Introducing Brad

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Part 1

I found a way to get out of the house on a cold, snowy, day. It was the second day in a row I was stuck at home and I just needed to get out. I made up some lame excuse and headed out with nowhere to go; but, I did have a place in mind.

I drove the sixteen miles to an ABS I had visited numerous times over the years (sometimes with my wife Sarah). Usually, I did so spontaneously; but, not this time. I had planned this excursion because I really needed a release – this time, I wanted to be alone. The roads were a little slippery as I drove, but there was no obstacle that could stand in my way.

It was a small brick building, pained yellow, by the side of the highway. It was most easily accessible from the Southbound lane It had a large lot between the premises and an old barn – on a farmers field. Only one small light could be found on the exterior; it was neon, blinking open.

When I entered the store I headed straight for the booths. As I had done in the past, I stood against the wall and gave my eyes some time to adjust. I walked up the narrow hall casually searching for life. It was dead. I had been there alone before but I never had to wait long.

I sat down in a booth and sent a five dollar bill into the slot. I moved through the channels looking for something I might like. I had a particular fondness of blowjob movies (especially featuring cum) and it wasn’t hard to find one. I put my hands in my pants and began to rub my cock. It grew harder as I watched the film and relaxed. I heard some rustling around in the hall.

I stood up and exited the booth and proceeded to venture down the hall again. This time I found that I had company. I stood outside of an occupied booth. He was probably in his early forties and fairly slim. He was sitting, but I would guess he was nearly six foot tall. His cock was already out of his pants and he was softly stroking. It was the perfect size to fill my mouth and just as thick as I liked them.

He could see me through the permanently open door as I watched. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall. I took that as a sign that he was ready for me to join him. I crept into his booth and promptly took a spot on the floor. I opened up my mouth and began to suck on the head of his cock as I wrapped my hand around his thick meat.

I continued to take it deeper into my mouth as he wretched around on the bench and began to moan. I was as hard as a rock by this point. The feeling of his cock was the magic touch – it always worked. I continued to stroke him faster and alternately took him deep in to my throat. I worked his cock hard with my mouth and my hands to the point where he was about to lose control before backing off slightly letting him settle back down. Then I picked up the pace and worked him hard again. I liked to play with men. This time, I wouldn’t stop.

I bobbed my head in his lap as fast as possible as I moaned loudly for his cum. His breathing became erratic as those last few seconds went by. With a tremendous flood, his cum filled my mouth and headed down my throat. I continued to suck him as the last few spurts worked their way out.

My appetite for cum was temporarily satiated as I knelt there before this man whom I controlled for just a short time. The feeling was invigorating. I left him alone, casino siteleri there in the booth, to clean himself up and prepare to leave. I watched him as he walked toward the door and moved out of the store. I followed behind as he exited and moved toward his car in the parking lot. His cum was the best I had ever tasted and I wanted more.

Part 2

As I caught up to him, he looked back with a confused look on his face. “Hey,” I said. He had no reply, simply a look of embarrassment. Obviously, this was a straight man staring back at me who was simply looking for a quick bit of relief. I also noticed that he was wearing a wedding ring – I hadn’t noticed that before.

“I don’t mean to be a bother,” I said to the man. “It’s just that I really enjoyed what you have given me and I’d like you to know that I would like us to meet again; could I give you my phone number at least?” I asked. Again, he had no answer. I apologized and turned around and began to walk away.

“Wait,” he said. I turned and took a few steps back in his direction. I wasn’t sure what caused him to change his mind. I thought that perhaps the fact that I was willing to walk away was a sign that I was a reasonable, non-psychopathic, man. He motioned for me to enter his car.

I took a seat on the passenger side and he joined me quickly. He confirmed that he was both straight and married. He said that this was his third time in the store and that it was only the second time he let a guy pleasure him. He wasn’t really attracted guys, but that he always loved getting head. That was one of those things that he wife didn’t do any longer. I understood that; it was something that I heard quite often.

I told him that I understood and that I was married too. I mentioned that I considered myself to be bisexual and that my wife was accepting. He was surprised. I told him that if he took my number, he could feel free to call or text me whenever he wanted and that I would meet up with him again – no pressure and that he didn’t have to reciprocate in any way if he chose to meet me again. He programmed my number in to his phone and we went our separate ways. I didn’t expect to ever hear from him again.

About two weeks later I received my first text from the man.

‘Hey, it’s Brad. We met the other week at the store, remember?’

Of course I did! I was really happy that he decided to make contact. We had a brief conversation in which he apologized for the way he acted in the parking lot and asked if I would be free any time soon. A smile emerged on my face as I thought about the potential of this budding friendship. Eventually, we agreed to meet again the following night. I gave him my address, as he wasn’t to fond of meeting at the store, and he agreed to visit on his way home from work the next night – 5:30/6:00.

I spoke with Sarah and told her that I had made some plans to meet up with a guy. She agreed to stay away; she would go out for dinner and drinks with a friend after work. Perfect! It would be just he and I and there would be no reason for him to feel uncomfortable.

It was just before six when he parked in my driveway. I watched through the window as he sat in his car, no doubt considering if he should come in or drive home. He sat there for a good ten minutes before he made his way to my door and knocked. canlı casino

When I opened the door, he entered and stood there for a minute without saying a word. I told him to relax – no pressure. If he only felt like hanging out that it was fine. We could talk or do whatever. He seemed to calm down a bit before following me to the living room and taking a seat on the couch. I sat on an adjacent chair so as to not make him any more uncomfortable. I had ESPN on the TV – what could be more manly? Just two guys hanging out, watching a pregame show.

We had a nice conversation. He asked many questions about my wife and was very curious about how we got along living this unorthodoxed life. I answered as best as I could and he seemed pleased with my answers. After about forty-five minutes, he asked me if I still wanted to give him head. I smiled first, then obliged.

He sat back on the couch and I knelt between his parted legs. I began to rub his cock through his slacks and he grew harder. I reached for his belt and I opened it with one hand while I continued to rub. Then I opened his top button and casually took down his zipper. He lifted up a bit as he slid from his pants and they fell to the floor at his feet. He was in his shorts, sitting on my couch, his hard cock rising toward me.

He sat motionless as I maneuvered it from his shorts and softly began to stroke. I worked it up and down with my hand as I had thoughts of devouring his cum. I first kissed it, then licked it, before taking just the tip in my mouth.

I moved my tongue in rapids circles around it’s head as it throbbed just a bit. I could hear him inhale, then exhale, in deep controlled breaths. I took it deeper in my mouth as I continued to pump my hand rotating my wrist ever-so-slightly. I alternated between his cock and his balls giving them equal attention all-the-while dreaming of his cum.

I picked up the pace on his shaft; I sucked hard as it moved in and out of my mouth between my lips. Occasionally, I took it out and let it touch my face before reinserting. I could taste his precum and I appreciated the residue it left on my cheek. Moving faster yet, I continued taking him deep in to my mouth while moaning softly. I had him near the breaking point. I always knew when it was just about to explode. Like magic, cum spewed from his cock into my mouth and I gulped it down graciously. I continued to suck just awhile longer as he softened and his dick returned to its normal state. I enjoyed the taste, the feel, and the aroma of his cum. I enjoyed as I took my final sips in the form of small beads of cum.

I stood up and returned to my chair. He sat for only a few seconds before returning his pants to his waist. Again, we sat in silence. He thanked me for helping him relieve his tension and he asked if he could call again. I told him I would be more than willing to meet him in the future. He smiled before rising to his feet and we walked toward the door. This time, I followed as he led the way. He turned before leave and once again thanked me. I watched as he took the path to his car, got in, and drove away.

It wasn’t long before Sarah came in and asked how the meeting went. I told her great before giving her a kiss with his cum on my breath.

What next?

Part 3

We texted a few times over the next month. kaçak casino He talked about me giving head but he didn’t set up our next meeting. Our relationship took a weird turn – we went from two men enjoying a blow job to more or less friends. After awhile, he asked about my wife.

‘You said your wife was cool with you meeting guys. Does she ever join you?’

I knew what was coming next. Of course he asked if she would be willing to meet him. I told him that she has on a bunch of occasions. We’ve met some guys from online, book stores, and bars in the past. I would talk to her about if she was interested.

The next day, I texted him with her answer. She was willing to meet him. He seemed excited. We planned our meeting for the next week when he would again visit our house.

Sarah was dressed casually as was I when he stopped by that Tuesday evening. She had made a light dinner and had set the table. She had chilled a bottle of wine and I had a few beers left in the refrigerator for me. He could have whichever he prefered.

He came to the house while I was upstairs taking a shower and Sarah let him in. They waited for me – she said it was a bit awkward.

When I joined them, we ate dinner. I drank beer while he shared her wine. We didn’t talk about sex at all during dinner. It served as more of a getting to know you dinner. He talked about his wife only briefly as we sat there enjoying his company. As time went on, he seemed more at ease – was it the drinks? We moved to the living room where we sat down. I took the adjacent seat again while Sarah sat next to him on the couch. It wasn’t long before she snuggled next to him while I watched.

She put her hand in his lap and her nervously jerked away. He apologized and welcomed her hand the next time. It was obvious that he was aroused by Sarah – her touching. It wasn’t long before she opened his pants and began to consume his cock. I watched as I sat there quietly stroking my cock as she gave him her best head. He had his hand on the back of my wife’s head.

She stood up, taking her clothing off before taking a seat on his lap facing him. She moved around a bit working his cock into her pussy. Slowly she moved up and down, kissing him on his lips, as he slid in and out of her. His hands, around her hips, guided her movement. Then, after dismounting his cock, she knelt on all fours inviting him yet again to penetrate. I lay on the floor in front of her while she sucked on my cock and took his cock again. As he pounded her, I could feel each thrust, as she was pushed back and forth. We had a wonderful rhythm going when he shot his load deep inside of her.

When he pulled out, she moved aside so that I could take the rest of his cum from the tip of his cock. I greatly accepted the wonderful medley of his cum mixed with her pussy juice. She rolled beside us on her back, arching her hips upward, before I moved to her and ate his cum from within her hole. The taste was wonderful. I moved back to the chair as she began to suck me once again – this time to completion. Brad watched as she made quick work of my cock and ingested my cum.

She rose without saying a word and left us alone. We talked more and he was thrilled with what just happened. He loved the way my wife felt and enjoyed watching me slurp up what remained in her. We laughed a little before he left for the night.

I met Sarah a few minutes later in our bed after she showered. I held her as we talked about the wonderful evening we shared and discussed the potential of meeting Brad again.

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Nanny Sarah Pt. 03

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This is an edited version of Nanny Sarah. Once again, a huge thank you to Bi_Cathy for helping proofread. Hopefully we’ve caught 99% of the typos now.

This is the third part of a three part story. Please read the other parts first. All characters in explicit scenes are over eighteen.


Sarah had been correct. As soon as the sky outside showed any hint of color a mop of curly hair bounced through the doorway and climbed up next to me. I was facing away, my arm wrapped around Sarah, who had turned in the night so I was spooning her.

Little hands shook my shoulder, making me roll over onto my back. “Mommy, mommy.”

“Hmm, what is it, sweetie?”

“Why’s Nanny Sarah in your bed?”

My pulling my arm away caused Sarah to stir, rolling towards me and sliding her arm over my belly under the covers.


“That alarm clock you mentioned is here. I think we’re busted.”

Sarah’s eyes opened and she laid her head on my shoulder. “Morning, Heidi.”

“Good morning. Did you get scared last night?”


“Mommy only lets me sleep in here when I get scared of the thunder lightning.”

“Oh.” Sarah chuckled. “No, honey, I wasn’t scared. I’m going to be sleeping in here from now on, OK?”


I decided to take over. “Because, honey, when two adults love each other, sometimes they like to sleep in the same bed.”

“Like Auntie Lauren and Uncle Rick?”

“Uh-huh, just like that.”

“So you love Nanny Sarah?”

I nodded. “I do.”

“And Nanny Sarah, you love my mommy?”

“Yes, sweetheart, I love her very much.”

A tear began to form in Heidi’s eye, her voice shaking like when she was trying to settle down from a tantrum. “So are we a family?”

Sarah pulled her arms out from under the covers and held them out, and Heidi wasted no time in clambering over me and into them. “Oh, honey, of course we are.”

Heidi clutched at Sarah, sobbing. I put my arms around both my girls. “Are you okay, Heidi?”

“Yeah.” She turned back to me, wiping her nose on the sleeve of her Elsa nightgown. “They’re happy tears.”

We snuggled together in bed, the three of us, for another half an hour before I got up to take Heidi wash her face and brush her teeth. Sarah took the opportunity to sneak back to her room for some real clothes. By the time I had Heidi dressed the shower was running.

Breakfast was well on the way when Sarah came down, and she slipped her arms around my waist as I stirred the eggs. “Morning, sweetie.”

“Hi. We need to get you really moved into our room today.”

“Yeah. I thought about it yesterday while Heidi was at school, but, um, I wasn’t sure about…”

“About where to put things?”

“Yeah. I didn’t want to move your dad’s stuff around. Y’know, without you here.”

I nodded my understanding while emptying the eggs into a white ceramic bowl. When mom died, dad had given all of her clothes to charity very quickly, saying she’d made him promise. So when I’d moved into the large bedroom after he died, I’d just taken over her mostly empty dresser and closet space. It had made me feel closer to her. Dad’s stuff was still in his wardrobe and hanging in one corner of the walk-in closet. Eventually my stuff expanded to fill the empty spaces.

I took a deep breath. “Yeah, I guess it’s time to get rid of my dad’s clothes.”

I had some empty, folded up boxes in the attic left over from my move home, so by noon we had everything ready for Goodwill. Being a lawyer my dad had some really nice suits. Someone was going to score well with those.

Over lunch at McAlister’s we talked about the next step. Dad’s wardrobe just wasn’t appropriate for Sarah, although she insisted it would do. I wanted her to have something of her own.

So we went shopping. Heidi made a point of walking between us and holding both our hands “Like Sylvia does.” But whenever she’d run off to look at something I’d find my fingers intertwining with Sarah’s without any conscious thought.

I’d like to say I didn’t notice the looks either, but that would be a lie. But every time I saw someone looking at us, I felt a great swell of defiance and, well, pride. I got it now, fully understanding why gay rights parades were called ‘Pride Marches’. It wasn’t about pride in being gay. It was about choosing to live your life openly, pursuing the relationship you wanted, loving whomever you chose to despite societal judgments. There is great pride in that.

We stopped at three different stores before finding our way to a little antique mall in Carmel. Sarah’s face went all dreamy as soon as she saw it, something that hadn’t happened all day. It had a lovely three-part mirror with the same number of large drawers on either side of a central vanity cut out. The info card said Spanish style, made from oak, and the matching bench style seat was included.

Sarah ran her fingers over the red-brown wood and along the framing. She reached for the price tag and her face fell. A sad smile followed and she took my hand casino siteleri to walk on.

I didn’t move. “You like this one, don’t you?”

Sarah looked back over at the piece. “Yeah, it’s beautiful. But I can’t afford it.”

I turned over the tag. Ouch, she wasn’t kidding. But I hadn’t bought a really nice item of furniture since dad died. “Let’s get it.”

“Connie, no, it’s…”

“Sweetheart, we can afford this, if it’s the one you want. Is it?” I saw a little smile break and she turned back to the vanity. She did her due diligence, checking each of the drawers, the feet, everything. Finally satisfied she nodded to me.

“I really like it.”

“Okay. I’m gonna go get the sales lady.”

Before I could turn away Sarah pulled me into a hug. “Thank you.” The kiss she planted on my cheek made me all melty inside, and I couldn’t keep the silly grin off my face as I moved away.

From behind I heard Sarah talking to Heidi. “We’re going to get this one. Do you like it?”

“Yeah, Nanny Sarah, it’s pretty.”

Half an hour later we’d paid and arranged for delivery and haul away of dad’s old wardrobe.

