A Fantasy

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This isn’t a story in the normal fashion, rather it is a fantasy I’ve written down as if telling it to a lover….


I’ve arranged to meet you at a motel.

I arrive at the appointed time and you open the door before I even knock, as you have been watching out the window.

I walk in, feeling shy and kind of nervous. As you close the door behind me, you reach out and turn off the light.

“We’re not going to waste any time with idle chitchat”, you tell me. “We’ve waited too long for this opportunity.”

I give a kind of a nervous chuckle and say, “that’s an interesting welcome.”

“This is an even better welcome,” I hear whispered in my ear. You’ve put your arm around me and pulled me to you and as I hear your words and breath on my ear, your lips descend to mine. The first touch of our lips is short and chaste.

You pull back and look at me with a smile and then lower to my lips again. Your tongue snakes out and licks my lips, encouraging them to open; they do.

As your tongue enters between my lips your free hand moves from my hip to just below my breast, where your thumb lightly grazes the underside. As I feel your touch on my breast, I gasp quietly.

“I’ve got plans for you, honey,”, I am informed between kisses. Your hand has now cupped the bottom of my breast and your thumb rubs over my nipple, which is hardening, the aureole pebbling.

My arms have been around your neck and I rub the back of your head as you continue to kiss me and to excite my nipple with your thumb.

You move back away from me and pull me further into the room. You grasp the bottom of my shirt and pull it over my head and throw the shirt to the floor. I’m feeling very shy but you aren’t giving me much chance to worry about it because you again take my lips with yours and you reach around to open my bra, which you do quickly.

I smile against your lips and say, as best I can with your lips crushed against mine, “you’ve had a lot of practice doing that, I see.”

“Yeah, I have. And you’re going to benefit from that experience,” you tell me as you plunge your tongue into my mouth.

I moan into your mouth as your hand works to pull my pants down. It requires both hands, but your lips continue to connect with mine. Once the waistband of my pants is below my hips you use your knee to push them lower.

Suddenly I feel your fingers lightly grazing me thru my panties. I moan and you slip a finger under the legband. You push your finger over to my pussy lips and begin to rub.

You drop to your knees and my lips feel the vacancy as almost painful, but that is soon out of my thoughts because you have reached the waistband of my panties and are pulling them down.

As my panties reach my knees you push my thighs apart and nuzzle me. I have shaved my pussy and you rub your face over the smooth skin. You move me back to the wall and pull my shoes off my feet, then take my pants and panties the rest of the way off.

“Remember all the things we’ve discussed online?” you ask me.

My brain engages and I am able to reply simply, “yes.”

“Good.” is all you say.

I’m leaned against the wall, with you pushing my thighs apart. I reach out for your hair and grasp it as I feel your face against my pussy. Again canlı bahis I moan as you begin to lick. Your hands are holding my hips but you move them inward and use your thumbs to pull my lips apart. I feel your tongue licking me from bottom to top, top to bottom, working its way in between the lips and inside.

My head is already moving from side to side against the wall. You continue to lap at my pussy as if it tastes like honey. My hips begin to thrust at your mouth as you suck my clit in between your lips. You suck, alternating with licks and suddenly I tense up as my orgasm approaches. As I begin to cum, I cry out and pull your head into my pussy. You lick and suck furiously as my orgasm continues. Suddenly I go limp as my orgasm begins to subside. My knees start to buckle and you stand up to help hold me up.

You move me over to the bed and instruct me to lie down. You lie beside me on the bed and kiss me, making me taste myself on your lips and tongue.

You are whispering things between kisses, but I only hear your voice, not what you are saying. One hand is under my head, holding my head towards you and your other hand is working its way between my thighs. I feel your fingers enter the depths of my pussy and I am once again lost in feelings of rapture.

I am beginning to rise towards orgasm again as you fuck me with your fingers, hard then soft, fast then slow.

“Oh god please don’t stop” I moan. “Faster, please” I beg as your fingers plunge in and out of me. You comply with my plea and within seconds my hips are bucking up against your hand as I am once again lost in waves of pleasure.

I hear you whispering in my ear, your breath hot against my skin, as I cum.

“Yeah, hon, you like that, don’t you. You like having my fingers fucking your cunt.”

All I can do is moan in reply; my orgasm wanes. You slow but you don’t stop. You curl your finger to reach my g-spot and begin to manipulate it.

“Ooohhh…..” is all I can manage to say as you work to bring me to yet another orgasm.

“I’ve waited a long time to see you cum over and over again, sweetie. I’m going to wring as many out of you as I can. Then I’m going to bend you over the bed and fuck your brains out.”

I hear you but still cannot respond vocally, other than moans and cries. You are rubbing and pressing on my g-spot when you feel moisture leak out in abundance. Then I cry out and my hips fly up off the bed. You have to try to keep your finger on my g-spot as I buck around on the bed.

“Oh god….I’m cuming…….I’m cuuummming…..” is all I can say, over and over again. You lean down to my breast and bite my nipple. That sends me over the edge again.

I’m lost in sensation. Nothing exists for me other than the feeling of your teeth biting and pulling at my nipple, and your fingers inside my cunt.

The hand behind my head grasps a handful of hair as you pull my head back and nuzzle my neck. My hips are still thrashing as I ride your hand, moving from one orgasm to another, essentially one continuous orgasm.

You whisper in my ear, as you still pull back on my head. “That’s it. I knew you could do it for me. Mmm…yeah….such a little slut. Are you my slut?”

As your words sink into my pleasure-clouded brain, you feel another wave of moisture cover your hand. You take bahis siteleri this is a positive sign so you continue.

