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262 A CUCKOLDS DISTRESS PT1262 A cucks distress. Part oneMicky was a married man, been married for oh about 5 years in all, he was married to a woman who had had a phantom pregnancy and had requested he married her after a one-night stand. At the time it hadn’t seemed too bad an idea, and though love was perhaps not the word they would use, they had a steady if barren relationship and they would say, if asked, that they were happy enough, perhaps “content was the best you could hope for in this world” he used to say, though she definitely’ wore the trousers’ in that house. In life he was a driver of a fork-lift, still is, and the 8 till 5day suited him well. Monday to Friday loading pallets of bog-rolls in the big dry warehouse hardly stretched him mentally, or for that matter physically truth be told, and he was slowly getting paunchy. Saturday, he tended the back yard, and after tea an hour or two in the local club together, Sunday, late start, pub on his own, late dinner telly, then evening in front of the fire, life pottered on.Sexually though they had been well happy, he enjoyed her usually midweek, then Friday and Saturday night, she was adventurous if a tad overweight, and as she kept the house well, so he had no real moans.Her name was ‘Nan’, 35 years young 34d tits 16 stone, 5ft 6” high to his dumpy 5foot, and 17 she was not by any measure a head turner, but in no way ugly, chestnut hair, green eyes and I say ‘was’ as she`s gone now, and it happened like this;One Friday night in bed Micky mentioned that one of the truck drivers had swapped a porn magazine with him, our Micky being the lynch-pin of the porn exchange within the truckers, and the yard men carrying a box of mags on his fork, while acting like a library! Anyway, this particular one he had read at dinner over his wad and brew (that’s sandwiches and tea for our colonial friends) the subject being cuckolding and swapping which for some reason struck a nerve with Micky, and his mind ran wild for a moment or two, to the extent he took the magazine home with him and showed it to Nan. She put it on the nightstand, then they spent the next hour at the old game, followed by dozing off as you do. Anyway, while he was tending his cabbages next day and she was making the bed, she came across the mag, and lay on the bed having a read for a while.So, absorbed was she he had to call her to make his tea and later his dinner while she read the mag from cover to cover…twice!Anyway, she managed to make the main meal of the day, and they sat munching before they changed and had got themselves ready for going out, when she asked, “if he had read the magazine?” He assured her he “had scanned through it” and she said, “she had read it properly and it had turned her on big time!”Well, they washed up and pottered off to the club two streets away, and the night pottered on as usual, however he did notice Nan was running her eye over the men in the club, which was not usual for her.In bed that night he mentioned it and she laughed that perhaps she was looking for a lover….Monday soon came around, and in a lull while waiting for another empty trailer to be shunted in, Micky dug through the box of magazines looking for items on cuckolding and sharing, thinking if Nan had enjoyed the one that much it may get him a brownie point or two!He found three, and at dinner that day he had a read, two were the usual run of the mill stuff, but the third hit pay-dirt. So, he returned the two magazines tucking the third into his dinner bag, and the afternoon dragged on, trailer after trailer, pallet after pallet.The evening man took over the fork, and home our hero went. Of course, after tea he dozed, well a day like that and her magic steak and k**ney pie, in front of a warm fire, tended to have that reaction. Nan washed up and emptied the snapping bag (dinner bag for those not of British midland origins) and of course bingo… she found the magazine, and did she read it…of course she read it, again mulling over the idea that her Micky must be keen to share her, where-as in reality to Micky it was just a passing fantasy, a passing fad, though to Nan it was a fact! Sadly, the seeds were sown.It was on the Tuesday at teatime over her cottage pie, when she mentioned the magazine which Micky had by now forgotten, she hinted that perhaps one day she would maybe like to widen their sexual field before it was too late, if that was what he wanted and if he was keen to share her she would perhaps not be so averse to the concept as he might expect!That was all that was said, and the subject changed. On his fork next day, he mulled over the comment, grinning to himself and chuckling at each time the thought of her under another man came into his mind! He found himself looking at each of the drivers, all big old married boys who had few scruples when away from home, but most wouldn’t risk anything on their own doorstep, worried their wives would get wind and cause a problem. As we say here upset the apple-cart He decided though the idea was a good fantasy, it was not practical, it was not that Nan was a red-hot momma, or sexually forward so it had best be a fantasy, yes that was it a fantasy… he would talk it through with her on as soon as they had more time.On Friday, they had a visit from his brother during the evening, so it was after breakfast on the Saturday