Since we hadn’t had family pizza and a movie night yesterday we stopped at Napoli’s and got a couple of brick oven pizzas on the way home. Heidi wanted ‘Homeward Bound’, so I grabbed a box of tissues before we snuggled up on the couch. Heidi sat on the floor, but my hand was firmly in Sarah’s as she leaned against my shoulder. It was so lovely and I couldn’t, in that moment, understand why there had ever been any distance between us.

About half an hour into the movie Sarah’s phone buzzed on the end table and she reached over to grab it. “It’s Linda.”

I whispered to Heidi that we needed to pause the movie as I grabbed the remote and hit the button.

“Hey, Linda. Yeah, let me put you on speaker.” Sarah pressed the appropriate icon and set the phone on her leg.

“Okay, you’re on. Connie’s right here.”

“Hi Linda.” I called out as Heidi climbed up into my lap.

“Hi Connie! Just hoping you’re all still coming up for Christmas.”

Heidi looked at me wide eyed. “Who’s that, mommy?”

“Oh, is that Heidi? Hello!”

My daughter looked at me shyly, and I whispered back. “Go ahead, say ‘Hi’.”


Sarah smiled at her. “Heidi, this is my brother’s wife. She’s inviting us all for Christmas. What do you think?”

Heidi’s eyes went wide. “Really?”

“Yeah, I want you and your mommy and Sarah to all come.”

I ran my fingers through Heidi’s curls. “What do you say sweetie?”

“Yeah! When do we go? Tomorrow?”

Sarah laughed. “No, but that’s what we’re going to figure out.”

“Rebecca and Jonathan will be here the day after Christmas. Do you want to shoot for that?”

I nodded when Sarah looked at me. “Sure, sounds good.” She paused for a moment. “Um, is mom going to be there?”

“She’s coming, but I doubt she’ll stay the night. She knows you’re all coming.”

I reached out and took my lover’s hand. “We have to see her sometime.”

“Okay. Linda, well see you then.” We’ll give you a call Tuesday when we’re on our way.”

Everyone said ‘goodbye’ and Linda disconnected. I restarted the movie, noting that Sarah was holding my hand a bit tighter.

Later that night we were lying in bed, my fingers running gently through her hair. “You’ve been quiet tonight. Worried about seeing your mom?”

“I just don’t want to drag you into my family’s drama. Especially Heidi. She won’t understand. I’m worried mom’ll say something that’ll upset her.”

I wiped a tear off her cheek. “Sarah, as much as I hate to admit it, if we’re going to be together, Heidi’s going to have to get used to stuff like that. I remember what high school was like.”

Sarah looked at me confused. No one had suspected I was gay in high school. Not even me.

“I mean Megan. She was six feet tall when we were freshmen. Played basketball and threw shot and discus. Even kept her hair cut short. People just assumed, and they gave her hell for it. Which is ironic, ’cause there’s not a bi-curious bone in that girl’s body.”

Sarah chuckled. “Really?”

“Yeah. Absolutely, completely boy crazy, I swear. But guys wouldn’t give her the time of day. It was hard, but she survived. Heidi’ll get through it, too.”

Sarah touched my cheek. “Look at you, being all sensible.”

“Well I’ve been hanging around this amazing woman. She makes me a better person, I think.”

Her cheeks colored and she grinned. “How so?”

“Well,” I kissed her gently, “I’m more relaxed.” My lips feathered up her jaw line to her ear. “I smile more.”

Sarah gasped as I took her earlobe between my teeth. “You do?”

“Oh, yeah.” My tongue traced the ridge of her ear, earning a delicious sigh. “And, I’m much more of a giver.”

“Wha? … Oh!”

I slipped under the sheets, lifting up her pajama top and licking around her navel, where I knew she was ticklish. Laughing and squealing, she tried to push me away. I used the fact that her body canlı casino was suddenly in motion to strip off her bottoms, and I let her push my head down towards its true goal.

My mouth found the sensitive skin of Sarah’s inner thigh, and her giggles fast turned to moans. Up and down her legs I went until the smell of her arousal became too much, and I had to taste it. I never could get enough.

Slowly I brought her to her full, and my love came like a waterfall, gushing into my mouth. When I was convinced I’d taken in the last drop of her essence I crawled out from under the covers and took her into my arms as she nuzzled into my neck.

“Mmm, I love you.” A soft kiss. “My darling.”

My fingers ran gently through her hair as I pressed my lips to her forehead, hearing her purr as I did. “My precious girl.”

A long day, combined with the relaxation of her orgasm had my lover asleep in my arms moments later. I just held her there, thanking God for being so good to me.


I’d thought I’d be more emotional when they took my dad’s old wardrobe away, but it was okay. The new piece fit perfectly, and an hour later Sarah had the last of her stuff moved into our room.

My heart melted a little as Sarah sat at her vanity with Heidi in her lap, pretending to put on makeup. After dinner we sat in our living room watching the snow fall quietly outside, while our fire danced about and the lights on our tree chased each other around the ornaments. Carols filled the air as we sang along. A holiday at home with my family.

Christmas morning dawned crisp and clear, with just enough snow to cover the ground. We’d told Heidi she couldn’t come into our room until it was light out, so as soon as the sky even thought about beginning to brighten a mop of curly brown hair poked its accompanying head through our door.

“Mommy?” It was a forced whisper, barely containing her excitement. “Is it light enough yet?”

Sarah rolled towards me and kissed me on the cheek. “You know we’re not getting any more sleep, right?”

I sighed. “Yeah. Okay, munchkin, you can come in.”

Heidi bounded across the room, flumping onto the bed and bouncing up and down on her knees. “It’s Christmas! Time to get up!”

“Okay, okay! You want to go see if Santa came?” Heidi nodded her wide-eyed approval, sliding off the bed and racing out of the room. “No opening anything until we come down!” I heaved a sigh and settled back into my pillow, looking into Sarah’s lovely green eyes.

“Merry Christmas, darling.” The sound of her voice soothed away any irritation I might have been feeling over being up this early.

I reached and stroked her hair. “Merry Christmas. You’re the best present ever.

The corner of her mouth twitched up. “Really? You’re in advertising and that’s the best you can come up with?”

“It’s early.” Her little grin said that excuse wasn’t going to cut it. “Alright, fine. How ’bout this?” I pulled her to me and claimed her mouth with mine, rolling her gently onto her back. For a moment she giggled and tried to fight me, but then I felt her relax and sink into the kiss, which I made as deep as possible. I shifted my leg, drawing my thigh over her core, earning a moan and shudder. I pulled away a few inches.

“That better?” Sarah nodded wordlessly, and I bent down to kiss her again.

“Santa came! Santa came! C’mon! Let’s go!” Heidi barged through the door and jumped up on the bed.

I groaned and leaned into Sarah’s neck, who patted me on the shoulder. “Should I go make coffee?”

“Oh, God, yes.” I kissed her again and rolled away.

“Mommy! Get up!”

“Heidi, go with Nanny Sarah, I’ll be down in a minute.”

Sarah tied off her robe and held out her hand. “Let’s go, munchkin.” Heidi grabbed on and dragged her out into the hall and down the stairs.

As soon as they were gone I climbed out from the warmth of my bed and headed into the bathroom before wrapping myself in my own robe and sneaking into my office. In the bottom drawer of my desk was the box from Barrington’s. I hadn’t gotten it out while we’d been laying out the gifts last night. I wanted it to be a surprise.

I slipped it into my nightgown’s pocket and headed downstairs. I could hear Sarah bustling about in the kitchen and the whir of a coffee grinder, so I stole into the living room and slipped the box into her green stocking while no one was looking.

Heidi was on her knees in front of the tree inspecting every package, looking for her name, which she could recognize now. I eased myself over to my favorite chair and set my phone to camera mode. A minute later a steaming mug of coffee appeared next to me, and I inhaled the aroma of java and vanilla creamer.

“Thank you, sweetie.”

“You’re welcome.” Sarah sat on the sofa, tucking her legs underneath her in that adorable way she does. “Shall we get started?”

“Yeah, yeah!” Heidi was bouncing up and down on her knees.

“Okay, go ahead.”

With a squeal of four-year-old joy Heidi tore into the first package, and the kaçak casino bacchanalia was on. I’d let myself go a little overboard with presents, but other than my brother she didn’t have aunts, uncles, or grandparents to pick up the slack.

Her first score was a set of plastic ‘My Little Pony’ figures to go with the castle she’d gotten for her birthday. Several other brightly colored bits followed, including a couple of play sets from Uncle Reggie, but the real highlight was a good-sized box from Sarah, which contained an Easy-Bake oven.

Heidi squealed and launched herself into Sarah’s arms. “Thank you! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart. Now, you’re only allowed to use it when your mommy or I are with you, okay?” Heidi bobbed her head quickly. “Alright, now, can you give this to your mommy? It’s for her.”

“Thank you, honey.” I took the package from my daughter. The tag read ‘To the woman who keeps me warm at night. Love, Sarah.’ She was smiling sweetly at me as a tear burned in my eye. I made myself tear off the wrapping, grinning widely as I pulled out a beautiful new winter coat.

It was black, with a faux-fur lined hood, and an attached belt that cinched it at the waist. So many coats I’d tried had looked odd because of my height, but as I held it up I knew this one would be long enough.

“Oh, Sarah, it’s beautiful.” I held it up to my body and smoothed it with my hand.

“Try it on.”

I nodded and stripped off my robe. The coat fit perfectly, and I could already tell it was going to be warm.

“You’re going to need it when we go up to Michigan. It’s not the tropical clime we have here.”

I glanced outside, where the three inches of snow we’d had two nights ago were barely hanging on in the thirty-eight-degree weather.

Soon the packages were depleted. Sarah loved the Bath & Body Works basket, and ‘Heidi’ had gotten me a long woolen scarf in hues of blue, purple and red to add some color to my new coat.

I jumped up to grab the stockings from the mantle, setting my own, which was heavier than I remembered, by my chair. I handed over Heidi’s, who immediately and unceremoniously dumped its contents onto the carpet.

Sarah laughed, and my mind remarked to itself how much it loved that sound as I sat down next to her, still holding her green stocking. She looked at me with a happy, contented smile, which flowed away at the seriousness of my expression. I placed what I was holding in her lap.

“Merry Christmas, Sarah.”

She looked down, drawing in a breath as she saw the blue box, which was now poking out the top. She drew it out almost reverently, her mouth open slightly.

“Oh, Connie.” She ran her fingers over the soft covering before opening the clamshell and gasping, her hand over her mouth.

The lights from the Christmas tree danced over the precious metal and through the diamonds. There were two hearts, one simple, pure yellow gold, the other white gold inlaid with tiny diamonds all along the face. The two were interlocked, together for always.

“Do you like it?”

“Darling, it’s beautiful.” She leaned over and kissed me, a tear in her eye.

I brushed it away as it began to roll down her cheek. “You’re beautiful.”

“What’s that?” Heidi poked her head over the coffee table.

“It’s Nanny Sarah’s necklace. You remember buying it?”


Sarah pulled the chain out of the box and turned her back to me before pulling her hair to the side and handing me the necklace. Once it was in place she faced me, one hand touching her new jewelry.

“What do you think?”

“I think I love you.”

“You better, you shouldn’t give things like this to just anyone.”

We laughed and kissed, and had a wonderful Christmas. Carols sounded through the house while Heidi played happily with her new loot. Soon the aroma of baking ham filled the air, along with mashed potatoes and several other assorted yummies. Heidi and Sarah even used Heidi’s new oven to bake cookies for dessert.

I read to my daughter from one of her new storybooks before retiring to our room, where Sarah was running a bath.

“Join me?” She gave me a sweet pleading smile, as if there were any other place on earth I’d rather be.

Soon we were relaxing in the water in our normal positions, her sitting between my legs, resting against me as my arms encircled her from behind.

My fingers caressed her skin as I whispered in her ear. “Did you have a nice Christmas?”

“I miss my dad, but yeah. Best in a long time. You?”

“Same, at least since my mom died.” I hugged her close. “It’s good to spend it with family.”

We sat like that for a few minutes, but soon I could feel Sarah’s energy change.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, um.” She held my arms tightly, almost possessively. “I need to ask you, or tell you something. But I don’t want you to take it wrong.”

“Oh, God, what’d I do?”

Sarah gave a nervous laugh. “No.” She kissed the back of my hand, which made me feel better. “I love my necklace, and I love the dresser you bought me. I just… I want you to know you don’t have to buy me expensive things. I mean, I get you have money from your dad. But it’s not why I’m with you. I need to know you believe that. ‘Cause it’s true.”

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Back Together with His Ex-Wife 04

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Two more months passed without a word about Anna. Peter had taken the video to the police and they assured him that they’d continue to work on the case. In the meantime he spent hours on the “NET” talking to people about Anna and asking them for any help they might be able to give. Several said that they traveled quite a bit for their jobs and would keep an eye out, but still nothing.

Then one day he got a letter in the mail. It simply read:


With nothing else to go on Peter packed and headed South that evening. Fortunately, he has born in Texas and had relatives there, as well as some of his “NET” contacts. Calling ahead he told everyone about the letter and asked for help. Offers of a place to stay, money, or even a gun where made. Peter asked that they meet him in Laredo and be prepared for a trip across the border.

When he arrived two days later, he found 14 people waiting at the motel he had registered at. He gave each a picture of Anna and another of Ned and watched as they disappeared to become the eyes and ears of his search.

One person stayed behind. A woman in her early thirties, named Beth, stood in the doorway. Long, raven-black hair, chocolate-brown eyes, a deep Southern tan, but with a long sundress that revealed nothing of what might be underneath. “You know they won’t find her,” she said.

“Really? And why is that?”

“They’re all nice folks, and they mean well, but the area of town that your ‘Ex’ was probably taken her to isn’t safe for their kind. They’ll either be smart enough to stay away from it or too stupid and get hurt.”

“Sounds like you know that area yourself …,” he replied.

“Lets just say that part of my ill-begotten youth took me to the area.”

“… and you think you might know where to look?”

“Ya. I know where to look and who to talk to, but only if it’s just you and me. I don’t want anybody getting hurt. Okay?”

Some gut-instinct told Peter that this woman knew what she was talking about as he stretched out his hand, “Deal.”

Taking his hand, she shook it. “I’ll be back in an hour with some ‘friends’. Be ready,” then she left.

Unsure of what the day would bring, Peter grabbed a quick lunch and returned to his room. He watched the clock tick slowly as an hour passed and he dreamed of Anna. A knock at the door brought him back to reality. Quickly opening the door he found a totally changed Beth and six of her “friends.”

Gone was the meek, average woman he had met earlier. Instead Beth was dressed in a red sports bra, that looked two sizes too small as her nipples pressed against the material, a pair of black hip-hugger latex pants, that appeared to have been painted on, and black heels. Her hair flowed loosely over her shoulders and she had applied just the right amount of make-up, which was topped by ruby-red lipstick. Her six “friends” were all over six-foot tall and dressed in biker clothing that was obviously their own.

Beth quietly stepped into the room, with her friends following. “I guess introductions are in order. Peter this is Roy, Guy, Hank, Phil, Matt, and Toby. These are the friends I told you about. Guys, this is Peter.” Each nodded and shook my hand as he was introduced, but never said a word. Beth continued, “The boys and I are going to check things out. I want you to stay here until we get back.”

“That wasn’t the deal. You said that you and I would be looking together.” Peter replied.

Taking him by the hand, Beth walked him to the back of the small room before responding, “Look, Peter. You’d stick out like a white flag in some of the places we need to check. The guys and I can move around without any problem. We’re all “upstanding citizens” now, but we’ve all had our times south of the border when we were younger. I know this is hard but you haven’t seen Anna in months, just give us a couple of hours to find her and make sure we can do it right to keep her safe. It’s one o’clock now. We’ll be back here by three-thirty to let you know what we found. Okay?”

Reluctantly, he agreed and stood in the doorway as they left.

