486 handing over the wife

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486 handing over the wifeOn that Friday morning, Alex awoke our heroine early with a gentle screwing, that was of late out of character. Once honour had been satisfied, they ate breakfast together, and he smiled telling her she had been perfect and had been memorable month to say the least, he asked her to dress in her nightdress, something he had indicated on her arrival was un-necessary! He also surprised her by asking, rather than telling her which was for him so out of character. She showered, then did as she was bid, packing her few personal items as she did so, and looking round the flat she had called home for this last month. He attached the lead to her collar and kissed her saying, “he hoped she was pregnant, and that he would be honoured if any c***d was his” her reply being that, “she had been well filled this last month and that if she wasn`t caught by now, it was not for the want of him trying!” they kissed and she stood at the window, the light catching her hair and her body a picture. He said, make the most of the view, we are finished here now.” A small van was on the long drive to the house, frightening the peafowl as it drove along, an unusual visitor at this time of day, in fact unusual at all! she told him of it and he smiled, took her lead and with the single word “come” he led her down to the kitchen entrance. The little van drew up in the courtyard and a pretty looking blonde jumped out, shook Alex`s hand and smiling at Mya said, “This the bride to be then” he affirmed it was, and handed her the lead. Without speaking to Mya, she led her to the van back doors and handing her two big boxes, and taking out a hair dryer on a stand and a small vanity case which she herself carried they followed Alex to the kitchen, bidding her charge place the boxes on the stainless steel tabletop. Alex then addressed Mya saying “she will do whatever is necessary, I have paid her, you having been so good this week especially, it’s the least I can do for a woman on her wedding day, come to the bar when your ready, both of you,” he nodded to the hairdresser, then turned and walked off.Astounded at his generosity, and the out of character gesture, Mya soon found the woman a very capable beautician, A two hour session, saw her hair washed and sorted just to her liking, her make up done to perfection and her nails polished and shaped. The last fortnight had taken its toll, but this woman had restored her looks and her womanhood to their former glory. They had chatted, the woman remarking on the looks of the groom, and asking if she had known him long, Mya not enlightening her much, though she did noticed the collar and the cuffs she still wore were not mentioned, in fact studiously avoided… during the conversations!The job completed, they loaded the van once more then Mya was led to the bar, by now folks like the whip, were turning in, a barman was stocking up, stewards were sorting chairs, each man eyeing up the bride who was dressed still in this flimsy nightdress a sort of semi shufti, thin pink thing that did little to hide her charms. The whip`s wife Bessy was sorting bunting and the like there not as yet being much she could do as the brides maid. Alex had brought down their case`s she had been distracted, the hairdresser having returned the lead to Alex, refusing a drink soon having slipped away, with her good wishes ringing in their ears! little knowing and still believing Alex to be the a normal groom! It was then it hit Mya with a sudden rush, realised it was all for her, and the ordeal of the Wedding was looming in the not too distant future. The flock of butterflies suddenly fluttering round her belly. The cooks appeared, having retaken their domain now the hairdresser had gone, taking orders for her and Alex`s lunches, she chose an omelette, light but filling as she knew it would be a hard evening and an empty stomach would not have helped. They were just finishing the meal when Marc`s range rover swept into the yard, Nina unloading a case of her own, the dress and a small case of underclothing, make up and the like. Alex greeted her with a smile, and they all sat to drink a glass of good champagne together, before the men withdrew to exchange cases and perhaps notes on their respective exchange months! It was really to allow Nina to take Mya off and with Bessy to begin to get her and themselves ready.The dresses had been supplied by the club, the maids in shimmering figure-hugging light blue, neither wearing underclothing, the dress supporting their upper works beautifully. The two maids first doing each-others hair, having time on their hands due to Alex forethought. Next the turned to Mya, helping her into her virginal white matching underclothes, then they sat and chatted trying to keep the woman from the thought that she was to be taken by up to twenty lusty souls with no regard for her, her needs or her comfort. The whip appeared and ran through the order of service, finally taking the maids outside to finish the briefing, before wandering away. A steward appeared with a small bouquet, taken from ‘the bone`s’ garden, a cook with a tray of sandwiches, another with coffee for the three, probably a thinly hidden subterfuge, to get a good look at the bride to be in her underclothes.Mya by now was