that the first canlı kaçak iddaa real opportunity presented itself it was raining so it was an ideal time to chat, so over a brew of tea he broached the subject. “Um” (most of Mickeys important conversations started with um!) “about the magazines you read…um… were you sort of serious?”There was a pause then she answered; “were you?” rather than get into one of those “I asked you first” things Mickey said he had thought about it long and hard and thought it was impractical!” now this was onto dodgy ground he knew instantly as she said “why?” the warning bells rang in his head but being Micky, his big feet led him straight in up to his neck… “um well we ain`t no k**s an` you ain`t no dolly bird are you so even if we fancied a bit with another couple it ain`t goin` to happen is it!”Her lips vanished, always a bad sign, then she spat the comment “well thanks Micky, you seem to fancy me enough so why wouldn’t any other man…” If a mans up to his chin in shit you would have thought he would have thought before opening his mouth once more, but Micky… well, being Micky that wasn’t going to happen was it, so he said “yeh well I`m used to you and we know one another, who, bar someone who was desperate would be interested in us…!”The slap caught him just under the left ear!She spat the single word “PILLOCK!”, then as he sat stunned she added “Look, I know I`m not one of your pin ups like the ones out on your shed door, but I still think I could pull if I put my mind to it, though you may be the one to hold us back if we tried it as a couple…!”His jaw opened as if to answer her, but for a change he just sat as she went on that “she at least was still tidy enough to get a lover, so perhaps its what she should do, offer herself to someone before it was too late!” They sat in silence, knowing they had opened a tiny crack in what till then had been a solid marriage.Then she offered the olive branch in saying, “would you like that Micky, would you like to see your wife being used, Fucked, by some younger stud… would it turn you on to see me being screwed rotten by someone… perhaps here in our living room …or even our bed?” Now Mickey had fantasised a bit about the subject, and in honesty he would have loved to swap a bit, get a trim wife into his bed, and if Nan had got screwed to get him his end away , well ok so be it, she was a barren receptacle and what was there to lose, no one would run off with her would they…but in his heart of hearts he had given up on the idea, she was no Linda Lovelace or Kay Parker was she! So, he said “um, well… I must admit it had crossed my mind, but didn`t think you were up for it…” Talk about light blue touch paper and retire to a safe distance…She sat bubbling like some firework about to explode, then she “ME, ME! look you little perve, I thought you were happy, and I have suppressed my desires over the last few years to keep us together and you happy, and now you tell me I have wasted my time and you would be happy for your wife to get screwed! You little shit, why didn’t you say…”That started a real rumpus, and for a good half-hour they rampaged at one another, hot words moan`s, and groans about every little thing that was at fault in the marriage, or their bed. They rather ran out of steam and sat glowering at one another still in the two armchairs. He rose and made fresh tea, then with mugs in hand they started again in a much more sensible tone, each realising they needed to be sensible and come to some compromise or things would get way beyond an air clearing.The upshot was that she decided that she would prove to him she could still attract a man, and she would do it that very night…They left it at that, he, sayin, that, “if she could pull tonight he would let her play the field and that would be OK then!” and with that off he went to his shed and her to her kitchen, muttering “I will show him, the old bugger.”The tea meal that day was not quite as happy as usual, cool would be the definition, the echoes of his comments still present in the room. After the meal he washed up, then readied himself, dressed and sat waiting her by the fire. Her entrance was something he long remembered.Nan was dressed in her finest, hair to perfection, red skirt knee length, tight jumper which showed of her breasts to perfection held up by the black basque he loved so much, a pair of heels and tan stockings showing off her not un-shapely legs finished the ensemble, and she gave him a twirl just to rub in the effect. A plastic mack and the umbrella, hid the ladies body till they arrived at the club, Micky feeling a little uneasy about the situation, but helping her off with her coat and hanging up the gamp in a gentlemanly fashion.The rain had put off a few, but there was a fair number in, she sat in their usual seats, he to the bar to fetch drinks. They were joined at their table by Nans friend Lina and her hubby George, the usual folk who had shared the table for over a year. Lina commenting on Her looks tonight. Drink flowed silently for a while, the band a crappy local one that a few were dancing too. The women, as women do toddling off to the ladies together. Here Nan quietly explained the ‘glad rags’ and the make up laughing that “it was ridiculous, and she had played along but it had made Micky think!” laughing together canlı kaçak bahis they returned to the table, and fresh drinks. It came as a shock then when a man