Time again seemed to stand still as he waited; yet barely thirty minutes had passed before Beth returned. “I think we found her. She’s working in one of the better ‘houses’ just off the main drag. She looks a bit different, but as a whole she looks healthy. The owner of the place seems to have a soft spot for pregnant women, cuz’ she’s working the bar as a waitress instead of working on stage or in back. You’ll need to change into these and come with me to make a definite ID,” she said as she handed Peter a small backpack stuffed with biker leathers and colors.

Grabbing the bag he headed for the bathroom.

“Umm, Peter. Considering what might have to be done I think you should change out here and get used to people seeing you naked.”

Stunned, he stopped in his tracks. “What do you mean by that?”

“Well, if it is Anna, there are only two ways of getting her out of there. casino siteleri The first is a major fight, probably including guns that could get her hurt. The other is to pay for her. The catch is that you can’t pay the money it has to come from the people in the audience. You and her will have to go up on stage and perform by which I mean fuck.”

“You’re telling me that Anna and I will have to make love in front of the people in the bar and hope we do good enough to get the money to pay for her freedom?”

“No and yes. You’re not going to ‘make love’ to her. You’re going to have to fuck her hard and get her screaming, get her begging for you to fuck her harder and to make her cum. When she’s hot and has the audience turned on, pull out of her and tell them if they want to see more they will have to pay. Make them toss the money up on the stage for you to see. Don’t start again until you have at least half of what you need to buy Anna. Then fuck her as hard and long as you can. Have her squirt tit-milk over some of the guys in the front row to turn them on more. These are usually the ‘regulars’ and are hardened to the routines. Finally, when you do cum you’ll need to pull out and cum on her. Doesn’t matter if it’s on her ass, her face, her tits, or all over her pussy. They just need to see the cum. That is what impresses this type of guy. You got all of that?”

“Ya, I guess so.”

“Okay then strip. Let’s see what we have to work with.”

Grabbing his shirt Peter pulled it over his head and threw it on the bed. Beth’s description of what was going to be needed had given him a huge hard-on that was tenting the front of his pants as he reached for the zipper and pulled it down.

Beth’s eyes followed his every move.

Unbuttoning his pants, Peter pushed them down along with my underwear. His cock sprang from its confines, pointing directly at Beth.

“Verrryyyy niicceeeeee. Good length. Plenty of thickness and hard enough to break a board from the looks of it. Anna’s getting a good deal by being with you. The only problem is that if you go in like that you won’t last a minute and then forget about getting the money and Anna. I guess I’ll just need to help with this situation …,” Beth purred as she knelt in front of him, “… let me do that for you.”

Without another word, she took his hard cock in her hand, and started stroking him expertly, as though she had performed this task a thousand and one times. Peter started to protest, but the words wouldn’t come. The warmth of her hand, the slow, steady rhythm she was using to pump his hard shaft stifled them in his throat. Their eyes met and locked in the mirror. Was that a hint of a smile on her lips?

Releasing his cock Beth removed her top revealing her tits. Average in size and shape they had just the slightest sag. They were capped with light brown areola and nipples that were hard from her excitement. A small snake tattoo on her right tit drew attention to her cleavage.

Following his stare, she lightly touched the tattoo. “You like my little reminder? It is a present from when I was down south. It was originally the letter “S”, but I had it changed. All working women are branded like this, including Anna. It stands for “slut”, which is exactly what I was and am. But now I belong to the guys, more or less. They are the ones that came and got me from the same ‘house’ that Anna is working in … and paid for me exactly the same way you and Anna will pay. All six of them fucked me that night to earn the money. In fact, there was enough left over to set ourselves up here in town and start our new lives. As soon as we crossed the border they released me from my contract and set me free. Now we’re all friends, though I sometime do perform special ‘favors’ for them.”

Reaching out, Beth took Peter’s cock and began to stroke it again. It didn’t take long for the soft, rhythmic strokes to overwhelm him and for the pressure to build. It took even less time for him to clamp his eyes shut as his body stiffened and long white strand of cum to explode from his cock and onto Beth’s tits.

Beth kept stroking him as he came. She milked him dry with her fingers, squeezing the last, sluggish drops of cum out of him withering prick. His legs were shaking from the intensity of the orgasm and he dropped onto the bed.

When she was satisfied that he was done, she looked down at a thick smear of his cum in the palm of her hand, raised it to her mouth, and licked it off the way you might lick the blood from a small cut. “Mmmm,” she moaned huskily, “that’s too good to waste.” Then crawled towards him on hands and knees until she was between his legs and took his balls in her hands and his softening cock in her mouth.

“Beth?” he asked stupidly. “What are you doing?”

She didn’t answer. Her lips slid back and forth on the shaft of his cock a few times and then he felt her tongue wiping the residue of cum from it. Amazingly, his cock started to stiffen again in the insistent warmth and wetness of her mouth.

Peter looked down at her, but canlı casino all he could see was the top of her head, and, even as he watched, she engulfed the entire length with one fluid motion, cramming his cock inside her mouth until it touched the back of her throat and she started to apply suction. The power her mouth had over him was unimaginable as she slid her mouth up and down while teasing the nerves under the head with her tongue.

The tingly sensation seemed to start at the head of Peter’s cock and spread throughout the rest of his body; a fog of lust clouding his brain, and the only thing he was aware of was Beth’s marvelous lips sliding smoothly back and forth along his hard length; the only thing he could hear were the slurpy noises coming from her mouth.

Peter tangled his fingers in her hair, pulling her head back and forth on his cock, and felt the pressure building in his groin again. He felt his cock swell even further in her mouth as she applied more and more suction until he was no longer able to hold back and his cum was about to rocket up from his balls and into her waiting mouth. “I’m going to cummmmm, Beth.”

Beth groaned too, “Mmmmmmmmmm,” as she pulled her mouth from his cock. “That you are, baby, but not in my mouth. You’ve got me so turned on there is only one place that this cock belongs,” she sighed seductively as she stood and removed the rest of her clothes.

Peter stared in amazement as Beth bared herself to him. At 5-foot, 9-inches tall she was the same height as Anna but that was where any similarly ended. Beth’s hair was almost raven-black in color and her eyes were a chocolate brown. It was apparent that she had at least a little Mexican blood in her since her skin was a golden brown. Her tits were 36C but sagged slightly and the ‘S’ on her right tit seemed to draw Peter’s attention into it. Her waist was 29-inches though Peter saw scattered stretch-marks to indicate that at one time she had either been much larger or had a child and her hips flared to 35-inches causing what one friend had once referred to as a ‘womanly’ roundness. Peter also was that her hair color was natural as her pussy was covered with a thick bush of the same raven-black hair.

Beth stood there letting Peter admire her body while she fought her own internal battle. She hadn’t allowed anybody other than her ‘friends’ to fuck her since the day they had rescued her but for some reason today, with this man, she wanted more. Maybe it was the size of his cock or maybe it was the fact that he was going through so much to find the woman he loved but she wanted him. She wanted to remember what it was like to be with someone new who wasn’t part of her old life and profession. After reaching a decision she climbed onto the bed next to Peter and said, “Hurry up, lover. You’ve got me so fucking horny and the only thing that’s going to put out that fire is your cock buried deep inside of me giving me a ‘quicky’.

Peter immediately stood and spun around so his cock was pointing back at Beth’s waiting pussy. The thrill of fucking a woman who was almost a stranger as well as being an ex-whore was evident as Peter’s cock seemed to grow even larger and harder. Stepping forward until it was almost touching her he grabbed her hips.

Beth knew what was coming and wanted it … now more than ever. She wanted this man who was willing to risk everything for the woman he loved. She knew she could never have him for more than the next few moments but it was a start … a start of a new life and the search for a man who could and would love her as Peter loved Anna. Besides which she had always gotten an extra special thrill when she was being fucked by a man with such a large cock. As if a switch had been turned on in her pussy Beth’s juices started to flow until they glistened along her slit. Turning and looking over her shoulder she said “Come on and me, baby. Don’t be shhhhh …” but was unable to finish as Peter plunged forward burying his cock into her depths in a single long thrust. Instead Beth a scream of delight rushed from her, “aaeeeeiiiiiiii. OH FUCK!!” and she dropped her head to the bedding as her body trembled from the feeling of Peter’s cock invading her.

Peter held Beth as she slowly became used to the size of his cock and didn’t move until she looked back over her shoulder at him again.

“Oh my god, baby. I haven’t had a cock that big in me in so long. Now fuck me. Use my pussy and make me cum. Fill me with your cock.”

Peter happily obliged as he withdrew his cock until only the head was still between her pussy lips and then drove forward while pulling her hips back to meet him.

Beth thrilled at the feeling. It had been far too long. Somewhere in her lust-clouded mind she heard the bedsprings squeaking but she didn’t care. Peter was giving her exactly what she had been missing for so long.

“Mmuummpphh … mmuummpphh … mmuummpphh,” the sound burst from Beth each time Peter drove himself into her and the sound only increased his desire for her.

“Fuck me … use me … fill my pussy … kaçak casino oh god … I need this …,” Beth chanted yet deep inside she knew that she had reached a plateau and needed more.

Peter sensed it too. He knew he could easily have continued and gotten himself off but for some reason he sensed that she wanted more than just a simple fuck from him. Then suddenly an idea popped in his head and he let got of Beth’s hip with one hand, raising it up and bringing it down on her ass … “SLAP!”

“AAAAeeeeeiiiiii,” Beth screamed as she felt Peter’s hand land on her ass. “Yessssss … more … slap my ass … fuck me … slap me again … make my ass burn … just don’t stop … so long … that’s what I need, Peter … slap my ass … spank me … turn my ass red … oh god, it feels so good.”

Peter felt the change come over Beth the second he had spanked her and instantly complied with her request. “Slap … slap …SLAP …SLAP” filled the room along with the increased tempo of the squeaking springs as he alternated which ass cheek he spanked and how hard he did it.

Beth felt the change too. A change she had seldom even allowed herself to even think of. Each slap seemed to break down a piece of the emotional defenses she had built up over the years as a professional until she finally felt the last of them fall and she was totally free. She was no longer a whore but a woman releasing herself to a man to fulfill her own inner desire. “Fuck me, Peter. Fuck my pussy. Make me cum. Fill me with your cum. Help me remember what it’s like to be a woman with a man,” she pleaded.

Peter heard what she was saying and only hoped that he was able to do it as he continued pumping in and out of her while spanking her.

“Yessss … yesssss … yessss … so good … so nice … harder … deeper … more … mumph … don’t stop … almost there … just a little … more,” Beth chanted with each thrust. “Almost … almost … so long … going to … now … now … oooHHHHHH CCCCUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGGG.” Beth screamed as her orgasm surged throughout her body as she fell forward onto the bed dragging Peter with her.

The instant Beth started to cum her pussy muscles clamped down on Peter’s cock triggering his own orgasm. It was only by a twist of fate that his cum began to spew from the tip as Beth dragged him forward and he buried himself against her cervix, coating it with his cum.

The feel of his hot cum filling her immediately set off another smaller orgasm in Beth as she trembled beneath Peter. “Mmmmmmmmm, yesssssssss , soooo niiiiccceeee,” she murmured.

All the troubles of the world outside seemed to disappear as the two of them lay there while their orgasms slowly subsided until Peter rolled off Beth and onto his side.

Beth rolled the opposite direction so she was looking directly at Peter when she opened her eyes. “God, that was good!” she purred, “Thank you. I’d been a ‘professional’ for so long I had almost forgotten what it was like to do this for fun … and for myself. I know this may sound weird but you woke something in me I had thought was gone,” she continued, “beside which, I haven’t had a load like this filling me for a long, long time … and now that you’ve cum twice it should give you more than enough staying power to put on a good show for everyone.”

Dressing quickly they left the motel and drove the few blocks needed to cross the border and reach the ‘house’ that Anna was working at. The outside looked like many of the local hangouts; slightly run-down with a neon sign advertising cheap beer, late hours, as well as public and private dance shows. Beth hopped from the Jeep and casually walked past the two bouncers standing at the door and into the building. Paying more attention to the size of the bouncers, Peter was surprised by the drastic difference from the outside to the inside of the building.

The inside was lit and decorated like the inside of an exclusive New York City Men’s Club. The bar appeared to be at least 50 feet in length and was covered with marble; the sides made of a beautifully stained wood. The tables were scattered around the room to offer the best view of the stages and each had a deep red tablecloth on it. Spot lights immediately drew your attention to the shows on three separate stages while the rest of the audience was lit by just enough light of keep the patrons and staff from tripping over something.

On the right stage was a tall, full-bodied brunette swaying and twisting to the sound of a popular R&B tone as she slowly removed her clothing. On the left stage, a willowy blonde was sitting on the edge and was in the process of an intense orgasm from the dildo buried in her pussy. Two of the men from the audience were assisting her by keeping her legs spread wide open for all to see. On the center stage, a young man was aggressively ass fucking a woman twice his age. She moaned and begged for more with each thrust, but her eyes were dull and bored. Watching the shows were people from all walks of life: businessmen, bikers, yuppies, a smattering of the local population, and almost a dozen women. Circulating among them were several women in various stages of undress, serving drinks or offering other “services,” but there was no sign of Anna.

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How to Stop Smoking Ch. 07

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Everyone was getting a little tired. We decided to have a snack and a drink or two before going to bed.

We migrated to the living room. Ann, Mona and Lois went to the kitchen to put together a snack tray. Meanwhile, John and I did the honors with drinks.

Jody sat on the couch with a glassy stare in her eyes. It was obvious that she hadn’t expected all this.

I have to admit, it has been some evening. We’ve tried just about everything in the book. There are a couple of tricks left, but we’ll probably get to them later.

When the other girls came in with the snacks and sat them on the coffee table, everyone gathered around.

Ann sat next to me and held my cock. Her hands were a little cold, but they warmed up fast.

Mona sat down next to John. I believe she was in love with his cock. I’ll have to admit, it was huge.

Lois sat next to Jody and finally managed to get her to eat and drink something. I wondered idly if Jody was doing drugs. Mona said that she was straight. Just fucked out.

We finished eating and John and I helped clean up. As I was putting away the cheese and beef roll, I spotted the strawberry jam and got an idea.

There was a bottle that hadn’t been opened in the cupboard. It was warm to boot. Showing it to Ann, I said that I’d like a little dessert. When she asked what I was going to do with the Strawberry Jam, I just smiled. She caught on.

Everyone was told that they were welcome to share the waterbed with Ann and I. It was a unique waterbed.

It was almost wave-less, heated and it was twice the size of a normal king sized bed.

When I built it, I used two king sized frames and put them together flat on the floor.

Then, I loaded it with two king sized bladders and filled them. The effect is that the bedroom is almost wall-to-wall bed. There was plenty of room to roam on that bed. Plenty of room for six people.

I sat the strawberry jam on the headboard. We turned out the lights and proceeded to find each other in the dark. After everyone said goodnight to each other, we cuddled up and went to sleep.

I don’t know how long we slept, but the sun was up by the time we woke. Taking the strawberry jam off the headboard, I opened it.

Ann was still sleeping, lying on her back. I held the jar above her stomach and dipped a couple of fingers in the jam. Then, I rubbed it on her pussy. She started to stir. I reached in and got some more and rubbed it on her nipples. They began to get erect almost immediately.

Taking about a tablespoon of jam, I rubbed it in her pussy. I stuffed plenty of it inside her. Then I took some more and rubbed it on my cock. My cock had begun to get stiff in anticipation.

By this time, Lois and Mona were awake. When they saw what I was doing, they smiled. I started to put the strawberry jam back on the headboard when Mona reached for it.

I handed it to her and went on with what I was doing. I leaned over Ann and gently sucked the strawberry jam off one of her nipples. That little sucker got hard as a rock immediately.

I didn’t want to leave the other one out, so I gave it a little sucking too. It started to rise. The more I sucked them, the harder they got.

It was then that I noticed Ann’s clit. It was starting to swell, sticking out of her pussy lips.

Shifting around, I positioned my cock above her mouth. As I reached over to place my lips on her pussy, my cock dangled against her lips.

When she felt it, her lips opened and she sucked it in. By then I knew that she was no longer asleep. No one sucks cock like that in their sleep.

