A College Roommate Visits And Husband Gets His Wis

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A College Roommate Visits And Husband Gets His Wis
Three days before Maire’s visit I asked Terry that we abstain from sex so that we will be both revved up for her visit. She agreed. From that first time through the last several nights her enthusiasm for fucking me in the ass had steadily diminished. The impending visit of her college roommate and what might take place between the three of us was on her mind, to the point of distraction. She told me she was thinking of Maire’s visit several times a day, sometime an hour.

“I really liked sex with Maire. I still think about it, when I see a really good looking woman I fantasize what it would be like to see her naked, get between her legs and eat her out. I guess I’m bi right?”

I assured her, “Honey it’s OK, lots of women are attracted to men and women. I love you, it doesn’t matter to me. It made me hard to think of you with another woman. I’m even more attracted to you, if that were possible.”

“Oh yeah sure it does. You get to fuck another woman.”

“Yeah and so do you, it’s a win win, right?” I said laughing.

Terry laughed too.

I assured Terry that I would take care of the creature comforts; food, drinks and music, the house would be spotless, sheets changed, laundry done, sex toys cleaned and new bottles of lube bought before Maire’s visit.

Terry laughed and said “Good because I’m nervous enough without having to worry about any of that shit.”

My payday from having my ass fucked by my wife was on an airplane heading my way.

Marie arrived at our home on a Saturday at noon straight from the airport. We have a spare room, although I hoped that wouldn’t be needed.

I let Terry answer the door, I was out back cooking lunch on the grill. I could hear the hellos and even the cheek kisses. When Marie stepped onto our patio and I got my first look at Terry’s college roommate. She was a lot to take in.

Marie was in many respects the polar opposite of my wife, petite, five five at most, with black hair, green eyes, full lips, large breasts, and a very nicely shaped full ass. Her body was so womanly, is the best way I can put it, she made Terry’s body almost boyish. All nicely wrapped in a low cut dress showing lots of cleavage, hem above the knee showing off her lovely legs. At the age of thirty she was still a ten. Is that PC? Fuck it who cares. I get a woody just describing Maire’s body.

She came towards me with a big smile and gave me a big full body hug, making sure to press her big tits against my body. That seemed encouraging.

“We finally meet, I’ve heard so much about you,” she said.

Terry has been talking to her about me?

“I’ve heard a bit about you as well,” I said mischievously.

She laughed, “I bet you have.”

The rest of the afternoon was filled with reminiscing, laughter, and more laughter. I cooked and we ate lunch outside. I mixed drinks, poured drinks, then mixed more drinks. Maire and Terry talked of their college days, always making sure to include me, explaining to me the characters and situations so I could follow along and laugh as well. Maire would touch Terry or me periodically on the arm or leg. She told us the story of her last relationship, with a woman, and before that of her marriage to a man.

“I guess I can’t make up my mind whether I prefer cock or pussy,” she laughed and gave me a look and winked.

Damn that made my dick hard. Fuck, I really am going to have a threesome.

The afternoon flew by. I cooked dinner on the grill and poured more drinks. By eight we were all drunk. Marie and Terry were sitting together on the couch. I was on a sitting my leather club chair across from them. Maire had her hand on Terry’s bare arm. It seemed the right time to steer the conversation to sex. Marie beat me to it.

Marie said, “Terry told me you get off hearing about our one and only enchanted evening together.”

“Hell yes. What husband wouldn’t get off hearing about his wife making it with a woman?” slurring some of the words I’m sure.

“Wanna see a reenactment?” Marie asked.

“Hell yeah,” not slurring any words now.

Terry said, “I think I’m as nervous now as I was then.”

“Don’t be nervous, I’ll get it started just like I did then,” Marie said while stroking Terry’s face with her fingers.

Still on the couch, Marie got on her knees and pulled herself closer to Terry, took her face in her hands and placed her lips on my wife’s. Mouths opened and tongues were sucked.

It was happening. I was sitting across from my wife watching her open mouth kiss a woman. From dating, engaged, to marriage Terry and I had been together for 8 years. It was dreamlike, the alcohol helped, to watch a woman place a hand on Terry’s breast and squeeze. Then Terry reciprocated and placed her hand on Maire’s much larger left breast and kaçak bahis rubbed and clenched her hand shut. The kissing on mouth, the rubbing of breasts through clothes went on for quite a while.

