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Becoming a Playboy

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Let me first introduce myself briefly. I am 32 years old very horny and sexually active male. I moved into the world of pleasure and sex at the age of 18. When I first felt a girl for whom I had feelings from my childhood (my cousin). It’s an other story I will post it some other time.

This time I am writing one of the real experience with one of my cousins daughter, I will call her Jennifer. I was 26 at the time when it happened and she was 19. I was very much a playboy type ever since my first experience with a girl. Jennifer and one of her friend sally came to stay at my home for few days. I have observed a strange attraction and cravings in the eyes of Jennifer’s friend sally from the day they have arrived. Whenever we talk I saw sally looking into my eyes and it made me feel like she wants me. Well what else I could have dreamed about. I was having other opportunities at my work place and girl friends but here a young girl at my home is also making me come to her. Night after night I started thinking about sally and one night I got into her room and started feeling her. She was sleeping when I started feeling her. At first she was hesitant illegal bahis when she came to know what is happening but later she stopped protesting. I was feeling her all over. Her young 18 year old body was very sexy and seductive. I was messaging her boobs from under her shirt when I heard someone waking up. I got afraid and left the room. The other night same thing happened but this time sally was waiting for me. She told me that her friend my cousin’s daughter Jennifer saw me at her bed last night and she fully guessed what was going on. Anyway I asked her to forget about it as I knew it was dark and I can easily get away. I also did not want to spoil my fun with sally that night.

Anyways the morning after that night they left back for their homes but me and sally started having regular get togethers when I visit her place or pick her from her school and hire a motel room. I will write about it in detail at some other time.

One day when I was working at my office, the phone rang and it was Jennifer on the other end. She asked me how I am and other casual talk. Before we hang up she told me that she wants to talk to me about something very important illegal bahis siteleri but she don’t know how to explain it. She said she loves me and she wants me to love her too. No matter what type of a guy I was but she was my cousins daughter and I had never thought about her in that way. So I told her its impossible as I am her uncle and much older than her. I feelings for her are only as an uncle can have for her niece. She said she don’t believe me and she will do anything to get my love. When she saw that she can’t get me she said she had seen me with her friend sally on that night and if her friend can have my attention why not her. I tried to explain to her that there is nothing between me and her friend and she said good but she wants me for herself. Anyways I hung up the phone but started thinking about what she said and what if she will tell someone about that night.

Jennifer started coming to stay at our house regularly. I used to stay with my parents that time. My parents were very happy for her visits as she helps my mom to look after the house. During her stay whenever she gets the chance she talk to me and tell me about canlı bahis siteleri her love and cravings for me. For a long time I successfully ignored her but one night when she was at our place I woke up with a hard on and the only thing that was coming to my mind was her. I was not been able to decide what should I do. If I take the opportunity or not. My playboy thoughts tell me she is a young girl and its her choice so take her. I got up from my bed and my feet automatically started moving towards the room she was sleeping. I saw her sleeping, she was wearing a trouser and shirt. My devil feelings made me get into bed with her.

I started by placing my hand on her left boob. She was still sleeping and I got the courage and as the taboo had already broken with my hand on her one boob, now there was no return. I placed my other hand on her other boob and started feeling them good. My hands got into her shirt and under her bra on her boobs. Her nipples were hard. She had 34c breasts. I hear very low moans from her mouth. I was thinking about sucking her boobs and feeling her young pussy when I heard someone in my parents room. I left for my room and thanks God as I was not caught. I masturbated myself and then slept. I was not sure if Jennifer was awake or she thought it was a dream. I will write to you what happened later in my next post. Do reply me with your comments. Thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo?altmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

Becky and Her Mom Ch. 01

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[A quick note: My stories aren’t for everyone. If you don’t like very petite women with really huge breasts, mother-son incest (or the use of the word “mommy” in a sexual context), totally unrealistic scenarios, or extended foreplay, they might not be for you. If you like those things, great! Vote and leave a comment if you want. If you don’t like them, go elsewhere. Thanks. (All characters are over 18 years old.)

Additional note: This one is a bit of a departure for me, in that it doesn’t contain literal mother-son incest. But it gets pretty close and all the other usual themes are there. 🙂 (Also, if I’m being honest, though I have the basics structure of the rest of this story sketched out, I don’t know when I’ll have time to finish it. But if you want more, let me know and I’ll do my best!)



I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Becky Byrne was walking toward me, staring me in the eye. Becky, the object of my lust for all of high school. My dream girl. Short, tight body, incredibly busty. Biggest breasts in the school. Curvy, but petite and so adorable. Sweet face, gorgeous, sparkling green eyes. Long, auburn hair. She had a habit of biting her bottom lip, as if she were always just a little ashamed.

But it was also as if she had no idea how hot she was. She was quiet and wore baggy flannel shirts or oversized sweater that actually did little to hide her amazing figure. The exception was during volleyball practice, when she wore tight shorts and a team jersey which accentuated her big, round ass and huge tits, the letters of the school team name made almost unreadable by how distended they were by her swollen chest. (The rumor was that she had to wear two or even three sports bras to keep her chest in check.) I sneeked peeks during practice every chance I got – and would then masturbate to those mental images at home.

In short, I was obsessed with her. And now she was walking up to me.

“Hey Brian,” she said softly.

“Hey Becky,” I managed to croak out.

“So… I hope this isn’t too forward, but… I’ve noticed you looking at my body.”

Uh oh. “Oh, I -“

“No,” she said, reaching out her hand to touch my arms, in the process pressing her huge breasts up against each other. A deep line of cleavage formed between the top of her shirt. “It’s ok. I’m not offended or anything. Flattered, if anything.”

She bit her lip again and I melted.

“No, it’s fine,” she repeated. “The truth is, I think you’re cute. I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better.”

This was not happening.

“I actually wanted to invite you over to my house.”

Was I just standing there, gawking? Oh my god, my gaze had drifted out to her chest. I was directly staring at her huge breasts, straining out from her t-shirt-and-open flannel combo. I looked up at her, blushing.


“Brian, it’s ok. Listen, how much would you say you like big breasts?”

“Um… a lot?”

“Do you like really big breasts? I mean, I know you like mine -” She smiled. “But, like, bigger than mine?”

“Uh, sure. I mean, yes, yours are amazing. But yes.”

“Ok, cool.” She took a step toward me and ran a finger down my chest. “So, do you want to come over to my place? Maybe tomorrow? Just a mellow Saturday visit – come whenever.”

“Sure, that sounds great.” My penis has been hardening the whole conversation, but now it threatened to become fully engorged, which… would have been a problem. I had to get out of there. “So… I’ll see you tomorrow!” I shuffled off as best I could.

What was happening?


The next day, I found myself knocking on Becky’s door. I had no idea what to expect, but I was already half-hard. I tried to take my mind off it. Then she opened the door. Actually, she opened it a little and popped her adorable head out. Her brown, wavy hair hung down beyond the opened door.

“Hey Brian! Um… so, you are welcome to come in. But promise me you won’t freak out.”

Won’t freak out about what?

“Uh, sure. I promise.”

She opened the door a little more, backed up and beckoned me in.

I walked in and… she was naked. Nude. I must have looked like that cartoon cat with his tongue lolling out. She attempted to cover her breasts and vagina with her hands – the latter was successful, but the former was a joke. The huge tits poked out everywhere. Even with the coverage, I could tell they were as big and round and perky as I had imagined.

“Hey,” she said, and again bit her lip. “I can explain.”


“So, have you met my mom?”

Oh, I knew her mom, alright. I had only her seen her from afar, picking up Becky after school, but I knew exactly who she was. She was even more gorgeous than Becky – shorter, actually, but with an even more ridiculously voluptuous body. And, unlike Becky, she wasn’t afraid to hide her. Sometimes she would wear t-shirts so tight that I could swear from across the parking lot I could see her nipples straining through canlı bahis them. Nipples on massive, round breasts. The biggest I had ever seen. She also often wore yoga pants, and her bulbous bubble butt poked out from them. She would hug Becky and they would get in the car together and drive off.

“Yeah, I think I know your mom.”

“So Mommy – uh, mom – she has some very specific rules around the house. I know it sounds weird, but it’s just something I’ve grown up with.” She slowly dropped her hands and I could see her glorious body in its entirety. She was so curvy: huge tits on a tiny little body, a slim waist and thick hips and butt. She was short, but her arms and legs were slim and a little muscular. Her pussy wasn’t trimmed, but her pubic hair was modest, a light brown. She slowly twisted her body in way that made her her breasts sway ever so slightly. It reminded me of a much younger girl, being slightly ashamed of her very adult body.

“That’s cool. I mean, unusual. So… you’re naked all day?”

“Whenever I’m home. I honestly don’t mind it. I’ve sort of gotten into it.”


She again bit her lip, then took a couple of steps toward me. Her huge breasts were now just inches from my chest. Being at least 5 inches shorter than me, she looked up into my eyes. “So… you like my body?”

“It’s amazing. You’re amazing. You’re the most gorgeous girl in school. You must know that.”

She blushed and again between slowing twisting her body back and forth, her large tits swaying right before me.

“Wow – that’s flattering. I think you’re really cute too.” She paused, then looked down at her tits. “You don’t think my breasts are too big? Especially on my body – I’m pretty petite.”

“Definitely not,” I sputtered. “They’re beautiful.” She walked another couple of inches toward me. Her body was now just grazing mine.

She smiled. “Thanks. Sometimes I get self-conscious about them. Other times…” To my amazement, she reached up and plumped them, staring down at them with a smile still on her face. “Other times, I love them. They are super-big, huh? I’ll be honest, sometimes… they make me really horny. Just looking at them or touching them-” She squeezed them lightly, essentially pushing them up toward my face.

She looked down passed them, at my crotch, then reached down and lightly caressed my cock, which was now rock-hard, straining against my pants. “Looks like they have the same effect on someone else.”

I decided to take the plunge. “They do. You do. To be honest” – I tried to adjust my erection without much success – “it’s sort of uncomfortable. I’m not sure how your mom’s rules work, but – should I maybe take my clothes off?”

“That’s really up to you… But I’ll be honest, It might make me feel a little less awkward. And I would love to see you naked,” she said with a giggle.

Ok then. In a frenzy, I took off all my clothes. Or tried to, anyway. Becky giggled as I hopped around a bit on leg, trying to get my pants off. I almost fell over getting my socks off and she full-on laughed, causing her massive tits to jiggle and sway.

Eventually, the deed was done, and now I was standing naked in front of an equally naked, and wildly hot Becky. She looked me up and down and, with a wink, whistled. Her gaze settled on my penis, which was rock-hard, pointing directly… well, at her face.

“Niiiice. Do you know how big it is?”


“No problem! One sec.” She raced off for a moment, her voluptuous body shimmying. My head was swimming. I was now alone with my dream girl, one I had masturbated over many times – and we were both nude. Before I could do too much more thinking, she returned, a ruler in her hand. She approached me, and this time, pushed her gorgeous body into mine, her huge tits squashing against my chest, my throbbing cock into her tummy. She stared up at me.

“Do you mind if I measure it? I’m just curious.”

“Go for it, I guess.”

She kneeled down and placed the end of the ruler against the base of my cock. “Looks like… 8 inches! Awesome. Perfect size.”

She put the ruler down and looked up at me. “Mind if I touch it?”

Before I could answer, she wrapped her tiny hand around my cock, which was now visibly throbbing. “Nice girth, too,” she said. I moaned just from her touch, but she suddenly released her grip and stood up. She took my hand in hers and again pulled her body into mine. I glanced down; her breasts were squashed against my chest, swelling up toward my face. I could feel her hard nipples on my skin. This time, she leaned her head up and kissed me gently on the mouth. She snaked her hand down between our bodies and began to lightly stroke my cock.

I could take a hint. With one hand, I cupped her amazing bubblebutt and with the other, drew her head into mine and began to kiss her. We made out like that – her caressing my throbbing prick, me molesting her ass. She pulled back for a moment and, with a sexy breathiness, said, “Feel me up. bahis siteleri Squeeze my breasts. Please?”

I reached up with both hands, first gently cupping her huge tits, then lightly squeezing them, then tweaking her cute, erect nipples. She first stared down with an open mouth, almost as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing – I was worshipping her breasts. “God, that feels soooo good,” she whispered. “You’re the first boy to play with my breasts like that.”

She pulled my head up and mashed her lips against mine, her tongue swirling in my mouth, then pushed my head down to lick her nipples, which I happily did. I began to suckle at one, squeezing the other at the same time, and she threw her head back. I couldn’t believe how horny breast-play made her.

As if reading my mind, she said, “Brian… wanna see how excited you’re making me?”

She pulled back a bit and cocked her hips up a bit. There was girl-juice trickling down the inside of her thighs. Neither of us had even touched her vagina and yet she was literally dripping wet. I reached down and found her clit. She gasped with pleasure. With the other hand, I grabbed a heaving breast. I started to diddle her; feeling her up, alternating between breasts; occasionally pinching a nipple, sometimes squeezing hard. Part of me wanted to go to the nearby couch, but I was turned on by our bodies writhing near each other as I groped and molested her voluptuous teen body. It was like she was a little sextoy, there simply to be manhandled and turned on.

“Oh god, Brian!” Her body started to tremble. “You’re turning me on so much. I think I’m going to cum soon. I’m going to have an orgasm, Brian. And – oh god – I need to tell you something – but don’t stop! I have really – uh, fuck! – really strong orgasms. It sort of takes over my whole body.” I plunged a finger into her sopping, tight vagina and she let out a little delighted yelp. She was shaking now, clearly on the verge of an orgasm. I put another finger inside of her.

“Brian! Oh baby!” Her legs began to buckle, but I held her up by her pussy and tits. “Fucking cumming, Brian! You’re making me cum!! AHHHHH!” She shuddered more intensely than ever, squealing as she came. Juice ran over my hand and splattered on the floor. My god, she was a squirter. Her vagina spasmed around my fingers and she collapsed into my arms.

“Oh god oh god oh god.” She was swimming in a post-orgasmic haze. After a moment, she straightened up and stared into my eyes. “Oh god, Brian, that was amazing. And look” – she glanced down at my cock, which was as swollen as I’d ever seen it, almost purple, throbbing. She leaned up and kissed me again. “I guess I need to take care of you now, Brian, huh?”

She dropped down to her knees and leaned forward to kiss my penis, first just a gentle peck, then a few more. Soon she was running her gorgeous lips up and down the length of my penis, moaning to herself. “It’s so beautiful,” she whispered, as she rubbed it all over her face, raining it with more kisses. She started to lick and suck on the head, which drove me crazy. Staring up at me with those gorgeous bright green eyes, and seeing my reaction, she then plunged her mouth around my cock. Delightfully depraved wet noises emanated from my crotch as she went to town, frantically sucking, as if her life depended on it.

