278 i****t and the virgin round 2

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278 i****t and the virgin round 2278 i****t and the virgin Round 2The night was started by a good stiff toss followed by a good long sleep in, it being Saturday! Ros by now had become my dream, my fantasy, and I couldn’t believe we did what we had the night before.At dinner (I, having missed breakfast completely) we sat as we always did, mum of course at the end nearest the cooker and sink Ros, and Rose one side, Reb and me on the other and dad at the end! It was a house that invariably ate together, at least for the main meal each evening, but if we were there at midday, then too. Sitting opposite Ros especially when she winked at me as I took my place I could hardly dare exchange eye contact. it was a light meal and full of the usual family chatter, a friend of Reb, had become pregnant and that had become the big topic of the day, dad cautioning the three girls about promiscuous sex, and rubbing in that the girl was now about to be a mum her life blighted…It was said with a twinkle in his eye and a wink that at the time I thought a bit suspect but dismissed the thought as fanciful imagination!The meal over and with it raining heavily outside, Ros and Reb, had had their tennis game washed out so had decided they were doing girly make up things and Rose, who was unable to go out with her sketch pad, was working on a painting out in the garden shed she had taken over as a studio, her being the arty one amongst us!Dad didn’t care, what we did as long as we didn’t disturb him, as being a solicitor, he had some briefs to catch up with in his study, mum had an afternoon of laundry to look forward too, and I had some homework, or at least that’s what I had told them all, actually I had a good paper-back book to read but homework sounded more goody two shoes!It was at about three that Ros poked her head in to say that she suggested I perhaps would benefit from opting out on the planned trip to aunt Hettie`s next day, she had already got her own excuse sorted as she was visiting a friend for the day! Though she whispered that she would be home mid-morning, her not being a fan of my rather stuffy aunt, and she knew her friend April had a prior engagement after dinner on Sunday with her boyfriend, thus mutual alibis! Thus, it was that next day before breakfast I suddenly felt lousy, and cried off the trip swearing it was something I ate…Ros by then being out at her friends, in the village and I was soon in bed with a damp flannel on my forehead Faining flu, plague or whatever and doing such a convincing job, my mother nearly stayed back to nurse me!! Anyway, dad persuaded her and the four left, at just after 10.30, off in dad`s motor, promising to be back about 10 that evening and asking me to let them know by telephone if I felt I was worse, even leaving me the number propped against the phone for both aunties and the friend of Ros!It was a good hour till Ros returned, her key rattling in the lock as the clock struck the quarter -hour chime for 11.45!To ensure mum wouldn’t phone to check up or come home early worrying, she, being like that, at Ros`s insistence I phoned my aunts home, wishing her a happy birthday (the reason of the visit) and saying I now felt better having chucked up an hour before, and saying it must have been something I ate and how sorry I was not to be with them. My fingers well crossed as I told the giant lie!My alibi sorted I downed the phone and turned to kissing my sister! By unspoken mutual consent we began shedding clothing, in a race to be naked, which was won by my sister but only by a short head. We were still in the big old farmhouse kitchen, so we ate a quick impromptu lunch, revelling in our wicked nakedness in the big silent house.Again, canlı bahis we kissed, tongues entwining, before she sat on the table end, me between her legs, her, holding on to my manhood with a grip like a limpet!Now I must say that my big sister as well as being a sensuous female, she was a thinker and like a magician she produced a rubber from her discarded shirt d****d over the dining chair at her right arm.She quite expertly fitted it rolling it down my shaft its caress the first but not the last I would ever feel.