Terry was wearing a button down shirt and short skirt. Maire swiftly unbuttoned Terry’s shirt and slipped her hand inside. Then my wife surprised me, she sat up and took off her shirt completely, undid her bra and offered her naked breasts to Marie who immediately placed her lips on Terry’s right nipple and sucked. Terry began to softly moan. I don’t think Terry stopped moaning for the next hour and half.

Marie’s right hand disappeared up Terry’s skirt. She rubbed vulva through panties, then Marie with both hands pulled down Terry’s panties and reintroduced her hand up her skirt. Both of their breathing became louder and intakes came quicker. After a good 15 minutes Marie took control and things started happening fast. She undressed Terry completely and swiftly moved her face down between her legs pushing Terry’s legs back and apart. I had a perfect view of my wife’s pussy as Maire began with teasing licks of Terry’s vulva, then sucking her labia majora into her mouth, then placing her whole mouth over her entire vulva and doing, I don’t know what, with her tongue over Terry’s clitoris.

By this time I had pulled my swollen cock out of my pants and was jerking off to my private sex show starring my wife. Terry’s eyelids were closed, mouth open alternating between loud moans and short breaths and gasps, her body writhing back and forth, with one hand on Marie’s head in between her legs and the other pulling the nipple of her left breast. Marie was on mission to make Terry orgasm. She placed her hand under her chin and slowly entered Terry’s cunt with her index finger. She finger fucked Terry for a while then placed her mouth back over her clit and began sucking.

I like to think that I can eat pussy with the best of them, I can make Terry orgasm with my mouth fairly quickly. But Marie could obviously teach me a thing or two or three. She brought Terry quickly, certainly quicker than I ever have, to a body shaking, screams the neighbors might hear, orgasm. Marie didn’t stop. Terry orgasmed twice more, one rolling into another.

I stopped jerking off fearing I might drop a load. Terry begged Marie to stop and Marie pulled herself up to Terry’s face and began kissing her with her face still wet with Terry’s juice. It took a good five minutes before Terry returned to earth.

“Holy Fuck that was amazing,” my wife exclaimed.

Marie looked over at in my direction and said, “That’s just about the way it happened the first time.” Catching a look at my cock outside of my pants,“ I’m guessing you enjoyed the show?”

Terry looked over at me for the first time and giggled, “Was it as good as your fantasy honey?”

“Are you k**ding my fantasy was like a black and white movie compared to that.”

It was true. Although I had insisted that Terry tell me in detail the story of how she was seduced by Marie, it was a pale facsimile to what I had just witnessed. Marie was fucking sex machine.

“God I have to get naked,” Marie said as she stood up and took off her dress, bra, and panties in under five seconds.

She sat back down on the sofa with her legs spread with one hand on a breast and the other rubbing her vulva.

Marie and Terry kissed some more. I stood up with my cock still out of my pants and refilled everyone’s drinks. I kept my mouth shut and let my wife and her old roommate continue to explore each others quite different bodies. My wife tall, slim and pale. Marie short, busty, and olive skinned made for an especially hot lesbian sex scene.

All those many years ago Terry had not reciprocated the pussy eating. She felt it was time to return the favor. She slid on her knees to the floor in front of Marie pushing her legs further apart. Marie slid down the couch a bit to get closer to Terry’s face. I stood up and took off my clothes. I moved my chair to get a better view of my wife’s face as she used her fingers to pull apart Maire’s labia minora. She teasingly, tentatively used her tongue on Marie’s vulva. I was naked and stroking my cock when Terry moved her face forward and started to tongue fuck Marie’s pussy. Marie began to moan and whisper words of encouragement.

Maire moaned,“Oh yes baby. God that feels so good. Yes right there,” and the like.

I sat on the sofa arm next to them jerking off, a top down view of Marie’s ample breasts heaving up and down. My wife’s face buried in between Marie’s leg, periodically looking up at her then at me while her tongue and mouth explored Marie’s sex. She looked like she had been doing it all her life.

