20 Years Of Infidelity Chapter Five

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20 Years Of Infidelity Chapter Five
((((( Another chapter re-written)))))

‘Ah, shit!’ I was thinking while trying to carry on an intelligent conversation with the travel agent. I had to really grit my teeth and even bite my hand at times not to moan and gasp while Jason knelt behind me to slowly ease his cock deeper inside my pussy.
These last days before our trip were pretty hectic and didn’t leave much time for us to fuck. At least not as much as we’d come to love. It wasn’t as though we weren’t finding times for quickies when we could. Thus the reason my knees were on the floor and I was bent over a reclining chair cushion.
I’d been sitting beside the phone (Can you believe it!!! There was a time in the distant past when phones didn’t move and were connected to walls! People had to actually WALK to the phone to answer it! THE HORROR!) waiting for a call back when Jason began feeling frisky. Not sure when the call would come, I hadn’t resisted much as he mock wrestled me to kneeling on the floor and taking off the only garment I’d been wearing… My panties. I like wearing as few clothes as possible when I’m alone and want to be comfortable. I wasn’t alone but by now Jason had seen every part of me and had fucked some of those parts many, many times. He no longer counted and when his dad was at work I didn’t worry about wearing clothes in the house. With me now in position, Jason began working his thick cock into me from behind. This was our first fuck of the day and we’d skipped past the foreplay. I was tight and dry so Jason took it slow and easy with his pushing.

I fucking love that first feeling of a cock sliding inside and stretching me when I’m tight. Jason’s thick, nine+ inch cock was made for giving me that pleasure. Jason had only three inches inside me as I put one hand between my legs to start playing with my clit, moaning as I began to moisten… And THEN the damned phone rang!
I slid off Jason cock and duck walked on my knees towards the phone with Jason right behind me. All would have been well if I’d only sat in the recliner before answering the phone, but I didn’t. Instead I paused with my knees still on the floor in front of the recliner and started to reach for the phone when I felt Jason hard against my ass, his cock pressed into my ass crack pinning me there. A hand pressed to the small of my back refused to let me rise. When I tried to get into the chair, Jason just laughed, reached over to pick the receiver up and handed it to me. All the while I said, ‘Hello,’ and all the usual pleasantries were exchanged, Jason was sinking his cock back into my pussy while I tried to talk normally. With my legs pinned to the chair front and Jason’s hands gripping my hips, I couldn’t even slide off his cock and move away. Two became three and then four inches inside me as Jason continued to slow stroke his cock deeper inside me as my pussy moistened. Four became five inches and it was becoming increasingly harder not to moan into the phone.
I didn’t have to look behind me to know that Jason was smiling and enjoying himself immensely watching me try to concentrate while scribbling down details on a pad I grabbed from the table. I thought about swinging my arm around to stab him in the thigh with the pen but doubted I’d land a mortal blow to his libido. He’d just catch my hand and I wouldn’t be able to make more scribbles.
Five became six and then seven inches and I was really biting my hand. Jason had the small mercy to continue to move slowly. I wasn’t grunting from having air forced from my diaphragm by his usual hard fucking, at least. But the slow, measured strokes of a large cock stretching me had me wet and not just moist now. Jason’s cock at the base is as thick as my wrist and as he eased seven and then eight inches past my pussy lips, I thanked God I could finally hang up.
Tossing the pen away I put my fingers between my legs and began frigging my clit slow and soft in time with Jason’s thrusts. Jason began pushing faster but I told him to keep going slow. I loved how Jason had the confidence to take charge more often in when, where and what position I was in during sex. I also loved how Jason would still listen to me when it really mattered. Like now, as Jason complied with my request to stay slow and easy, barely touching my ass with his groin before withdrawing. Soon I could feel my orgasm just out of reach and I told Jason to speed up. Then go faster again as my fingers frigged my clit harder and my orgasm appeared and began to blossom over my entire body. My clit was swollen and wet. Hell, my fingers and lips were wet with my pussy juice. I told Jason to go faster as I used my fingertips to press hard against my clit and, and then…

OH, GOD!, I yelped as my body convulsed against the heavy recliner hard enough to move it. Jason didn’t need to be told I was coming, he could feel my pussy muscles clamping down on his cock. He began to fuck me as hard as he could. From experience Jason knew that when I’m having an orgasm, he wasn’t to think about anything else except how to fuck me as hard, fast and long as he can. I could only grab the chair cushion with one hand while frigging myself with the other. I don’t know if I have one long, continuous orgasm or if I’m multi-orgasmic. I just know that if the fucking is good, I have powerful orgasms. As one wave of orgasm would begin to recede another would be building to make my gut muscles clench until I could barely gasp in a breath.