so nervy that she hardly touched the çorum escort sandwiches, though there was a fair bit of nervous urinating in the adjoining toilets… 5pm, 6, the clock ticking away became a countdown, a terribly slow countdown. Her mind wandered, Mya remembered all those times before, when she had travelled or waited in her own home, for a master, paid to use her body, to hurt her, to whip her, or to stab her with needles or use that dreaded tens machine…to atone! Distracted her mind wandering a little she licked her lips, savouring the memories of how she had given herself, how she had submitted then as she knew she would now, god help her she was theirs, theirs to use…She was brought back to the present by Bessy, motherly old hen Bessy who had volunteered with Nina to “entertain the ‘left over men’ not in the select few” who on the list who were to use Mya so brutally… she became aware of Bessy telling them it was time to ensure they were toileted, and then herself leading the trio to the toilets to ensure they were finally ready for the service.That duty done, and now dressed in sparkling white underclothes, the dress was carefully placed on the bride, a shimmering virginal white with a long train, a deep plunging neckline and a single red rose to signify her having been with Alex all month, and that she was no longer a total virgin. (well it was a nice thought! Mya having lost her virginity as a young girl! Oh and having been…well… adventurous since!)Suddenly time had caught them up, a knock at the door said it was happening and it was happening… and NOW! Alex stood awaiting her in a grey top hat and a tie, not a stitch of clothing to be seen, other than the flip flop sandals! He offered her his arm, she needed it, the maids picked up the train, and without a word they set off to the large meeting room, the lead in his fingers, her ankle chain rattling at every step and her heels clicking on the hard floor. They were met at the door by the club priest, known as Abel, an ex-monk long defrocked or whatever it is monks do when they get found out! he greeted them and then they stood in silence waiting for the word from within the room, the butterfly`s in her belly practising for formation air acrobatics.On the door in front of them was posted a list which she read over and over as she stood waiting for it to open. It was just the list of names, all false no doubt, and to Mya all significant; ‘Midget Gem’. Being first, ‘Midden’ ‘Como’ ‘Wimp’ ‘Mouse’ ’The Pole’ ’ Morris’ ‘Trevor’ ‘Bunter’ Jelly’ ’Willy’ ‘long John’ ‘Jolly Jim ‘ ‘Lampwick’, ‘Freddo’ ‘Penny whistler ‘ ‘Santa’ ‘The Whip’ the Guardsmen and finally ‘Alex’ she knew in her heart these were the runners and riders for the afternoon games, and she instantly remembered that first name, knowing if she picked even the lowest number she would have to endure this over endowed sadist!They waited what seemed like an hour, in fact it was only just three long minutes, when on the music centre Mendelson wedding march struck up, the doors opened, and they were off.Inside they walked through a pathway to the space in front of the closed concertina doors, they turned, facing the “congregation” Mya stood between two vertical chains facing the 20 picked and naked and obviously rampant studs, sat at the front two rows backed by about 30 folk all fully dressed.At the side of them stood Marc dressed similarly to Alex but with the addition of cuffs on either wrist. He smiled weakly at her as the maid`s moved to either side.The service as such was brief, it began, “We are gathered here today to watch this lovely bride Mya, wed to her chosen spouse Marc, who unable to produce progeny, is to be allowed to watch a number of men inseminate his wife to be. She will be asked to pick a ball in a moment, the number being the number of men that will attempt to make her conceive this day. The remainder will be taken by these maids in separate rooms after they have made ready their ward. On completion of the act, the newly filled wife will be stoppered and sent home without clothing to the care of her newly taken husband in the hope of a pregnancy.There followed a short song, sung like a hymn, then the velvet bag appeared, and each man placed his numbered ball into it in turn. Without looking the old priest said to her, do you take this man Marc as your master henceforth, and except your fertilisation this day for him?” In a clear voice she replied, “I do!” Abel shaking the bag, then presenting it to Mya. Her by now tremoring hand thrust deep and came out with one ball, she had agreed, her fate was now sealed. He turned to Marc, “Do you Marc agree to watch your woman Mya taken and fertilised by these assembled men?” he glanced at Mya, and said in a quiet voice, “I do.”He then turned to Mya and said, “It has pleased you to draw this ball from the bag, it is numbered 11, it being your choice you will be stripped by the first man, secured, and taken until his seed fills you once, then again taken by the second and so on until the number 11 is reached” he held it up for the congregation to see it, “this congregation being your witnesses and may you be pregnant after the last man is finished!”He turned to the first man on the list Midget Gem, short balding and rampant, passing him a knife, and scissors, saying, escort çorum “do your duty” the maids by this time had attached the