neither knew appeared at her side and asked her to dance, flattered she rose and thinking it would inflame her husband further. He was a well-dressed young chap of 25 or 30, medium height, seeing eye to eye with her, disarming smile, and once on the dance floor his feet twinkled so light of foot was he. She caught a glimpse of Micky his jaw slack as she whirled past as if on a magic carpet.Lina thinking that her friend was only really trying to stir Micky, remarked “what a good partner Nan had found!”The dance finished, and the chap was half way back to their table with Nan, when a waltz stated. Without a hesitation or question his arm was round her body and she was back on the floor whirling round in a masterly fashion, her body to her surprise, crushed against his, and his footwork sweeping her from her feet, as his hand clasped her backside in a gentle cupping motion that was anything but unpleasant. As they passed the table she sensed Micky`s eyes boring into her, missing nothing.Her partner must have felt the atmosphere too, so he swung her away into the crowd and they soon found themselves at the far side of the room shielded from the gaze of her husband by the other couples.One dance led to another then a third, by now Nan was feeling like a 15year old at her first dance, he was so smooth and accomplished.He without hesitation pulled her to the bar as they passed, slickly ordered a pint and a lager for her, then with his strong arm round her asked her name, giving his as Terry. She gave her name then reminded her she was a married woman, he regarded her for a moment with an intense gaze that seemed to penetrate her very soul, then he said in a voice that would have melted even a cold heart, “look, if he had been a real husband he would have grabbed you back after me showing him I was groping your arse as we passed him, that’s if it is your hubby you were with not some friend, we will dance again in a moment then we will go back to him and you can ask him if I can come back for coffee if you want to take this further, or you can just say thank you and I shall walk away!”He was so self-assured, so slick that she took a drink to gain a moment, then said “your very sure of yourself!” he grinned then said, “I can pick women and your flattered, that a younger man fancies you, well I not only fancy you, I desire you, crave you sexually, and intend to take you, so what do you say to that!”Her jaw dropped a little and before she could answer he took her in his arms and kissed her on the lips, as he swung her back onto the floor leaving the drinks on the bar. The dance was a whirl, as was her mind, before she could think, they were picking up their drinks and on they tripped to the table where he held her seat for her, then spun himself a chair from a neighbouring table. She introduced him to the party as Terry, then Lina and George, politely chatted for a few moments more, before making the excuse of George being a bit tipsy, and withdrawing, perhaps sensing the atmosphere and tactfully avoiding what could be an embarrassment, George staggering unsteadily as they went, Lina supporting him, as they headed towards the door.The atmosphere was electric, Mickey a little drunk but also a little aggressive, as he asked sarcastically if they had enjoyed the dance, which the unruffled Terry answered by saying that “your wife is a smooth mover,” and that “he wondered what she would be like in bed!” which had Micky spluttering in his beer. Nan, sensing an altercation suggested it was time to go, and then added that, “he [mickey] should remember what he had agreed too, and then she heard her own voice say that “Terry was coming back for coffee…”For the life of her she had no idea why that had happened, but Micky sat regarded the two with an unsteady eye, then drained his glass muttered “have it your way” then stood and led the way unsteadily to the door.Terry took her arm and they collected her mac and gamp as they left, the rain had stopped the wet ground shining in the reflected light as together Nan in the middle they made their way arm in arm back to the house.Indoors Micky immediately collapsed in his chair, Terry taking Nan`s normal seat, in a self-assured manner, while she brewed coffee in the kitchen, her mind doing cartwheels as she tried to make sense of the situation. Why oh why had she asked him back, yes if she had been single, unattached this young man would have swept her off her feet, but she was Micky`s, she was married… the kettle interrupted her thoughts, she made coffee, mugs rattled on the tray as she added the sugar bowl, and she returned to the living room.They sat; Nan at the table, and the two men opposite one another each side of the fire, coffee in hands, little being said. Micky glowered at the younger man and growled, “Well you made the play are you going to screw her then…” adding “You self-assured young pup, if I was fitter I would have knocked your block off just for holding her as you did!”Terry smiled, he knew that Micky presented no threat, that Nan was his for the taking, and that his next comment was going to be the pivotal moment in the evening.Look I want your wife, that’s true, and, I`m sure she bahis siteleri canlı wants me, and I belive, if truth was told you want me to have her in your heart of hearts, so what about you waking up and smelling the flowers and admitting it. This evening is in your hands, look