She pulled her mouth off my thick penis and, panting, said, “God, I love this. Your cock is soooo wonderful. Can you… can you, like, really face-fuck me?” She took my hands and put them on the back of her head. “Like this. Force me.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I pushed her head back down onto my cock, now fucking her mouth at exactly the rhythm I wanted. Judging by her moans, it was exactly what she wanted. My cock was thrusting into her face at a quick rate, though occasionally I slowed down to keep myself from cumming in her mouth. Finally, with enormous self-control, I slowly pulled her mouth off my cock.

She gave my cock a few final, sloppy licks, leaving a trail of saliva, which she then let drip down into her cleavage – and I suddenly realized why.

After getting back on her feet, she said, “I think it’s time for you to fuck my breasts, Brian.” She gently pushed me toward the sofa. I flopped down on it and she immediately climbed on top of me, my cock pressing into her wet crotch. She ground her huge breasts on me while she kissed me intensely. “I really like you, Brian,” she said, before nibbling on my ear. Yeah, I got that, I thought. “I want you to be the first to fuck my breasts.” Her huge tits swayed in front of my face.

She slowly got down from the sofa, easing herself onto the floor between my legs. She stared up at me. Even in such a debauched position, she was so cute. She hoisted up her huge, swollen breasts, as if for my inspection. “Do you want to fuck my big tits, sweetie? I’ve never given a titfuck before, so you’ll have to tell me if I’m doing a good job. But I’m pretty sure I’ve got the right sized breasts for it. Do you want bahis şirketleri to know how big they are before you fuck them?”

I could only nod yes.

She pulled one huge tit up to her mouth and just before the nipple reached her lips, said “32-” she put her crinkled nipple into her mouth and sucked. “Double-F.” She sucked again. “Does that sound big enough for a titfuck, Brian?”

Before I could answer, she positioned her around my cock and pressed them in. “I might need help with this part, Brian. Feel free to push them together if there’s not enough pressure. But I’m going to do my breast – uh, best.” She smiled. And then started to move them up and down. I couldn’t believe the sensation. Her tits were so huge that my cock was entirely engulfed by them. Again, she stared down, almost as agape as I was at what we were witnessing. Every now and then, the head of my cock would poke out, and she would lick or briefly suck it as it emerged from her massive cleavage.

I started to moan at the amazing sensation of her big, spongy tits jerking me off. She looked up at me, her eyes gleaming. “Are you going to cum, Brian? Are my huge tits going to make you cum?”

I flashed back to just a few weeks before, at school, staring at Becky’s cartoonishly voluptuous body jiggled and swaying past me in the hallway. She was headed to volleyball practice. I openly stared at her big, round tits, barely contained in her tight t-shirt, her butt pushing out of her athletic shorts. I never imagined that she would be squatting in front of me, squeezing her tits around my rigid prick, taking me to the verge of orgasm.

“Oh god! Fucking tighter, Becky!” I yelled, using my hands to squeeze her huge, soft tits toward my cock. With my hands now controlling her huge tits, rippling as they slammed up and down around my cock, she grabbed a hold of each nipple and squealed in horny delight as she squeezed them. I was getting very close.

“I’m going to cum, Becky! Gonna cum all over your huge tits!”

“Do it! Cum for me, Brian! Show me how much sperm you can shoot all over my busty body!”

At that exact moment, my cock started to pump out ropes of thick cum. The first few landed not on her tits, but on her face, and again she moaned in excitement as they did. The next few rounds landed with a splash on her heaving tits. I withdrew my cock, aimed it at her massive breasts, which she again cupped for me, and sprayed them with the final few rounds. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had.

Before I knew what was happening, she reached over to the coffeetable and grabbed a towel – funny that I hadn’t even noticed it (I guess it made sense to have around, given, well, all the nakedness) – and wiped herself clean. She immediately dove into my crotch, swallowing and cleaning off my cock with her mouth, letting out the occasional groan of pleasure. Soon, to my pleasant surprise, I was hard again.

“I had a feeling you were an extremely viral young man,” she said as she climbed on top of me, straddling my legs, her still-dripping-wet pussy hovering just above my penis. “So much cum! And still hard. I think that earns you an immediate reward.”

With that, she slowly lowered herself, enrobing my cock with her warm, wet pussy. “UHHHH, FUCK,” she exclaimed. “That feels SO good. God, I love your cock.”

I reached up and grabbed her huge tits and squeezed. “YEEESSSS,” she exclaimed. “Grope me, Brian! Feel me up, squeeze them, tweak my nipples, whatever you want.”

I wasn’t going to say no. I spent the next few minutes molesting her huge breasts – the ones I had dreamt about for years – as she rode my cock. At some point, my hands drifted down and I grabbed first her tiny waist, and then her thick ass, now controlling the rate of her bounce. I was basically masturbating with her entire petite body. We started to kiss as we fucked. I was in heaven.

I turned Becky over, so she was on all fours on the couch and crouched down slightly so I could slide my cock into her pussy. As I did, she let out another huge moan of pleasure. I started to fuck her again, her huge tits hanging down below her, swayed as we made love. That went on for a few minutes, but I really wanted to be able to see her gorgeous face and large teenage breasts, so I again flipped over her tiny body, her tits spraying little droplets of sweat as I did, and immediately impaled her again with my cock.

We fucked like that, in missionary position, for another few minutes, occasionally exchanging deep, wet kisses. She whispered things like “I love fucking you, Brian” and “Look at my big tits, sweetheart. Don’t they look extra swollen to you?” I could only grunt in response as I plowed into her. If not for the massive orgasm I had had earlier, I wouldn’t have been able to last this long, but at the moment, I felt like I could fuck the gorgeous little teen forever.

Suddenly, Becky looked up, over the top of my head.

“Hi Mommy.”


I tried to turn my head, but Becky’s legs were hooked around my ass, pulling my body into hers. But soon, as she came around the side of the couch, it was confirmed. Becky’s mother was standing in front of us as we fucked – rutted like animals, really – her hands on her hips.

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Becky and Robbie Ch. 07

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Chapter 7: Mom’s Doubt

The guys that we invited from our softball game lusted after Becky, but knowing she was taken, they finally moved on to checking out my other sister Jenny and her friend Abbie, and all the other bikinied sweet things.

It was really heating up at the pool as a few of them paired off and started the whole male female teen hormonal exchange thing.

Becky and I slid out of there and headed upstairs to our love nest. Before I could get the door shut, she was all over me, sucking and slurping, and kissing me with many moans and sighs as she groped my manhood, telling me how much she needed me again.

So I threw her on the bed, ripped off her clothes and fucked the shit out of her. I hope you don’t think I am too macho to say it this way, but it was really like that from my vantage point. Indeed I fucked the living shit out of Becky and her screams testified to how much she loved every minute and every inch of my hard cock as I pummeled her tight pussy again and again.

There was something very special indeed about the relationship between Becky and I and neither one of us, twin siblings, could get enough of each other. Our lust was insatiable as we fucked and sucked all afternoon.

We never thought about lunch and as it approached 5 pm we realized that we had been at it for many hours and might be missed. So, we showered up, this time fucking doggie style as the hot vibrating water massaged us to our climaxes.

After that Becky wandered around the house alone trying to appear normal. She did talk canlı bahis briefly to mom who, although she still eyed Becky a little suspiciously, just mentioned a few details about shopping to Becky and didn’t say much else. It seemed like things were cool.

We were together every night and every day, all day, all night. If we were inseparable before, now we were impossible to separate. We always slept together, took showers together and helped dress each other and went everywhere together.

It was so incredible, better than the best. Man was it good to be able to fuck so much and to always be with the one you loved so much.

We were curious what the talks between Sharon and mom would come to, but knew that Sharon would definitely fix any troubles and we would be ok. As it turned out Sharon did tell mom everything about our relationship. Mom brought it up, guessing correctly what was going on between Becky and I. “I just knew it,” she said.

Sharon did not leave out anything, that’s just the way she likes to tell it, straight as it is, and mom, although not really approving, was somewhat awed by our relationship.

She told Sharon that yes, what we had was very rare and wonderful and in a way she was proud of us. She said that we should hold onto our love as long as we could.

But, she added, “It is probably better if we don’t tell your father right now. He is a little more traditional and might not understand this unique relationship.”

We also started getting invited to all the cool parties, now that everyone realized bahis siteleri that we were the hottest, most interesting and fun couple in town. Everyone thought it was just so cool that even though we were brother and sister that we were so much in love and were the perfect couple, acting like any other couple. That only made our love more special, being appreciated like that for what we were.

Nobody seemed to be hung up about the “incest thing.” We didn’t need to hide anything and we didn’t. We would always make out and do everything else that everyone did at the parties.

Of course it was great fun when some new guys or girls showed up at a party who didn’t know about us and we would sometimes freak them out by telling them or have even more fun by showing them just how hot our relationship was, after they knew we were siblings.

Rodney showed up at one of the parties and Becky really wanted to get even with him some more, because of what he stood for and had wanted to do to her. He actually had bragged about his plans to shag her to a bunch of guys, saying, “the poor little girl won’t know what hit her.” He was going to feed her a few beers with a little extra alcohol in them to loosen her up and then slip it to her, or so he thought.

Knowing that he had the audacity to brag about what he was going to do to her even before going out with her once, made Becky especially angry at him. What a callous bastard. She had never caused any problems for anyone and had a reputation for being very mellow and peaceful, but somehow this was different bahis şirketleri and she really wanted to make an example of Rodney, just to please me, to show me her love.

So, with me watching from a distance and Sharon within earshot, but with her back to them, Becky approached Rodney and engaged him in some conversation. After some initial talk, she said, “I’m sorry that our date was crashed by my big sister, I had planned on losing my virginity to you that day.”

Now, that had Rodney’s interest, as he remembered her incredibly hot and very fuckable body in that amazing bikini. His surprise was priceless as he contemplated what he had almost gotten.

Then she added, “But I changed my mind and gave it to my brother instead. Actually that was what I wanted all along, I was just trying to make him jealous by going out with you.”

And, as she puffed her breasts out, she sighed and said, “Oh, he is just so good at it too. I really love him. See ya.” As she walked away, I loved the gleam in her eye and the scowl on Rodney’s. Serves him right, the bastard.

A little later, some kissing games were announced which morphed into truth or dare, but Becky said that she didn’t want to share herself with anyone besides me and would be really jealous if anyone even tried to touch me, so we just sat on the couch and made out, as everyone else got into the game.

Just as it really started to get heated up, with the clothes coming off and couples going into the other room to do the more intimate dares, we were again implored to join the games, but we just looked at each other and left. “Maybe, next time guys,” Becky said, clinging to me as we left.

‘Maybe it would be fun,’ she thought, but ‘I’m not ready just yet to share him with anyone, no way. He’s mine.’

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A Cold and Rainy Night

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Title: A Cold and Rainy Night

Description: She wants to warm her heart

Tags: Friends, romance, cunnilingus, movies, first time, watching

Characters: Cindy, Mike

Begin Story:

“It’s a cold, rainy night. Tomorrow’s supposed to be so much nicer. I could stay in and watch a movie if there’s something decent. What d’ya got?”

That was my good friend Cindy from college. We still visited each other over a weekend every so often. I had made her dinner, and we were figuring out the rest of the evening.

“The best, of course,” I fired back.

“The best for what? I’m a woman, and what’s best depends on my mood.”

“Okay, so what’s your mood?”

“Something romantic-maybe a little bit frisky. It’s cold-I need to warm my heart.”

“You win. I don’t have anything. I’ll loan you a sweater.”

“You’re lying. I know you too well.”

“Okay, you’re right. I’ve got 9 1/2 Weeks.”

“Great movie. I’ve seen it a thousand times. We’ve even watched it together. Give me something fresh, and even hotter. It’s cold.”

“Hotter than 9 1/2 Weeks? That’s pretty tough.”

“I thought you had high standards.”

“I do, but you’ve got to go beyond mainstream films to get much hotter.”

“Oh, you do, huh?”

Damn! I had slipped up, and revealed more than I wanted to. Of course, Cindy picked up on it.

“And that’s about as far as I go with that conversation.”

“And you were just starting to get me interested. Come on, Mike. How does it get hotter?”

“You know how it gets hotter.”

“You’re talking porn movies? Most are too mechanical for me. No passion.”

“No, I didn’t mean porn movies exactly. And I agree with you on the passion part.”

“Well you can’t just leave it there. Spill.”

“Jeez, Cindy, you’ve never looked yourself? You can find some pretty good stuff online if you search around.”

“Now how would a nice girl like me know where to look? That’s what I’ve got a dirty guy friend for.”

“Look, most guys with working plumbing have some sort of secret stash. For me, I kind of get into the stuff where both the guy and the girl are having a good time.”

“So are you going to show me an example? I mean, how am I going to know if it’s any good?”

“Cindy, that’s kind of embarrassing. I could just give you some places to look and you could see what you like when you get home.”

“Where’s the fun in that? It seems a lot more spirited if you pick something you think I would like.”

“That seems like a really bad idea, Cindy.”

“It seems like a great idea to me. I’ve got you on the spot. Too tame and I’ll think you’re boring. Too wild and I’ll think you’re…”

“You’ll think I’m…?”

She just smiled and looked at me. I kind of caught a feeling that it would have to be really wild to shock her, but it was hard to tell. Aren’t women always hard to read that way?

“Let me get my laptop.”

Cindy smiled, pleased to have won. She also looked a bit excited to see what I was talking about. Maybe this wouldn’t be too embarrassing after all.

I sat back down with the laptop and got it going. She snuggled in beside me. I navigated to my private stash.

“Wow, looks like you’ve got quite a bit to watch.”

“Behave yourself or I’m stopping. This is embarrassing enough as it is.”

“I’ll be good.”

“Yeah, right. Here, let’s try this one.”

The title credits rolled and stated that this was a real girlfriend/boyfriend pair.

“And you believe that?” she giggled.

“Tell me what you think at the end.”

The scene opened in what looked like an attic apartment. The girlfriend sat in a chair beside the bed while the boyfriend reclined, watching her. She sensuously applied lip gloss, and then slowly pulled up her feet to remove her sandals, running her fingers over her legs in the process. While she seduced him, she seduced us. I felt Cindy shift in her seat. This was probably different than what she expected.

The girlfriend eventually stood up and towered over the bed while she slowly removed her robe. The boyfriend watched intently, and you could see the signals flash between them. They anticipation of making love on camera sharpened all of their actions. She sensually lowered herself beside him, and they kissed and explored with the deep familiarity of experienced lovers.

While the action on the screen was hot, the real heat was next to me. Cindy shifted and squirmed in her seat, and her breathing changed like her chest had tightened. My cock hardened in my jeans — how could it not with a horny girl beside me? If she chose to look, she would easily notice.

