18 year old college gf cheated on me with 5 black

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18 year old college gf cheated on me with 5 black
This is a story about my ex cheating on me in college.
My highschool sweetheart Stacy (5’1″, 125lb, blue eyes, brunette shoulder long hair that was in pigtails for this story, 32C tits and a great bubble butt) and I had been together for acouple years before going to college a few hours away from each other. It was hard but we made sure to visit each other regularly.
One time during my freshman year she came up and we went to a frat party at my buddy’s frat. She was wearing a short black skirt wituna revealing white blouse and we were having a good time drinking smoking and chatting with people both of us having a bit too much which was obvious because she kept going off and dancing with other guys and letting them get pretty handsie. I had always imagined her with another guy but never brought it up because I wasn’t sure if I really wanted her to go through with it but seeing her like this was making me hard and think about her sneaking off with some guy.
One of my buddies snapped me out of my fantasy by asking me if I wanted to go smoke outside so I said yes and followed him out. We came back in about a half an hour later and when I tried to find my baby she was no where to be found.
I started getting worried and excited kaçak bahis wondering if I was about to find her being a slut. I walked upstairs to the brother’s rooms and tried to listen for any moaning when I heard “fuck I’m so wet for you guys!”
I rushed over to a door slightly ajar and pushed it open alittle more so I could look inside.
What I saw hit me like a tracker trailer. There was a beautiful princess getting underdressed in front of 5 of the biggest black guys I had ever seen! I knew one of them was a frat brother and I had heard he ran with a rough gang so I could only assume the rest were his crew members. When she got fully naked one of the guys grabbed her by the throat and slapped her face hard. I was about to jump up and burst through the door to save her before stopping when I heard her moan and beg for more. I almost came in my pants right there but thankfully calmed down a bit while watching the whole gang toss her back and forth between them while they each choked and slapped her making out a bit with each of then before one of them finally shoved her down to her knees saying “get on your fucking knees slut!”
“Yes sir!” She moaned obviously loving this.
I could see her reach out to grab the cock of guy who just shoved her down (we’ll call kaçak iddaa him John.) John slapped her hand away and told her “beg us to let you choke on our cocks bitch”
“Please mister! Please let me choke and gag all over your huge cocks! I need them bad. My fucking pathetic boyfriend is no where near the size of you guys”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Here was my sweet girlfriend acting like a massive slut and humiliating me in front of these thugs. Part of me was furious and yet when I looked down I realized I had my admittingly tiny dick in comparison in my hand and was jerking furiously.
“Go ahead whore worship a real man’s cock” John grunted as he pulled out a half hard cock that must’ve already dwarfed my dick at a solid 7-8 inches and growing bigger every second.
“Omg thank you sir!” She moaned out while grabbing it by the base and licking from the balls to the head kissing it before beginning to jam it down her throat making a lot of noise as she struggled.
“Haha not used to a real man’s dick huh slut?” John laughed awhile looking down at her and spitting in her face.
“Mmmmm no sir my boyfriend is nothing compared to you” she moaned before going back to desperately deep throating his massive cock.
” Wonder what he’d say if he could see you right güvenilir bahis now ” John chuckled while the rest of the guys finished undressing.
“Yo bring that bitch over to the bed so I can hit that shit too!” Said one of the other guys (let’s call him James)
“Here you can fuck her throat I want this slut’s cunt” growled John as grabbed her hair and lifted her to her feet before dragging her over to the bed and throwing her on before she quickly got onto her hands and knees in front of James looking up stuff him before begging “can you please use me sir? I need more cock to suck”
“Haha sure thing baby girl” James chuckled as her grabbed her hair and started fucking her throat roughly right away as John slid his dick deep inside her pussy causing her to scream around the cock in her mouth making the guys laugh.
John and James spit roasted my baby girl for what felt like hours but was probably 5 minutes or so while she continuously moaned and screamed clearly cumming practically the hole time.
“Yo look out I wanna bust in this bitch’s mouth” said John as he pulled out of her pussy leaving it clearly stretched out and red and swollen before moving to her head grabbing her hair and groaning as he jammed his cock in her mouth growling out “swallow slut!”
Meanwhile James had moved behind her and I could see he was sticking his fingers in her ass which made me insanely jealous because I had begged her for anal a ton but she said no way and yet after John pulled away I could hear her moan out “fuck t

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