chains to their wards wrist cuffs at shoulder height and has stood back. That eager little man shredded the dress, expensive though it was, Mya standing for him patiently as the knife or the scissors did their work. The underclothing too he ritually removed cutting the bra first. Kissing each nipple then moving onto the knickers slipping the scissor blades down either hip, ritually tearing the flimsy cloth from between her legs and fingering her for a moment before stepping back. The doors behind her she heard open, and the assembly could see a four-poster bed under spotlights, chains fitted to each post, and a crucifix on the left wall in a position that the chained victim could do little but watch. At that Alex took Marc to his place at the crucifix securing him well. The maids unhitch her rapidly, and whisked her to the big bed, having her secured in seconds flat on her back before she could protest or even assist. Her legs were opened and secured, and in seconds, without foreplay the giant tooled little man was in and hammering away at her like a jackrabbit. Before she could even become properly aroused with a cry of exultation the little man ejaculated, and withdrew, presenting his slimy penis to her lips, to be cleaned as the second man took his place, this one a poor smelling rough looking middle ager called Midden, a better name could not have described him more ably , however he looked, he proved to be a better suitor than the first candidate, who the whip had removed for overstaying his welcome, by now Mya was enjoying the attention of the scruff that was bucking away into her with gusto, No1 had warmed her so No2 was reaping the benefits and our lady was beginning to come to the boil so to speak, again just as she was about to hit her peak he filled her with a real spray of ejaculate. Then he climbed from her, a satisfied smile on his face to a round of applause from the congregation which he acknowledged with a bow. No3 “Como” turned out to be a Latin Lothario, who kissed her breasts before mounting her with a flourish, his long, upwards bent prick reaching deep inside the sloppy cavern to reach pieces other pricks would never reach. He rammed and receded as she became more and more excited, her arms longing to hold him and urge him on deep into her, as at last she climaxed, her head tilted back, her eyes rolling as he hammered away , one rolling cum after another together they came spectacularly, he dismounted , gave her a kiss as she fought for her breath, then bowed to his appreciative audience and returned to his seat. The next man in the saddle was wimp, the name derived from his work for the construction firm, a lumbering giant of a man to her surprise he kissed her tenderly, then eased himself into the cavity with a slurp that could be heard at the back of the hall. His thick prick was thought amongst the women to be a challenge, but in these circumstances with the amount of slippery fluid washing about it slipped in easily, and was soon thrashing about in the froth in a way that not only brought the woman to a crest, but down the other side and up once more! Minutes past, staying power being his speciality, finally with a grunt from him and a cry from her he managed to spew forth still more jiz into her fast filling body, he took his bow as the next man rushed to fill his slippery place. Eager and hurriedly ‘the mouse leapt at the chance of this un complaining woman, Managing to clump painfully over the thigh as he mounted, taking no head of her needs, and charging into her body like a rat up a drain, he lasted only a few meagre strokes before dribbling into her hardly registering on the scale, and letting her previous high become a new low. He got off and slid away quietly, being replaced by a familiar face, well more a well-known dick, known as ‘The Pole.’ Again, well named, his manhood stiff straight thin and exceptionally long, carefully he stepped up and took his place between her legs, gently sliding himself into now what had become a pot of other men`s slime, then as if suddenly switched on. he began hammering himself against her cervix in a way that meant business, she began to cry out, to the audiences glee, and it seemed to spur him on, his hips like a blur as he battered himself into her, leaving her bruised and with another load, her own body betraying her with a high the last like of which had been a very long time ago. Now it must be remembered I am working from notes of conversations I had with the couple after it was all over, so her feelings before, during and after each man was by now lost, so I am surmising that our ‘victim’ had lost count, and was watching the next man coming to the bed in a haze of indifference that she could do anything about it, fear, and detachment, a sort of this cant be happening to me type haze! In fact, the pole was the seventh partner she had…well I would say endured, but I feel Mya was loving being the centre of attention and having this sexual high. Either way he was the 7th, and the 8th was young Morris, so eager to have her he was waiting on the left as the pole got off on the right of the bed. In a bound that was full of energy he was up and çorum escort bayan in, his cock plunging into her well used body in a single movement and his mouth latching on to a nipple like a man possessed! 