I’m not shy during sex. I’m pretty vocal about my needs to get me to orgasm. I’m also likely to be a bit loud if I knew no one who counted was near. But once orgasm grabs me, especially powerful ones like now, it’s all I can do to draw a breath between my muscles clenching and my lovers fucking my pussy hard enough to push what breath I had from my lungs. Jason tells me I kind’a make barking sounds when I come hard, which he finds hilarious. Well, I’m not all that into listening to what I sound like when I’m in the grasp of a long, violent bahis siteleri canlı orgasm… But, if any cock can make me bark it’s Jason’s monster.
By the time Jason came I’d stopped touching my clit because I just couldn’t take the intense feeling any more. I was glad I had my hand between my legs though. After Jason and I had recovered slightly from our respective orgasm, Jason slowly pulled his cock from me. When Jason’s cock head left my pussy, and my gaping pussy slit no longer had anything stoppering it, a large amount of our cum flowed from my pussy slit that I caught in my hand rather than letting it stain the carpet. While my pussy was still stretched and gaping from his cock, I rose up to help gravity pull more cum past my pussy lips.
Jason loves to watch me swallow our cum and I didn’t disappoint him. No matter how much cum I’ve drained him of the day before, Jason, being young and always horny, produces an amazing amount of thick cum when it’s his first fuck of the day. This morning was no different as I raised my hand and poured a long stream of cum into my mouth
to play with for Jason’s enjoyment before swallowing. Licking my hand clean I was finally able to turn around and sit on the floor facing Jason while leaning against the recliner.
‘Asshole,’ I told him. ‘You could have waited till I was off the phone.’
‘Where’s the fun in that,’ was the totally unrepentant reply.
I needed to call my hubby so I told Jason to get lost and go masturbate to his girly magazines. My hubby may be a cheating A-hole but he’s never been a cheap A-hole. He’d been born into money and had a job that earned a ton more every year. Once on the phone I told him that our travel agent had called to finalize a few details and had then stated that the condo had become available if we were interested in staying for another week. While using tissue to wipe Jason’s cum from my slit as it would appear, I told him the agent needed a decision quickly and the money by end of business today. Hubby didn’t even miss a beat before telling me to come by his office for the check. Then he said he probably wouldn’t be able to stay the entire two weeks but he saw no reason to shorten the holiday for me and Jason.
Crap, I thought, I know what that means.
And I was correct. The day before we were scheduled to fly away to sunny Spain, hubby informed us that a problem had come up at work that required him to stay a few more days in the office before he could join us. Translation: Hubby was going to find one excuse after another for not joining us while spending his time fucking some new conquest in our bed.
Look, I was in no doubt about what my status was as his wife. I’d been hired as an office temp in his office. Just at the time my above average height, cute face and 34B-23-35 body had caught his eye, hubby had learned he was up for promotion to a job that pretty much guaranteed a further promotion to Vice-President in a year or less. But no one had ever been promoted to VP if they were single. Company wanted only stable, clean cut men and women in top management. Marriage meant stability. No single people need apply. So hubby wined me, dined me, bed me and married me once he found me acceptable.
Only thing wrong with that was, he was no longer interested in me. As long as I kept the house clean and running in a ‘shipshape and Bristol clean’ manner. I did my job. As long as I was a gracious hostess on the occasions we had his work friends over, I did my job. As long as I was attractive arm candy on the occasions we attended parties in other homes and company parties. I did my job. As long as I kissed his bosses asses, laughed at the right time to their stupid jokes, graciously turned away their clumsy attempts to get me into their beds and never embarrassed him publicly. I did my job.