I was doing a good job of cleaning all the strawberry jam off her pussy lips, but her clit kept getting in the way. So I started sucking casino siteleri it too. The more I sucked, the larger and harder it got.

Meanwhile, Mona was smearing strawberry jam on Lois, covering her tits and pussy. After she had liberally coated them, she rubbed some on herself. First she rubbed some on her tits, then her cunt. She put the jar down and the two of them moved into the classic 69 position.

Mona rubbed her strawberry coated tits against Lois’s lower stomach as she licked her clit. Lois pulled Mona even lower and buried her tongue in Mona’s cunt. What a turn-on that was.

I had never seen two women make such beautiful love. Both of them were very good and it wasn’t long before their bodies were bucking up and down.

Ann and I were so turned on that we decided to fuck. Moving into position and I placed my cockhead against her clit.

As I rubbed my fat cock against her pussy lips, she begged me to fuck her. I slipped my cock into the entrance and just leaned down real hard.

The feeling of the strawberry jam that was deep inside her was one of warmth and spice.I began stroking in and out and before long she was coming. I continued to fuck her for about five minutes and she had spasm after spasm. I had a couple of “false cums,” but wasn’t ready to cum yet.

Mona and Lois were resting when I pulled out of Ann and Jody was just coming alive. She stretched and those huge tits made my mouth water. Instead, I grabbed the strawberry jam again. Ann’s pussy juice was covering my cock.

After mixing a liberal amount of jam with Ann’s pussy juice, I spread some between Jody’s tits. Then I put the jar down and straddled her chest, just below the tits. I put one hand on each tit and squeezed them together, forcing them around my cock.

As I tit-fucked her, the head of my cock slipped in and out of her hot mouth. The taste of the jam was driving her wild. Every time my cock slipped into her mouth, she licked like hell. She was trying to clean it off before I pulled it out.

This kept up long enough for me to reach another “false cum,” then I pulled my cock out of her mouth and mounted her.

Ann was the only one I had given my sperm to, so I thought I would share the load. I began to fuck her.

After Jody had cum twice, I had another one of those “false cums.” That made four and I had thought that I would only have three of the damned things before I came. Something was wrong with my planning.

I rolled off Jody and lay on my back. Mona saw that I hadn’t cum yet so she decided to get in a little bareback riding. Straddling me, she stuck my cock in her pussy. Her pussy was wet and warm. It felt like a velvet glove wrapped around my cock.

When she climbed aboard, she had put her feet flat on the bed. Now she started raising up and sitting down like she was doing squatting exercises. The effect was a milking action that I was sure would make me cum. After about 2 or 3 minutes of this, I had my 5th “false cum.”

I began to get worried that the treatments were going to make me so erratic as to make my sex life suffer.After Mona exhausted herself, she got off my cock.

John was wide awake and saw the predicament that I was in. He rolled over on his stomach, reached for my cock and placed it in his mouth.

If you’ve never had your cock sucked by a man, you ain’t lived yet. I don’t have any idea how long John sucked on my cock. I reached a point where I knew that the next one was not going to be a “false cum.”

I had already had 8 of them. This was 1 more than I had in Mai Ling’s office. I hoped that this was the last of them. Lois was the only one I hadn’t fucked. I had fucked them all trying to spend my load except her.

I asked her if she wanted to canlı casino fuck. John released my cock so she could climbed on board. Lois had a unique way of fucking when she was in charge.

She lay down on my stomach, flat out and reached between us. Grabbing my cock, she positioned the head of it between her pussy lips. Then, with a sliding motion, she’d inch toward my feet, imbedding my cock inside her. Then she’d slide up toward my head pulling it out to a point where my cockhead was just barely inside. Then she’d slide back toward my feet taking more cock in her pussy with each movement.

Finally, she had it all inside her and she stopped. We just lay there with neither of us moving. I could feel her pussy squeezing and letting go of my cock as she contracted her pussy muscles. I began to get hotter and hotter. I could feel my balls begin to swell. My ball sac got harder and harder. As I began to cum, she jumped off me and took my cock in her mouth. She lost a little at first, but she managed to swallow almost every drop. Then she proceeded to lick and suck me until I was drained.

Then, the rest of the gang gave us a standing ovation. I had never been cheered for fucking before.

About this time, Mona decided that she wanted some more cock. She had a firm grip on John all the time Lois and I were fucking. She had his cock hard as a rock. She asked John to get on top of her this time and take control.

I hadn’t watched John closely the night before. This time I wanted to see the action. Ann moved over and began to stoke my cock while we watched.

John put his cockhead in the entrance of Mona’s pussy and pushed. It went in about two inches.

Holding the base of his cock, he rotated his cock inside her cunt. The effect was fascinating to watch. Mona began to cum unglued. I now understood why she had been so possessive of John all night. Every chance she had, she was by his side playing with his massive cock.

Ann’s breath was getting ragged. Ann hadn’t let John fuck her. When I asked her about it, she said they were brother and sister. Everything made sense then. Ann didn’t want to share her body with anyone but me so she arranged to meet John at the bar. Choosing him as her “pick for the night” meant not having to share her body.

Soon, Mona began to orgasm. After John brought her off a couple more times, he moved over to Jody. Telling her to get on her hands and knees, that he was ready for a “dog fashion” fuck.

Jody got into position and John entered her from behind. As he stroked in and out, you could see his big black cock glistening. In and out he stroked until he reached a fever pitch. I thought that he was going to cum but he didn’t. After Jody reached several orgasms, John pulled out of her.

Lois moved over and, taking his cock in her mouth, began to suck it. A minute or two later, she was ready to fuck and John’s cock hadn’t gone down on bit. Lois leaned back, with her feet under her ass that caused her pussy to stick high in the air.

John moved in and placed his cock inside the entrance to her pussy. A few strokes later, he had about half of his cock inside her.

Mona then moved over and leaned between them. She began to lick Lois’s clit and the top of John’s cock as he stroked in and out. She was also putting a class ‘A’ massage on his balls. Boy, what these girls won’t cum up with next.

After several minutes of this, John began to cum. As he stroked in and out, Lois’s pussy began to fill. John had much more cum than I did. It filled Lois until it began to overflow.

When it began to seep out of Lois’s cunt, Jody lay down so she could catch every drop, licking John’s balls in the process. This caused John to empty his balls of every last drop of kaçak casino cum.

While we watched this, Ann had my cock deep in her throat. She was sucking it and fondling my balls, keeping me hard. She’d move my cock in and out of her mouth real slow and gentle then she would attack as if there were no tomorrow.

After a few minutes of this, I was ready to fuck again. Since Jody was all ready on her back, I moved over and got between her legs. I raised her butt up in the air and slid my knees beneath them. Then I took my cock and eased it into her steamy pussy.

When I had about half of my 12 inches buried in her pussy, I motioned for Ann to join us. She moved in right away. She started by kissing Jody on the mouth.

I don’t know how girls kiss each other, but Jody started wriggling her ass and bucking up and down. Ann was really making her hot.

Ann moved down to her tits and began to suck first one nipple and the other as she massaged each breast in turn.

Finally Ann worked her way down to the junction where my cock was entered Jody’s pussy. She proceeded to give us the same treatment that Mona had given Lois and John.

She sucked Jody’s clit, massaged my balls and tongued my cock as it slid in and out of Jody.

By the time Ann had reached this point, I had already had two “false cums” in rapid succession.

Jody had already had a series of orgasms starting with Ann’s first kiss. After a few minutes of the licking and massaging, I felt another coming on. The feeling subsided a little and I noticed that my balls were still tight.

If experience has anything to do with it, I knew that the next one would be the real one. I told Ann and she said that she wanted this one. She moved around and got in position for a “dog fashion” fuck. I placed my cock between her pussy lips and shoved. She was well lubricated. It went in all the way to the hilt. This girl had some sweet pussy!

I began fucking her with long deep strokes. Ann asked me to pull out before I came. When I asked why, she said that she wanted her morning cream.

With that, I started pounding her even harder until she began to clench and unclench her pussy lips. She was having an orgasm, but I wasn’t ready to cum yet. After another minute or two and Ann had reached another shattering orgasm, I pulled out of her and lay down on the bed.

Ann moved into position, took my cock into her mouth and proceeded to suck me. My balls tightened and I began to cum. She continued sucking until my balls were drained.

Jody and Mona had been putting on a sister act while this was going on. They had all but emptied the strawberry jam on and inside of each other and were cleaning up when Ann and I finished.

I leaned back with my head propped on my hand and watched. They had a hold on each others clit and were sucking away like mad women. I hoped they would finish soon. I could feel my cock stirring and, right now, it was sore. What I really wanted was breakfast. Real food type breakfast.

While I was watching, Ann had gone into the bathroom to do her thing. She came out about the time the girls finished and said that she was going to the kitchen to fix breakfast. Lois said she would help.

The rest of us decided to clean up. For the sake of what little modesty was left, we dressed for breakfast. That’s to say that John and I put on our shorts while the girls put on their panties.

The food was beginning to smell good by the time we arrived in the dining room. Ann was a good cook and a fast one too. Sausage and eggs with homemade biscuits and sliced melon on the side. I asked Ann if we were out of strawberry jam and she just laughed.

After we ate, John volunteered to take the girls and drop them off while Ann and I stayed at home and read the paper.

John was gone quite awhile and I began to get concerned that the girls had him cornered somewhere. Not that he couldn’t hold his own, but we were both worn out after last night.

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Controlling Aunt Jenny Ch. 01

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The summer break was almost over, and Jennifer, a young math teacher and volleyball coach at the local high school, was spending one of her last days before moving doing what she loved.


“Say it again!”

“Aaaah, I’m sorry master! Please forgive me!” She loved it when he smacked her ass like this. It always made her wet instantly, and she couldn’t help falling into being his submissive slut when he let her have it like this. She was really going to miss these get togethers.


“Why should you I forgive you, my little slut?”

In reality, she hadn’t done anything actually needing forgiveness, but even when they were role playing like today it was so exciting to just give in to his demands. “I’ll do anything sir! Use your slut in any way you want!”


“I’ll give you a chance, but only one. Get on your knees and shove my cock down your throat, now!”

“Yes sir!” She rolled off his lap and had her mouth on his cock as quick as she could. She knew her arousal was dripping on the floor between her knees, but she didn’t care. The sex was always so good when he just owned her like this. She kept her arms behind her back, just like she knew he liked. She’d spent so many hours on her knees in front of him this past year. Truth be told, she loved being ordered around like this. Especially when he put his hand in hair and shoved her head further down his cock. She could feel the puddle getting bigger by the second.


“Not good enough, bitch! Turn around. Let’s see if that cunt can do any better.”

He knew how to push all the right buttons with her. She eagerly flipped around on her hands and knees and shoved her ass out towards him. He immediately shoved her face down to the floor as he lined his tool up with her slit.

“You better squeeze me like your life depended on it or I’ll move to your ass without any lube, slave.”

He then slowly started pushing into her core and she obliged his request. She’d done Kegels since she left for college 6 years ago, so she had the strength to really squeeze his shaft. She felt every vein on his thick cock as it slowly slid deeper. His cock may not be the longest she’d ever had, but it was nice and thick, which suited her just fine. She felt his balls against her lips and knew he’d bottomed out. She knew what was going to happen next.

“Ah, that’s more like it, slut. Now let’s see how much this pussy can handle.”

He reached down and grabbed her hair to pull her head up, and then really started pounding her. He was just using her for his pleasure, and she loved it. She hoped she could find someone to role play with this next year, cause she couldn’t go too long without this in her life. She kept squeezing him as he let her have it, knowing it would drive him to fuck her even harder. As she felt his pace pick up, she could feel her orgasm creeping up on her too. She shoved back on his cock as hard as she could in this position, and after just a few more thrusts, she came. He didn’t slow down at all, knowing how much she loved it. As her orgasm slowed, he pulled out and ordered her to turn around. He immediately shoved his cock back down her throat and came. She swallowed every drop, like the good little slut he’d trained her to be this year.

She collapsed on the bed, and he fell next to her. After they both recovered, he got up to get dressed.

“Jennifer, this really has been fun. I hope whoever they hire to replace you is just as much fun as you are.”

“Ha, you wish. Just admit it, you’re going to miss this ass.”

“You’ve got that right. That ass on your petite frame is amazing. I might just keep you instead of letting you go.”

“Hey, I may be small, but I pack a punch! You’re just lucky I let you take the dominant role when we play.”

“Yeah right. All I have to do is smack your ass and you start drooling over my cock.”

“Ugh, fine. I gotta admit that’s right. Whatever. I’m actually leaving in the morning to meet a lawyer for something before leaving for Texas.”

“I may just have to visit you down there some day. It’ll be hard to find someone like you. Good luck with everything though. I’m gonna miss you, for real.”

“Whatever, now get out of here.”

He left her there on her bed as he walked out. The movers were due in just under an hour to start packing her stuff, so she needed to get up and shower. She wanted to make sure she was gone before the movers arrived.


It had all happened so fast. Earlier this week she’d been called by a lawyer. She hadn’t heard from her brother in years and definitely didn’t know there had been an accident with him and his wife, and then she found herself sitting in her brother’s lawyer’s office.

“Wait, so you’re saying they left me as guardian of their daughters?”

Jennifer was only 28 while her brother was in his 40s. They had never really been close because of their age difference, but they were still family. Though now she was almost alone, with casino siteleri her parents, brother, and sister-in-law all gone. It would be just her and her nieces left. Her nieces were probably in high school or college by now, though she couldn’t remember exactly how old they were the last time she saw them.

“Yes, Jennifer, that is exactly what I’m saying. Along with all their assets as their daughters are not yet 25, as required by the will. You will be their legal guardian.”

“Wow.” That was all she could say out loud sitting there across the desk. She had no idea how to take care of two teenage girls. Well, aside from for short amounts of time at school while teaching. She’d never even been a babysitter growing up. She had always been focused on her education and figuring out what she wanted to do with her life.

Jennifer finally landed in becoming a schoolteacher. She would be starting her 4th year of teaching this year, but at a new school as she had recently accepted a new position in a new city. Actually, it was going to be a big move from Colorado down to Texas. She was excited for the new opportunity, but now she would have to add in the raising of the girls. Well, by now they should be old enough to take care of themselves. She had, after all. Her parents passed away just after she graduated high school, so she’d been on her own for 9 years now. Her train of thought was halted when the lawyer spoke up again.

“There is one condition. It looks like your brother and his wife were concerned about your ability to raise their daughters as well. They specifically request a CPS agent to check in with you and the girls monthly to make sure the girls are safe and in a good environment. They will keep checking in every month until they are sure everything will be ok for the girls. If at any time the agent disapproves of the situation, the girls will be removed from your care to go to the next in line to take care of them, along with the money.”

Interesting. As much as she was excited/scared to be taking care of her nieces, the money was an amazing prospect. All she would have to do is keep the girls happy and show the agent that they are in a good environment for a few months and the money would be hers. That was definitely possible.

“Ok, but as long as the agent approves, I will remain their guardian and I will keep the money? Will I be able to use any of it ahead of that time, as I will need assistance to take care of the girls?”

“Yes. You will be allotted a large amount up front to buy everything needed to take care of the girls, and then smaller portions each month to supplement your income. After the agent approves of you as their guardian, everything will be released to you. They expect 1/3 to go to each of the girls when they turn 25. Now, if you don’t have any more questions, I’ll just need you to sign here to accept everything.”

After signing and initialing in all the right places, Jennifer walked out of the office deep in thought. She was definitely worried about being a parent for the girls as she was rarely mistaken for an authority figure. She had always been the runt of the family, standing only 5′ and didn’t like to admit it but was definitely embarrassed by her A-cups (she would NEVER admit she owned a few padded bras to help in that department). She at least had a nice curve in her waist because of her fitness, but all this combined to give her a very youthful appearance. She dressed very professionally and always wore heels while teaching to ensure she had the respect of the students. It had always been a struggle, but she always made sure others knew she couldn’t be pushed around, despite her size. She just needed to get off on the right foot with the girls.

