A Good Hard Shag

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A Good Hard ShagWe’re undressing for bed. I’m already completely naked and my woman’s down to her white bra, tan tights and white patterned panties showing through her tights. She has her back to me. I’d sensed she was in the mood all evening – its time to find out!My exploring hand starts on her nylon clad bottom fondling her curves. She purrs! My hands slide up to the smooth warm bare skin of her hips above her tights and in a single movement I pull her tights and panties down round her thighs, just below her bottom. My hands explore her soft round bum cheeks and the tops of her naked thighs. I tickle her with a finger along the valley between her bum cheeks. Still from behind I unclip her bra and let it drop. I fondle her breasts from behind, catching her nipples with my fingers the way that excites her.She turns and I cup my hand over the furry bulge of her sex mound between her legs. Her mound is just the right size for my hand, as if it was made just for me! Through her coarse pubic hair I feel her vagina slit. I slip my fingertip in between her labia and begin to stroke her slit near the top where her sensitive clitoris lies. She gasps with the sudden pleasure!Her hand goes down and begins to play with my penis and balls. My penis is half erect sticking straight out in front of me. She strokes my penis between her index finger and middle finger, catching that sensitive spot on the underside of the ridge where my penis head meets my shaft. She knows I like that! My penis begins to stiffen.She detaches herself from me, sits on the bed and slips off her tights and panties. I like watching her do that. My eyes involuntarily lock onto her brown cunt hair between her legs. While she sits there nude I stand next to her fondling her breasts and running my fingers through her hair canlı bahis and over her shoulders, aiming my stiffly swinging penis at her. My penis brushes against her breasts and she strokes my shaft, balls and the inside tops of my thighs, getting me fully erect.She falls backwards onto our bed. I join her on the bed and we’re together, kissing, with my hands exploring her breasts, legs, bottom and between her legs. She wraps her leg round mine and rubs her leg against mine the way she knows I like. I glance in the wall mirror. Its erotic seeing us together, like a good porn picture. After a few minutes of kissing, fondling and romping she rolls onto her back. Her big heavy breasts flop sideways and she spreads her legs wide so her naked body’s almost T shaped, pulling her vagina open. I know exactly what my woman wants!My hand starts on her breasts and slides slowly down her front, across her navel and down till my hand cups over her mound. She likes me to put my hand there! She moans, squirms and nuzzles her mound into my cupped hand as I massage her pussy. I begin working her toward orgasm, stroking her by now juice wetted vagina lips up and down with my finger tips. Her gasps tell me I’ve hit the right spot! At the same time I kiss her breasts and lick my tongue across her nipples – she likes that! From time to time I ease off working her pussy, and stroke her spread thighs or run my hand up her naked body to play with her breasts. All the time my erect penis is brushing against her thigh. “Go to my clitoris!” she gasps, spreading her legs wider. I can tell she’s getting excited without her telling me! I move my fingertip to the little hard juice lubed peak of her clit near the top of her vagina. I begin stroking it and running my fingertip in a circle round it. bahis siteleri She trembles and moans softly.“It’s rising!” she gasps after a few minutes.I keep circling her clit. Moments later she lets out that high pitched cry – her orgasm cry is the most erotic thing I’ve ever heard! Her whole body judders, her hips thrust, and her head beats against the pillow as she squirms in her orgasm pleasure. Then she lays back, panting. I hold my hand cupped over her mound, the way she likes me to do after I’ve finger fucked her to a climax. Her cunt hair is wet with her juice. She’s hot and ready!‘Come in!” she cries out, trying to pull me on top of her.I move so I’m kneeling between her spread legs, with her gaping fur-ringed vagina and her big round breasts in front of me. She’s impatient! She reaches down to tickle my balls and cock. But I take my time. I want my cock at the peak of iron hard erection! I wrap my finger and thumb round my shaft and gently stroke up and down across the base ridge of my penis head, as if I’m going to masturbate over her cunt, belly and breasts like I do sometimes. As I excite my penis, with my spare hand I feel her soft smooth thighs and ruffle her juice moistened pubic hair.I’m ready! My penis feels exquisitely taut, and in the wall mirror beside us I can see my shaft bending up to its deep pink head. I move forward leaning over her till my penis head is against the lips of her vagina. She holds my shaft and guides my knob into her slit. I lean forward. As my penis slides full length into her vagina I feel her cunt hair brushing along my shaft, a deliciously erotic feeling. I like her cunt hairy – it proclaims she’s a mature woman, ripe for sex, not a little girl any more. Now I’m on top of her, my belly against hers. Her face is under mine, bahis şirketleri her brown hair spread over the pillow. She’s a beauty! I look into her eyes. They’re full of excited anticipation of what we’re about to do. With my penis deep within her I lean on one hand and fondle her thigh and fondle her breasts and her thigh with the other for a last time before fucking starts. Her knees fold up either side of me so I’m in the valley between her thighs. “Hold me!” I say, and her arms wrap over my back.I begin thrusting my hips, smoothly and rhythmically. I’m always surprised how naturally the movement of shagging a woman comes. I glance at the mirror. I see my bum rocking backwards and forwards and her big breasts wobbling with the rhythm of my thrusts. My mind fills with images of her in her bikini, in sexy underwear, in stockings, in nude poses, memories of the erotic things we’ve done together. I shift my position slightly to enjoy the pressure of her vagina stroking that so sensitive spot just under my penis head. Her vagina is warm, tight, and deliciously smooth, squeezing my shaft so more delicately than a frantically masturbating hand. I’m coming! I feel the pleasure rising in my penis. I try to hold back to savour the pleasure like when I edge in masturbation. But this is infinitely more exquisite than simply masturbating while I ogle pictures of a naked porn girl. I’ve got her nude under me, her naked flesh soft and warm against mine! I thrust my hips involuntarily against her between her spread thighs, pushing her up the bed. The pleasure in my penis explodes! I grunt her name! My semen spurts into her! I remain on top of her for a while. My flaccid penis slides out of her. I roll off her and we lie side by side. “Mmmmmmmmm!” She purrs. “Love you!”We pull the covers over us. I switch out the light. A last kiss and my hand glides over her thigh, her bottom and her cunt. Then we roll apart. With my penis still throbbing with pleasure and savouring the memory of a good hard shag, we settle down to sleep.

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