A part of me still couldn’t believe this was happening. casino firmalari My cock believed. It was rock hard.

After a while, Maire looked over at my cock.

“Terry may I suck your husband’s beautiful cock please,” she said in a desperate voice, like thirsty person in need of water.

Terry looked up from her pussy eating and said, “Yes of course, help yourself. Thanks for asking first,” she said earnestly.

Maire needed not further prompts. She leaned over and grabbed my cock one hand, and steadied herself holding onto my chest with the other. Marie spit a good amount of saliva onto my cock and used her hand to spread it over my head and shaft.

My wife continued to use her fingers on Maire’s pussy while keeping her eyes glued to the sight of her college roommate jerking off her husband’s cock. I moved closer to Maire and she lowered her mouth my cock and began to expertly suck dick. Now my wife is a good cocksucker, but Marie was in another league. I am not telling any tales out of school. Terry told me later that she could recognized that Marie was an great cocksucker and that she could learn a thing or two watching her husband’s cock disappear in her mouth. She took it deeper in her mouth than Terry ever could and with fantastic suction. Marie shakes her head back and forth to accommodate more cock down her throat. Jesus Christ the woman can suck pussy and cock better than either of one us!

Now I would like to say that I held out a long time but of course I couldn’t. My cum was at a boil. I warned Marie just before cumming that I was going to blow. She pulled her mouth away and jerked me off as my first shot of jizz flew a foot in the air and landed on her body and then my second and third landed on my wife’s. I am not sure what happened for the next few moments but shortly thereafter Maire pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply as Terry’s efforts brought Maire to a body spasm climax.

We cuddled on the couch for a while and caught our breath. Lots of kissing and giggling. I made more refreshments. It was odd just how quickly my wife and I adjusted to walking around naked in front of this woman. It seemed perfectly natural, like we had been doing it for years. As it happens, and as I should have guessed, this was not Maire’s first threesome. A bisexual sexpot like Maire has been in more than a few sex rodeos, two men, two other women and so on.
We then moved to the bedroom for a more leisurely round of three way fucking and sucking.

There Terry introduced Maire her little friend. We explained to her the deal we made with each other to make this orgy a reality. Maire was thrilled and grateful that I had agreed to be ass fucked by my wife and that Terry had agreed to share her husband’s cock with her college roommate.

“Thanks for taking it up the ass, I promise you’ll never regret it,” Marie said while rubbing my ass cheeks.

I didn’t in the least regret it.

Terry stepped into her strapon with its dual density silicone dildo mounted in its locked and loaded position and stood in front of us.

“Holy shit that is so fucking hot on you Terry. Fuck me with that cock,” Marie cooed.

“Beg me for it bitch,” Terry said in an dominant voice which surprised me.

“Ma’am please fuck my pussy with your cock, I need you to fuck me,” Maire said in her best submission voice.

Terry quickly got on the bed.

“Hold her legs open,” she commanded me.

I grabbed Maries’ ankles and pulled them up close to her head. She was wide open for my lovely wife to penetrate with her silicone cock. I sat over Maire’s face while holding her ankles.

“Teabag me please sir, lower your balls into my mouth,” Maire pleaded.

I don’t have to be told twice and lowered my balls over her mouth. Maire skillfully licked and sucked each of my balls.

Terry meanwhile kneeled in between Maire legs and holding her dildo in her hand worked it slowly into Marie’s pussy. When she had shoved it fully into her cunt she fucked Maire in a slow but steady rhythm. Terry eventually picked up speed and Marie’s increasing ardor on my balls got me hard again. Marie then began to jerk me off with her right hand. I leaned forward grabbed a fist full of Terry’s hair and pulled her face towards me and we kissed passionately and deeply. My wife pumping a dildo into her friend and her friend suckling my balls in her mouth.

Terry brought Marie close to an orgasm and Marie brought me close to one as well. I didn’t want to shoot a load just yet. I got off Marie’s face. I made Terry stop fucking her. Marie let out a moan of disappointment.

“You ever been fucked in the ass Maire?”

“I love a cock in my ass,” she purred.

“Good how about a double penetration, with my cock in your ass?

