A good memory – Part 1.

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A good memory – Part 1.
So there I was standing next to my bed. Jeans pulled down and pulsating dick getting sucked by my girl Anita. We had met at work and became close (but platonic) friends over time. Anita is black and I’m white.

Anita had a sweet, round ass that attracted my notice (and all the other guys) and cantaloupe tits that stood out proudly in her clingy outfits. Anita didn’t dress slutty; she was no-nonsense and didn’t take crap from nobody and especially not guys hitting on her while trying to perform her tasks. I’d hoped one day to be close to her.

Anyhow back to that scrumptious 5′ 2″ body with Jamaican features and dark cocoa skin and wow did those luscious lips look good and able to please a man’s hard-on like a good little woman. I’ll skip over the times we spent getting to know each other; it’s all a prelude to the fun times we crave right?

Anita was a 27-year old single mom when I met her (no surprise there; I couldn’t imagine a guy not wanting to breed with a chick this naturally gifted w/o trying hard.) I was a 22-year old twerp with nothing but polite charm to get by on (plus a slim build and steady paycheck supplemented by overtime.)

Some time down the road Anita found a second husband. I attended the wedding as Anita and I did become close friends. We’d never done anything to consummate this friendship sexually; at most she’d known how sexy I thought she was with a few caresses to that marvelous ass of hers when we were alone. She loved the attention; I’d helped her along after the company laid many off (following a fire) including Anita. She likely thought it was the least she could do to repay me in some measurable way; I loved her body so she let my hands roam.

But it was so disappointing to see her unavailable. I was blue for awhile even though she kept in touch. Lo and behold something went wrong after just two years. Anita told me in tears her husband was messing around. I couldn’t believe it; Anita was in her early 30’s by now but curvy as ever and they’d created a nice household between the two of them and their two c***dren (her daughter and his son from a previous union.)

So…Anita basically said what was good for the goose was good for the gander. Or in this case black swan and boy did I make up for opportunities missed in the past due to my reluctance to push things.

Anita was all-too happy to see me when she could which was about once a month. I’d seen women during our time together before but couldn’t get or feel as close to them as Anita; she was my first real love after school. She’d talk to me about how things were at home; about her job situation and what she was up to. I listened and offered encouragement. I tried not to think ahead or to nudge in any way but to be there for her.

Mmm and after an hour or so Anita would beam a smile and say (in a sensual fashion that made my dick jump) “So what’re we doing fun today?” The first time she said that I almost blushed and had to ask for clarification.

We cleared that possible misunderstanding up with a fast and furious fuck session. Anita’s petite bare legs around my waist and hips had me soon pumping cum into her snug snatch like a banshee. I grunted like a wolf in heat let me tell you. She smiled and asked if I was okay all tender-like. Damn right I was; best time of my life.

This lively affair went on for several years before we moved on (she’d found full-time work out of state.) Anita’s husband (a pleasant and handsome man working for a refrigerator company) never changed his ways. Which amazed me; how could he not have known Anita was aware of his activities? Was he aware of ours? Oh well.

Back to Anita’s mouth from the beginning. By the third time we’d met intimately I’d gotten the nerve up to request a hot blowjob. Like I said I was not one to push; by the fourth time I was all “Oh yeah suck that thing girl!” Eating her blue-tinged pussy was a treat; I’d have done so w/o thought of reciprocation but damn if her smiling mouth didn’t look hot vacuuming me in; the thought of it when we were apart made me cream.

Anita’s legs were held between mine this sunny afternoon as she sat on the bed (her cute ass cut off from view but not those bountiful 34-DD tits of hers.) She was wearing her “fun clothes” as she called them. Workout slacks and light cotton top those heaving jugs stretched nicely and bounced with each of her quick thrusting head-bobs as I gently rocked my hips to meet her sucking lips as they pulled my dick in and the released with a wet pop.

Anita had told me about her hubby’s bit on the side – a “hood rat” as she called her. Vicky by name and I assumed Anita knew her or had met her in the past. I wondered if Vicky blew a dick as good as Anita did for mine.

The idea of this Vicky dropping to her knees and assisting Anita (who likewise would drop to her knees like an obedient harem girl) and sharing my penis in and out of their kissing mouths was a fine one to conjure up. Less than 10 seconds of that thought-train pulling out my brain station oh shit here came the flood.

I shuddered and my dick spurted semen into Anita’s mouth as her lips enclosed on me. She murmured sounds of pleasure and I stood there on shaky legs going “Mmm…mmm…MMM…mmm” as I held my quivering staff to her rich-purple lips and blurped spunk on them. As I neared the end I gently pushed those lips apart to feel her pearly whites rubbing my slippery glans.

Anita opened her eyes and showed me her gooey tongue. “Oh yeah swallow that load baby. Suck on my drained nuts like a good little girl.” Anita loved when I spoke this way; my former self would have been too shy. Now here my fantasy girl was popping my sagging balls into her grinning mouth; yeah fuck shyness.

Still semi-hard Anita massaged my penis with her jiggly tits; not a feeling like it in the world. This was a day to remember; after she’d dressed (and I’d finished fondling her shapely ass and tits for the umpteenth time) she turned to leave and I impulsively said “Deep throat next time?” She snorted and said I was naughty. “Nothing naughty about my dick down your throat baby girl.” More ass-rubbing; this time tenderly. She waited patiently for me to get my fill.

“You like my ass don’t you?” “I love every inch of your sexy fucking body.” Best Wishes Anita.

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