A Favor for Me

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All I could do the next day was think about what had taken place the night before. There’s not much to it really, but I feel that I must tell it for it has been filling me with guilt for a number of years now. This is the story of my first blowjob. Of course, the names have been changed and some of the scenes in which this story takes place, but nevertheless I will try to tell the story with as much accuracy as I possibly can.

I was a senior in High School when it happened. Now that I look back on that period of my life I suppose I was pretty popular, but I didn’t realize it at the time. Anyway, I was a senior in High School (as I already mentioned) and I had virtually no sexual experience, though I boasted that I did. The only things I had done at that time with women were kissing, fingering, eating out, and getting one handjob. Which I suppose is a lot more than a lot of High School guys have ever done, but I still felt very inexperienced.

One way I gained my popularity was through my sisters who had gone through the same school when they were my age. A lot of their friends’ younger siblings went to school with me, which is how I made many of my friends. One of these friends was Becky, younger sister of a very close friend of my eldest sister during High School. She (Becky) was one of the nicest, most caring, and most sensitive people I had ever met. After we found out about our older sisters’ friendship a few years before, we became very close friends ourselves. She wasn’t the greatest looking girl in the school, but certainly not the ugliest, either.

I read a lot of sex stories and “sex tips” articles from magazines all through high school so I would know what I should do when the time came for me to do it. This was also canlı bahis how I came to teach Becky on how to give a blowjob. And this is where this story begins.

One night Becky called me and said she had a problem. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. “Well Pete and I decided that I was going to give him oral sex next weekend.” she replied. This seemed pretty odd to me because I had never in my life heard of anybody planning something like this ahead of time. But anyway, from all the stories and articles that I had read, I started to give her tips and teaching her how to give head. The conversation made my dick hard as a rock. (I got hard very easily then) So the next weekend she and her boyfriend Pete carried out their plan and she seemed pretty happy with her performance.

Another couple of months passed and one night while we were talking on the phone (as usual) I asked Becky if she wanted to come over to watch a movie with me. She said that she would love to so I went out to her house and picked her up. Nothing happened that night, we just watched the movie and afterwards she asked if I could tell her more stuff about sex. So I told her everything I knew about it. And that’s how that night ended. Then during the week that followed, we talked once on the phone and during that conversation I found out that she wanted to give me head the night she was at my house. “Well then, you’ll just have to give me head the next time you’re over here won’t you?” I told her. “Sure. I’ll do that.” she replied. We’d kidded around about that kind of stuff before so I didn’t think anything of it and asked if she wanted to come over again that weekend and watch another movie, and of course she said yes.

So that Friday I went out and picked her up to what bahis siteleri I thought would be a session of watching a movie together. But she had other things in mind for that night. We sat in my living room and watched part of the movie while chatting back and forth to each other. Then she said, “I want to go sit in your huge bathtub.” So I lead her upstairs through my room to by bathroom where my bathtub was. She just lay there for a while and almost fell asleep and thought it a good idea if I would help her out of the tub. We then exited the bathroom and sat on my bed where we just chatted back and forth some more. She then surprised me with her next question, “do you want me to, ya know…” and pointed her eyes toward my crotch. “Only if you want to, I’m not gonna stop you.” I replied. “Okay.”

With that, she stood up and walked in front of me and got on her knees, “take it out” she said. I complied, and my already hard 7-inch cock sprang to freedom. Then she just looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. She then lowered her head and lightly kissed my swollen head, then flicked across the opening of my dick with her tongue. This drove me right up the wall. I threw my head back and let out a loud moan of pleasure. Becky then grabbed my cock at the base and slowly but firmly stroked it all the way up to the head, then back to the base. At the same time she fully engulfed my swollen head in her mouth and was swirling her tongue around it, and stroking that ultra sensitive spot right behind the head, which was one of the things I taught her about.

I thought I was going to blow my load right there but instead she stopped stroking and completely took my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around my head. When she saw that I had bahis şirketleri settled down she slowly went up the length of my shaft with her mouth, then back down again. All I could think was, “who knew head would be this good?” She really surprised me at how well she did it with as little experience as she had.

She continued this onslaught of my dick for five more minutes before she grabbed the base again and slowly stroked up and down my shaft while keeping my head in her mouth and swirling around the head with her tongue and flicking the opening over and over. Then Becky took my cock all the way into her mouth again down to the base, her nose buried in my pubic hair. I couldn’t believe this, this girl had only sucked dick twice and she was already able to deep-throat me. She reached around me and grabbed my ass and squeezed. Then she took one of my hands and placed it on her tit. I fondled her tit though her shirt and bra and I could feel her nipple getting harder and harder, she started pushing forward into my hand and making light moaning noises.

She stopped sucking me and said, “you ready to cum?” I told her yes and with that she took my dick all the way in again and went up and down my shaft vigorously while playing and stroking all around my head with her tongue. My cock tensed up, then relaxed. I knew I was gonna blow my load soon, she knew it too. For the final moment, she came all the way up my cock and lightly traced her teeth along my head then licked all around it with an open tongue and I finally came harder than I ever had before in my entire life. With that, I zipped up and cleaned off.

Since then I’ve had a lot of sex and a lot of great blowjobs, but that one will always stick out in my mind as one of the best. Maybe it’s just because it was my first ever, but I still to this day haven’t cum as hard as I did that night. Even when I lost my virginity I didn’t cum as hard. But that’s a different story.

To Be Continued…

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