22 years old, son of a merchant banker the lad was the youngest member of the club, he had wanted Mya since he first saw her at a club night, but had only been able to bed one or two of the more matronly ladies, thus he was so eager, and his hips began a jig that any man would have been proud of. For Mya not as yet not having come down from her last climax, it was a hip lifting performance, enhanced by his latching on to a sensitive nipple, that he lasted for a full six minutes, became a trial at any other time would have been marvellous, but now with the internal bruises, and all the cum and the froth, and with her sexual channel becoming painful, she was praying for an end to the torment, as she felt his body tense and yet another discharge into her waiting and relieved body. He whispered his thanks as he removed himself, to be replaced by his friend Trevor, a tall red-haired lad luckily with just an average tool, who came more or less as soon as he entered her, and was soon gone, in truth she hardly noticed him. Though she did the next, a giant fat chap with a giant fat tool that hurt from the second it entered to the time it departed, tears fell, mascara ran, her pathetic cries of distress echoing round the room. Unable to intervene, Marc up on his crucifix watching her torment with mixed emotions, his heart torn between her torment, pain, and excitement, mixed with feelings of “well she signed up for this herself, and the knowledge that after this she would be a day or three till she was available to him again! Fat man had a tattoo, on his neck it gave his name as “bunter, and she knew as she focused on it she would not forget him ever, not least as his weight pushed the air from her lungs at every thrust, and his sweat dripped from his forehead in slippery and smelly droplets. He soon squirted his offering up into the fast filling womb and to her relief lumbered away. The next eager soul introduced himself! Said, his name was Jelly and in other circumstances she would have been sorry for the obviously nervous 30 year old, he had a circumsized 8 or 9 inches, that alternated from very stiff to wobbly with every pulse, and with his heart, racing with excitement as it was, it was like a vibrator when he finally found and filled her very slippery entrance!It was soothing, exciting, and she knew when this was all over, sometime later she would take him to her bed once more, now though all she wanted was to see the last man gone, her ordeal over and to thank god that she had not drawn a twenty ball from that blessed bag. Yet another eyeball rattling climax ensued, tipping Jelly over the edge and emptying his not inconsiderable balls into the mix, before through misty eyes she saw him as he clambered off thanking her as he went. Another older man stepped forward, to her horror she made out the biggest set she had yet encountered tonight, 10 or 11 inches, thick as a baby`s arm, and balls like ostrich eggs, he went by the name of Willy! He loved the look of horror on her face, waving the thing sadistically before her, before feeding it into her smoothly and to her surprise with little disturbance to her ravaged sex, her mind wondered if perhaps she was losing feeling…terror gripped her… he began to ride her, slowly the great snake moved forward till fully engaged it too hit against the bruised wall that ‘The Pole had already battered.A climax enfolded her once more, but he battered on, another then another screaming climax then darkness enfolded her, she went limp, and quiet, Marc terrified she had died from overload, the smile on willy`s face saying he felt he had achieved his aim and not for the first time a lady had swooned under him…with a roar he filled her, shear hydraulic pressure bloating her belly, as he withdrew, a gout of seed following his limp tool and the maids rushing o her aid, Nina cramming the rolled remains of her white panties into her as a bung as she had been instructed, and Bessy wiping her face with a cold flannel to return her to our world. The congregation now on their feet with a standing ovation, for the plucky woman while The Whip unlocked the padlocks to her restraining cuffs.Marc too was soon down, and strong restoring drink plied to the newlywed couple who soon found themselves in the range rover and driving home, both naked, Mya slumped in her seat for all the world looking like a semi deflated blow up doll. A smile now on her face.Both maids were now very occupied at the manor dealing with “the remainder” as Bessy referred to the other men, Nina dealing with four and Bessy five men, including Alex.At their favourite spot, now bathed in moonlight, they stopped, Mya donned her tracksuit top, to ward off evil police interest, but found herself unable to face dressing in the bottoms she felt so worn and sore. Helped by her husband, his full suit a comfort as they sat for a moment gazing at the flat glittering sea. He asked, “if she had regrets and, did she feel pregnant, as their lives would be radically change if she was?”Her reply stunned him, she managed a tired grin, “I am no longer fertile you goose I haven’t had a period in over a year, and you didn’t notice, no this was an atonement, and it didn’t cost you a penny… together they laughed as they drove away together, exhaustion taking her back to dreamland as they happily drove along.

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