After Jennifer’s meeting with the lawyer, her nieces were asked into the office to have the same discussion with the lawyer.

“Wait, so you mean as far as the records go, I’ve only made it to 9th grade?!?!?!” Jenna shouted.

“Don’t worry, we’ll figure this out, Jenna.” Emily, her older sister, consoled.

The barely 18-year-old was meant to be entering her senior year of high school this year. Their family had been traveling the last 3 years, but after the accident, all their records were lost. Their homeschooling, well, at least her homeschooling, basically never happened now. Her 20-year-old sister wasn’t as bad off, as her records should have shown she had graduated already, but apparently, she would need to complete her senior year again.

“There will, of course, be options when you get settled with your aunt. The CPS agent will work with you to help you fix all your records. If you would like, you will be able to take tests to show your understanding of the required material. It will all work out, I promise. Your CPS agent will meet with you every month until he is confident that you girls will be ok.”

“So, what happens if we aren’t ok? What will happen to us?”

“You will be moved on to the next in line to care for you, which is your great canlı casino aunt Sylvia.”

The girls hated their great aunt Sylvia. They would do absolutely anything to avoid being sent to live with her.

“We can’t be on our own? We are legal adults.”

“Yes, you are of age, but we need to get your schooling sorted out before you can be on your own. I promise this will all be sorted out after you move in with your aunt Jennifer.”

As the girls were leaving the office, Emily’s mind was moving very quickly, trying to come up with an idea. She wasn’t worried about herself, as she knew she could make it through one year of high school if needed. But her sister having to go back to 9th grade would be humiliating and horrible. Plus, she would stand out ridiculously. While the girls definitely looked like their father’s side of the family, they were far from average size. Jenna was near 5’8″ and toned due to all the years of playing volleyball. Emily was a couple inches taller than her younger sister, and only slightly less toned having played volleyball as well. Luckily, they had curves in all the right places, and their C-cups didn’t get in the way too much with sports.

Emily was definitely worried, but she was confident they would figure something out after moving in with their aunt. She had no idea what, but something.

As they met their aunt outside the lawyer’s office, she immediately wanted to show them she was in charge.

“Hey girls. I’m so sorry about everything. I know you’ve gone through hell these last few weeks. But chin up, we gotta catch a flight. We are moving to Texas, which should be nice after your years traveling. Let’s go, we are running late for our flight!”

She called an Uber and barked at him to get them to the airport as quick as possible. The girls sat in the back seat texting each other during the ride.

-Em, does she seem kinda cold to you?-

-yeah, but I hope it’s just an act. I don’t remember her being like that when we were kids-

-me neither! Ugh, and the way she is talking to the driver…she’s being a bitch-

-give it time, I promise we will get everything figured out after we get to the new house and get settled-

-fine. But I swear, if she keeps that shit up I’m gonna punch her-

-ha! Get in line sis! I call first swing lol-

-isn’t she only a couple years older than you?-

-ya, I think she’s in her late-20s or something, but she doesn’t look it!-

-haha agreed! She looks like she could pass as our younger sister!-

They arrived at the airport and were off again, being rushed through the airport, a trail of upset travelers left in their aunt’s wake as she pushed her way to the plane. They had only spent a few minutes with her and were already worried about how everything was going to turn out. They made it to the gate with plenty of time and proceeded towards the entrance. When they approached the door, the woman checking tickets stopped them, and turned to Emily.

“Traveling with you and your younger sisters today, ma’am?”

All three were confused as she was clearly talking to Emily, but Jennifer spoke up quickly.

“Nope, these are my nieces. We are heading to our new home.”

“My mistake. Please go in and have a nice flight.”

The small mistake made Emily and Jenna smirk behind Jennifer’s back since it confirmed what they’d been texting about in the car, especially when the stewardesses made the same mistake, and each received an earful when they made the mistakes. Emily did not want to be with this rude woman for a whole year, but she definitely didn’t want to go to her aunt Sylvia. Maybe there was some way to fix this whole situation. She would figure it out somehow.

After arriving in Texas, the three caught an Uber to their house in a nice suburb in the Dallas area. They made it to the house and would have a couple hours before the movers would finally arrive. The girls took this time to get a short break from their aunt and look around the place. It wasn’t bad, three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large back yard and a two-car garage. The neighborhood was quiet and hopefully friendly (they hadn’t actually seen anyone so far). While they were wandering the house, they finally took a bit to talk about the situation.

“Jen, she hasn’t gotten any better so far.”

“If you are talking about the way she tore the head off everyone she’s talked to since we met up with her, then I definitely noticed that, Em. It makes me ashamed to be named after her. Why would mom and dad leave her as our guardian? I’m really wondering if we would be better with Aunt Sylvia…”

“I know it doesn’t look good, but at least she isn’t disgusting like Aunt Sylvia. She at least has good hygiene and hasn’t hit anyone yet. I think this is still our best option, we just need to find a way to survive this whole ordeal. I think I’m going to talk about it with her. We are all adults, even if just barely,” Emily teased.

“Ok, if you say so sis. I’ll follow your lead. You’ve kaçak casino never let me down, so far. I trust you. I’ll have your back when you bring it up.”

“Mom and dad raised us to know better than being that rude.”

“You know, Em, what she needs is a good spanking!” joked Jen.

“Haha, you’re right! Too bad she didn’t receive enough of those growing up or she may have learned this lesson a long time ago.”

They then heard the moving van and headed out to the front to meet the movers. They ended up beating their aunt outside and greeted the movers, who were already starting to unload and carry things into the house. When they walked inside, they were unsurprised to find their aunt berating one of the movers for bumping one of the walls with the couch. After the poor man walked outside, Emily chose the moment to talk to her aunt about her attitude.

“Hey, Aunt Jennifer. We should probably be nice to them as they are moving all of our stuff.”

“Excuse me? I will treat them how they deserve to be treated. If they keep messing up, then I’ll keep getting in their face. We are paying them, so they must do everything as we want it. I’m the one in charge here, and I won’t let you tell me that I am doing it wrong. Until you are both out of school, I will be in charge.”

With that she walked out of the room to monitor the movers further. Emily stood next to her sister; mouth wide open at the absurdity that her aunt really didn’t care about others. Maybe this year would be harder than she thought. As she saw her aunt yelling at another mover who was bringing in more furniture, the man in charge of the movers approached Emily.

“Ma’am, can you control her or get her out of here or something? She is getting out of hand and disrupting my men.”

That made the girls smile again because he also seemed to think Emily was in charge of her aunt. This was the moment Emily realized what she could do about her aunt’s attitude. She walked over and grabbed her aunt’s arm.

“That’s it! I will not let you treat others this way! You’re coming with me, missy.” And Emily dragged her aunt over to the couch while she was yelling and screaming at being dragged by her niece.

“What are you doing?! Let go of me!”

“No, I will not let you treat others like that. You will learn how to be nice, and I’ll make sure of it!”

Before Jennifer knew what was happening, Emily had pulled her over her knee, stomach down, and pinned her down. Emily was significantly bigger than her aunt and held her down with little trouble. Jennifer was stunned to be in this position, and she could feel her skirt flipped up around her waist. She was immediately reminded of all the times she’d been bent over a lap this past year. She was too focused on the memories and was caught off guard when she felt the first slap.


“What are you doing?! Stop that!” Fuck she could already feel herself getting aroused. She couldn’t let that distract her though, she was in charge here and had to stop this.

“No. You will learn to treat others with respect if it is that last thing I do! You are being a bad girl and deserve this and you know it!”

Emily continued to spank her aunt, hoping the message would sink in.

“Now, what are you?” Emily asked as she continued to spank her aunt.

“I’m not a little girl! You can’t treat me like this!”

“That’s not the answer. What are you?” She really started letting her aunt have it, holding nothing back.

“I’m in charge here! Let go of me!”


Oh no, she could feel her pussy getting wet already. No, she needed to get out of this position quick!


“FINE! I’m a bad girl and I won’t be rude anymore, just stop!” Her aunt finally gave in, tears streaming down her face. She couldn’t help falling into her submissive role after doing this so many times. Her arousal was taking over and she couldn’t stop it.

Emily wanted this message to stick. She did not want to deal with this rudeness all year and now was her chance. Before she could let her aunt up though, she noticed something shocking: it looked like there was wet patch on her aunt’s panties. It looked too small to be pee, did that mean…

“Are you getting wet from this? No way!” She whispered down at her aunt, before continuing the spanking. Emily noticed the patch getting larger, and before she knew it, she heard a small moan escape from her aunt. She took a moment to grab her aunt’s crotch and squeezed to show her aunt she knew her secret.

Jennifer felt Emily’s hand and knew she’d been found out. Fuck how did that happen so fast?!

“Are you going to be a good girl from now on? Or do I need to show all these men here how wet you are?”

“Ooooh, yes. I’ll be good.”

“Good, it’s about time.” Emily then called her sister over, who was flabbergasted by the whole event. Emily leaned in to speak quietly to Jenna.

“Hey, take her upstairs and get her cleaned up. She clearly gets off on this stuff. You can smell her arousal from here!”

“What?!?!?! That’s ridiculous, and you’re right, you can totally smell her! I’ll take her upstairs and take care of her, don’t worry.”

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How I Got Bred Pt. 02

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After I “confirmed” (two months after the actual insemination) that I was pregnant all sex between hubby and I ceased; no blowjobs, no fucking, no kissing… nothing. It even got to the point that I told him if he touched me I’d do a Bobbitt on his puny little dick.

Mike, Jim, Kathy, and I continued to see each other, sometimes as a group and sometimes as separate couples. Kathy decided to have her tubes tied at delivery so she could play all she wanted without pesky pregnancies getting in the way. I got fitted for a diaphragm, since I wanted more kids. Feelings between Jim and I continued to grow and we found ourselves madly in love with each other, and hot to trot to make another baby. Since hubby was now pussy-less, at least from my pussy, getting pregnant again presented a problem, or at least a situation requiring action on my part.

Jim got me a really good attorney and she took hubby to the cleaners. I got the house, alimony, and child support for Jim’s daughter. Hubby got the house payments, his clothes, and not much else.

One Friday in the Fall I got a call from Jim. He asked me about going away for a trip to the mountains the following weekend, and said he had talked to Kathy and she was glad to keep little Kathy. I said, “sure, but you know it’s supposed to snow up there and I’ll be ovulating so we’ll have to use the trampoline,” as he called it.

The next weekend we packed for the trip, with Jim insisting on packing Kathy’s bag, and dropped little Kathy off with her Aunt Kathy. It was an unspoken agreement between the four of us that we would look after the kids as necessary, so she knew I’d gladly repay the favor any time. As we were leaving Kathy mumbled something about coming back with a bun in the oven but I assured her that the sperm would hit a roadblock. She chuckled and winked.

Jim had rented a romantic log cabin in North Carolina, in the Great Smokey Mountains, with no phone, no cell access, no Internet, and a real wood burning fireplace. The only communication with the outside world was a pay phone at the camp office in case of emergencies. Our cabin was called “The Romancer” and it lived up to its namesake! Oh, and there was a red heart shaped tub for two… not exactly designed for bathing, if you know what I mean. The other cabins were far enough away to afford privacy, even during the loudest screaming orgasm.

We got everything carried in and unpacked fairly quickly and Jim built a roaring, toasty fire. It was almost sundown and it was about a 45-minute drive back to town so we hopped in the car and headed to dinner and to pick up supplies so we could cook our own meals in case we got snowed in or otherwise got “busy.” We ate at a very romantic little Italian restaurant, lit with only candle light and the moon shining through the window. After we ate we made the grocery store run and headed back to the cabin.

As soon as we closed the door behind us we were tearing each other’s clothes off. We kissed and fondled, teasing casino şirketleri each other like high school lovers, as we made our way to the bed. The only light in the cabin was from the fire, so the subdued, romantic light danced around the walls as the burning wood crackled.

My post baby tits were now full C cups and still leaking milk, Jim’s favorite flavor! He began sucking on my nipples and caused a sudden gush of milk from my nipple and stringy white ovulation time mucus from my pussy. Our hands were all over each other and he worked his way down from my titties to my stomach and on to my pussy. He licked me good then took my clit in his mouth and sucked on it until I creamed his face.

When he entered me I was in the reverse cowgirl position leaning forward toward his ankles. I reached back and played with his balls and rubbed my fingers on either side of his cock as he stroked into me. We kept up a steady, but not real fast pace; we were making love, not just fucking, and wanted it to last as long as possible.

After a while I got off and turned around to regular cowgirl so I could see and touch his face and he could squeeze milk onto his chest. Did I mention that he loved my milky tits? We began to speed up a bit and he started thrusting deeper. We stayed in that position for a good while. I switched back to reverse cowgirl to finish. His cock being as long as it was I was able to lay down with my back flat on his chest and rotate my hips and wiggle my pussy as he was still stroking deep but slow into me and massaging my tits. The feeling of getting a tender breast massage while making love was indescribable. He reached around my hips and rubbed my clit slowly and softly. That did it! My whole body tensed and I launched into a powerful orgasm. It’s amazing how being in love can intensify orgasms and make them not only more pleasurable, but also more meaningful.

My clit became so sensitive that I had to move his hand. He growled his displeasure, but he understood and went back to massaging my breasts with both hands. That, of course, triggered another orgasm; not as intense as the first but deeper and longer lasting.

After what seemed like hours I felt his cock swell and start jerking. I reached down and rubbed the underside of his shaft and that did it. He blew at least a cup of cum into my still tight hungry snatch. We kept up our passionate love making for most of the night, but it wasn’t until the third or fourth time he cummed in me that I realized I didn’t have my diaphragm in. The damage already done, we didn’t bother with it for the rest of the weekend, and I have to admit that it felt wonderful having strong ropes of cum shot straight onto my cervix again; I had almost forgotten what a thrill it was and how exciting pregnancy risk sex was. I never thought to look for it so I never knew it was missing. We had cabin fever that night, and I certainly got a creampie to remember, in more ways than one!

After a night of romantic, passionate casino firmaları love making we decided to sleep in and awoke mid-morning to light snowfall creating a beautiful white blanket over everything outside, truly a winter wonderland! On the inside, however, the fire had gone out and it was cold as a witches’ tit in a brass bra. With thick blankets pulled over us we made love and put his morning boner to good use, after which we made a mad scurry to get the stove going for coffee and get the fire started again in the fireplace.

We got our caffeine fix and decided to chance it and go out to see the sights. We stopped in the small town where we’d eaten supper the night before and made the rounds of all the little tourist trap shops. It was amazing how friendly the people were, even if they did talk slow and have funny accents.

The snow had stopped falling, at least for a while, so we decided to make the fairly short trip to Ashville and take the Vanderbilt mansion tour. It was so amazing, almost like reliving all that rich history.

The whole time we were on the tour we kept stealing kisses and copping feels every chance we got. By the time the tour was over I was sopping wet and horny as hell. We found a little out of the way place that was deserted and headed to the back seat to take care of business. It was cold out so we didn’t bother stripping completely. I just pulled my pants down enough to give Jim access to my now trimmed but still full bush and, more importantly, my dripping wet hot pussy. He pulled his cock and balls out and was hard as a steel bar; no foreplay was needed as we were both beyond ready, so he entered me as quickly as he could. The Kegel exercises I had been doing had my pussy muscles back to pre-baby shape and as tight as before, so it took about four strokes to get all the way in and put the baby maker slit on his cock head right at my cervix. We both lunged at each other hard and fast. It didn’t take very long, maybe fifteen minutes, until I had hit my third orgasm and he let out a loud groan and fired all his seed into me.

After we got dressed, and with my now soaked panties back on, we decided to grab some dinner. Being a little naughty, I suggested that we eat at the local Hooters. We feasted on their famous wings and beer before making the trip back to our love nest. It had started snowing again, much harder this time, and the temperature was dropping so we hurried as fast as we could lest we end up marooned.