The couple both wore sexy silk underwear, and we got to watch them tease each other and eventually take off their tops. He worked his way down to her breasts and lavished attention on them. Her nipples jutted out diamond hard.

After a long session with her chest, the boyfriend moved further down. Cindy’s breath caught at the realization that the girlfriend was going to get some on-camera pussy worship.

He teased canlı bahis around her silk bottoms then tugged them off. Her flushed sex opened to our gaze as she got herself into position.

“He’s sure taking his time,” Cindy muttered. The boyfriend nuzzled and teased along her thighs.

“This isn’t porn,” I answered back. “They’ve got all the time in the world.”

Finally, he circled around to her pussy. She groaned when he licked along her lower lips. Several minutes passed while he worked her into a frenzy, then he finally moved higher.

“I wondered if he was ever going to get there,” Cindy whispered. She was hooked, totally caught up in the action between the lovers.

The girlfriend was deep into lust, her eyes hooded with desire. Her hands moved up to fasten on her nipples, and she twisted them hard while her boyfriend lashed her clit. A heated flush appeared on her face and then moved down to her neck.

The girlfriend arched her back as she neared release, and the boyfriend latched on, holding his breath as he sucked her clit into his mouth. She twitched under him, moaning continuously.

I realized that I was holding my breath, and my cock jolted to know that I was mirroring Cindy beside me.

With a cry, the girlfriend erupted. She jammed her pussy into his face and used that as an anchor to spasm all over the bed. Her body jerked and twitched while waves of pleasure crashed through her.

“Oh my God!” Cindy whispered.

The girlfriend eventually stopped twitching and sank gratefully to the bed. Her boyfriend stayed with her, gently soothing her abused pussy with his tongue.

When she recovered, she pulled at his shoulders and he moved up over her. They shared another long make out session, then her hand moved down to his silk boxers. He moved beside her, and she eased them over his rampant erection. She got them off then pulled him over her again. Her hand snaked down to position him.

“What, no blowjob?” Cindy muttered, incredulous. “There’s always a blowjob.”

“There’s no script or formula for this,” I answered back, pleased for a distraction from the horny woman beside me.

The boyfriend sank down, and they both sighed in pleasure. Their lips found each other, and they shared deep kisses as they slowly rocked together.

Cindy squirmed again. Watching a couple actually make love was getting to other parts of her mind, fusing romance with the horniness already there. We were getting a far more intimate experience than she expected.

My skin prickled with the waves coming from Cindy. I could tell we were feeding off each other, and I wondered at this new aspect of my friend. She must be great in bed.

While we radiated passion back and forth, the couple had been working up some heat of their own. They moved faster and harder together, and then one of her hands slid between them to play with herself.

The boyfriend adjusted to give her room, then he thrust hard into her.

“Yes!” she hissed, and they both pushed and arched to drive pleasure into the other. The girlfriend started gentle, but soon her forearm jerked with the frigging she was giving her clit. She tensed up impossibly hard, then she cried into his mouth as she thrashed under him. That set him off, and he slammed down and quivered as he shot into her.

I could sense Cindy holding her breath through their climax. My cock throbbed with need — I wondered what was going on with her. The couple sensuously twined together through the afterglow, never stopping their deep kisses. Eventually, he slid out of her and lowered himself to the bed, turning over to relax. The girlfriend turned into him, resting her head on his chest as she lightly stroked his cock, still shiny from their combined juices. Finally, the video faded out.

It took us both a few seconds to pull back from the intimacy of what we had done together. Cindy spoke first.

“Wow. You picked well. I thought that was really hot. Are they all that good?”

“Pretty much. I have high standards.”

She snorted, apparently glad to release some tension. “OK, I’ll agree that they looked like a real couple who knew each other pretty well. It was a good example of a ‘couples’ film that you hear about but never really see. But I know you don’t have a girlfriend to hot up with this stuff. You watch this alone?”

“You really have to ask?”

I finally got her to blush. “Dumb question, huh?”

We both laughed.

“Why don’t you pick another one?”

“Another one? I’m batting 1000. I could blow it.”

“No guts, no glory,” Cindy shot back. “And besides, you haven’t even got to first base.”

“Uh, huh.” I just looked at her. She stuck her tongue out.

I clicked on another video. I figured she would like another girlfriend/boyfriend pair, but this one was a little more athletic. This time, the couple started on the bed, making out and slowly undressing each other.

“So is it a coincidence that this woman has the same general body type as the one before?”

“Good question. Now that you mention it, I kind of like that type. Long brunette bahis siteleri hair, athletic body, natural breasts, hard nipples, loves sex.”

“Well I guess I score five for five then,” she teased, tossing her long, brunette hair.

“Yeah, you sure as hell do,” I muttered under my breath. I turned to the screen and ignored anything more from Cindy, not caring if she heard. But I felt her lean into me a little more.

This couple took their time to warm each other up, then the girlfriend hopped up on all fours and beckoned him inside. After he eased into her, she balanced on one forearm while her hand snaked back between her legs.

“This one plays with herself too, huh?”

“I like women who know what they want and aren’t embarrassed to get it. She knows that her boyfriend can’t last forever with her hot ass pushing into him, so she’s moving herself along at the same pace.”

“You don’t just get off on women masturbating?”

I laughed. “That doesn’t hurt either.”

“I bet.” Cindy returned her gaze to the screen.

The girlfriend got herself going and then urged her boyfriend to go harder. He grabbed her hips and powered into her, his hips slapping into her ass. She worked her pussy hard, then arched her back and shrieked as she came all over his cock. She threw her head back and writhed her entire body, her flushed face a window into the forces whirling inside her.

“Oh, my God,” I heard under Cindy’s breath. She squirmed beside me.

The girlfriend’s orgasm fueled her partner’s, and he pulled her hips back deep into his groin as he squeezed his eyes shut and came hard, jolting with each spasm of release. He collapsed over her back as he settled down from his orgasm, and they rubbed sensuously together, prolonging the afterglow. My cock throbbed again. What the hell was I going to do to get relief?

“What, no cumshot? There wasn’t one in the last video either.” Cindy was trying to be nonchalant, but I could hear the strain in her voice.

“If I had my cock in one of those girls, I wouldn’t be pulling out either. Infinitely better than cumming in my hand. I do that enough already.”

“Oh you do, do you?”

“You’re not going to embarrass me. Any guy with no girlfriend and a working dick does the same.”

“So that’s what’s going to happen in your room when you go to bed tonight?”

“I’ll let you figure that one out yourself. What are you going to do, meditate or something?”

“Or something.” Suddenly, I felt the heat on my face, and I could sense it in Cindy. We both looked down to let the flush pass.

“So why haven’t you asked me out?”

“What?!” Cindy had thrown a curve, big time. My eyes jerked up to hers. They looked steadily back at me, challenging.

“You heard me.”

“Where did that come from?”

“Are you going to answer my question, or keep asking dumb questions of your own?”

“I…” I stopped because I didn’t have anything to say. She kept her gaze on me, waiting me out. I looked down to get my brain into gear, then looked back up.

“Look, Cindy, we’ve been friends since being study partners freshman year in college. I didn’t want to hit on my study partner, and then we became best friends, helping each other through relationships and breakups. I never got a vibe that you wanted me to ask you out.”

“Boy, are you dumb!”

“Anyway, it would have been awkward. I mean, how do you ask a friend out? What happens if she says no? Do you go on like nothing happened?”

“Well that’s the most pathetic excuse I’ve ever heard for not asking for what you want. Didn’t you say that you like girls that know what they want and get it?”

“That’s different.”

“It is?”


“They’re both not taking a little risk? Maybe the girl worries that she’ll be labeled a slut if the boy isn’t cool?”

“I guess you’re right, Cindy. I hadn’t thought of that.”

“That’s one of the things I like about you, Mike. You respect my words and my feelings, and you admit when you should change. Now, back to the original question. Why haven’t you asked me out? What’s wrong with me?”

“There’s nothing wrong with you! Didn’t I already answer your question?”

Her gaze softened a bit. “Mike, you told me about the risks and hesitations. You didn’t mention the other side of the scale.”

“Jeez, Cindy. Of course you have a lot going for you. I love being around you or I wouldn’t have been your friend for so long. As you mentioned earlier, you fit what I like in women: long brunette hair, athletic body, nice chest. I don’t know exactly about the ‘loves sex’ part, but after feeling the vibe coming from you during these videos, I’m guessing that’s the case. You’re fun and playful, and I admire your intelligence and your character. You’ve got a lot of guys who hit on you-that’s why we pretend to be a couple when we go out. If we weren’t in the friend zone, it would be an easy decision.”

Her face lit up. “Thank you for the heartfelt validation. A girl needs to hear that now and then.” Then her eyes narrowed again. “But we women are different. We take bahis şirketleri some risks and send some signals, and we get tired of waiting when the boy doesn’t take some risks himself.”

I wasn’t sure exactly how far her challenge went, but I didn’t want to find out what she meant by ‘getting tired.’” I knew I didn’t want to lose her. And it hit me in a rush; she had been sending a lot of signals tonight. I looked up, and she looked back calmly, waiting. But there was a lot of anticipation in her eyes.

My head started leaning toward hers before I really knew what was happening, but I abandoned restraint and just went with it. If my lips touched hers, I knew a lot of things would change forever, but at some level, I wanted that.

Cindy eyes locked on mine as I closed in, searching for my thoughts. Then they lost focus, and all that mattered was our touch.

The first brush of our lips shot fire through my body. Freed from the restraints of being friends, long-suppressed feelings flooded out. Finally, you have a chance of bedding this girl you’ve wanted for so long.

Or maybe it was finally, this girl who’s wanted you for so long is getting a chance to bed you. Either way, it didn’t matter.

I could feel the vibe pouring off her — she was heating up just like I was. Our kiss deepened, and she moaned into my mouth. Our arms encircled each other, and I stroked her hair, feeling her body almost purr in my arms.

Everything was going great, but I didn’t want to push this too far. Cindy and I had been friends for too long. I pulled back to a moan of disappointment.

“Would you like to take this back to my bedroom?” I asked.

“I’ll go wherever if you would just shut up and go with the vibe. You’ve got a horny girl who wants to screw your brains out. What is wrong with-”

I crushed my lips to hers before she could continue. She was going to have to push me off if she wanted to stop now.

“Yes!” she moaned into my mouth as I palmed a breast. She pushed her chest into my hands, twisting under me to wring the most pleasure out of my caresses. Cindy sure knew how to work her body.

I let her heat up for a bit, then I stood up and pulled her with me. I turned her around and leaned in, kissing her as I slowly advanced toward my bedroom. Hands roamed and bodies coiled about each other with every step.

When we reached my bed, we briefly separated so I could pull the covers back, then I gently laid her down beneath me on the sheets. It felt like she wanted me to lead her, so I hovered over her, capturing her lips in mine and then ranging into the hollow of her neck. She sighed, and her body squirmed under me, attesting to her need. I let my hand find her breast again.

“Ohhhh, yeah,” she breathed.

My hands dropped to the hem of her shirt. I toyed with it, and she raised up to help me get it off. As I pulled it over her outstretched arms, I looked down to see her breasts encased in a sheer pink bra. Her nipples surged against the fabric. Lowering myself to her lips, I saw a knowing smile on her face.

“Like what you see?”

“I like,” I replied, kissing her again.

My lips moved all around her neck and shoulders, caressing the expanse of exposed skin. A continuous stream of sighs told me that she was loving this.

When I finally grazed the top of her bra with my lips, she squirmed with need. Suddenly, she raised herself up. I did the same to give her room, and she reached behind to unfasten her bra. With one motion, she tossed the garment aside.

“Wow, Cindy, you are beautiful,” I breathed. Her firm breasts heaved up, with stiff nipples demanding attention.

“Thank you,” she answered, lying back down and pulling me with her. I fastened my lips to hers and then nuzzled down her neck again, with no fabric in the way this time.

I explored her neck and chest, finding the spots that led to a twitch or a small gasp. I filed those away for future reference, then approached the swell of her breast. Her breath caught when my lips touched the pebbled skin, and she moaned when I kissed around the circumference. I thrilled to find her breasts so sensitive-exactly what I loved in a woman.

I gave her entire breast attention, feeling it tighten even further. Then I grazed the nipple.

“Oh, God. Finally!”

I laughed and then captured her nipple in my lips, exploring and pleasuring the stiff nub with both lips and tongue. Cindy pushed her breast into my mouth, breathing “Yes!” when I sucked at the nipple. On a hunch, I let my teeth scrape the nipple just the tiniest amount, feeling her arch her chest and push her hips into mine. After a long session of pleasuring, I moved over to the other stiff nipple and did the same, using my fingers to keep the first nipple from feeling left out.

She was now openly humping my leg and moaning continuously — she was right where I wanted her. Time to explore the rest of her fantastic body. I journeyed lower, kissing down her abdomen and finding a few more secret spots. When I grazed the waist of her jeans, she reached down to undo the button herself. I lowered the zipper, and she raised her hips so I could slide them off. As the jeans eased down her legs, a heady scent of hot pussy hit me, and I saw that her panties were soaked. I got the jeans off, then reached for her panties.

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A New Beginning

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoy New Beginning. As with most of my work, it is part true, part fantasy. I enjoy your letters and feedback. Thanks, Hope you cum.


I glanced at her in the mirror while tying my tie. She was across the room and standing at a three quarter profile to me, adjusting the back of an earring. She was in her bra and panties, and stood with her legs slightly parted concentrating on her effort. I smiled a small smile to myself. It had been four years since “I’ve seen her like this. We live together, sleep together, but we never let each other see one another. Let me explain. Several years ago, she began to gain weight. She hated if I mentioned it, so I didn’t. I wanted to avoid fights. We had stopped having sex six months earlier. I refused to continue asking and waiting for it. I had no interest in fooling around outside our marriage, it just wasn’t worth the pain and anguish. Her weight gain thereafter only insured that I would not come looking for intimacy. The more she gained, the farther apart we grew. We never spoke of it, we just grew to understand. If I needed relief a few times a month, no matter, I was no stranger to my own hand. Sometimes my orgasms by myself were more intense than with her anyway. Now, four years and who knows how many jerk offs later, she has realized what we have done, and she knew it was about the weight. She decided to reverse the trend, and for four months now has been on strict regimen of vegetables and protein. She has transformed her obese self about seventy five percent back to where she was five years ago. I have gained a few pounds also in the last year, but only by ten percent, not like her fifty percent weight gain. She has not stood in the same room with me for several years in this state of undress, she obviously feels proud of her accomplishment, and wants to show me the result so far. I’ll admit, I get a little aroused now when I see her. She has been going to the gym also in an attempt to tighten the skin up as well. I can tell that she has gone back to good grooming of her hair and nails, her pubis also seems to be neater beneath her panties.

“How late are you working today?” I ask.

” Only until six, do you want to eat out?”

