rough this chick liked it and how she just wanted more.

She then turned to face him. She sat on the edge of the sink. Wrapping her legs and arms around him she pulled him in. She grabbed his tight ass as he slid his still stiff prick into her wet and well fucked pussy one last time. He felt his balls slapping against her as he pounded her. His hands were under her ass, gripping her like a handle as he fucked her hard. The two never took their eyes off one another whilst they were groaning. After so much humping, the strain was getting a lot for Jason. Sweat was breaking out all over him.

Through gritted teeth, Faye looked Jason in the eye.

“Cum in me you fucking bastard. Fuck me, cum in me. Fuck your whore.” “Who owns you, Faye?” “Wha…” she gasped. “WHO OWNS YOU?!” he yelled at her, increasing speed, fucking her harder than ever. Faye was gripped in convulsions. “You do! YOU DO JASON! OH GOD!!!” Jason came just seconds ahead of Faye. Faye was waiting for Jason to cum first. She wanted to feel his throbbing prick fill her pussy. The two rocked the bench, hips locked and groaned incessantly. They wailed like wounded animals as they enjoyed an earth-shattering orgasm. When their climax finally ended, when they had both finally came, Jason finally summoned enough air to speak.

“I don’t know about you, Faye, but I am certainly not ready for marriage yet…” All Faye could do was nod in agreement. And that was the beginning of their day…

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