Fortunately for hubby I very little shyness. Depending on the occasion we’d attend, I choose three outfits to model at the boutique while the sales clerk would snap a picture. Later, I’d show hubby the pictures and he’d make the final selection. Usually the outfit that showed my body off to its best advantage. After all successful men had beautiful women and my hubby wanted to be known as being successful so he would be considered for higher paying jobs to become even more successful.

   Unfortunately for hubby, I’d also figured out why my husband seemed to have no interest in me sexually any more. Hubby was gay. Well, perhaps that’s unfair. After all, when we were ‘dating’, the sex had been fantastic. I’m sure whichever female he’d added to his long line of conquests to build to his image of a ‘lady’s man’, was still getting fantastic sex once or twice a week when they could schedule clandestine meetings. So hubby was more probably bi with a strong lean towards the male gender if the photos the PI my friend had hired at my request to gain evidence of my hubby’s infidelities in case of divorce were to be believed.
Damn, between a wife at home, a mistress at work to add to his ‘beard’ and a gay lover off to the side it was no wonder that someone was getting short shift of hubby’s time. That it was me was no longer an issue… I was getting all the cock I wanted from his son.
Another thing was, except for the no interest in sex with me and his always looking for ways to be with his latest ‘lady’, hubby was really a nice guy. He was easy to be with and talk to. He wasn’t stingy with his money. With the new promotion he’d increased the limit on my credit card to 5,000 dollars a month and bought me a new BMW. He never questioned a purchase on said card. He never even questioned why I was withdrawing 4,000 dollars a month in cash at the bank from my credit card. (I was depositing it in another bank in my name.)
We ate very well on 1,000 dollars a month and the other bills were paid with money left over. I always had money left over to show on the statement and I never asked for more. Far as I was concerned I was making 48,000 tax free dollars a year to be a wife, tipobet giriş hostess and arm candy and beard. Did that translate into mistress, gold-digger, or whore? Ask me if I care. I had a husband my parents could brag to their friends about, a huge house, new car, a growing bank account in my name and all the hard cock I wanted. Life… Didn’t… Suck…
I also had, thanks to the friend I’d made while working in hubby’s office, all the evidence I’d ever need of my hubby’s infidelities to walk away with a huge monetary settlement if I ever decided to file for divorce. The only really stupid thing my hubby had done? He never noticed that I’d flipped his lawyer into becoming my lawyer… Let me take you back to just before my marriage…
((( ‘You’re sure you don’t want your own lawyer to look over the pre-nup,’ my soon to be hubby asked again.
Again I shook my head.’ I know John, I’m sure I can trust him.’
Trust a lawyer? Not likely unless you have a plan.
Right on cue John said, ‘This places me in an impossible situation. I can’t be your lawyer while I’m giving advice to your soon-to-be wife,’ John said to my soon-to-be hubby. From me John asked for a dollar. I slid a dollar across the desk.
‘Ok. That makes everything nice. I’m now your lawyer,’ John said to me before giving me his best advice that the pre-nup was very generous to me while leaving my soon-to-be hubby’s large nest egg undisturbed.
Hubby didn’t need a lawyer very often so he never noticed that his now ex-lawyer never submitted a bill to him afterwards.   For one dollar and some very discreet sexual favors over the next couple of years that my lawyer’s wife refused to participate in, my hubby’s lawyer was now working for me. I can only guess hubby thought I was a blonde, airheaded bimbo. Damn, was he wrong!)))
My hubby the idiot. If he’d just told me he was bi I could have helped him keep and polish his reputation as a lady’s man. I was just relieved to finally know for certain that it wasn’t anything wrong with me that caused hubby’s lack of interest.
Anyway, I wasn’t very surprised hubby had found an excuse to bed some other bimbo (Bimbob?) in our bed instead of being with me and Jason in Spain. To tell the truth, I didn’t care.
That night I sucked and fucked hubby as a going away present. I never told hubby or Jason what I knew and initiating sex on my part was just as much an act on my part now as it had been for my husband. Afterwards, as soon as he was softly snoring and dead to the world, I left our bed and walked downstairs to our liquor cabinet. I’d finished making two stiff drinks when Jason joined me. With just the street light shining through the windows to cloak us in shadows we tossed ’em down and made two more. Jason was quiet and I didn’t blame him. A hubby is a guy you can say, ‘Fuck you, I’m out of here,’ to. A dad is pretty much a forever kind’a guy.