“No, I’ll just have the chicken left over.”

We talk small talk, then she puts on her uniform, kisses me goodbye and runs out the door.

Several weeks and several pounds later, on a Friday night, she calls me to the bedroom.

“Hey, sit down.” I sit on the bed.

” What are you doing later?” She asks. I know that she is trying to win me back.

“What did you have in mind?”

“How about we meet here at ten and see what happens.”

” Sounds like fun.” I say.

“I miss you,” she says

“I know. I’ve missed you too,”

“Have you?”

“Sure why would you think otherwise?”

“You canlı bahis never said so, it’s been years.”

“You know why. Why pretend you don’t know?”

“I know, I’m trying.”

“I know you are, and you’re doing wonderfully.”

“What else do I need to do?”

“Nothing, you’re doing it. But I’ll tell you this; “I won’t be a giver to a taker. I will only give what I get in return. I spent too many years giving love to you and being frustrated. It wasn’t worth it to me anymore. That’s why I quit. I will only give back what I get. The more you give, the more I will return.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you have to be an active partner with me, not passive.”

“Ok, I’ll try.”

“I know you will. Will you want some wine at ten?”

“Yes, wine will be nice.”

“Ok, I’m going to finish my chapter.” I’m trying to write a short story.

At nine thirty, I hear the shower in out bathroom. I have used a separate bathroom for

Nearly five years.

I go to mine, and shower also. I have brought in a pair of boxer shorts and a robe.

At ten I went downstairs for the wine, then returned to our bedroom and closed the door. She had lit two candles in the bedroom. There was no other light on. She was lying across the bed in a shiny satin gown.


“Mmm thanks.”

I poured. she sat up. Her breasts swayed under the satin. Her nipples were hard and were poking through.

“Looks like you’re glad to see me,” she laughed a little. “Yes my nipples feel so sensitive.”

“Are they aching to be sucked?”

“Yes. “

“Are you nervous?”

“I’m shaking. It’s a good shaking. “

“Yeah, it’s good.”

“Mr. Poky is here,” she looked through my shorts opening, my erection was poking through. “I want to do everything you want. I won’t hold back.”


” Yes.”

“What does that mean, anything?”

” I will suck your cock, I will lick your balls.”

“Yes, you will.”

“I will. I will be different.”

“Yes I know. What do you want?”

“I want everything. I want you to suck my pussy, eat me and fuck me everywhere.”

“I will give what I get, no less.”

“If your mouth is on my pussy, my mouth will be on your cock.”

I sipped my wine, and kissed her. It was the first time in years, she reached out to touch my face, then stroke my erection.

My pre cum began to drip. She spread it around my cocknead and brought a drop to her lips. She licked it, and then spread a drop on my lips. We kissed, both tasting my pre cum. Her tongue slid into my mouth as her hand stroked my turgid cock. My hands slid up her sides and stroked her now hardened nipples. She moaned into my mouth with pleasure. I pulled at her nipples and scraped my nail across her breasts with my nails.

” I want bahis siteleri you to see me,” she said. I lifted the nightie over her head and her breasts swung free. Her nipples were long and hard. Her eyes were half lidded with lust. She wore a thong with black lace over her pussy.

I put my hand on her thighs, and she leaned back, opening her legs for me. My hand continued under her to her asshole. She was smooth as silk there. She widened her legs to give me access, and moaned again. I stroked the area around her ass hole. Her breasts rolled around as she swayed from side to side.

My fingers traced her lower lips until I felt wetness there. I stood and slid my shorts off; my cock was waving left to right. Another drop of pre cum had formed and was dripping down.

Her eyes watched me and were narrow slits. I kneeled in front of her again and continued to stroke her vulva through the material of her thong. I took the drop of pre cum and spread it on her nipples. They were hot and hard. She gasped. I leaned forward and took her nipple in my mouth and sucked her breast into my mouth. She still gave my fingers complete access to her cunt and her ass as she threw her head back and I sucked her whole tit.

‘Uunnnggghhh…suck them’ she moaned, then; “untie my thong…oh please…” I pulled the bows at the sides and it fell away revealing her shaved cunt.

‘ You shaved your pussy.”

‘Yes.’ she answered.


‘Why what?’

‘Why did you shave your pussy… tell me.’

‘I knew you would like it.’

‘What else, tell me, say all the words.’

‘It felt good.’

‘What else?”

“Do I have to say?”

“Yes, you have to.”

“I wanted to feel your mouth on my naked pussy.”

“What about cunt, can you say cunt?”

“Yes cunt.”

“Do you what me to do something to you? Say it.”

Her lips were parted and dripping. I slipped my fingers into her vulva and stroked her clitoris with her wetness. My other fingers still stroked her smooth ass hole. I wet my finger with my pre cum and inserted it there and had fingers up her ass and in her cunt.

“Say it” I said,” say how dirty you want it, say the words.”

“O god oh god, fuck my holes…make me cum… eat my cum.” She had never spoken this way to me before.

“Are you asking me to eat your girl cum from your pussy and lick your ass?”

” Yes… oh my god yes.”

I lay down and crawled under her now spread legs and licked her open cunt from her ass to her clit and back again. She began to quiver and opened her legs wider. She began to slide her cunt up and back over my tongue and wiggled her ass onto my face. I opened my mouth and engulfed her ass. She screwed her asshole onto my tongue and groaned as I slipped my tongue inside her.

“Is this what you want baby, is this what you dreamt bahis şirketleri about, my mouth on your ass and your cunt?”

” Yes… oh god yes, lick my holes.”…

” Say it… keep saying it as dirty as you want it.”

” Lick my holes lick my ass hole… fuck my ass with your tongue, eat my cum.”

“Cum in my mouth baby” I said “squirt your girl cum in my mouth.”

She quaked and lay down across me engulfing my cock down her throat as she slid her cunt over my nose and chin. I began to squirt streams of cum in her mouth she sucked and gagged and swallowed as I probed her ass. Her cunt convulsed and gushed liquid hot lava.

“I’m eating your cum, I’ m sucking your cum baby.” I said.

I continued ejaculating streaming squirts of cum in her mouth she gagged and sucked; my tongue licked her ass hole as I squirted.

We were both soaked in cum. I rolled her over and slipped my cock into her asshole. It slid in without any resistance, she whimpered “oh god yes fuck my asshole cum in my ass.”

I stoked with my still throbbing cock. My fingers fucked her cunt as I stoked into her ass. My cock began to wither and I slipper a finger into her asshole and continued fucking her. She started to cum from my fingers in both holes.

” Don’t stop, I’m cumming oh my god don’t stop fucking meeeeee.”

Later after we collapsed and slept for a while. Hours later I woke to her fingers stroking my cock. She smiled at me and slid down the bed. She lifted my cock and licked my balls.

“Mmmm I love your hot balls. I want to suck your balls baby.” My cock began to react. “Mmm and your hot cock. You’re not going to sleep tonight; I’m going to make up for a lot of lost time.”

She licked my balls then licked up the shaft of my now hard cock.

“Just relax” she said. I raised one leg and bent it at the knee. She reached around and stroked my ass. Soon her finger had found my asshole and as she licked my cock she stroked me.

” Unghh…” I moaned.

“What baby, what do you want? Do you like my finger here?” She said as she stroked me.

“Yess… oh yess.” I panted. My cock grew harder. She spit on her finger then rubbed her spit on my ass hole. In a moment she slid her finger into my ass as she licked my cock. Soon she was finger fucking my ass as she sucked.. I began thrusting into her mouth and impaling my ass deeper onto her finger.

“I’m going to suck you and fuck your ass until you cum in my mouth.” she panted. Just then, I did. I began to squirt cum into her mouth as her finger went deeper into my ass. After three or four jets, I collapsed into a sexual coma.

The next morning I woke to her straddled across my face. Her pussy was stroking my nose. I watched for a moment smiling, then extended my tongue for her to stroke her clit on. She giggled as she used my face to fuck herself with. We fucked for the entire morning, stopping for bagels and a shower. Finally we collapsed and slept through the day and into the next morning.

All I could think of at the time was; it was worth the wait.

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A Cherry in Las Vegas

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Eric is spending a weekend in Las Vegas.

He checks in at his favorite casino.

He gets dressed and goes down for some lunch. He doesn’t see any hot babes around, so he walks into the casino. His eyes roam over the Black Jack tables. Nothing there either.

He takes a seat at the table and buys in $2000.

A half hour later a very small Chinese girl sits next to him at the table. He looks her over. Small, just under five feet tall. A or B cups. Slender waist. Nice ass that just fits her overall size. She is wearing a UNLV t shirt. A nice looking package.

He smiles at her and she returns his smile. She buys in $500. She wins five hands in a row. Eric congratulates her.

He introduces himself.

“Hey lucky girl. My name is Eric.”

“Hello Eric, My name is Hawn. Nice to meet you.

“I see by your t shirt that you go to UNLV.”

“Yes. I’m a sophomore, my second year.”

“What are you studying?”

“Business management and marketing.”

Eric laughs.

“That was my major too.”

“Where did you go to school?”

“Harvard Business School”

“Wow. Did you get a BA?”

“I went for my Masters.”

She is impressed.

“So, how are your studies going? Are you having any trouble.?”

“The second year is a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

“Maybe I could help you with it. We could meet somewhere. You could pick the place. I could be your unofficial tutor.”

“That’s nice of you to offer. I could probably use some help. It’s important that I do well. My father wants me to join the family business.”

“Is your fathers business here in Nevada?”

“No, it’s in China. He sent me here to study.”

“Let me put my number in your phone. If you need my help, just call me. I’m more than glad to help you out.”

“What is your business?”

“I’m a business and marketing consultant. I help people with their start up ventures.”

Eric says, “It’s nice meeting you, Hawn. I have an appointment in one hour.”

She touches his arm.

“Thanks for the offer Eric. I’m sure I could use some help. Be expecting my call.”

He gives her his best smile and walks away.

Two days later she calls.


“Yes, this is Eric.”

“Hi Hawn. Nice to hear your voice.”

“Yes, the offer still stands. I would love to help you.”

“I’ll be there in thirty minutes. I’ll pull a campus map up and find you.”

He finds her sitting in the library. She has her books scattered on the table. He pulls a chair up beside her.

He helps her for the next hour, explaining everything to her.

“How about I buy you lunch. You pick the place.”

“Oh yes. I’m starving.”

He follows her to a small coffee shop.

He meets her at her car and takes her by the hand and leads her inside. She feels very feminine being led by her wrist. Her nipples perk up and her pussy muscles tighten.

They find a booth in the back and order lunch.

He offers her food from his plate. She takes it. She likes it when he feeds her. Her nipples get hard again and her pussy get a little wet.

He looks into her eyes and she smiles at him.

“You’re very beautiful. I could look at you all day.”

She blushes and drops her eyes. Her pussy tingles. She feels very small next to this huge man. She puts her hand on his arm.

“Thank you Eric. That’s a nice thing to say.”

He decides not to press it today. There is plenty of time.

“Would you like to meet at the library tomorrow. There are some other things I would like to go over with you.”

“Yes, I was going to ask you. You beat me to it.”

“Same time or would another time be better.?”

“Let’s make it for 4pm. Does that work for you?”

“Perfect. I will postpone an appointment I have. I would rather help a beautiful lady instead.”

She blushes again.

He pays the tab and takes her by the hand and they go to her car. He leans down and kisses her on the cheek.

“See you tomorrow.”

She has a strong reaction to his kiss. Her pussy juice soaks her panties and her nipples swell to twice their size. She wiggles her ass around as she drives home.

Eric has seen her reactions to him. He decides to let her make the first move. He is looking forward to fucking this little beauty. She will look good with his nine inches buried in her tight pussy. He will make her beg and beg for his cum.

The meet the next day.

“Hi Hawn. You’re looking very pretty today.”

She blushes.

“Thank you Eric. You’re looking handsome yourself.”

“Thanks. You ready to get to work?”

He helps her for a couple of hours.

“You make it sound so easy. You explain it better than my professor.”

They chat for a while. She feels completely at ease with him.

“I want to repay you for all your help. I would like to prepare a traditional Chinese dinner for you tonight.”

“I can’t turn down an offer like that. A Chinese dinner with a beautiful lady. You’re on.”

He follows her home.

She let’s canlı bahis him in and he reaches around her waist and picks her up and kisses her on the mouth. She grabs him around the neck. Her feet are off the floor. She returns his kiss. He lets her down.

“Oh my, that surprised me.”

“I couldn’t resist. You are so kissable.”

She blushes bright red. They go in the kitchen. She starts getting stuff ready.

“I’ll be right back.”

She goes into her bedroom. A few minutes later she comes out. She is wearing a t shirt that just covers her small breast, and a pair of loose shorts..He sees her nipples and pubic hair through them.

“I like your outfit. It’s really nice.”

“I’m glad you like it. I like to be comfortable at home.”

He sits at the kitchen table and she opens a bottle of Chinese wine and pours two glasses. She moves around and he watches her closely. She is small and hot.

She set dinner out and they enjoy her efforts.

“That was wonderful. I’ve never had a traditional meal like this. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. It’s nice to cook for someone. Especially someone who appreciates it.”

She clears the table and Eric tops off their wine glasses and takes her by the hand and leads her to the living room.

He sits and pulls her down next to him. She looks up and smiles at him. He kisses her on the forehead. She snuggles up next to him and curls her legs up, her knees on his thigh. He puts one arm around her shoulders and one on her thigh. She shivers a little and her nipples show through her shirt.

They sip their wine and she feels a little buzz. She lays her head on his chest and sighs. He puts his hand on her cheek and holds her. She gives a little moan. He gently lifts her face and kisses her lips. She moans again and he licks her lips. She opens her mouth and he searches for her tongue. He leans back an looks into her eyes.

“You lips are so soft and sweet.”

He kisses her again and she groans and gives him her tongue. She his breathing hard as she responds to their kiss. He reaches up and circles her nipple through her shirt. She pushes her breast to him. He tweaks it and she cries out. Her pussy is getting her shorts wet. He reaches under her shirt and cups her small breast.. She pushes to him. He rolls her nipple between his finger and thumb. He hips twitch as an electric pulse hits her pussy. Her pussy juice is getting on his leg. She looks up into his eyes. He can see the passion there.

“Eric. I’ve never done this before. I want you to make me into a woman. Please be gentle with me.”

She rises and sits astride his lap and hugs her breasts against him. He holds her and kisses her face and neck. She moans, responding to his kisses.

“Just show me your love. I’ll try not to hurt you. It may hurt a little at first, but that’s normal. Just trust me.”

“I do Eric. I do. You are so gentle with me. I love how you hold me in your big strong arms.”

He slowly lifts her t shirt over head. She lifts her arms to help. He kisses her neck and twirls her nipples. She leans her head back and moans. He lifts her and takes a nipple in his mouth. He sucks it and it grows for him. He sucks the other one up while he twirls the other. Her pussy is dripping and she is breathing hard.