“now my hansom young lover you may enjoy my body safely!” she held her sex open for me, the invitation was obvious, and I was eager to enjoy it.My tool slid into the warm, all enveloping soft cavity, to a chorus of “oooh” from my lovely sister. Slowly gently my tool penetrated the cavity till it was fully engaged, her grin said that she was enjoying the whole episode, and you can bet your boots I was! It was an adventure beyond any my life had so far imagined, much less encountered. Once in, so bemused was I with this magic feeling, the world stood still and so did I for a very long moment, my partner, now impatient for the action she craved, explained that I needed to move myself, sadly in language of one syllable, and typical of Ros…I began my dance, instinct took over, though I still was bemused, here I was on the family kitchen table inside my sister, and she, urging me on like a demented rider, wow, awesome as they say in comics! I was not to last long at this game, more or less as soon as I touched her breasts, small though I now belive they were, I filled that rubber, spewing forth my jism in a way that I would never have thought I was capable of, long before my sister had even really got past the warm up stage.I felt mortified that I had not fetched her to some sort of come, and said so, but Ros, took it calmly, saying for me “not to take on as she had expected it, me being a virgin and all!”I withdrew, the condom full like a saggy balloon, Ros got up, then kissed me which I must say helped, she knelt before me and rolled the soggy balloon from my now subsiding dick, congratulating me on the amount and boosting my sagging confidence a fair bit. “look Rod, its to be expected that with the flood of new feelings you would cum like that, we have all day you goose, we can do it again as soon as that thing perks up a bit, and you can use fingers and tongue mean-while!”Her lips brushed mine once more, then before I could speak she continued “you know that pillock Dennis I was going out with, him that thinks he`s someone down at the tennis club?” I nodded, I had met him, all money and `ok yah’, and `let me run this past you,’ I had hated him at first sight, knowing he was mauling my lovely sister about!“Well he was my first, he had me roughly and painfully in the gardeners shed at the club and he was both rough, and unthinking, though he used a condom and hardly filled the bit at the end!” she smiled, “you put him to shame brother dear, though as I was a virgin I didn’t know it at the time, he was a dough brain too, boasting about his conquest of me to his friends and putting me down as soon as Reb arrived on the scene!”I asked if he had had Reb, and was told that he had, and that it was near ****, though no one bar her and now me knew, so Dennis found himself on my hit list!She took hold of my tool then leaving our clothing where it was she led me upstairs, dumping the condom and flushing it as we passed the toilet.In her room she kissed me once more then made another condom appear from a box on her dressing table. I asked where she got them from and was shocked when she said that mother supplied them! It seemed she, working bahis siteleri as a receptionist part time at the health centre, got them there, and knowing her daughters, and how she was at their age had decided better safe than sorry. I was amazed, my staid, and apparently straight -aced mother, condoning (or should that be condoming) her daughters sex lives, it was amazing, it was beyond my comprehension. I would have to re-evaluate my beloved mother not as a mum but as a woman.Ros fell onto her bed, pulling me with her, my mind bounced back from its straying and we were soon back entwined and kissing, Ros now took full control, of me, not that it had ever been any different, in reality she had had me under her spell since the beginning.She had me lay on the cover and straddled me in what I now know as the cowgirl position, she fed my freshly covered tool into her, and began to ride me in a harder fashion that I would ever have dreamed of. She pounded herself up and down on my fast-reenergised pole, her tits bouncing about her chest in a mesmerising way, and with a shit eating grin all over her face that said don’t try and stop me, its my turn this time, just lay back and enjoy. Soon her eyes closed, her nipples stood out like chapel hat-pegs, and her breathing became heavy and ragged. I had read about the female orgasm and recognised the signs, wow… she was coming, and it was me that was involved and oooh, so was I the condom filling at an alarming rate, pump, pump, pump, it was magic, fantastic, wonderful ooh.She didn’t disengage herself, this rampant siren of a sister, instead she lay along my body, collapsed, her body, folded her knees either side of my hips, her lovely breasts on my ribs, but most of all her still twitching sex was still filled with me and that full condom. We kissed, long and passionately, within minutes my youthful dick beginning to stir again to her surprise, and probably mine!Her eye`s widened as I began to stir inside her and within minutes we were again bouncing those tits about once more, this time with us both participating, my hands wandering over her nubile body with all the confidence of a novice! The sun streamed through the window silhouetting her bouncing body, her hair golden in the sunlight, her face flushed her eyes fixed on mine as we rutted like stags in season. It was out of this world, beyond anything I had enjoyed so far, this time we both hit the high notes together, then collapsed, in one another`s arms! As we came apart, that overfilled condom dragged at my foreskin heavily. She removed it and tied it off with a “wow!”We lay stunned my dick