at her she`s begging for sex no strings attached, but she won`t be mine without your specific OK, so what`s it to be Micky, do I screw her till she`s begging for mercy, or shall I go home!”Nan sat, mouth agape, surveying the younger man for a second then swinging her eyes to her husband, waiting to see if he had the balls to say ‘on your bike riley’, or to tell the truth and decide if she was to be shared, fucked like a piece of communal whoredom, and would it be just this once, or was it the thin end of the wedge, the slippery slope.Micky sat, thinking in his muddled half-drunk state, he had long wanted to share her if the truth be told, but with the fringe benefits of whoever`s wife for himself, this chap had no woman to swap, but it was all that was on offer, a porn film in the real, sex and perhaps a sticky wicket for after, perhaps she would enjoy it, perhaps…! He heard his voice saying, “go on then, have her, here and now over the table end screw her like a whore!” There followed a second or two of silence, Nan, now a little in confusion took the empty coffee mugs and returned them to her kitchen, then went to the toilet, her multiple lagers to dispose of and to compose herself. The task over she took a deep breath, then as if making up her mind she didn’t replace her knickers, grinned , shook herself and walked determinedly towards the living room, pausing outside the open door to hear the two men in quiet conversation, To her surprise, it was about her. She heard Micky, telling Terry that he didn’t need any condoms, that she liked her tits squeezed, and that she came like a waterfall if she got really aroused…hard sex was the way she loved it “That old bastard is priming my bull” she whispered to herself, then grinned as she realised that he was doing it in the hope of enjoy the tryst as much as she, was now looking forward to it! She smiled to herself, then as if making up her mind she walked boldly into her living room, unzipping her skirt as she walked, dropping it, and kicking it away from her, before facing the table end, bending forward and exposing her knicker-less naked arse to the room. Her readiness was oh so apparent, so turned on was she her wetness was running down her inner thighs. Terry rose, undid his fly hauled out his not inconsiderable tool and without undressing slid himself deep into the proffered orifice in one single thrust. The atmosphere was electric, her groan as he entered, one that Micky would long remember, his wife half-dressed laid on their own kitchen table, her fingers gripping the old table edges with another younger man, balls deep in her body. God, the world had gone mad, his hand scrabbled to find his now rigid cock and expose it to the air.The pair had stood perfectly still, joined, as if time had taken a pause, then as if on some conductors cue, they began their mutual dance, he, thrusting and with-drawing in a frenzy that spoke of the frustrations of the evening and of the wait for his prize. The tempo increased, each thrust more savage than the previous one, deeper and more penetrating, her legs against the table top, pressed hard up to the overhang with every movement, the bruising pain exquisitely adding to her sense of being used, of being possessed, of giving herself to this man she hardly knew just for his joy, and to supply her husband with a stimulant, one he didn’t really need.She felt wanton, used, filled, excited, cheap, and slutty all in one, it was sublime. She began to orgasm, small triggers of shock waves tingling through her body, each with his next thrust more and more powerful, each more debilitating, each taking away her logical thoughts, her very reason, her cares, she was his, this bull, this young man she only knew as Terry, her eyes began to roll saliva dripped from her jaw as she grunted and groaned with every assault on her innermost tenderest areas, she knew she was bruised internally, and walking would be difficult next day, but she had no cares, she was just going with the sensations, she wanted more, if she was disabled, or if he killed her she didn’t care at this moment, this was perfection, pain and a perfectly timed orgasmic high, such as she couldn’t remember when she had last had if ever. As he filled her she felt him pulse and thrust trying each stroke to get further into her womb, his seed hot pumping into her very core. the world closed in on her, as her body limp, she collapsed on the table top, fingers relaxing as she lay like a rag doll her head flat on the hard surface as he slid from her, standing watching as his spend dripped onto the carpet from her ravaged body.Micky by now had cum on his trousers, and a look of amazement and concern on his face, though he didn’t get up. His wife let out a groan, and he looked relieved, Terry grinning and telling him, “not to reach for the insurance policies just yet!” as she returned to this world tenderly he helped her to her feet, on wobbly legs he sat her at the fireside, on her own chair he then turned to Micky still sat with his limp dick in his hand and in a state of shock, saying “I must go micky, here is my card,” which he placed on the table tucking his tool back into his trousers as he did so, “Call me soon if you both want more and we must talk.” Then he kissed her, and before they could react, they heard the door close quietly behind him.

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