“Stand up and take you shorts off for me. I want to see all of your beauty. Can you do that for me.”

In a little voice she says, “Yes. I can do that. No man has ever seen me naked, but I want to be naked for you. I know how much you like it. I want to please you.”

She slowly pulls her shorts down. He pulls her to him by her ass cheeks. He parts her natural bush and slips his tongue to her lips. She squeal and humps to his face. He stands and sits her on the sofa. He pulls her ass out to the edge of the cushion. He kneels between her legs and licks up her crack. She jerks and spreads her legs for him. He licks as he watches her lips fill with blood and open for him. He licks her clit and it pops out from under it’s hood. She squeals as he sucks on it. He slowly brings her to an orgasm. She grabs his head and cries out.

“Eric, Eric. What did you do to me. That was wonderful. I’ve never felt like that.”

“That was an orgasm, baby. It’s part of becoming a woman. You will have many more of those tonight.”

“Oh god. I hope so. That was amazing.”

He takes her in his arms and carries her to the bedroom. He lays beside her and takes her in his arms. He kisses her lips and she grabs him around the neck and holds on. Their tongues find each other. He sticks his finger in her pussy and feels her hymen.

“I need to break through this, baby. It will hurt a little for a minute. Just relax and trust me.”

He pushes his big finger in and pokes through it. She cries out and he holds her close.

“It’s over now, baby. No more pain.”

“That wasn’t as bad as I though it would be. Those books were all wrong. Thanks you for being gentle with me.”

He drops between her legs again and licks her. She responds with a little moan. He tastes her blood. He licks bahis siteleri it away and brings her passion up again. He legs wrap around his shoulders and she humps up to his face. He makes her cum and cry out four more times. She forgets about the slight pain he caused.

He rolls over and puts her on top. He holds her pussy against his cock. She squeaks as it touches her. He slowly lets her down on it. It pushes her lips apart as the head slowly slides in. It Pops in and she cries out.

“Oh oh oh It’s so big. It’s stretching me out.”

He pushes a little more in and she moans.

“Just relax you muscles and let it slide in.”

He feels her relax and gives her more. Her pussy muscles squeeze on his cock. He groans. She is so tight he almost cums. He pulls her up and down, getting her used to it. She is moaning and groaning.

“Oh Eric. That feels so good. It’s doesn’t hurt like the book said. I want all of you in me.”

He slowly gives her more and more. Finally, after ten minutes, it’s almost all the way in. He thrusts the last inch in and hits her cervix. She screams and cums on his cock. Her pussy juice runs down on his cock and balls. Her pussy muscles milk his cock. She falls on his chest and hugs him.

“Eric, I had another orgasm. You made me do it. I love when you do that to me.”

He starts gently stroking in and out of her pussy. She meets his thrusts with her own. She pushes down and his cock hits her cervix and she cums again. She is learning fast.

“That’s it baby. Push down and you can make it happen.”

She decides to see how many times she can do it. He helps her and she cums and cums. She is way past thinking about getting pregnant. She is going for it. He feels his cum getting ready. He speeds up and she cums faster and faster. Her screams get louder and louder. He gives one final thrust and cums all over her cervix. She screams and cums with him. She falls on his chest.

After a few minutes she is able to talk.

“I’m a woman now. I feel so wonderful. Thanks you Eric, for making me into a woman. I feel complete now. You are such a strong and gentle lover.”

“I’m your love tutor too, baby. Not just your studies.”

“I hope you will tutor me more. I want more and more. Please tell me you will.”

“I promise baby. I want you more too. You are a sweet lover for me.”

“I don’t care that you put your sperm in me. I still want you more and more.”

She looks at the clock.

“Wow. We did it for two hours. I lost track of all time.”

“I did too baby. You made me forget everything except how good you make me feel.”

“Will you stay with me tonight. I want you here with me all night. I’ll make breakfast for you. I don’t have any classes tomorrow. You can stay all day.”

“On one condition. We stay naked all the time. Then I can see your beauty all day long.”

“That means I get to look at your big strong muscles all day too. It’s a deal.”

She rolls off him and he takes her in his arms and pulls her close. She purrs and burrows in.

“I feel so good in your arms, Eric. You make me feel special and loved.”

‘You are baby. Stay close to me all night.”

The hug and kiss and finally fall asleep.

He wakes alone in the bed the next morning. He gets up and finds her standing in front of the bathroom mirror. He hugs her and holds her breasts. She holds his hands to her.

“I look different today. I feel different too. I think it’s because I’m a woman now. What do you think?

“Let me look.”

He holds her hands above her head.

“I see a beautiful face. I see love in your eyes. I see two beautiful breasts. I see a flat stomach. I see some pussy hair. I see two beautiful legs. It looks like everything is there.”

“You silly. I think I’m different. I see a woman now.”

“I see it too. You are a beautiful woman now.”

He tickles her and she squeals.

“Let’s shower. I want to wash your woman parts.”

“Good. Then I can wash your man parts.”

They hop in the shower and wash each others parts. He grabs her by her ass cheeks and lifts her just above his cock. He slowly lets her fall on it. The head slowly slides into her pussy. She moans and she slides down on it. He hangs on with her arms around his neck and presses her breasts against him. He pulls her up and down and flexes his cock. She squeals and cums. He moves her up and down, flexing every few minutes. He makes her cum and cum. He pulls her all the way down and unloads more cum on her cervix. She cries out and cums with him. Her head falls back as she rides out her orgasm. He helps her out of the shower and dries her off. His cum is running down her legs. She leans against the wall to keep from falling.

“Oh Eric, you make me have so many orgasms. I love when you are in me. I would never say no to you. You make me feel too good. Your sperm is so hot in me. I have an orgasm every time you put it in me. I want more and more.”

He takes her in his arms and carries her to the kitchen.

“Where is that breakfast you promised me?”

“The bahis şirketleri coffee is ready. I made it when I got up. Your food will be ready in a few minutes.”

He fondles her ass as she cooks. She giggles and tries to concentrate. He reaches up and pinches her nipples and she drops her spatula.

“I’m helping you cook, baby.”

“You’re helping me stay wet for you. It’s hard to cook when you help.”

“While you’re cooking you need to learn sexy words. Sperm is called cum. When you have an orgasm, you are cumming. My penis is a cock. Your vagina is a pussy. When I am in you we are fucking. The fluid from your pussy is called pussy juice. When my cock is big it’s called a hard on. Got it?”

“Yes. I knew some of it. I’ve heard other girls talking about sex. My educations is almost complete.”

“Just make one plate for both of us. I want you to sit on my lap and I’ll feed you.”

“That sounds like fun. I can play with your cock while I eat.”

“I may cum on you if you do that.”

“I know. I think I can make you do that. That’s called a hand job, right?”

“Right. You also need to learn what a blow job is.”

“”I know what that is. Some girls told me. I would do that for you.”

“Did they tell you about swallowing it?”

“One girl said she did. The others said the didn’t. I would swallow for you. I like pleasing you. I hope it tastes good.”

She sets a plate of food down and climbs on his lap. He picks her up and sits her astride him. His cock is against her stomach. She grabs it with both hands and open her mouth. He gives her a bit of egg. Some yolk dribbles on her nipple. He licks it off.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you? You wanted to lick my nipple.”

“Do you want some more egg on your nipple?

“Put some on your cock. I’ll lick it off.”

She is doing a two handed hand job on him as he feeds her. He feeds her slowly, waiting for his cum to rise.

“Go faster baby. I’ll make a mess on you.”

She gets off his lap and puts her mouth on his cock and strokes him faster. He feels it coming.

“Here it comes baby. Get ready.”

“I’m ready. Give it to me. I want to swallow it.”

She puts her lips around the head and waits for it.

He spurts a load in her mouth. She catches most of it and swallows. He spurts again and she catches all of it and swallows it. She takes all the rest and swallows it all. She licks off what ran down on her hand and scoops up some that got on his leg.

“Oh goody. That tastes good. I want more and more. You can cum in my mouth anytime you want. It’s better than egg yolk.”

She gets back on his lap and they finish breakfast. He lifts her by her ass cheeks and settles her on his cock. She cries out as it slides in her. She squeezes it with her pussy. He moans and lifts her up and down. He drops her and his cock hits her cervix and she screams out as she cums. He makes her cum eight more times and then he cums in her. They both cry out in ecstasy. He hugs her to his chest. She kisses him on his face and neck.

“You make me feel so good, Eric. I just can’t get enough of you.”

“You are so beautiful when you cum on me. I love watching you cum.”

Stay on me. I want my cock in you for a while. Your pussy feels so good around my cock. She lays her head on his chest and gives him little kisses on his neck.

“Eric. My pussy is getting tender. I think we should just do oral stuff for a while. I wish we could do everything, but I need to rest my pussy. I still want to cum with you. You are so big it will take a while for me to get used to it.”

“That’s fine baby. I don’t want you to be in pain. Your pussy gets the day off. All you have to do is look beautiful for me.

He walks into the living room. She follows holding his cock in one hand and is feeling of his ass with the other. She wants to be touching him all the time. He sits on the sofa. She sits astride his lap, still holding his cock. She holds it against her stomach. She can feel his heart beat as it throbs against her.

“I love your cock Eric. I want to hold it all the time.”

She lays against his chest, pressing her breasts against him. She snuggles her face under his chin and gives him little kisses on his neck.

“My big strong handsome lover.”

Over the next two days, they enjoy each others bodies and minds.

Monday morning ,Hawn gets ready for school.

“Eric. This has been the most wonderful weekend of my life. You made me into a woman. You made me cum so many times I can’t count. You are a wonderful lover and I want to see you again. I want more of your cum in me.”

“Oh course. I want to see you again too. Let your pussy get better and we can fuck some more. I’ll give you all the cum you want.”

I have some appointments today and you have school. When you’re ready for more loving or for help with your school work, just call me. I’ll be there for you.

A few days later, she calls Eric.


“HI baby.”

“Tonight. Of course.”

“Six is fine.”

“Bye baby.”

He shows at her house right on time. She greets him as the door naked. She jumps into his arms and wraps her legs around him. She pulls his face down and kisses him. They kiss and suck on each others lips and tongues.

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Diary of a Cock Sucker Ch. 03

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I left the video shop exhilarated from the cock sucking experience. And so aroused that it felt like my entire body was a cock about to spurt forth in a huge gushing fountainous explosion of cum. And of course I had the cum available, both my own in copious abundance and that of my recent companion. I went home and enjoyed a torrid love making session with my wife, doing her twice at considerable length and pleasure before the poor soul begged for mercy and departed into an exhausted sleep.

That evening I sat in the living room reliving the video shop episode. Reliving being on my knees with my mouth open and that lovely hard cock inches from my face. I could recall every minute detail of the event. I recalled in vivid detail entering the room, followed by my companion. I recalled the deafening silence of the room, occupied by just the two of us, the external world shut out as if it did not exist. I recalled the first exposure of the cock, with my breath almost being taken away, such was the beauty of the organ and the state of my arousal. I recalled the cock in vivid detail. Almost as if I had a magnifying glass recording of every cell of the surface of the cock. And then I began to consider the act more clinically. And I realized that being on my knees in front of my companion was a central part of the arousal. He standing with his cock exposed and erect, to be serviced by a cock supplicant. And my role, on my knees, the supplicant. Not the traditional meaning of religious supplicant, but something far more profound. A cock worshiper, performing his duty, on his knees, the role well defined.

Some days passed before I could return to the video shop, the vicissitudes of life being such that however the state of one’s interest and arousal, there are other roles and duties in life to be performed. To be sure, I spent considerable time in the intervening days thinking about the previous episode and looking forward to the next. And I spent much time thinking about my performance and techniques. Alas, there is no definitive reference book on the techniques for cock sucking. No blowjobs for dummies, as it were. Or Tips and Techniques for the expert cock sucker. One can hardly pause in the midst of the act to ask for a critical review of one’s performance to date. And even if it were possible to ask, would the owner of the cock have had the happy experience of having been previously serviced by an expert supplicant.

I have been an avid and long term fan of porn and so I compared my techniques to what I considered memorable blowjobs I had seen in films. The problem is that the context seemed so completely at odds. Porn cock sucking and porn in general, includes shock value, intended or not. Everything is overdone; the noise, the excessive physical activity, the clothing. For example, when is the last time you had sex with someone in bed who was wearing platform shoes? Porn cock sucking, even when the male ejaculates, seems to contain little actual pleasure to either party. And of course most of the time, the male wanks himself off in the final moments. Who would wank their own cock off with a perfectly beautiful and willing mouth right in front of them?

My contemplation of cock sucking was how to prolong the cock sucking episode, thus raising the pleasure to the highest level possible. I want my companion in the act to feel their cock worshipped, to feel their pleasure elevated to the highest peak, to enjoy every moment of the journey. I want my companion to be brought to the state where they feel their entire physical being is in their organ. To feel as though their entire existence is being caressed in the most delicate and adoring way by my lips. The entire point of cock sucking is that the higher the pleasure state reached, the longer and more intense the descent. And before I allow my companion over the edge, I want the pleasure to be so intense, that nothing else in the world exists other than bursting the dam and spewing his heart and soul out of the end of his cock.

Finally the day arrived for my return to the video theater, with time planned and excuses in place. As I would not be missed for several hours, I was free to take my pleasures at leisure, enjoying what opportunities that might be presented. I arrived at the video shop wearing loose slacks of a thin material, and following my usual practice, without the obstruction of underwear. In this case, the better to show off arousal should the need or opportunity present itself, and of course to caress my own cock without the constricted hindrance of tight clothing. I immediately went through the rear door of the shop to the video room section. Of course one’s fantasy of the events to follow will always be at odds with the reality. There were one or two men present, far fewer than the number present at my previous visit. No one was in rooms or in doorways of rooms, the presumed method of offer learned from my previous visit. So I participated with the others in studious contemplation of the porn menu casino oyna available in each of the rooms. And waited. This went on for some time, perhaps half an hour or longer, with the occasional man entering, looking around, and leaving. I considered leaving myself but my free time was limited and if I left, that would be the end of it for this day.

Finally a few more men arrived including two very good looking younger men. They had arrived separately. A bit of milling around commenced after which one of them entered a room, leaving the door open. I prepared to move to the room when the second fellow walked to the doorway, paused briefly, and then entered and closed the door. After a few minutes, I positioned myself against the wall outside of the room. Some minutes passed and I assumed a coupling was occurring within the room. I had fantasies of the act being performed on the other side of the door. And an ardent wish to watch. And of course there was always the rather good chance that the supplicant would be left thoroughly aroused and anxious for a supplicant of his own. But to my surprise, the door opened and the two fellows emerged, neither showing any evidence of distress or wear. In fact, they were arm in arm and seem to be enraptured lovers as they departed together. How very odd to find everlasting love, or at least a few hours of lasting love, in such a place of engineered anonymity.