You pull harder on my hair and say, “Yeah….I knew you’d be a good little bitch. Are you my bitch in heat? Hmm? Are you?” I try to reply in the affirmative but barely mumble a response. My soaking pussy, humping your hand, is all the answer you need.

You lean down and bite first one nipple then the other as I cry and moan. You still rub my g-spot harder, then softer and harder again as I lie there, my thrashing slowing to small movements. I whimper as I try to rub your hand against my pussy even more. You won’t let me. You remember what I have said in the past about reaching a point where I get into a continuous orgasm, keeping it going by barely moving. You keep this going as you move back to my mouth and kiss me, deeply, fucking my mouth with your tongue.

You pull even harder on my hair and it just makes me cum more. I’ve reached the point where I’m out of control. I need it rough now. I beg you, “harder” and you bite a nipple, hard. I cry out with unintelligible words as my clit throbs and my pussy contracts over and over again. I try to thrust my hips up against your hand, to get you to fuck me but you don’t.

“Please…oh god please fuck me. I need it. I need you.” I beg.

“What’s wrong, honey? You need something from me? Does my little whore need something?” I moan loudly, your words reaching right to my cunt. You never knew until today that words like that at the right time is a big turn-on for me. But you know it now and you use it to your advantage.

“Yeah….I know what you need. You want me to bend you over and plunge my cock deep into your cunt, don’t you? Hmm? Is that what you want? You a cockwhore honey? How about a cocksucker? You gonna suck my cock today?” With those words you pull your fingers almost all the way out then plunge them back in, hard and deep. You fuck me like that for a few minutes as I’m lost again. You slow down to let me come down easier. Once you’ve stopped thrusting into me with your fingers, you pull out and stand. I lie there, whimpering, still thrusting my hips, needing you to fill me.

You have undressed and stand before the bed. “I’ll fuck you, sweetie, oh yeah I will. But first you’re going to suck me.” You grab my hands and pull me up to a sitting position. You grab my hair at the back of my head with both hands.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me what a slut you are, honey?” I reach out to your balls with one hand and my other hand reaches around and massages your ass. You give a little thrust at my face with your cock to give me a hint; I understand and open my mouth.

I reach out with my tongue and taste your pre-cum. You are hard and swollen.

“See what you’ve caused?” You tell me that you’re past wanting me to lick; you’re ready for me to suck.

“Open your mouth, honey…get those teeth out of the way. Yeah, that’s it.” You sigh as my lips slip over the head of your cock, going down the shaft. My tongue flicks over the head and you pull my head to you, your hands wrapped tightly into my hair.

“Oh yeah….that’s it. That’s what I need from you. I’m gonna fuck your mouth since you’re such a bitch who loves the rough treatment.” You begin to thrust at me and my hands grasp your hips to try to control your bahis şirketleri movements.

“God I’m so close already, just from making you cum so much,” you tell me between gasps and moans. You thrust into my mouth as if it were a pussy, using it as if it were. You are pulling my hair as you push my face into your body. Your cock goes deeply into my mouth.

“Suck…suck it hard….yeah…oh yeah.” Your head falls back on your shoulders as you get close to your orgasm.

“Oh god bitch….yeah….cocksucking whore,” you mumble as you thrust hard into my mouth, over and over. I try to keep up and keep my teeth out of the way. Your words turn me on more than I could imagine.

“Ahh….aahh…ohh…yes, that’s it” you say as you begin to cum. “Oh yeah…suck me bitch” then you cum, and you force your cock deep into my mouth as your cum shoots down my throat. I try to pull away to breathe but you hold my face to you as you thrust out your orgasm.

Finally you finish and you pull away from me. “Swallow it all, my little slut. Swallow it like a good whore would do.” I swallow and wipe my lips. For that you reach out and grasp my hair and pull my head back and towards you. You kiss me, deeply.

“Lie back on the bed. Give me a couple of minutes to get ready again so I can fuck you right”, you tell me. I lie back and you lean down and take my clit between your lips then your teeth. You nibble on my clit as I moan again. I grasp my nipples in my hands and pinch them hard. I cry out as you bite down on my clit and I pinch my nipples, and I cum again.

This has made you hard again. “Damn, I didn’t know what a horny bitch you were. You just can’t get enough, can you? You’re a cumslut.” You grab my hands and pull me roughly up and turn me to face the bed.

“You’ve wanted this for a long time…so have I,” you tell me as you bend me over. You grab my hips with your hands and put your cock up against my pussy. Suddenly, with a grunt and groan, you push your way inside me. I gasp, then moan. You sink into me to the hilt, as far as your cock will go. Then you pull out and begin to fuck me in earnest.

You reach around and grab my breats and squeeze and pull on them.

“You ought to see yourself, honey. What a sight. You’re leaning on the bed there, your ass out at me, greedily taking in my cock.” You say these things in between groans. You are trying to have an effect on me, but it is working on you, too. It is making you hotter and harder and making you fuck me deep.

“Such a slut. You’re married and here you are letting me fuck your brains out. You know that makes you a slut, don’t you. Yeah, you know…you know and you love it.” You pound your cock hard into me as your words make me wetter and I moan and push my ass back at you, eager for more of your cock and your words. You clench your hands hard on my breasts as your cock rams into me over and over. I moan and cry and begin to cum.

You thrust again, then begin to cum too, my orgasm setting yours off. You stand there behind me, now grasping my hips, pulling me back against you, then pushing me away, repeatedly as I push my ass back to you. All we can hear, if it could penetrate through the fog of pleasure in our brains, is our moans, groans, grunts and cries.

Finally we are both spent. Sweaty, cum-covered and tired. We both fall onto the bed and you pull me into you, spoon style. You nuzzle the back of my neck as we lie there trying to catch our breaths.

I manage to mumble, “god you’re good” as I fall asleep, totally sated and exhausted.

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