Halfway through our second drink I reached over and squeezed Jason’s shoulder. ‘Look,’ I told him. ‘In a year you’ll be at college chasing girls, drinking your weight in beer a day and none of this will matter.’
‘And what will you be doing?’
‘I’ll re-hire the pool service and fuck the pool guy,’ I answered.
Jason started choking trying not to laugh loudly. He remembered our pool guy before I discontinued the service and decided to do the work myself and save the money. A 230 pound, bald guy who littered our backyard with cigarette butts as he wheezed his way around the pool.
I used my final argument for why his dad having to ‘work’ was a good thing. ‘Look, without your dad there, any girl you meet that proves agreeable, you can bring back to the condo to fuck for as long as you like.’
That last argument was the clincher and perked Jason up considerably. At least it perked something up by the time we’d washed, dried and replaced the glasses. Leading me to the laundry room and closing the door, Jason was all too ready to bend me over the washer for our traditional after-sex-with-hubby fuck. When Jason was close to coming I asked where he wanted to come and he chose my mouth. When he pulled out of my pussy I was ready and dropped to my knees in time to take his cock deep and almost choked. This was Sunday and with his dad home we hadn’t had a chance for sex. With all the cum in his balls from a weekend without sex, it was a huge load of thick, slightly acidic cum that filled my mouth.

I no longer minded the taste or the ‘slimeyness’ (It wasn’t really.) of cum. Jason had changed me into a cum swallower the very first time we’d had sex. The look he gave me while I played with his cum on my tongue before swallowing was priceless. I knew I’d satisfied my lover in every way and that made me feel good. Telling Jason to go on to bed I pulled up my panties and put my sports bra back on. I then took the time to wipe a stray drop of cum from the floor and sprayed air freshener to cover any sex smell. You don’t fuck a stepson for months in his dad’s house unless you take care of the details.
The next morning hubby took a few hours off from work to drive Jason and me to the airport. A kiss and goodbye hugs before boarding and we were off the ground and headed for Atlanta. A one hour layover later and we were headed for Paris. Over the Atlantic, Jason leaned over and whispered an invitation to join the Mile High Club with a nod of his head towards the restrooms. ‘Only if you have a small plane, a pilot’s license, an auto pilot and a bed in the back,’ I whispered back.
We had a six hour layover in Paris and Jason suggested we find a hotel. Jesus, the guy was insatiable. I shook my head no and instead found a coffee kiosk to wait out the layover. Jason began shaking his head. Finally the teen who’d been studying Spanish, sorry, Espanol, for two years in high school told me, ‘I don’t know what the hell these people are talking, but it isn’t the Spanish I’ve been studying.’ I turned my attention to the couple he’d indicated and after catching some half-heard snippets of their conversation tipobet güvenilir mi started laughing. ‘You fucking idiot! They’re talking in French! This is Paris! How the hell have you been passing your classes?’
Our flight south on a much smaller plane got us to Madrid and another shorter layover. An even smaller plane got us to within a cab drive of our condo. There was someone there who led Jason and me on a tour before handing us keys and leaving. We’d left Charleston 10am our time on a Monday. It was now mid-morning Tuesday, Spanish time. We had the condo until 12pm Tuesday night two weeks from now. I was NOT looking forward to another long flight over the Atlantic!
I was wiped out with jet lag but didn’t say no to a pleading, ‘Just a quick walk to the beach.’ After sitting on planes for so long I decided I could use a walk. I was hungry, too and I figured there had to be a taco joint around here somewhere.
Living on the coast of South Carolina we knew how to dress for the beach. Swim suit first and then a three-sizes-to-large, long sleeved t-shirt and light weight long pants. Canvas dock shoes and sunglasses. A baseball cap for Jason and a large brim wicker hat for me. A wad of Spanish money in my pocket in case we found a place to get drinks and some food and I was ready.
Jason started to put his condo key into the little zip up pocket inside his swim trunks and stopped. ‘It’s a nude beach. What do I do with the key if I want to walk around or go swimming nude? Put it up my ass?’