I decided to enter the room myself, leaving the door open. In a few minutes I was joined by a tentative companion. At first standing just at the doorway, but eventually entering. I closed the door. He asked what I wanted, to which I responded that I wanted him to take his cock out. He hesitated for a few moments, watching as I rubbed my own organ through my thin slacks, my erection apparent even in the dim light. And then he displayed his own organ, filling out quickly as he displayed it, no doubt having fantasized at some length before coming to the shop about the act that he hoped would take place. He possessed a lovely specimen. A bit longer than average and of average girth, with a slight curve to the right. He did not touch it. So I reached across and caressed my fingers on the underside of the shaft. The cock throbbed and jumped at my casual light touch, confirming that he was in a high state of arousal.

I urged my companion to slide his slacks down which he did immediately. Then the two of us stood face to face, both looking down, inches apart, he nude from the waist with his cock erect between us, my fingers applying a teasing caress, stroking the shaft. I could hear his aroused breathing. I wanted to hear his voice. So I whispered, ‘what would you like me to do?’ A long silence ensued while I continued to teasingly caress the shaft of his cock with my fingertips. I wanted desperately to sink to my knees and engulf his cock shaft in my mouth. But I wanted to hear his voice take part in the prelude. I repeated, ‘tell me what you would like me to do with this?’ He finally looked up at me and said ‘suck me’. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and squeezed lightly. I could feel him quiver in pleasure. I whispered to him ‘on my knees in front of you, sucking on your cock. Is that what you want? More squeezing of his cock in my hand brought a gasp of pleasure from him. ‘Say it I whisper to him’. He put a hand on my shoulder and urged me down, saying as he pushed, ‘suck on my cock, suck me off in your mouth’.

I knelt before my companion. All of my contemplation of the kneeling supplicant role in cock sucking flooding into my consciousness. I remove my fingers from the organ and contemplated the lovely erect cock. Olive colored in the dim light. Slightly curved to the right. Bobbing gently up and down in his exquisite arousal. I leaned forward and pressed my lips on the head of the cock, aware that his arousal was already high and a careful beginning was required or he would likely squirt before either of us wanted. I opened my mouth and took him as far into my mouth as I could, pressing my lips on the base of the shaft. I let no part of the shaft touch inside my mouth, other than the head of his cock in the back of my mouth. And I held him there, unmoving. I heard him gasp and felt him stiffen initially at the pleasure of the first contact with my mouth. But after a moment he relaxed, gaining control. I began drawing my lips on the base of the shaft, up and down on it, sucking on the shaft but only at the base. My hands were on his bare hips, holding him, the feel of his skin on my hands like warm marble. And there I was, the cock supplicant. On my knees sucking cock. The accustomed roar of silence arrived, blocking out everything but the cock in front of me, time seeming again to stand still. The cock in front of me the center of my universe.

My oral efforts to get control of his arousal having been a success, I commenced to apply my other well contemplated cock sucking techniques. My lips caressed the shaft, slowly up and down on it, teasing the skin with my soft warm canlı casino lips. He tasted delicious. The smell of his arousal and maleness was intoxicating. The curve of his erection provided a different and interesting experience from the previous very straight organs. I contemplated other differences. The ridge around the head of his cock was more pronounced. The maleness flavor of him was a bit more acid, but still entirely delicious. As before, the taste of him filled my mouth.

I decided to experiment with some new techniques I had contemplated since my last knee supplicant exercise. I opened my mouth and took him deep, pressing my lips hard on the base of his shaft. And then I drew back the entire length of the organ, drawing off of it to leave it bob in the air for a moment. And then I repeated the exercise, pressing my lips on the base and drawing off the entire length of the shaft. And repeated again and again. I varied the speed and the pressure on the shaft. Gasps of pleasure emanated from my companion. Occasionally I would pause in mid shaft and rub my lips up and down on the shaft, with more or less vigor. Sometimes pressing as hard as I could with my lips on the cock shaft moving very slowly up and down, and at others times a rapid but feathery light caress up and down. When I felt him stiffen markedly, I would release the organ and let it bob in the air for a moment. At other times I would suck on the head of the cock, again with more or less vigor, and again release the organ when he stiffened. My companion and I fell into sympathetic alliance, he enjoying the ecstasy of being brought near the edge again and again, and I sensing his approach to the edge and keeping him from reaching it. Occasionally I would apply my hands to the front of his hips, holding them back as he tried vigorously to thrust his cock forward. All the time very encouraging and heartfelt words emanated from him. ‘god yes’, ‘ohhhh godddd’, ‘aghh that feels good’, repeated over and over in various combinations.

To my amazement and delight, my companion began to participate in the game. I had his organ in my lips and was blissfully doing a slow caress about one quarter down on the shaft. Suddenly he pushed my head vigorously away with a cry of ‘not yet’, ‘ oh please not yet’. I knelt in front of him gazing in rapture at the bobbing organ in front of me. Juice slowly oozing from the tip. I waited without protest until he withdrew his hand from my head and then resumed cock sucking on his shaft, again repeating the deep engulfment of the organ with minimum pressure to let him regain control. I slowly worked back up to more intense pressure, eventually sucking vigorously on the head. I felt him stiffen dramatically and thought he was going to explode. But again at what I am certain was the very last millisecond, he pushed me away again with the most soulful and painful cry of ‘oh it feels so good please not yet, oh oh oh please not yet’. Again I waited in complete awe as the cock glistened and jerked in spasms in front of me. I think if I had breathed on it, he would have squirted a flood.

My companion was breathing heavily, his fingers on my head holding me there for a long time, the bobbing cock eventually beginning to droop slightly. I pushed forward toward the cock and he withdrew his hand without protest, surrendering to my mouth. I engulfed the cock in my mouth and caressed the shaft very gently with my lips. My companion began immediately groaning and arched his hips up. It was clear to us both that this was the finale. I slid my hands behind him, grasping his naked ass cheeks in my fingers, squeezing the muscles, rigid now from the strain. The full rigidity of the organ in my mouth returned. I determined to maintain a slow cock sucking pace as long as possible so that he could return to the highest level of pleasure before he climaxed in my mouth. In the event, this was only a moment. My lips caressed the hard shaft, just below the head of the cock. The cock began to stiffen in just a few draws of my lips on the shaft. I eased the pressure of my lips on the shaft to prolong the moment. His cries of ecstasy came in short gasps until finally grasping my head in both hands and holding it firmly, his cock rock hard, he flooded my mouth with his semen. An enormous gasp from him followed by pulse after pulse of ejaculate into my mouth, I pressing as hard as I could on the shaft with my lips.

What does one think about when a cock is ejaculating into your mouth? I pressed my lips firmly on the shaft. My companion was racked by spasm after spasm as he completed his climax and entered the resolution phase, the latter I enjoy as much as the former. The cock soaked in my mouth, occasionally moving with a post climax spasm. The semen in my mouth flooded my senses. My hands were on his hips, holding him there in a reassurance that there was no rush and that I did not expect any immediate withdrawal of his cock from my mouth. My lips slowly sliding up and down mid shaft. And so we continued, joined kaçak casino cock and mouth, he slowly coming down from the heights of pleasure, and I enraptured again at the soon to be successful conclusion of my cock supplication, regretting only that it did not go on longer.

Eventually he gently pushed my head away and withdrew from my mouth. I sank back against the wall at my back and watched as he slowly and with evident labor, put himself back together. I swallowed his cum. My companion thanked me, paid complements to my skill, observing that he had never cum so hard in his life. Perhaps it was even true.

I stood and my companion slipped out of the room, caressing me fondly on the arm. I was taking some deep breathes, just leaning back against the wall, contemplating the events of the past minutes, when to my surprise, another man entered the room. Taken aback at the sudden and unexpected arrival of a new companion, and still recovering from the events just described, I said nothing. And before I could say or do anything, the new companion, apparently taking my silence for acceptance, closed the door. The new arrival was older and dressed in a somewhat dapper appearance. He was clean-shaven but for a modest mustache. He asked me if I had cum. I replied that I had not. He then sat down on the bench in the back of the small room, and reached for my zipper.

To say that I was aroused from the events with companion one does not come anywhere near close to the matter. But my intent and interest in the video shop adventure was to suck cock. That is why I came. And yet here I found myself with someone with apparently the same interest and intent. Clearly he hoped to find exactly the same outcome as I had previously contemplated, a cock sucker who did his duty and was then left high and dry, eager for a suck. I would find this conflict again and again in my cock sucking career in the months and years ahead. My interest is to suck cock. I have a vanishingly small interest in another man touching me when I contemplate sex. And yet it is not zero. There are circumstances when my interest is well above zero. He pulled the zipper of my slacks down and, absenting any underwear, my cock slipped out. He very expertly applied a teasing caress to the underside of my erect shaft with his fingers. And of course I was lost.

I looked down at him, an attractive man though a bit overweight. Expensively dressed and groomed. He was staring at my cock quivering in front of him. He clearly knew I must be on the very edge and confined his touches to the most delicate caresses of my cock, but avoiding any touch that might immediately push me over the edge. I was impressed with his coolness and skill. Clearly this was a man of considerable experience and restraint. He reached for my belt buckle and I saved him the effort by unfastening myself. My slacks slid down to my ankles. He then caressed me all over; belly, thighs, buttocks, and legs. His hands were exquisitely warm and soft. Normally I would be repelled at the hands of a male on me. But this was an expert and there was nothing in his approach or technique that under the circumstances I found objectionable. His hands on my skin felt like warm velvet, soft and slow and delicious. And he never ceased the most delicate teasing of my cock, either with his fingertips or rubbing his cheeks and lips against my shaft. I have no doubt that he was enjoying himself immensely. But he took his time and with great skill played my oversexed body like an expert violinist on a Strad.

Of course I was leaking like a sieve, the state of my arousal clearly apparent. And so inevitably he had my juice all over him; on his face, his hands, and on his clothes. I expected his touches to become more demanding or that he would suddenly devour my cock in his mouth. But instead, the cool and restrained approach continued. He continued caressing the tip of my cock with his lips and licking the head, again very restrained. Small caresses and touches whose restraint I found remarkable. Eventually he cupped my balls in his hand and began gently and then more firmly lifting and squeezing. My cock was quivering just in front of his face. He continued contemplating my cock, the briefest caress with his fingertips or lips or tongue, a look up at my face, doubtless to judge my reaction. And more caresses and licks on my cock. Meanwhile the slow rubbing of his hands on my belly, buttocks, and legs continued, a rush of warmth emanating from his skin. I looked down at him and said ‘let me cum’. He squeezed my balls in his hand and opened his mouth. Using his hand under my balls, he guided my cock into his mouth. I felt his lips close on the shaft, felt his tongue cradle the underside of my rigid cock, felt an enormous, soaring wave of the most intense pleasure, and I climaxed in his mouth, a soul flushing ejaculation of semen. He never moved, just maintained the same steady pressure of his lips on my shaft and left my cock lying throbbing on the cradling tongue inside his mouth. He kept a steady pressure and slow caress of my balls with his hand, while with his other hand he gripped my bare buttocks, a reassuring message not to withdraw my cock from his mouth.

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Good Neighbor Brooke

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I knew it was wrong but when I opened the door and saw Julie standing there in the hot pink figure hugging mini dress looking like a total slut for me I had to give her that kiss even before she got inside in. Julie is a younger then me and to have such a sexy hot huge breasted girl show such an overwhelming interest in me was something I’d dreamed of for a few years. We had met the day before in the store she worked in while I was looking at all the sexy lingerie. She came over and instantly I could see her interest was more then a sale. I usually didn’t go out dressed as risky in such skimpy attire but after ten years of a boring marriage and my husband out of town on a job for two weeks I was going to test the waters and see if maybe I still had it. She certainly left no doubt in my mind I had plenty of what she wanted. I was wearing a light blue halter without a bra on my 38G-cup tits and a black tight mini skirt with black sheer nylons and heels. Walking in the through the lot I got some obvious looks thinking to myself I must almost look like a hooker. My huge full tits wobbled obscenely in a bra without one and in the thin crossover top and the heels only increased the jiggle and bobbling motion about ten fold.

The lingerie store turned out to be the one and only stop I made as Julie not only made a good sale but also snuck in a sensuous few minutes of felling up my over abundant chest while trying on some brassiere’. I had often fantasized over the years about making it with another female and the urge had been growing greater lately.

Julie is twenty-three and really hot, at my height 5-5 she also has big luscious mounds, if not as large as mine her’ are still very huge 36F-cups. She had made sure while she assisted me to make casual tit to tit contact on several occasions.

I was unable to fight off the temptation to have sex with her so as I checked out my purchases I wrote her my number and told her to call. She didn’t let me down and called later that night after she got off work. We nearly had phone sex and when I told her I was all alone for the next couple weeks she told me, not if she could help it!

I invited her over immediately when she told me she was off the next day and agreed to come over early….

I dressed that morning as though I was eighteen again feeling so horny wanting to impress her. I was wearing a black mini cocktail dress with spaghetti straps that was cut extremely low, actually more for someone with no more then DD-cups. The hem just covered the tops of my black sheer nylons and garter clasps. The heels I put on were 6″ spiked stiletto’s that laced around my ankles. Looking in the mirror after finishing my make-up I had to smile thinking that I had even out did the hooker look from the day before.

When the doorbell rang I was in the kitchen and glanced at the clock that read nine-thirty noting if it was her she was a half-hour early, a very good sign.

When I walked to the door I looked down at my bulging quivering tits above the low bodice and suddenly hoped it wasn’t someone else. I peeked out the small security lens and it was the stunning young thing.

I opened the door seeing her smiling and taking a long look at my overly exposed cleavage she said, “Oh Sue nice to…see so much of you!”

That did it to me and as she walked in brushing her luscious tightly clad deliciously exposed cleavage to mine I leaned in for the kiss. She reacted as I thought she might and moved a hand to my cheek holding the kiss longer then I had intended it to be. Her tongue slipped into my mouth the instant our lips touched making me instinctively suck it. I suddenly realized I was doing this with another female right in the open in the neighborhood where I as a married woman lived for over five years. Still she was so intoxicating I let it happen.

I managed to get the door closed hoping no one had witnessed my lewd lesbian behavior but not breaking the oral connection with her. We melted together Julie dropping her bag on the floor and embracing me feverishly working that slippery tongue deeper into my accepting mouth. Feeling her soft huge tits crushed to mine was even more exciting then I imagined it might be. We kissed like two long lost lovers with our hands moving over the firm curves of our scantly clad bodies. It was a wet moaning kiss one neither of us seemed eager to end as I sucked her tongue as she worked it in and out between my glossy lip covered full lips.