When we got back to the cabin we were both exhausted so we made some hot chocolate, laced with rum, and turned in. In the early morning hours, we stoked the fire since we’d learned our lesson about letting it go out and made love twice and drifted back off to sleep. I was awaked to a dull pinching that I knew was a sign of an egg being released by an ovary. This time the pinching was on both sides, though, which I thought strange but never considered that I was ovulating from both ovaries at the same time.

After a wonderful, güvenilir casino passionate, relaxing weekend we headed back home and picked LK (little Kathy) up from Kathy’s house, spoiled by her aunt as usual! Kathy pulled me aside and asked how our trip was and asked me if we had worn a hole in my diaphragm. I thought that an odd question, but told her I had forgotten to pack it. She broke out laughing so hard she nearly fell down. When I asked her what was so damned funny, she pulled it and the spermicidal jelly out of LK’s bag and told me about the conspiracy to get me pregnant. A few days later I experienced a little spotting for a short time which I correctly guessed was implantation bleeding. I was PREGNANT! YIPPEE!

I wasn’t really mad at all, though I pretended to be, when I found out that Jim, Kathy, and Mike had conspired to “steal” my diaphragm and leave it at Kathy’s house. Even more sinister, they had plotted my cycle ever since I gave birth and planned this trip right during my fertile time. All three of those characters wanted me pregnant again! I would never admit it to them but I had an idea what they were up to and went along with it since I really wanted very badly to be pregnant again, this time with no doubt that it was Jim’s.

There’s an old myth that a woman can’t get pregnant as long as she’s nursing. As the myth goes, ovulation is suppressed by the hormones that cause breasts to form milk. We certainly disproved that myth! After the wonderful trip to the mountains we didn’t bother with any birth control since we pretty much knew I was already pregnant. As it turned out, the dull pinching I felt in both of my ovaries on the last day of the trip was, indeed, a sign that I was releasing two eggs, not just one. I missed my period and we were all delighted, especially Kathy.

I enjoyed being pregnant and growing even larger than the first time since I was carrying twins. Me being pregnant turned Jim and Mike on as well and they kept me full of cum almost the entire nine months. July rolled around and I went in labor on the evening of the third. The real 4th fireworks came the next day when I delivered Jim Junior first, followed several minutes later by beautiful Penny. We named her after Penny on The Big Bang Theory TV show.

After I got out of recovery and back into my private room the gang was all waiting for me and seemed a bit more giddy than I would have expected. Jim provided the additional fireworks for the day when he pulled out the largest engagement ring I had ever seen and proposed. It too me about one nanosecond to say YES!

Mike spoke up and groused that he was losing some good pussy, but Jim said we could fuck all we want as long as he knew about it, and we didn’t do it when I was getting pregnant again. The last part of that made me nearly orgasm on the spot. I couldn’t wait to get Jim’s huge cock in me spraying sperm into my womb again.

We decided to wait until after we were married to open the baby factory again. We planned a Fall wedding at a romantic Tennessee wedding chapel. We also booked honeymoon reservations at the same cabin, except this time all four of us plus the four kids were there. Let’s just say a good time was had by all!

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I paced my hotel room, my blood burning with lust, as I waited for the escort. This was the highlight of my business trip. I grit my teeth in excitement knowing that soon, I’ll be on my knees, sucking off some hunky stranger. Muscular, I had told the escort company. Aggressive. All night package.

The doorbell rang. Nerves and excitement shot up my spine. I opened the door, and smiled at my 6 foot, muscular, dirty blond plaything. Oh yeah, I thought to myself.

He got in and locked the door. He walked toward me.

“So,” he says. “I hear you like to suck dick”. He began to strip.


“FUCK!!!”, he said as I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. “Yeah, I love that…suck my cock!”

His eight hard inches of thick delight slipped in and out of my wet, hungry mouth. “Suck it hard bitch…yeah!.” He held my head with both hands and pushed down. “Suck it, suck it, suck it!!!” he said, hissing with pleasure. His cock was gorgeously hard and I loved sucking it. I closed my eyes to savor every casino şirketleri second of the exciting, filthy act. It turned me on to picture myself at that moment – flicking my tongue under his cock head, making his cock go pop out of my mouth and slamming my head down to suck it in again, sucking so hard my cheeks ached.

“Yeah!” he said. “You suck good cock!”

Taking his time, enjoying and prolonging the tension, he languidly slid his cock in and out of my mouth, coating it with my spit, sighing and hissing with pleasure. Sometimes he’d pull out his hard length from my mouth, just to hear me whimper in frustration.

My hands explored up the muscular ridges of his torso, his strong, hairy forearms, his dark nipples. My tongue licked every hard inch of his cock between strong, ferocious sucks. He placed both his large hands on my head and moaned, and I mewled and whimpered in joy and satisfaction.

He pulled his cock out from my mouth and tapped it thickly on my lips a few times. “Get on the bed, I’m gonna casino firmaları skullfuck you” he said.

Delirious with lust, I got on the bed and lay down on some pillows to prop my head up. Grinning, he climbed on, the bed heaving with his strong body. He straddled my chest with his big, hard thighs, his cock poised inches from my mouth. He gripped the bed head for support.

“Open wide” he said, and slammed his cock deep inside my mouth. The thick head nudged my tonsils at the opening of my throat and I gagged involuntarily. He fucked my mouth relentlessly, his powerful thighs driving his dick with great force. I couldn’t touch myself but I was nearly euphoric with lust, totally helpless as he violated my mouth repeatedly, groaning softly with pleasure while I choked on his cock.

His torso shone with sweat. He stopped fucking and reached across the nightstand for his phone. He pressed something and aimed the camera down.

“Suck me” he said. I moved my lips up and down his cock, still lying down, while he güvenilir casino filmed it on his phone, a huge grin on his handsome face. I sucked him with half closed eyes, teasing and slutty, licking languidly and looking straight into the phone camera. He swore loudly to make sure his voice was recorded too, and it nearly drove me over the edge.

“Yeah, suck my fucking cock you little slut! Open up that mouth and suck! Harder! Yeah you like hearing me talk dirty? Yeah?

“Suck my COCK. SUCK MY COCK!!!!!!!!!!” he roared.

After a while I heard the beep as he saved the clip, and I hoped he’d show the video to his friends. He slipped his cock inside my mouth again. Then, he started to ragefuck my mouth so hard I thought my jaw would break. I gagged with every single thrust. His sweat soaked the sheets. My jaw ached numb. I closed my eyes and submitted to his cock.

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes I thought.

By the time he was done, standing by the window smoking a cigarette, his cock glistening, all I could taste in my mouth was semen. It hurt to open my mouth and my neck was sore. He walked over and rummaged through the nightstand. He found what he was looking for. It was a rubber.

“You ready to FUCK now?” he asked, grinning.

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My Second Blowjob

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I met Kristina for the first time when I began working at a restaurant. She was the daughter of the general manager. She clearly had some Hispanic ancestry, though her skin was more of a lightest-brown, and she had a nice figure, a pretty white smile, and memory recalls her eyes as dark, long-lashed, and always shining.

I came to know her better one night at the lake. Several of us from work had gotten together and decided to have a bonfire at the edge of a lake about ten miles from the restaurant. It was evening when we went. As we passed over the bridge the sun completely sank beyond the horizon, and there was still that bit of its glow brightening the sky. We found a very secluded spot, and got a fire going. More of our coworkers arrived. Then there was Kristina. She came straight away from work, still in her uniform. At a point in our gathering I found myself suddenly beside her. I struck up a conversation, we started talking, we flirted. By the end of the night I was walking back to the cars with her, and reaching out at her, squeezing the side of her waist with her laughing and telling me, “Stop it!”

The next day was Friday. I went to work after school, and when I got off work, my best friend came by to have a meal. We ate and left. In the parking lot we passed Kristina who was coming in for her shift. We stopped and talked to her for about fifteen minutes. In just that time, the conversation somehow became wonderfully sexual. We began talking about oral sex.

“Have you ever done that to a guy?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she said smiling, “I love it!”

Me and my friend looked at each other with astonishment.

“I love letting guys cum in my throat,” she continued, “I can feel all these squiggly lines in the back of my throat for like an hour,” she said tilting her head up and gesturing with a line up and down her neck.

I paused for a moment. I had not yet in my life heard such a pretty young girl talk that way.

“Oh my God,” I said, “Do you wanna hang out some time?”

She smiled very vixenly at me, began sipping from the straw of her drink, and turned away to walk toward the restaurant.

Then she stopped at the door, turned around and shouted, “You have my number!” and went inside.

My eyes must have dilated three times in volume considering the opportunity that had just been cast before me. I looked at my friend, who raised his eyebrows, nodded his head, and said, “Squiggly lines bro.”

That night I messaged her, and asked if she wanted to go out with me the next day, Saturday. We both had to work the mid-day shift, and she said she would see if her mother could let us off at the same time. We chatted more and flirted during our shift. We were let off at the same time, and had a meal. Afterward, she went into the washroom to change into something more comfortable. I simply took off casino oyna my uniform shirt, and so had on a white tee shirt, black pants, and black shoes. When she re-emerged she wore a nice orange shirt- not a tee and not a buttonfront, I’m not sure what to call it- light jeans rolled up at the cuffs, and flat brown shoes. I became suddenly excited that I was going to take her out.

I decided to take her bowling at an alley called Splitsville. We had the regular conversation on the way over. I managed setting everything up and we bowled. We started to really connect. We laughed, we flirted. We played three frames, and then were ready to leave. It had become dark while we were inside. In the car I asked her if she wanted to get some drinks at Sonic. She liked that idea.

I drove us to Sonic, and parked at one of the further pull in spots. It was my aim to try and get something physical going with her, imagining the comments about oral sex she had so casually made the day before. I think she sensed what I was doing, and seemed excited about it. We ordered rootbeer floats, and talked a little more. I sat thinking of a way that I could insert a comment that might create an opportunity for me to kiss her.

“Do you consider us friends?” I finally asked.

“Yeah, you’re fun to hang with,” she said.

“Just friends though?” I said.

She titled her head, and looked pathetically at me. “Why don’t you just take a risk and do something instead of testing the waters,” she said to me.

I smiled at her a sly smile.

“Come here,” I said. She lowered her drink and held it in her lap, and brought her face a little forward. I rested my elbow on the center console, and held her chin in my hand, and kissed her slowly. We pulled away, again slowly, and her dark, long-lashed eyes opened gradually up to again reflect light like caves of shining wonders. I looked at her face, then at her neck, at the shapely forms of her breasts, and her figure reposing in my passenger seat; all of it was very pleasing. We were only apart for a moment before our faces came together again, this time for a much longer interval. I began caressing the side of her arm while we kissed. I very much wanted to touch her breasts. She had advised me to take risks in these matters, so I did. I slipped my hand off her arm, and moulded it onto the nearest shape. I could feel her smile for a moment while our lips were together. She allowed me to feel her chest without interference.

I didn’t think I would get oral sex out of her the first time, and I was right. After we’d had our fill of kissing, I took her back to the restaurant where she’d left her car. I got out with her and kissed her against her car, keeping my hands off her chest this time to end the night on a note more infused with romance. We said goodbye to each other, and left.

The nearest date that we canlı casino could see each other again, when we were both off work and not busy with anything else, was Tuesday. We met at the common ground of the restaurant again, and took my car. I decided to take her to a park a short drive from my house called Calgary Lakes, thusly named for the several large ponds that splotched its acreage. There were chalk-white trails that wound throughout the park outlining the lakes, and there were trees and hills, and a recreation center with an exercise room, a basketball court, and billiards.

It was evening when we arrived. The sun was down, but the sky was softly illuminated with its after glow. She looked lovely. She had a very nice style. She wore light jeans, a loose shirt, and had her hair pulled back. We walked the paths shrouded in a blue filter from the evening sky that gave everything a sort of mystical quality. We walked round one of the larger ponds and saw white swans nesting and a lighted fountain out in the center that made the water ripple outward from it. There were enormous trees that I didn’t know the names of, only that they must have been here a very long time. We made a half circuit round the lake when I stopped and pulled her under a willow tree. There were fireflies and the reflection of fireflies dancing over the dark water near us. I pressed her against the tree, and she looked up at me. I kissed her. It was actually a very romantic setting and a very romantic moment. Too romantic I thought, because I wanted oral sex. I put my hands onto her waist, and then slipped one hand around and into her back pocket. We continued like this, and after awhile I put my other hand on one of her breasts. She didn’t mind.

Then after another while I said a very unromantic, and revealing thing. I pulled away and said, “Hey, you like giving blowjobs right?” I could just feel the romantic atmosphere that’d been building begin to deflate like a filled balloon released to flutter in ragged trajectories around us.

“Is that why you wanted to hang out?” she said pulling back a little disappointed.

“Not entirely,” I started, “but you can’t say the things you said and not expect me to be interested.” My hands were still on her.

“Relax,” she said, “I’m just messing with you. I can give you one if you want.”

“I want,” I said.

“Okay, where do you wanna go?”

I postured as if to think, and said, “Back to my car?”

She paused and looked around very much in the same way I expect children do when they are about to steal a cookie from the cookie jar. “Come here,” she said.

My hands fell away as she grabbed my shirt, and brought me around to the other side of the tree, and positioned me with my back against it. She looked around once again toward the various landscapes of the darkened evening, and then dropped to her kaçak casino knees in front of me. My nervous heart dropped at the same speed. She commenced to work my pants, and dropped them just enough, and, instead of pulling my underwear down, tugged the waist band outward, and reached up and in, as if she were blindly selecting from a bowl of treats above her, and brought out my stiffening penis. Clutching me, she glanced around once more, and then tilted up at me to say, “Hey, keep a lookout okay?” I looked down at her pretty face with the dark figure of my penis between us, and now did feel very like two mischievous kids working toward a common goal.

“Okay,” I said.

Then she raised herself a little, and took me in her mouth without hesitating. It felt marvelous. I felt her throat. I watched as she swallowed me all the way to my pubic bone, as if that part of me just disappeared inside of her. I had never experienced that before.

“Oh my God,” I couldn’t help but groan.

She began to choke herself masochistically with all of my penis inside her, and I could hear only the garbled noise of her throat, and the sound of crickets and frogs.

“Oh my God,” I said again.

She began to pull back like a python regurgitating a meal, and I could see in the moonlight the sparkle of strings of saliva making bridges between my penis and her mouth when she said, “Hey you’re looking out to make sure no one’s coming right?”

“No,” I said.

“Marcus!” she said. “Watch.”

“I am watching you,” I said, “it’s awesome.”

She laughed and said exasperatedly, “Watch for people.”

It became dark quickly, and it was hard to make out details, but I could see the dark form of her head bobbing back and forth now, and I could certainly feel it. She’d stop at times, I suspected because she was afraid of vomiting. Then she’d pull away to get air, and breath ragged breaths until her breathing steadied. Then she would swallow me again. After five minutes more I told her I was going to ejaculate.

She pulled away and said, “Okay, just do it whenever you’re ready.”

She took me back in.

“In your mouth?” I said.

She pulled me back out, and breathed like a diver coming up for air. “Yeah, just go for it,” she said, and took me back in again.

That permission was divine. She choked herself on me a little more and I came furiously into the back of her throat, wobbled a moment, and fell onto the ground, breathing heavily. I fell from the side of the tree, wretching my penis from her mouth as I went, onto my rear, and then onto my back. My eyes were heavily-lidded but still open and I laid quite peacefully looking up at the stars.

I could hear her laugh, and say, “Did that feel good?”

“Can you keep sucking it for a minute?” I asked.

I could hear her crawl toward me, and she felt around my waist until she found my penis and took it again in her mouth. She sucked it very vigorously while it shrank in her mouth, and I laid still, looking up at the stars, and I thought about my life.

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Consequences Pt. 22

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Mike and Jen hired a sedan and rushed home that evening. The news of Joe’s cancer had sobered them both, but they didn’t trust themselves driving so they hired a driver.

It was late when they got home. Joe was asleep but Mike’s mom and dad were still awake. They’d obviously been crying.

“How bad is it?” Mike asked.

