A Fling With Temptation Ch. 2

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It was apparent that five years of marriage hasn’t tamed me one bit. By the time I pulled into my garage I was already going back over my simple yet devious plan to get me and Dan alone together. He is a smoker and instead of going out back to the designated smoking area he always goes out front by himself. All I would have to do is wait for him to walk past my area on a swing shift. I would go on a break a few minutes later and walk out to where he was, pretending to get ready for a nighttime walk around the facility. Since he is a gentleman I know he would offer to walk with me. That was all I had but I knew it would work. If I read his signals right this would be easy.

Early the next morning I worked on getting myself ready for him. The first thing I did was get a Brazilian wax. I wanted my pussy to look perfect for him. I usually get one once a month but this was the first time I had one in anticipation of a sexual encounter. There is nothing like the feeling of a cock dipping inside my wet cunt and then taking it out and sliding it up and down my smooth pussy and clit! Next I went back home and looked up some porn on the internet to get me going even more. My favorite website has streaming videos of men jacking off and the best cumshots ever. The voyeur in me has always wanted to catch a guy masturbating. Nothing gets me hotter and unfortunately my husband doesn’t even like the mutual masturbation thing.

I allowed myself to rub my clit, but not enough to get me off. I didn’t want to cum yet and I had to stop the video right before that massive cock shot it’s load. It would have set me off for sure! After that I took a hot bath in my Jacuzzi bathtub and let the jets run over my now swollen, aching pussy. I let myself build up and then moved f away from the jets. A few minutes later I repositioned myself even closer to the powerful jets. As I felt my body approaching orgasm I once again moved away moaning and craving more. After I finished my bath I toweled off slowly and allowed my illegal bahis hands to explore my body even further. My nipples were hard from the cold air and the excitement of what was sure to happen later that evening. I picked one breast up and raised it to my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the taut nipple and then sucked on it some which made my clit shudder with excitement. I just had to stop otherwise I was bound to finish myself off with my realistic dildo I had hidden in my closet. I couldn’t though. I had to save myself for Dan – assuming he was even going to work a swing that evening!

As luck would have it we both had the 1:00pm to 9:00pm shift. Unfortunately I had to wait to make my move until it got dark. He looked to good in his Dockers and his polo shirt. He has the cutest ass and every time I saw him that day I wanted to molest him in the hallway. I wore a sexy outfit from Express. It was a Low cut shirt with a knee length shirt to assure easy access. Over that was a long sweater jacket to stay warm on that walk I had in mind. I kept it open so he could get a good look at me if he wanted to.

The first time he saw me he kind of stopped and took in my body. My legs were still glistening from the baby oil I used after the bath and my cleavage was practically jumping out of my shirt. My bra was sheer enough for him to notice my very erect nipples which stood at attention immediately after I realized he was checking me out. Unlike the night before he wasn’t trying to hide the face that he was staring. I coyly giggled and said, “What?” He smiled, sighed, moaned a little and walked away. I was so caught up un the moment that I didn’t even look to see if he had gotten hard. FUCK I needed him inside me. I knew the next time we went on break it would be dark enough to carry out my plan.

I was so horny that for the next hour I sat in my seat with my legs crossed tightly so I could feel the pressure on my clit. Every time I changed my position a little a shockwave would run up illegal bahis siteleri my body and make me want more. Finally he walked by and I couldn’t wait any longer so I told my supervisor I wasn’t feeling well and I needed to take a longer break than usual. He said okay and I was off. When I turned the corner I saw Dan standing at his locker reaching for his cigarettes. I said hi and he quickly turned around and smiled. He placed his cigarettes back in his locker and asked me if I was on a break. I said yes and told him I had decided to take a walk around the facility. Without hesitation he offered to join me. I couldn’t believe this was actually going to work!!

It was rather breezy and chilly outside and the jacket I wore was purposefully too light. We started our walk behind the building and when we turned the corner, another building sheltered us from the wind. I stopped and said, Ohhh this feels good, in a seductive voice. Not knowing exactly what I was talking about he turned and saw me shivering. I backed up towards the wall and he slowly walked up in front of me. My arms were crossed and my jacket was mostly shut except for the top part that my tits were bulging out of. He quietly took both sides of the jacket and half heartedly tried to cover my cleavage up. His knuckles grazed over my nipples and I let out a barely audible moan. After I thanked him he leaned in closer and told me how beautiful I looked. I smiled and brazenly looked into his eyes allowing him to read my mind.

He looked so handsome that evening and he smelled so damn good. I had to have him right there. As my knees were shaking I leaned into him and softly kissed him on his lips. I ran my hands down his chest to his stomach and finally, for the first time, I ran my fingers lightly over his hardening cock. I started whispering into his ear telling him how much I have wanted him and how sexy I thought he was. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me grinding his now hard erection. I put my hand on the canlı bahis siteleri back of his head and kissed him long and hard. Our lips were hot and swollen and his kiss was making me melt. I pulled away and in his ear I moaned and told him I wanted him. I felt him go weak in my arms. I looked into his eyes and started undoing his pants.

My second favorite thing, besides watching a man masturbate is giving blowjobs. Over the years I have heard more men tell me that I was the first girl they met who could give a real blowjob. Other women couldn’t even get them to cum! Can you imagine? I squatted down and pulled his cock out of his pants. It was just as I had imagined – about seven inches long and thick. I quickly put him in my mouth. I started working the tip of his penis with my tongue while I placed a hand on his shaft. I slowly and firmly moved my mouth up and down his cock while using my hand as an extension. I got more than half of his beautiful throbbing cock in my mouth all the while swirling my tongue around and twisting my wrist. The sensations were driving him wild and I knew he wouldn’t last very long. Our moans were getting louder and I could feel his rock hard cock getting even harder! He yelled out OMIGOD I’m gonna cum!! He said it again in case I didn’t want him cumming in my mouth. I moaned even louder to let him know I wanted him. He grabbed the hair on the back of my head as if to steady him and shouted OKAY HERE IT COMES!! Oh shit it’s – oh baby…AHHHHHHHHHH!! YES!! He came in huge spurts in my wanting mouth. I swallowed every last bit and after a few seconds gently took him out of my mouth.

He helped me up and exhaustedly rested his face in the crook of my neck while holding me close to his body. He lifted his head up and said that it was amazing. I said how wet my pussy was from sucking him off and his face lit up again. He put his still hard and glistening cock back into his pants. When he was done I pushed up my skirt a little, took his hand and slowly rubbed it up and down my soaking pussy and my hard clit. While swirling my hot pussy juice around my clit he whispered that he knew a place we could go. I threw my head back enjoying the fact that he was mine and knowing that I was about to get the fuck of my life.

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