We were not moving from where we stood although our bodies squirmed together the friction adding to the intensity of our oral foreplay.

Moaning as she withdrew her tongue Julie whispered into my panting mouth, “I really want to fuck you Sue!”

I thought the comment was a bit strange coming from another woman until I felt her force my right thigh between hers and felt something hard rubbing against it.

She sensed what my quizzical look meant and said, “I love fucking hot women with my strap-on friend so I wore specially for you honey!”

I casino oyna moved my hand between us almost doubting what I was hearing and felt between her legs to find the big hard rubber cock slipped down in the tight band of her thigh high nylon. I squeezed it and purred back to her, “well if you fuck anything like you look I think I’m going to get fucked incredibly, hmm darling!”

She smiled slyly and nodded to me with a hiss said, “fucked and fucked and fucked!”

Just then I noticed a movement outside, I didn’t react right away but rather hugged Julie close rubbing my hand up and down the fake cock under the hem of her dress. I watched the window and in a few seconds I saw the figure had moved to the next window up pause and look in the corner. I could feel Julie going for my huge tits caressing them. I did not look directly at the window but I knew someone was watching us it made my heart race even more. Julie moved her fingers to my straps working the dress down off my massive tits until it was gathered around my waist. She moved her head down licking my tits all over wetly and with a feverish passion. I used this time to keep an eye out for the figure to reveal them self. I toss my head slightly more from the pleasure of her mouth on my tits then a decoy but at the instant I peeked I could see who it was!

Julie was sucking my right nipple moaning and soon licked across to my left as the figure had raised up to get a better angle. I wasn’t surprised nor was I alarmed….it was my young neighbor Brooke! She had made vague suggestive remarks to me in the past about my huge chest that I always made me think she would be hot in bed but I resisted my urge avoiding a neighborhood affair. She is a cute, with a well toned figure and my guess was at least D-cups, she tended to dress sexy also maybe the same age as Julie. I would not mind one bit having sex with her but right now as a peeper I was finding her even more exciting.

I pulled Julie’ face from my tits and said, “My turn honey,” as I pulled the tight stretchy top of her dress down as she had did mine freeing her fat wobbly sexy flesh melons.

“Go baby suck my horny tits, I love an aggressive lover, go get them baby suck my huge jugs!” she exclaimed rubbing her soft huge tits against mine hissing her remarks to me.

I turn her profile to the window so Brooke my nosey neighbor can get a good view of me sucking the sexy girl’ massive tits.

I lean over so my own giant boobs hang under me as I begin licking all over Julie’ gorgeous tits. I lick them making them wet with my saliva juicing mouth taking eager sucks on each nipple but mostly licking the over abundant soft fleshiness of her sexy melons. I lift one licking the underside then the other licking it up and to the nipple then sucking on it.

She grips my hair moaning, “Oh fuck baby you love my huge tits like I love those giant ones of your’, lick my fucking hot tits baby that will get you fucked more then you’ve ever been fucked!”

I didn’t expect another female to talk as filthy as Julie did but it only added to the excitement I was feeling for her and Brooke watching us.

I was also using one hand to pull out the nice hard dildo from under her ultra short hem and stroke it like jacking off a man’ dick.

She moaned, “Yes baby jack off my girl-dick….oooooooh it is hitting my clit….mmmmmm…. you sex starved hot fucking slut, lick my huge tits get me boiling hot to fuck you!”

Julie let my hair go reaching under me she got each nipple of my massive dangling tits and began pulling on them tugging with perfect firmness as though trying to milk them. I was on fire sucking her nipples harder she was moaning those filthy obscene urges to me.

Obviously it was enough and she pulled me up kissing me and rubbing her wet saliva covered tits to mine she swabbed my mouth with her tongue pulling back and hissing, “I really need to fuck you baby, take us to the bedroom!”

I kissed her quickly but instead of the bedroom I pulled her hand leading her to the dining room nearby and quickly pulled off my panties.

Julie looking at me as I leaned on the dining table with both hands wagged my round butt and sighed, “fuck me right here baby, give it to me from behind!”

“Oh yeah you want it bad hmm, you need my girl-dick in that hot pussy baby,” she cooed loving the idea of fucking me bent over the table.

I picked it knowing Brooke would see us perfectly from there and the thrill of her watching was increasing my sexual energy.

Julie got behind me holding the nice stiff fake cock moved up working it in my soaked horny pussy making me shriek with pleasure biting my lower lip, “Oooooooooooo….mmmmmmmmm….oh fuck get it in baby fuck me like a whore!”

“You are my whore, my hot fucking sexy huge titty lesbian whore baby. From the moment you walked in the store I knew you’d be a hot fuck!” she sighed working several inches of the hot lesbian dick in me. Taking me by the hips she began thrusting and canlı casino fucking me pumping that delicious cock in me thrusting so her stomach and velvety thighs banged against me. I was lost in the moment thrusting back into her fuck pumping. My head tossed enjoying this assault on my pussy more then any man had ever fucked me. Moaning and calling for her to fuck me more and more Julie was up to it thrusting and fucking me hard. She was moaning as loud as I was making me wonder how she was getting pleasure from this lesbian fucking. She moaned loud saying she was going to cum.

I collected myself for a moment and panted, “Honey, how can you cum using this fake cock on me?”

She moaned back to me, “It is banging my clit, it is designed to do it I’ve never used this one before….ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck….fuck I’m going to cum!”

I looked to the window turning my head quickly and Brooke was looking right at us but she would not know I saw her I rolled my eyes up as though I had not seen her, but sneaking in another glance seconds later she was gone.

Julie went off as she said she was going to and jerked wildly falling on my back heaving into my sucking pussy she had a body rocking orgasm. I was disappointed she had cum so fast not allowing me the complete pleasure I desired. She staggered back panting from the obvious draining orgasm she leaned against the near wall sucking in her breath.

“I thought you were going to fuck me out of my mind!” I shouted disappointed at the sexy younger girl.

“Oh Sue….I….I…I’ve never did anything like this before,” she said making me look at her with a questioning _expression.

“What do you mean?” I asked hands on my hips glaring at her.

“I’ve never had sex with another female and you just had me so hot I could not control myself,” she confessed still panting for air.

“You…you never fucked another female, you told me you were a lesbian!” I said with a disgusted tone.

“I know I’ve wanted it so bad but this is…” she paused, “well I never have so sue me!” she spat the last remark at me.

“Are you going to fuck me?” I demanded to know.

“I have to go….I have to go to work I lied about being off today, I’m really off tomorrow can I fuck with you again?” she really made me mad with that admission.

I walked over to her and taking her by the chin looking her deep in the eyes I said, “I’ll never fuck you again you lying bitch, get out and get out now!” I said with a commanding hiss.

“But…but honest Sue I….” she whined as I cut her off.

“No…get the fuck out and leave that dildo you fucking bitch!” I yelled at her again.

Scared now Julie rushed fixing her dress looking sheepishly at me she wiggled out of the satiny harness leaving the cock in the harness fall to the floor. She tried to get tough and said, “I’m coming back and if you don’t fuck for me your husband will find out about your little nasty secret life!”

I walked over quickly and thinking fast said, “I’m not married to a man you stupid bitch, I live with female lover and she will tear you apart if she learns you fucked me, she is a jealous nut!”

I could see in her eyes she believed it, I suppose being a woman she knew other women can be insane over protecting what is their’. She turned and almost ran for the door. I watched out the window as she got in her car and left in a hurry. I also noticed Brooke at the side of her house doing some stretches obviously going for her morning run I knew she did several times a week. She was wearing a red and black spandex running suit that must include a snug sports bra since her big tits were minimized in the sexy tight top. She watched doing a stretch as Julie rushed to her car and sped off then glanced over at my house. I knew she could not see me but I moved away from the window anyway.

I was disgusted with the entire event having looked forward to my first lesbian encounter I picked up the strap-on and laid it on the counter. Pulling my dress back up over my massive tits I sat at the breakfast bar thinking how stupid I had been.

Suddenly the phone rang startling me….

When I answered it I heard immediately, “Sue this is Brooke is everything ok, I just saw a very….well a woman run from your house and speed off I know Mike is gone so I wanted to check on you!”

I wasn’t surprised and she seemed to want to ignore the earlier peeping so I played along acting upset, “Oh she was just a girl that somehow took something wrong that happened yesterday…I…I…it was just upsetting Brooke!”

“Would you like me to come over…talk maybe?” she asked sweetly.

“Oh could you honey that would be so nice of you,” I said almost purring in the phone feeling shivers crawl over me.

“I’ll be right over,” she said quickly hanging up.

I had to move fast I took the strap-on and shimmied into it wiggling the satiny harness up to my hips and just as Julie had I took the dildo and pushed it in the top band of my nylon. In place I kaçak casino felt the softer rubber back side fit against my clit, it made me quiver with excitement. I quickly went in the bathroom and redid my lip gloss thinking of something to explain why I was dressed like this at ten-thirty in the morning.

Just then the doorbell rang and I went to it coming up with an excuse that sounded reasonable as I pulled open the door.

“Brooke thanks for coming over please come in,” I noticed immediately she had taken off the work out bra and the tank style spandex top was doing all it could to contain her full sexy tits. Her sexy round high butt was searing in the tight black and red shorts as she entered she looked at my overly exposed bulging tits.

“Umm…I….I’m only to glad to help Sue,” she stammered obviously overwhelmed with the view I provided.

I looked at my dress looking down as though reading her mind, “I should explain. I bought this dress yesterday and the girl you seen leaving had delivered it this morning. She works at the store I bought it at, they offer personal alterations and she just showed up offering to do the fitting here.”

I could see Brooke didn’t really care her eyes were displaying total lust for my billowing scantly revealed tits, but I went on.

“She had me put it on and then the next thing I knew she was all over me, she pulled the top down and my…my…” I acted to upset to go on.

“You mean she tried to force you to have sex with her!” she said startled.

I walked over to the sofa sitting with my hands at my face and nodded.

Brooke walked over sliding on the sofa facing me and took my hands then moved in giving me a hug patting my back said, “oh Sue that must have been traumatic, the nerve of that gor…I mean girl.”

The hug was nice her soft tits rested against mine and I reacted by hugging her back with my head on her shoulder. She seemed to enjoy this giving me a firmer squeeze and we held the hug not saying a thing for a few seconds.

Brooke backed up looking at me with our faces only inches apart she said softly, “I can’t say that I blame her seeing you in this sexy dress is pretty…well…exciting.”

I smiled a bit and said, “I….I know…there have been times….we…seem to….”

She took the bait and put a finger to my lips licking her own sensuously said, “I know what you are thinking and if it’s ok I’d love to act on it?”

As her finger moved away we moved into each other and our lips met opening immediately to each others probing tongues. We rolled back on the sofa sharing the fiery kiss as Brooke moved her left hand over my huge tits caressing them through the thin material. We rotated our heads making the kiss even more erotic as our soft lips curled together my heavy lip gloss acting like a lubricant smearing with the passion of the oral exchange.

I arched my barely covered tits into her caress letting her know I wanted more and she responded by moving the thin straps off my shoulder and pulling the bodice down freeing my heavy fleshy globes.

Her lips smeared off mine and whispered, “you are so hot honey I’ve wanted to suck your huge tits since we met!”

I used my hands on the back of her head to pull her face into the cushy softness of my boobs cooing, “Suck them baby, suck my tits so good, I want you too!”

Broke went into high sexual speed but rather then suck them she began to lick all over my vast fleshy tits giving each hard nipple a suck as she past over it. I laid against the back of the sofa watching my sexy neighbor lap wetly over my enormous 38G-cup boobs.

“Ohhhhhh Brooke that feels so fucking good!” I whispered letting her know I was not above being a slut.

“Mmmmmmmmm…they are so huge Sue…I want to eat them up I love your huge hot sexy fucking tits!” she cooed back as she licked them letting me know she was willing to meet my nasty verbiage.

“Oooooooooooo…Brooke do it lick my big fucking tits, suck them baby…oh fuck that feels wonderful!” I sighed pulling her face into my vast cleavage using my arms to billow them into her pretty face.

She licked up and down in my cleavage and sighed, “I’ll suck them all fucking day and night Sue!”

“Oh yes get nasty on my boobs lover, suck, lick, suck baby….oh fuck….yes more!” I sighed shaking my shoulder wobbling my heavy flesh melons on her face.

I reached sliding my hand down her top feeling her big tits bringing an encouraging moan from this sexy younger hot female.

She moved to suck my right nipple pulling it with her lips, she pulled it lifting my boob from my chest and letting it flop back down slapping my ribs. She did the left one too it was amazing the sensation it brought to me.

“Baby they quiver like jell-o when they fall back on your ribs, so fucking huge I’ve dreamed of sucking them for a long time now!” she hissed doing it again and again.

“Ohhhhh Brooke that feels good darling make them quiver like that suck and lift them….Oh fuck!” I gasp as she repeatedly made my tits slap back onto my chest.

She sucked them so good I even lifted my tits by the nipples and let them both fall watching her _expression as the wobbled on my chest.

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Destined Hearts Ch. 06

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Hello guys and welcome to the 6th chapter of this wonderful story. Before I go into the story, I would really like to apologize for the delay in posting anything for a long time. I had a problem with my PC which prevented me from writing anything which explains why I didn’t bring, “Wild flower,” back to you or update this story. But everything is back to normal and I will make it up to you. My exams are done and I am back home which means I am back to regularly update you guys. Thanks.

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Praveen came down the staircase together with Adrian and they were still talking like long lost friends, smiling at each other. Both of them couldn’t believe how much they bonded and communicated with each other. It was fun and for the first time, Praveen forgot about his troubles and felt at peace.

“Hey!” Praveen heard a voice. “Adrian!”

Both Adrian and Praveen moved their eyes forward and saw a handsome man waving at the both of them from a distance. He was wearing a beautiful black trouser which was a little tight, white shirt which was half way done and black shoes that made him look handsome. His hair was dark as night, shaved on the sides and then gelled.

The man was holding a baby pram on which was a baby and was also carrying one in a carrier in front of him. He also had a little handsome boy with him who was probably around 11 or so. He was coming towards them and Praveen had no idea who he was. When he was closer…

“Hey!” Adrian smiled, waving at him.

“You took a little longer than I had expected.” The man said happily.

“I’m sorry.” Adrian apologized.

The man came closer and right in front of Praveen kissed Adrian on the lips. Both of them chuckled as they looked at each other, falling deeper in love than they had ever been.

“I love you.” The man said, shaking his head. “…so much.”

Adrian chuckled and then without saying a word, moved his head towards Praveen and saw him moving his head away. He sighed and then held his hand tightly, getting his entire attention. Praveen gave him a shy smile and tried his possible best not to act lost.

“Err…” Adrian cleared his voice. “…this is my husband, Nicholas Miller.”