Now that was a stumper. I went out the front door but it opened up almost directly onto the street. I went out the back door onto a small raised deck. Other small raised decks stretched out to either side. No way up to any of them from the ground including ours. I pointed to the fence that surrounded the condo complex.
‘Think you can skin over that?’ Jason nodded. I indicated our deck. ‘Think you can pull yourself up onto the deck?’ Jason nodded. ‘Prove it. Go’, I commanded and waited till he appeared on the street outside the fence. Jason didn’t lift weights but he was a fit, athletic guy and a couple of minutes later he was on the deck. I took his key and put it under a potted plant that was on the deck. ‘Now we got no worries, we’ll leave our keys here and won’t have to worry about loosing them when we go to the beach.’
I wasn’t planning anything but a walk so I took my key.
Out on the street during the walk Jason looked at me and shook his head.
‘What,’ I asked. Jason laughed and asked how I was going to get my key from the deck if I came back without him. I smiled and indicated all the young, fit boys around us and then waved a hand at my covered 34B-23-35 figure. ‘Jason, if any girl with my figure, wearing a skimpy, string bikini asked you to jump a fence and shinny up onto a deck for a key… Would you ask questions?’
Jason didn’t even have to think about that.
At the boardwalk running the length of the beach Jason got his first shock of the trip. Stretched out in front of us was a vista of oiled up fat people who really, really needed to keep their clothes on. Swear to God it looked like walrus mating time at the beach. Some were very, very red walruses.
‘Gonna be some very uncomfortable, sunburnt people tonight,’ was my observation.
Jason and I walked down the boardwalk but the view didn’t change. Red, red walruses and married couples with some of the women looking pretty good riding herd on their small c***dren. Jason looked sick.
I pointed to a restaurant. ‘C’mon, Your loving step-mom figured this out before we left home and has a plan for you to see all the nubile girls of your dreams. First I need tacos and drinks.’
‘Tacos are from Mexico.’
‘Fuck you. I’m bitchy, tired, starving and I need alcohol. You really wanna make fun of me or do you want to know how I’m gonna get you nubile, naked girls?’
I had appetizers to munch on and a large, highly alcoholic drink on the table before me in record time. While waiting on the main course I asked Jason to look out onto the beach and tell me what he saw. Or rather, I amended, ‘Tell me what you don’t see.’
Credit to Jason, he tried. He may have figured it out if a beautiful Spanish waitress hadn’t been serving food at a table near ours. He finally shrugged his shoulders in defeat.
‘Where are the people our age who are single and young couples with no c***dren?’, I asked. Jason looked harder and a light bulb appeared over his head.
Next, I asked if he’d noticed how some pretty steep hills came right down to the coast here. He nodded and I pulled out aerial photos and laid them out on the table. ‘I printed these out from the internet. Declassified CIA photos or some shit. What do you see, Jason?’
Jason looked and shrugged. I shook my head. Jason would never make a good detective unless he started thinking with his big head and not his small head. I put my fingertip down on a spot. ‘This is where we are. Only roads in the area come close to the beaches here at the resort town. So where do the walruses and families with small c***dren congregate? Where it’s easiest to get to.’
I played my finger down the photo to another photo and there was another beach where you could just make out figures on the sand. The beach didn’t look nearly as crowded as the one outside our restaurant. ‘Down here, there’s no roads to this beach and it’s a 40 minute hike over two hills. That hike separates the walruses from the herd. That’s where you’ll find fit, married couples and singles with no c***dren or at least older c***dren.’
I played my finger further down the coastline to another, even smaller beach with even fewer figures. ‘This beach is another 20 or 30 minutes away over a rough trail and it’s a tough hike. That’s where the young, single girls and boys your age will go to get away from parental supervision,’ I concluded just as the food came. I held up my empty drink glass and asked Jason to order me another for my meal.
Jason continued to look over the photos and said that I was amazing.
‘Nah, I can read tourist reviews, find my way around a map and I had plenty of experience in being a young girl sneaking away from parental supervision.’
(Sorry, I think the novelist inside me got a bit crazy on this chapter. Hope you still enjoyed it.)
Chapter 6 coming… ‘Happy Hiking’

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