shrivelling, its work I thought done for the day. We dozed, lost in that euphoria that follows great sex. Gently kissing one another, stroking cool skin, me fondling soft breasts and her my genitals. It was beautiful.The sun went, soft rain beat on the window as we rose, and together, we went down to the kitchen once more, flushing the evidence as we went! We raided the fridge, sitting at the table still unclothed, with cokes and slices of cream cake, smiling at one another, like naughty k**s raiding a sweety jar.Ros said there was much more to learn, for me, a Pandora`s box was just opening, and she was proud to have been the one I had picked to do it with me, and she asked if I wanted to continue my education or had I had enough today or of her.It was a silly question! We tidied our clothes away from downstairs, and she locked up, as I raided the fridge once more making a snack to take up with us upstairs, my youthful appetite being in need.We dumped the clothes in our respective rooms, and then I bounced towards her room expectantly. She met me at the bahis şirketleri door, saying she “needed to pee!” Now that to me had been one of the things I had missed at the dreaded school class, so I asked if I could watch, her grin was as wide as a house, saying “oh, a kinky one are you, and taking my hand she led us to the bathroom To my surprise, she stepped into the shower, turned to face me and motioned me to kneel.I did as she wished, as she leant back a little held her flaps open and began to pee.It was a joy, hot and wet the stream hit me in the groin, my tool stiffening once again as the hot stream stimulated it, I leant forward, kissing the button at the top of her slit, pee hitting me under the chin, cascading in hot sprays down my chest, hitting my chin, then my tongue, wow, another fetish began there, as I worshipped at that fountain. All too soon the stream died, and she bent to kiss my wet lips, savouring the taste, then touching my now stiff prick asking if I had enjoyed it and if I could please do it for her soon?A little embarrassed, I said that “I had enjoyed it, but that it was too stiff to pee at the moment, but of course I would do anything she wished for, I owed her that.” We showered together, removing all traces of urine, and cum and freshening us up, damply we returned to her room, the chiming clock reminding us both that time was passing rapidly. With big fluffy towels she dried me and I her, savouring the bodily touches, caressing parts that till this new intimacy had been just imagined.I ran my finger slowly and lightly down her spine, I continued as if to her soft lips but for some reason when I got to her rosebud which till then I had forgotten, she shuddered, as if it was the most wonderful feeling in the world.My fingers played with the forbidden ring, slithering lightly over the puckering, exploring, and caressing. To my surprise she began to groan, my touch was turning her on, I slipped my fingertip into the soft orifice, her groans increased, she was loving it. I asked if she would like more, her nod, gave me the OK and as she was laying, face down on her bed, I stooped to kiss this most secret of places. I was surprised there being no evil taste, my tongue seeking the edges of the ring, even penetrating the tight muscle, wetting it and lubricating it for the finger we both knew would soon follow. She began to gabble a little, saying that “she had read that this was a perfect way to enjoy the sex without condom`s and the risk of pregnancy, and it was nearly as good as full sex!”Now think off this, I am a young lad who has just really discovered sex and all its fun and games, do you really think I want something `nearly as good? though it was a hiding to nothing, that or sleep and you can bet on which one won!’ I replied, “if that was what you want I owed you that much!” and she got herself in what I later found was called the doggy position. Now neither of us having tried anal before, our innocence kicked in and try as I would without lube (which of course we didn’t know about) my dick was just not going in that little hole, try as I might! Reluctantly giving up, she fitted another condom, as by now we were both so eager and I slipped it in what I think it regarded as its new home. this doggy position was a joy though, having pressure contact at other points in this position, made it just that bit more different. We were soon over the top and our rubber friend filling just as the manufacturers planned she tied it off and dropped it beside the bed, luckily on the further side from the door! We lay, two exhausted teenagers together in one another`s arms. the energy of the day having drained us both Morpheus taking over It was a mistake, we both under-estimated how tired we both where, and slipped into a deep sleep on her bed, both still naked, entwined and blissfully unaware of the drama about to unfold!So deep were we, we didn’t hear the family return.

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