“We spoke to Dr. Calgary,” Mike’s dad said. Dr. Calgary was Joe’s oncologist. “It’s bad this time. Joe only has months. Two, maybe three.”

“Oh god!” Jen cried her hand going to her mouth. She started to cry. Mike’s mom hugged her and started sobbing too.

“Joe’s known for some time,” Mike’s dad continued. “They’ve been trying holistic treatments. Dr. Calgary, he’s had some success. You’ve met Willow his therapist?”

As Mike said “no” Jen said “yes” through her tears. Mike’s dad frowned at the two of them.

A little later Mike’s dad pulled him aside. “Are you and Jen okay Mike?” he asked.

“Joe said something?” Mike asked alarmed.

“No he didn’t say anything,” Mike’s dad said. He glanced around the apartment. “Your place here. It doesn’t look like you and Jen have been living here lately.”

“I’ve been in London a lot, for work,” Mike said quickly. “Jen’s been … staying with a friend while I’ve been away.”

Mike’s dad nodded but didn’t look convinced. “Are you okay Mike?” he asked. “I saw the reports on the news about your Sapphire program.”

“I’m fine dad,” Mike said. He abruptly left and returned to Jen’s side, not wanting to talk about Sapphire.

Later Mike and Jen were snuggling in bed. “I need to go to London,” Mike said stroking Jen’s long blonde hair.

“You don’t have to go Mike,” Jen said. “Don’t worry about Memphis. Joe is more important.”

“There’s nothing I can do here,” Mike said disheartened. He felt so powerless to help Joe. He couldn’t even go see Madam Marie, as she’d passed away a few years ago. At least in London he could do something useful.

“Okay,” Jen reluctantly agreed. She truly didn’t care if the Ring worked or not, not anymore. Winning Memphis seemed so unimportant now. But she knew her husband. Working on the Ring would help take his mind off Joe. “I’ll look after Joe while you’re away,” she promised. She held back more tears.

Despite the terrible news her body still had cravings. Her pussy ached for attention. She ran her hand down her husband’s chest and cupped his cock. “Mike?” she prompted gently.

Mike grasped her hand. “I’m sorry honey, I can’t right now,” he said. He was too upset about Joe, he wasn’t in the mood for sex.

“Okay,” Jen said softly, hiding her disappointment. She snuggled into her husband’s arms and did her best to fall asleep.

Mike left for London the next morning. Joe was still asleep when Jen was about to go to work. Willow was there.

“Joe told me you and your husband are back together,” Willow said.

“We are,” Jen said looking around nervously. Luckily Mike’s parents weren’t there (they were staying in a hotel). Jen whispered “Don’t tell Mike’s parents we were separated okay?”

“Of course not,” Willow said looking at Jen contemplatively. “You’re moving back here? Can Joe still stay?”

“Of course, he can stay as long as he wants,” Jen said immediately.

“That’s good, the holistic treatments are more effective if he’s in familiar surroundings,” Willow said.

“You still have hopes for the holistic treatments?” Jen asked.

“Yes of course,” Willow said almost eagerly. “The mind and spirit can often overcome failings of the body.” The gypsy raised an eyebrow and asked “Your husband will be away for some time?”

Jen nodded sourly. “He’s flying to London for work. He’ll be away for 2 or 3 weeks.”

Willow nodded. She was silent for a few moments, as if thinking. “I have an appointment tonight,” she finally said. “You’ll do Joe’s massage treatment?”

“Um, sure,” Jen said hesitantly.

Willow heard Jen’s uncertainly. She smiled encouragingly. “His treatments have a much better chance of success if provided by a loved one. You’re his sister-in-law. I can tell you’re close.”

“Yes we are,” Jen agreed. She and Joe had always been close, not just as SIL-BIL but as friends. She smiled, more determined this time. “Of course I’ll do it.”

At work Jen went to see Scott. She closed the door as she entered his office.

Scott looked up and grinned. “Hey Jen, I’ve got a great video to show you,” he joked.

Jen laughed. “God you’re an ass,” she said smiling back at him. Then her expression turned to a mix of embarrassment and seriousness. “It was a one-time thing Scott. You won’t say anything right?”

Scott stood and walked to the other side of the desk so he was facing Jen. “So you and Mike are back together?” he asked.

“We were never apart,” Jen corrected him.

“Okay,” Scott said with a “whatever” shrug. He’d heard the rumors about Jen living with another guy, he’d seen Jen’s ringless left hand. Now he saw her wedding ring back on her left hand. casino oyna Whatever, if that was how she wanted to play it, fine, he didn’t care. He didn’t want her heart. He just wanted her body.

“I feel bad about the other night,” Scott said with a grin and clearly joking. “I feel like I didn’t take care of you.”

“You were fine Scott,” Jen said with an embarrassed laughed.

“I pride myself on giving more than I get,” he said his grin growing wider. “I didn’t give you the big O Saturday night.”

“That’s okay Scott,” Jen said laughing again. “I’ve gotten enough big O’s from you” – she laughed as she said “big O” – “I think I’m still ahead.” Jen blushed as she realized what had popped out of her mouth.

Scott smiled playfully and leaned his butt against the desk. “Feel free to even the score anytime.”

“Oh, so I should get on my knees right now?” Jen said with an incredulous laugh.

“You know I think that’s hot, my boss going down on me,” he said grinning lecherously at her. “All those times you sucked me off …” He lightly caressed across her shoulder and down her arm.

“You’ll have to be happy with the memories,” Jen said taking a step back away from his hand. “It’s not happening again.”

Scott looked disappointed and incredulous. “So Saturday night -.”

“Was a one-time thing,” Jen said completing his sentence. “I want you to promise not to say anything.” She knew there were rumors about her and Mike having marriage issues. The last thing she needed were rumors about her and Scott having an affair (again).

“What happens at Colin’s stays at Colin’s,” Scott said with a disappointed shrug, repeating the joke common among the in-crowd at Penn State. “So I WAS just a pawn in Mike’s latest game,” he said bitterly.

“Don’t start Scott, it’s not like I didn’t warn you,” Jen said frowning at him.

Jen glared at Scott. He glared back but after a few moments he backed off. “Okay,” he said relenting, knowing she HAD warned him.

Jen left Scott’s office. She was fairly certain Scott would keep his mouth shut. On the other hand, she knew Colin and Tony would blabber to everyone, Tony especially given what they’d done together; and what they hadn’t done. Oh well …

She was having second thoughts about moving to Penn State. She knew she had a reputation from the wild times in college and the even wilder times playing the game with Mike. It might be better to move to a place where she and Mike could make a clean start.

After all, the last thing she needed was Colin and Tony hitting on her all the time. That would tempt Mike too much to start playing the game again. And, she admitted, it would tempt her too much too.

God her body craved sex! She’d last gotten it on Thursday with Frankie. In fact, prior to this weekend she’d been getting it regularly from Frankie, usually at least once a day, sometimes more than once a day. Now it was like she’d gone cold turkey. And after all the teasing she’d done this weekend … God she couldn’t wait for Mike to get home! Hopefully he’d come home this weekend.

Later that day Jen’s phone rang. She looked at the caller ID. Her heart sank when she saw it was Frankie calling.

“Hi Frankie,” Jen said softly on the phone. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” Drums said. To Jen’s surprise he sounded chipper. “I just met with Artie. Did you hear? Tommy Ramone, the last original Ramones, he died last week.”

“Oh, no, I didn’t hear.”

“There’s a lot of interest in our revival band again,” Drums said. “Artie’s booked some concerts.”

“That’s good … I guess,” Jen said.

“Yeah, I know, Tommy was the drummer too, it’s kind of morbid,” Drums agreed. “But this way it’ll give me some runway. I’m cutting a solo album. Artie’s managing.”

“Oh that’s so good Frankie,” Jen gushed.

“Anyway, I wanted to let you know I’ll be back and forth the next couple weeks, on this mini tour,” Drums said. “In case you want to get together.”

“Oh um …”

“I mean, in case you and Mike want to get together with me,” Drums said. “We’re still friends, right?”

“Of course we are,” Jen said.

“I’ve been thinking,” Drums said. “I shouldn’t have guilt tripped you. I knew from the start it was all just a game. And you really did help me out Jen. I feel like I have a purpose in life now. Not just waiting for the next party.”

“That’s really good Frankie,” Jen said softly.

“Yeah well, I’ll see you around,” Drums said suddenly embarrassed.

“See ya,” Jen said softly. She hung up and looked out the window, feeling both happy for Frankie and melancholy too.

Jen worked out after work, finally getting home around 8. Joe was sitting on the sofa reading.

“Hey you,” Jen said affectionately to her brother-in-law. “Have you eaten?”

“Yeah, Willow made me dinner before she left,” Joe said. “Sorry for all the drama with Mom and Dad.”

“That’s okay Joe,” Jen said softly squeezing his hand. She couldn’t believe he might be gone in just a few months. canlı casino She felt tears coming but she held them back. She sensed he didn’t want people mourning him while he was still alive, as that would make his last few months miserable for him. “I’ll invite Mom and Dad to dinner tomorrow,” Jen said. She knew they were staying at a hotel because the loft apartment only had 1 bedroom.

“Cool,” Joe said sensing her melancholy mood. He changed the subject and cheerily said “Want to watch a movie? I downloaded Looper, it’s supposed to be a cool sci-fi time travel movie.”

“Sounds like fun!” Jen said forcing herself to be cheerful too. “I’ll take a quick shower and then make popcorn.”

Jen had done a hard workout and that had purged the horniness from her body. But it was only temporary. Her horniness returned as the hot shower tickled her body.

She needed relief! She adjusted the shower head so it shot out rapid pulses of hot water. She pointed the water at her pussy, using her other hand to rub her nipples. She closed her eyes and fantasized about Scott. She imagined getting on her knees and looking up into his eyes as she went down on him. His fantasy of her – his boss – submissively sucking him off turned her on too (although she’d never admit that to him of course). In her fantasy Scott fucked her face hard, and then bent her over his desk, jerked up her skirt and fucked her from behind, the entire time telling her how much a cheap slut and whore she was. In this fantasy (unlike the other night), Scott fucked her pussy not her ass. That was what she really needed, a big hard cock in her pussy. She came after just a few moments.

Jen panted after cumming. On shaky knees she returned the shower head to its normal position. Masturbating only gave her partial relief. Her pussy still craved something big and hard. She wished Mike was there. He wasn’t too big but he’d be hard and she needed something inside her. She’d have to play with one of her toys after the movie.

She dried and brushed her hair, then put on a thong, sports bra, yoga pants and a loose t-shirt. Normally at home she wore comfy VS cotton panties, but with Joe there she didn’t want panty lines to show in the yoga pants.

Jen made popcorn and they watched the movie. To her surprise she found herself drawn into it (even though it was pretty violent). Halfway through Joe got his pipe and cannabis extract. “It’s part of my therapy,” he deadpanned.

“Oh I’m sure,” Jen said with a laugh. She took a few hits along with Joe and soon they were both high.

After the movie Jen said “Ready for your massage treatment?”

“You don’t have to,” Joe said looking embarrassed.

“I want to, and I promised Willow,” Jen insisted. She pointed to the guest room and in a playful stern motherly voice said “Go get ready mister.”

“Are you ready?” Jen said through the door a few minutes later. When Joe said yes she walked in. He’d taken his shirt off but still had his jeans on. “Really Joe?” she scolded playfully. “Everything off mister.”

Jen turned her back. Joe took off his jeans and shorts, then got face down on the bed, pulling a white sheet over him. He was completely naked under the sheet.

“Better,” Jen said after turning around. She pulled the sheet to his waist, revealing his back. She poured oil on her hands and began his massage, kneading his shoulders and neck and moving down his back.

Joe grunted in surprise at the pressure. “Too hard?” Jen asked.

“Uh no, it’s fine,” Joe said. Actually the pressure WAS too hard but he didn’t want to look like a wimp in front of his sister-in-law. He was surprised by her strength. She was so slim and petite. On the other hand, he knew she studied dance and worked out all the time. No wonder she always looked so firm and toned. She was way stronger than she looked, and he grunted again as she dug her fingertips and knuckles into his shoulders and back.

Jen heard Joe grunt again and she eased off the pressure, going from deep tissue to more of a Swedish massage. Rather than isolating and kneading individual muscles, she began long medium hard strokes of her thumb and finger tips across his shoulders and down his back. She knew her adjustments were correct as Joe’s grunts turned to sighs.

Jen worked on Joe’s neck. She turned his head to the side and then stroked down the cords of his neck. It felt so good Joe practically moaned. She paused for a moment, turning to pour more oil on her palms. As she did Joe opened his eyes. Her ass was just a few inches from his face. The stretchy yoga pants looked airbrushed on her perfect tight cheeks. He snapped his eyes shut, willing himself not to get a boner. God that would be too embarrassing!

Jen finished with his back. She pulled the sheet back up until it covered his shoulders. Then she moved down the table. She pulled the sheet from his toes to just below his ass, exposing his legs completely. She worked on his calves, stroking up and down the long muscles.

Jen was impressed kaçak casino by Joe’s musculature. He certainly wasn’t a body builder, but he had a nice body, lean and hard. His back was the classic V and he had firm shoulders and neck. His legs were particularly impressive, his calves were like steel. But then, she knew Joe did a lot of biking and running.

“Um, can you loosen your legs a little?” Jen asked as she began working on his thighs. Joe complied by opening his legs a little. He felt his sister-in-law’s fingers run up and down his thighs. She started from his knees and stroked all the way up to just below his ass. Each time she neared his ass Joe knew Jen’s fingertips were almost touching his cock. For a moment he fantasized about his sister-in-law’s hands continuing their upward journey and then stroking his shaft. Then he immediately forced those thoughts from his head, he did NOT want to get an erection!

Jen moved down to Joe’s feet. With her thumbs she stroked down the arch. She smiled when she heard Joe moan. Everyone loved their feet massaged!

After about a half hour, Jen held the sheet up like a privacy screen and said “Turn over Joe.

Joe nervously turned over onto his back. If he got hard now Jen would be able to see. He concentrated on thinking about baseball stats and cleaning stinking fish, anything other than sexual thoughts for his beautiful sister-in-law.

Jen put the sheet over Joe, covering him from his neck to his toes. She moved to his head and worked on his neck and shoulders again. She saw he was half hard. She didn’t think anything of it. All guys got a little hard during a massage if the masseuse was a girl (no matter what the girl looked like), it was inevitable. However, she knew Joe was probably feeling uncomfortable about it. She got a warm partially moist towel. She folded it into a rectangle and put it over Joe’s eyes. This was a masseuse trick, to give the client a feeling of privacy. Then she went back to work on his head, neck and shoulders.

Joe felt better when Jen put the towel over his eyes. It made him feel detached from his body, giving him the feeling he wasn’t responsible for what his body did, how his body reacted to the massage. Under the towel he closed his eyes and relaxed, enjoying what Jen was doing to him.

Jen snaked her hands and arms under Joe’s back. Then she slowly pulled her arms out, applying upward pressure with her fingertips across the muscles of Joe’s back. Jen knew she’d found a technique Joe liked when he moaned, and did it a few more times.

Each time Jen snaked her arms under Joe’s back, her bust pressed against his head. A couple of times, focusing on different muscle groups, her bust pressed against Joe’s cheek. Being ultra-aware of any serendipitous touches of Jen’s body, Joe could feel the edges of Jen’s bra pressing against his cheek. He felt his cock stir.

Jen saw Joe’s penis twitch under the sheet but didn’t say anything of course. Being who she was she couldn’t help smiling inside. She loved flirting, she loved guys responding to her. She’d had a flirtation thing going on with Joe for years. Of course this was different, this was therapy. That thought reminded her of Joe’s condition. She pushed flirting out of her mind and concentrated on the massage.

She moved to Joe’s side and worked on his chest. She stroked across his chest, working on his pecs (which by the way were really nice; not granite hard like Scott or Ricky but definitely well defined). She leaned into the side of the bed as she stroked across Joe’s chest. Jen noticed Joe slide his hand over. It was just an inch or two and he did it subtlety, like it was unintentional.