Praveen shifted his eyes to Nicholas, looking into his green eyes. He was more handsome than he had looked a distance away from them. He gave Praveen the best smile when they looked at each other.

“Nice to meet you… sir.” He extended his hand. “My name is Praveen Garcia.”

Nicholas extended his hand, shaking the boy’s hand energetically. “Nice to meet you too, Praveen but please…” He paused and laughed softly. “…don’t call me, sir. I am not that old. You can call me Nicholas.”

“Um…” Praveen found it a little strange but… “Okay, Nicholas.” He smiled. “It is really nice to meet the husband of Adrian.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” Nicholas finally let go of his hand.

Adrian smiled and then took Gabriel’s little hand, kissing it softly. “And these three are our children.” He pointed at them. “This is Gabriel, he is 12.” He pointed at him. “And these two…” He pointed to the babies. “…are Leah and Lincoln. They are only a few months old.”

Seeing the kids, Praveen couldn’t help but smile. “They are really cute.” He loved children so much and he wanted a child of his own with someone that he loved so much.

“Thank you so much.” Adrian said sincerely. “That really means a lot but…” He paused and looked at his husband. “…baby… Gabriel wanted to go to a park, right?”

“Yes!” Nicholas nodded, wondering why Adrian was asking. “He has been bugging us since morning and I was actually thinking of visiting one right now.”

“Yeah, I think you should do that but…” He paused and took a quick glance at Praveen. “…I won’t be able to come with you. I need to talk to Praveen for something really important.”

“What?” Nicholas couldn’t understand. “Why? I thought you guys just met and…”

“He somehow reminds me so much of me.” He sighed, speaking softly. “I need to talk to him, know him a bit and then I will meet you later.”


“Don’t worry.” He reassured, touching his husband’s hand. “I will be fine.”

Nicholas was a bit worried about leaving Adrian. “Okay.” He nodded, resuming his smile. “But what about the babies? I don’t think I can handle the three of them…”

“Leave Lincoln and Leah with me.” He said softly. “You can take Gabriel to the park.”

“But how will you handle the two of them alone?”

“I will help.” Praveen smiled softly. “I love kids and spending time with these babies will be the best thing that will be happening to me.”

“Praveen is here with me.” He assured. He leaned down and kissed his husband. “I will meet you back at the hotel later in the evening and I will also make it up to you and our son.”

Nicholas nodded and then kissed Adrian back. “Okay but should I leave the car for you?”

“And go with what?” casino siteleri Adrian laughed. “You don’t know this city well and you can’t walk on foot because it’s dangerous and you might get lost.”

“I don’t care about myself, silly.” Nicholas laughed teasingly, holding the hand of Adrian. He really loved him so much and he didn’t wanna go anywhere without him. “But what about our babies?”


“It’s fine.” Praveen smiled. “I have a car.”

“And I will call you to pick me up.” Adrian assured. He leaned down and kissed his son’s cheeks. “I am really sorry, Gabriel but papa cannot come with you right now. He has to do something really important.”

“It’s okay, papa.” Gabriel gave Adrian his cute little smile. “Just bring some chocolate for me.”

Hearing his son’s words, Gabriel laughed softly and hugged him tightly. He got up, kissed his husband and took the babies away from him. They took the other pram from their fancy car before Nicholas and Gabriel left. Now it was just him and Praveen. They entered Praveen’s car and asked the driver to take them to somewhere they could just talk and relax.


“I really thank you a lot for everything that you’ve done for me.” Praveen said, holding tighter to one of the prams of Adrian’s kids. “Almost everyone that knows me don’t like me but a stranger has showed me so much love. Thank you very much.”

“And why’s that?” Adrian leaned on his chin, staring at the handsome boy.

“Because I’m from a very different class.” He said, taking a deep sigh.

They had come at a very beautiful restaurant where they could talk without getting disturbed. Their seats were sort of at a place, further away from other seats. They had coffee with them and some snacks which Adrian had bought although Praveen had asked him not to.

“But that isn’t how people should be treated.” Adrian shook his head, taking a sip of his coffee. “It’s not fair. I believe that everyone was created equally but it seems like people have different views about this, especially the rich.”

“You are the only that seems to be different.” Praveen smiled brightly, getting a little emotional. “Even my husband hates me for being poor. He thinks I am just an embarrassment to him and he thinks that…” He paused and gave a shy smile. “…I am sorry if I am flooding you with all this useless information.”

“No!” Adrian hollered, getting hold of Praveen’s hand. He rubbed on it sweetly, getting a smile from his beautiful face. “It’s really fine. But can I ask you a question?”

“Go on!” Praveen nodded.

“Can you please tell me about your husband and the situation you are in?”

Praveen looked at Adrian and nodded slowly. “Well…”

He started narrating the story of how his mother had asked him to get married to Antonio before she died and how everything had changed and how Antonio had seemed nice when they first met, their wedding and the first night. He told him about how everything had changed.

“I was ready to give myself to him…” He said, fighting off his tears. “…I had promised myself to learn to love him and pour out my entire heart to him but everything is different now. I don’t think I can ever to learn to love a man like that.”

Adrian just shook his head, softly squeezing Praveen’s hand. He knew what he was going through and he understood him completely. “That’s really sad but who is your husband and why does he treat you like this?”

Hearing Adrian’s question, Praveen gave a soft chuckle. “His name is Antonio Gonzalez…”

“The famous celebrity?” Adrian gasped, his eyes widening.

“It’s hard to believe but…” He took a deep breath, containing his pain. “…yes!”

“Oh my God,” Adrian gasped, touching his chest. “You are married to Antonio and yet you are living like that? Why?”

“Because he blames me for everything!” Praveen said as a tear went down his cheeks which he quickly rubbed. “He blames me for his misfortune… he thinks I am after his money and he blames me for being the cause of his break up with his boyfriend who followed us on our honeymoon.”

Adrian couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had thought he had suffered a lot in the hands of his uncle and his family and his mother in law. But Praveen was passing through the same thing. He’d never thought he’d ever meet anyone who would be passing through the same thing.

“I am truly sorry for that.”

“It’s okay.” Praveen tried to smile, nodding his head. “It’s happened and I am already used to it.”

“What about his family, your mother in law?”

“She’s a good woman and I can never say anything bad against her.” He said sincerely. “She loves me like her own son but she doesn’t know what’s happening. She and his grandmother. His sister knows and is in it with him. Right now they are trying to make my life miserable.

I am legally married to him but I am living as a home wrecker right now. He’s boyfriend is still with him and right now they are somewhere enjoying themselves.”

Praveen dropped his eyes to canlı casino the table, feeling a lot of pain slip through his entire system. He felt like crying but he wasn’t gonna do that in front of Adrian because it was gonna be really embarrassing.

“But…” Adrian paused, frowning. “…why can’t you tell anyone, someone from his family?”

“Because it will breed trouble.” He puled, rubbing through his hair. “Right now he’s also preventing them from finding out and besides, I promised my mother I’d never walk out no matter what. Mother has done a lot of things for me and I am willing to suffer just to see her and granny happy.”

Adrian felt tears building in his eyes. “I have never seen a person willing to suffer for the sake of others.”

“I have no choice.” He rubbed his tears slowly. “Right now, all I am asking for is the almighty’s guidance.”

“And I am sure he will give it to you.” Adrian assured, holding Praveen’s hands. “You told me that those that pray earnestly will get their answer.”

“I believe so.”

“But why can’t you fight?”

“Fight?” Praveen gave a mocking laughter. “Fight for what? A husband who doesn’t love me, my home or what? If the situation were different…” He groaned. “…if my husband loved me and Bruce was trying to separate us then I would have fought him to save my home. But my husband wants to be with Bruce. He loves him and he is willing to give up everything for him. How can I fight that? I would be fighting for nothing because I am a loser already.”

“No!” Adrian shook his head, speaking confidently. “You must fight for yourself.” He reassured, looking deep into his eyes. “You must show them that you are not weak, show them that they cannot step on you and show them although they have taken your will to fight for what’s right, you still have your confidence. Don’t let anyone turn you into a fool.”

Praveen felt a cold wind blow on his face, feeling his heart give a sharp pound. A shiver went down his spine and he trembled slightly. Everything remained quiet… time stopped moving and he found himself staring at Adrian non-stop. He didn’t know what to say to him or even how to take what he had just said to him.

“But I don’t think…”

“Trust me.” Adrian spoke so softly, so assuredly. “You need to be confident, Praveen because that’s the only thing you have right now. With the story you have told me right now, they can do anything to you because a jealous lover can do anything to you.”

“What?” Praveen couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “I don’t understand and why are you even telling me this anyway? Maybe I shouldn’t be talking to you right now and…”

“Because I have been through the same thing.” Adrian raised his voice slightly.


“Yes!” Adrian couldn’t believe he was gonna go through all the pain he had been through. “I am a very famous business man, owning one of the biggest companies in the world but… I am from a very humble beginning also. You remind me so much of me five years ago.’

Praveen opened his mouth to speak but all that came out was a harsh sound, something he couldn’t even recognize.

“I don’t get it.”


Adrian took a deep breath before he started narrating his life story to him. “Seven years ago when my mother died…”


“…I was really weak at that time but even through my marriage, I continued suffering when I thought my sufferings had ended. I was about to lose my husband because of a lie, my life was in danger but because of my confidence, I became victorious in the end.”

Praveen had his hand on his mouth, staring at Adrian wide eyed. His story was even more painful than Praveen’s. He had been through a lot and Praveen couldn’t even imagine passing through all that.

“So…” Adrian continued, holding Praveen’s hand. “…you should be confident in everything you do. My situation is probably the reverse of yours. You have a husband who doesn’t even love you, my husband loved me. You had a really good family even after your mother died, mine despised me and your mother in law loves you, mine wanted me dead. So no wonder you have to be confident, Praveen. You must stand up for yourself and show them that you are not weak.”

“But… I…” he gasped, feeling as if he was running out of breath. “…I don’t know if I can because…”

“You just have to find it deep inside of you.” He reassured, giving him a brilliant smile. “All it takes is just saying no to whatever they are telling you. I know that you are braver than you look. I used to be just like you but look at me today…” He opened his arms wider, chuckling softly. “…I defeated my evil mother in law and now my entire family is happy. I never even thought in my wildest dreams that that would ever happen.”

“But you had what you were fighting for.”

“And so do you.” Adrian postulated, not wanting to sound pushy. “Who knows, your husband might just fall in love with you.” He winked, teasing the boy.

“What?” Praveen said abruptly, raising his eyebrows.

“What kaçak casino do you mean?” Adrian folded his arms on his chest, not losing that smile on his face. “You said everyone says you are destined to be together right?”

“That’s what they say.” He said in a dry tone. “But that will never ever happen. Antonio and I might be seen as a married couple but we are living like incompatible strangers. All he does is get mad at me, shout at me and blame me for everything. I can never ever fall for a man like that.”

Hearing Praveen’s statement, Adrian just shook his head, remembering the first time Nicholas had kissed him when he took food for him back when they had just met. “Never say never, Praveen.”

“I am serious.” He said confidently. “Why would anyone fall for him? He can be a celebrity and I don’t care if he is my husband. I can say it over and over again.”

Adrian shrugged, raising his hands as if he was surrendering. “Anyway, it’s up to you but please, think about what I have told you.”

“I don’t think I can…”

“Promise me.” Adrian said in a serious tone. “Promise me you won’t let them reduce you to the ground no matter what. You will always stand up for yourself. Promise me.”

Praveen felt really weak at that particular time. He didn’t know what to say to Adrian or what to tell him at that moment. He seemed really serious, so concerned for Praveen. Maybe he was just doing that for Praveen’s own good.

“Okay.” Praveen gave up, taking a deep breath. “I will try but I can’t promise you anything.”

“It’s fair enough.” Adrian said simply in a cautious voice. “This will benefit you because then, you will show that you are not just a weak boy from the village.”

“Thank you so much.” He smiled, rubbing on Adrian’s hand. “But enough about me already. How about these kids, Adrian? Did you just adopt them? They are really so cute.”

Hearing Praveen’s question, Adrian looked at his sleeping babies and smiled brightly, feeling some form of power take control of him. He still couldn’t believe those babies had spent nine months inside of him.

“No! I gave birth to them.” he said, his eyes still on his babies.

“What?” Praveen found it fun that he laughed softly. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I was pregnant for my husband and these kids are the product of our love.”

“I still don’t get it.” Praveen frowned. “How’s that possible? You know men can’t give birth.”

“Yeah, so everyone thinks.” Adrian chuckled softly, rubbing on his belly. “He still had the scar from the operation. “But just between you and me, my brother in law is a medical doctor and a scientist and to cut it short, they carried out an experiment to see if a man could carry a baby to its full term. It was a successful and then I begged him to do it to me as well. At first, Nicholas wasn’t up for it but…” He breathed in deeply. “…he eventually gave into it and then I got pregnant and gave birth a few months ago.”

Praveen’s mouth was gaping, staring at Adrian wide eyed. “No way!”

“Okay.” Adrian said simply, unbuttoning the shirt at the lower end. He raised his shirt and showed Praveen the scar from his c-section. “Do you believe me now?”

Praveen’s eyes widened more and he found himself staring at the scar that was on Adrian’s tummy, still not believing those babies had truly come from inside of Adrian.

“Wow! I still can’t believe this.” He gasped, feeling his heart pounding deeper in his chest. “This is truly amazing and I… I can’t still believe it.”

“Hmmm,” Adrian moaned, buttoning up. “But don’t worry about anything. We still have a lot to talk about and I want to ask for a favor.”

Praveen shook his head, bringing himself back to normal. “What is it?”

“I want to buy something for my children so will you help me shop, at least to spend more time together?”

Praveen smiled brightly. “I’d love to.”

Praveen and Adrian went out of the restaurant and spend the rest of their day just shopping for the kids and talking to each other. They eventually found out that they had so much in common. Praveen and Adrian bonded so much that they instantly became great friends. Never in Praveen’s life had he ever thought he’d enjoy a day with someone he had just met. He found out about Gabriel and Adrian’s husband more. They were such a beautiful family.

The day was so great that Praveen and Adrian simply lost track of time. They only realized that it was late when Nicholas called Adrian and asked where he was. It wasn’t long before Gabriel and Nicholas arrived to pick Adrian up. They exchanged numbers and Praveen even received a warm hug from him. It was really emotional.

After they left, Praveen went to his car and left for the hotel, his trouble.


Praveen opened the door to his room, letting himself inside. When he entered, he found Antonio coming out of the bathroom, toweling his hair. He closed the door and slowly started walking towards the couch without even having any intention of talking to him.

“Hey!” Antonio called, throwing his towel on the table. “Where the heck are you coming from at this time?”

Praveen stopped, slowly turning to look at Antonio. “I went to the temple and then I also had a tour around town.”

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