“Fuck my ass stud. Just do with me whatever güvenilir casino you want, treat me like a whore, I’m your fuck slave, I belong to the two of you,” Marie said.

Holy shit, did I make the right choice to take an ass fucking for this or what?

“Terry get on your back, Marie mount that cock,” I commanded.

They did as they were told. Jesus I felt like a superman ordering these two naked women around into position. Marie mounted that dual density silicone shaped into a penis and moved up and down on it, squeezing her large breasts with her hands.

I lathered my cock with lube, then made Marie stop fucking herself and worked lube into her asshole. Kneeling behind her I quickly guided my cock to the remaining open orifice and pushed. She screamed. Terry reached around and spanked Maire’s ass and began thrusting up her hips pumping her dildo in Maire’s cunt as I did the same to her ass. We quickly got in sync matching each others thrusts.

She became a woman possessed, yelling, moaning, cursing loudly.

“Fuck me, spank my ass, fucking pull my hair,” Marie screamed.

I want to say I lasted long, but hell, even stopping when I came close to cumming and starting again, I only lasted perhaps ten minutes before dropping another load deep in Marie’s ass.
After I fell out of Marie’s ass she continued to fuck herself to orgasm on top of my lovely wife.

I just lay next to these two women pleasuring themselves for the next half hour or so jerking my cock back to life, thinking I must be the luckiest bastard on the planet.

We took a break and got in the shower together, what a glorious feeling to be lathered up by two pair of lovely hands. After we tried off, I refreshed our drinks and we got back in bed and chatted for a while when realized I wanted another bucket list wish checked off in case I died before morning. I sat on the bed against the headboard.

“I want both of you to suck my balls and cock. Then I want to cum on your faces like they do in porn,” I said in my most authoritative dom voice.

“Yes sir,” said Marie in a dutiful sex slave voice.

They positioned themselves between my legs, handling my balls and wetting my cock with their saliva. The sight of my beautiful wife and her gorgeous college roommate between my legs with my now erect penis between them was the porn scene of my dreams come true.
With much laughter and talk, especially instruction in the finer points of cock sucking by Marie, they leisurely played with my manhood for an hour before I blew another load on their faces, although with a much diminished jizz load in the magazine.

The rest of the weekend was filled with sucking and fucking, one of the highlights, for me at least, among many, was being on top of Marie fucking her while my lovely wife fucked my ass. That orgasm was one for the ages, I think I lost consciousness.

Marie stayed an extra day before returning home. When not fucking and sucking we really enjoyed her company. She’s funny, smart, and shares some of our interests and tastes. We told her to come back anytime. Actually it was Terry who said it without even consulting with me before hand. She later told me that she figured I wouldn’t mind. She was right about that.

She would love to visit again. Maire promised to return next month for an extended visit, she was going to try and get some clients nearby and had a conference to go to not to far from us.

Those four weeks waiting for Marie to visit our sex life was on fire. We both agreed having Marie in bed with us was the best sex ever. It did seem strange that just after three days of threesome fucking and sucking just the two of us having sex seemed, well, not quite complete. We loved each other as much as ever, but having that extra hot mouth, pussy and ass to fill brought our sex life up a notch or maybe five. It was sex squared with Marie in our bed. We talked to Marie almost every night those four weeks and she said she felt very much the same. Being in our bed, and especially as our submissive, which is something she always longed for, was a fantasy come true. We Skyped sexed with Marie, making sure to be the Doms that she always dreamed about. By the time of her next visit, we were all sexed up to maximum.

Several month later Marie got a new job and moved about 45 minutes away from us. She now visits every weekend. Terry and I don’t have sex during the week. It feels like cheating not having Marie in our bed. Marie was good to her word. She does anything we demand. She sucks cock, licks pussy, takes it the ass or pussy at our command. I am Terry’s Dom and she is Marie’s.

This week Maire told us she is flirting with a very attractive young black woman at the gym. If we like she thinks she can get her into bed with us for good old fashioned orgy.

“What do you guys think?” Marie smiled.

I looked at my wife.

“Yes slave bring her to us,” Terry said.

I may have made the best deal in the history of deal making. Get ass fucked for a harem, not a bad deal at all.

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