But Jen knew what Joe was doing. Male clients did it all the time. It was a way for them to touch her. Now when she leaned over she’d be touching his hand instead of the bed. All she had to do was shift a little and she’d be out of range of his hand.

Back when she was working at the St. Regis spa, sometimes she’d let the client have his fun and touch her a little. It was harmless and if the client got a little thrill out of it he might give her a bigger tip (she and Mike needed the money back then, being young and just starting out in New York City). Older men with wedding rings were best for that. They were rich (they mostly had to be, it was the St. Regis after all!) and probably married forever, so touching a pretty young masseuse was probably a big thrill for them. She never told Mike about doing this. It was kinda like being a prostitute, using her body to get bigger tips, and it embarrassed her. It kinda thrilled her too though.

Jen inwardly shrugged. She continued to stroke across Joe’s chest. She didn’t shift position so when she leaned over her body pressed against his hand. In fact, his hand was pressing below her belly button just above her pussy. If he wanted a little thrill she’d give it to him.

Shivers of excitement ran through Joe as he felt Jen press against his hand. He shifted his eyes under the towel so he could see where his hand was touching. He was practically cupping her pussy!

He couldn’t stop it now, his cock got fully hard, his erection tenting the sheet.

“Sorry,” he said embarrassed.

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Housewives’ Choice

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It was because I worked at home for a software company that I became friendly with the group of housewives who met every Wednesday afternoon.

We all lived on the same street and I soon realized that these four women met at the house across from mine while their kids were at school and their husbands were at work. I saw them from my home office window, arriving at two o’ clock every Wednesday. I knew them because they were my neighbours and I have to admit that I had spent lonely nights (I was currently between relationships) thinking about all four of those lovely women while stroking my manhood. Little was I to know that even my wildest fantasies couldn’t match what was about to happen…

On the day it happened, I was sitting in my office working on the latest program for my employers. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was almost two, time for the ladies to arrive. I leaned back in my chair and watched the street.

First to arrive was Jill. She was the only one of the housewives who was single, though God knew why. She was tall and slim and extremely shapely. She had shoulder length brown hair and glasses, a good-size chest and a real shapely swing to her slim hips. I watched her knock on the door across the street and saw Donna open it.

Donna, whose house the women met at, was a beautiful black lady with long raven hair. She had a shapely body with a large chest and a big shapely rear. Her husband worked at a local accounting office and every day after he left, Donna took her two children to school then spent her time in the front yard. I spent many hours watching her through my window as she pottered around the flowerbeds in a clingy vest and shorts, and once, I had stroked my cock while watching her. I had imagined peeling those clothes off her lovely body and entering her with my raging hard-on. I came, grunting, while watching Donna bend over her roses, and I shot my cum into a tissue. On Wednesdays, of course, she was never in the yard; she spent the day getting ready for her three friends to arrive.

After Jill entered the house, I waited for Julie and Sandra to arrive. They always arrived together, walking from their houses up the street. I saw them and my eyes drank in their very different figures. You had to appreciate Julie and Sandra for totally different reasons. Julie was a slim redhead. Her hair cascaded down over her shoulders and down her back in tight red curls. Her body was lithe and her tits looked small but her legs were shapely and her butt looked good enough to eat off. Sandra, on the other hand, was a very big lady. She had ash blonde hair cut into a bob around her wide face. Her body was plump, not fat, and her ass looked large beneath her skirt but the two things that took your breath away when you saw Sandra were her tits. Her bust was absolutely enormous. She wore a dark blouse today and the material quivered as she moved, her gargantuan tits shaking beneath it. I had always been a tit man but I could only imagine what Sandra’s puppies would look like if they were let out of her bra.

The two girls knocked on Donna’s door then disappeared inside. I sighed, ignored the erection in my pants, and got back to work. I would wait until I went to bed later before masturbating. I thought about each of those four women on various nights but I knew that tonight, I would be thinking about Sandra while I pumped my cock. What a big girl…

It was almost an hour later when my phone rang. I sighed and picked it up. I was expecting my boss but when I heard the voice on the other end of the line, I sat up immediately.

“Adam?” It was Donna.

“Yeah,” I said.

“I’m sorry to disturb you while you’re working but do you think you could come over here? I’ve got a problem with my computer.”

“Sure, I’ll be over in a minute.” I almost ran for the door. I didn’t want to miss a chance to get close to those four lovely neighbours of mine. I could take my time fixing Donna’s computer and take in the feminine sights, collecting them in my memory for recalling later when I was in bed.

Donna opened the door with a smile. She really was pretty . I felt a flash of guilt as I remembered masturbating while watching her in her yard, then dispelled it and said, “You got a problem?”

She nodded casino oyna and led me inside. The other three housewives sat in the living room, Julie and Sandra on the sofa and Jill in a chair. They all said “hi” as I entered.

“Hello, ladies,” I replied. I always wondered what they did every Wednesday afternoon. I assumed they just had a coffee and a chat, probably comparing notes about their husbands and kids.

The computer sat on a desk at one end of the room. Next to it sat a digital camera.

“It’s just frozen up on us,” Donna said.

“Okay.” I sat on the chair in front of the screen. “What application were you using?”

“The camera software,” Donna said. I noticed her look at the other women with a glint in her eye.

I looked at them too. Julie sat in a relaxed pose, twirling a lock of her long red hair with one finger. Sandra sat next to her, big and womanly, her blouse still straining to hold its load. I noticed that she was blushing slightly. A few people on the street had told me that she was shy and a bit of a prude. Shame, with a body like that. Her husband was a lucky guy to sleep with those huge tits every night. Jill sat on her chair with her shapely legs crossed. She wore a jogging suit and that’s when I took a mental step back. When I had seen her arrive earlier, she had been wearing a skirt and blouse. So why was she now wearing a black jogging suit?

“Can you fix it?” Donna asked me.

I turned to the screen. “Sure, let’s take a look.” I rebooted the computer then clicked into the camera software. I found the problem and fixed it quickly. However, not wanting to leave so soon, I took my time accessing the various folders, making it look like I was still working on the problem. It was then that I noticed three folders entitled “Jill”, “Donna” and “Julie”. Obviously the ladies had been taking photos of each other. God, how I would love to have a pic of just one of these lovelies. Humming a tune to myself, feeling the women’s eyes on me, I clicked on the folder called “Jill” and 20 icons appeared, each a bitmap. I clicked on one and a photo appeared on the screen. I gasped.

It was a picture of Jill all right, and she was dressed in a blue bra, blue panties, blue garter belt and blue stockings. I heard Donna gasp too, then the other three. I clicked the mouse and closed the window.

“Er, sorry,” I said.

Donna said, “It’s okay…I guess you’ve discovered what we do here every Wednesday afternoon.”

I turned to face the women. Sandra was blushing furiously but the others looked unperturbed. “Really?” I asked.

They all nodded. “It started some time ago,” Julie said. “We were joking about how our husbands don’t appreciate us, then started taking photos on Donna’s camera to increase our self confidence. We started using lingerie. We really enjoy our Wednesdays.”

“Wow,” I said. I didn’t know what else to say. “I can’t believe that part about your husbands, though. How could they not appreciate such beautiful women?”

“Believe it, Adam,” Sandra said. “They’re bored with us after all these years.”

I shook my head. “No way.”

“It’s true,” Donna said. “So we take the pics to cheer us up.”

“Well they sure cheered me up,” I said. I looked at Jill in her jogging suit and realized she must have some lingerie on under there. I felt my cock harden in my jeans.

“Erm, it’s all fixed now,” I said.

“Great, thanks, Adam,” Donna said. “What can we do to thank you?”

I could think of a few things but I took a chance and said, “Well, I sure would like to take a few of those pics home on a disk. I wouldn’t let anyone else see them, of course. They’d be just for my…use.” I could only imagine the pleasure I could have jacking off over pictures of these ladies in lingerie.

Donna frowned then looked at the others. “I don’t know…” she said.

“I think we’d better discuss it,” Jill said.

“Could you leave the room?” Donna asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “I need to use the bathroom anyway.”

I went to the end of the hall and sat on the edge of the bath. I didn’t really to use the bathroom. My cock was straining against my jeans and I felt so turned on by these four beautiful housewives.

I heard a hesitant knock at the door. “We’ve reached canlı casino a decision,” Donna said.

I opened the door then rejoined the ladies in the living room. I stood before them nervously. I hoped they would let me take some pics home with me,.

“it isn’t that we don’t trust you,” Donna said, “But we need some guarantee that our pictures won’t be seen by anyone else. If our husbands were to find out…”

“Of course,” I said. “You have my word.”

Jill giggled. “We want mare than that.”

“You’re going to have to pose for us,” Donna said. “We keep your pics here with ours. Then you can take some of ours home with you.”

I frowned. Pose for them? I felt scared at first but then I thought about taking some pics home and the fun i would have with them. And after all, I had a good body; I went to the gym regularly and worked out. I was broad-shouldered with good tone and big muscles. Sure, why not? “Okay,” I said. “Why not?”

Donna walked over and got the camera from the desk. “Do you want me to take off my shirt?” I asked. She nodded. “And those jeans.”

I slid off the shirt and the girls watched me as I slid off the jeans too. I stood before them in my jockey shorts, realizing that my raging erection was tenting them wildly at the front. The women said nothing but I could see their eyes taking me in. Donna took a picture.

“Okay,” she said. “Erm, let’s see how you should pose for us.”

Jill stood up. “Wait, I just got an idea. Adam can pose with me.”

Sandra looked shocked. “Jill, are you sure?”

Jill nodded. I noticed her eyes locked on the front of my boxers. She slid out of the jogging suit and stood there in white panties and bra. The lingerie was lacy and her breasts looked lovely pressed together beneath the bra. “My God,” I said out loud. My cock twitched excitedly in my shorts.

“Come on,” Jill said to me,” It’ll be fun.”

I nodded. Sandra, Julie and Donna watched as Jill knelt on all fours before me. She looked over her shoulders at me. She looked so sexy kneeling there in nothing but her underwear and glasses. “Kneel behind me,” she said. “Donna, get ready to take a photo.”

I looked at her beautiful shapely ass in the white panties. The material rode up her ass crack and her smooth cheeks looked soft and rounded. I knelt behind her and placed my hands on her slim hips. My cock felt ready to burst.

Sandra put a hand to her mouth. “I don’t believe this,” she said. Donna took a photo of us.

“Oh God, look how excited he is,” Julie said.

“Yeah,” Donna said breathlessly as she took another pic. “Jill’s really turned him on.”

I pressed the front of my shorts against Jill’s ass cheek. Jill gasped, “Oh yeah, you’re really hard aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said. “You girls all turn me on.” I took a sharp breath as Jill started to grind her ass cheek against my manhood.

“Jill, what are you doing?” Sandra asked, horrified.

“Sandra, if you don’t want to watch, you’ll have to leave,” Jill replied. “Because I can’t stop now.”

“Surely you don’t mean…” Sandra looked aghast.

“You’re always telling us how Eric has lost interest in you, Sandra,” Donna said. “Look at Adam…I bet he’s turned on by you. Aren’t you, Adam?”

I looked at Sandra, at her huge bust. “Oh God, yes,” I groaned. “I think you’re gorgeous, Sandra.”

Sandra looked at the floor, blushing. “This is getting out of hand,” she said. “If our husbands…”

“Hey, those losers aren’t here,” Julie said. “We always tell each other how they’ve lost interest in us. Well look at Adam…I’d say he very damned interested.” She pointed at my shorts. “I want to see his cock.”

“Yes, ” Jill whispered to me, “For God’s sakes get your cock out for us.”

I didn’t need asking. I was so horny, I’d do anything right now. I slid my shorts off and stood up, my cock thick and hard, rising proudly from my groin. All the women gasped at the sight of my huge erection.

Jill wasted no time. Still on her hands and knees, she crawled over to me and took me in her mouth. I groaned as her mouth enveloped my cock, her lips pushing back my foreskin to reveal my purple helmet. She bobbed her head from left to right, tasting me and groaning with pleasure. She looked up at kaçak casino me, released my cock from her mouth then slid her tongue down the underside of my shaft to my balls. She moved her mouth back up to the head then gently took me between her lips again. I pushed my groin against her face, feeding her my meat.

Donna said, “Screw this,” then put the camera down. She got on her hands and knees and joined Jill. The two girls took turns lapping at my manhood while I stood there gasping and groaning with pleasure. Their tongues worked expertly on me, tasting me from my balls to my cockhead.

“I can’t watch,” Sandra said from the sofa. Julie had started taking pictures with the camera that Donna had discarded.

Jill turned around, still kneeling on all fours then pulled her panties down to her knees. Her pussy lips shone wet between her legs, covered in a light brown downy hair. I dropped to my knees behind her and touched the head of my cock to her pussy. “Yes,” she moaned. “Fuck me.”

I pushed into her and we both gasped at the sensation as my dick slid into her hot tight tunnel. I pressed my groin up against her soft ass then started thrusting in and out of her. Donna started taking off her own shorts and panties, kneeling next to Jill.

I looked at her lovely brown ass then at her prominent pubic mound and pink pussy lips. I pulled out of Jill and pushed into Donna. She cried out as I started to fuck her.

“Donna” Sandra cried out, “What about your husband?”

“He’s…ughn…lost interest in me,,,ughn….” she managed as I fucked her, “…what I need…ughn…is a good hard cock like Adam’s…uhn…inside me…oh God it feel so good in there!” I held her ass tightly as I bucked against her.

I could feel my balls filling with cum and my lower stomach tingling. “I’m not far from cumming,” I gasped.

“Cum inside me,” Donna moaned.

“No, cum inside me,” Jill cried out.

Then Sandra stood up. “No,” she said, “We all want to see that cock cum don’t we girls?” They all nodded in assent. “I know I want to see it,” Sandra said. She started to unbutton her blouse. “I want you to cum over my big tits while we all watch,” she said.

“Sandra, what’s gotten into you?” Julie asked, still shooting pics of us on the camera.

“The sight of that cock,” my huge-busted neighbour said. She threw the blouse to the floor and stood there in a nig frilly white bra which barely contained the mountains of flesh within. Sandra lay back on the sofa then unhooked it. She let it drop to the floor and her glorious tits were there for everyone to see. I had never seen anything so beautiful. Each soft, full heavy tit was topped with a huge, erect dark brown nipple. “Julie,” she said, “I want you to get a shot of me jerking him off over my tits.”

“Oh yes, oh yes,” I half-moaned. I pulled my cock out of Donna’s pussy then walked over to Sandra with my manhood waving hard and thick before me. She wrapped her fingers around me and looked me in the eye. “Do you like my big tits, Adam?”

I nodded and groaned as she started to jack me off. Her fingers slid over my cock, from base to head and her tits wobbled heavily with the movement.

“Oh fuck, they’re beautiful,” I moaned

The other girls gathered around to watch. “Come on, Adam, ” Donna said, “Let’s see that lovely big cock explode all over Sandra’s tits.”

“We want to see you shoot your cum over those big nipples,” Jill said.

Julie took a pic then threw the camera down to watch my cock more closely. “Cum for us,” she moaned.

“Cum for me,” Sandra said, looking at me seductively, “All over me, all over my big tits. I want to feel your hot seed spilling over my big tits and nipples.”

“Oh yeah,” I moaned.

“Come on, baby,” Sandra urged.

“It’s coming!” I shouted.

“Yes, all over me,” Sandra commanded.

I cried out and thrust my hips forward as a hot salvo of cum exploded from me and hit Sandra’s big brown nipple. “Oh yes!” she cried out.

I continued jerking against her hand as she milked my seed from me. A second ribbon of cum hit her tits, then a third. All the girls urged me on with “Come on, Adam” and “Shoot it for us”. A line of cum shot from and hit Sandra’s other nipple, then the rest of my hot seed spilled over her hand as she pumped it out of my cock.

Finally, I fell to the carpet, totally spent. My cock had just had the time of its life and I was sure these women wouldn’t let it end here…

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